Monday, 4 September 2017

Part-13 :The Painful Side Of Love,


She slapped him hard across his face expecting him to be rude and angry at her but to her immense shock he did nothing of the sort instead he cupped her face and kept looking into her eyes and when she saw a lone tear roll down his eye Riddhima couldn't control her self and hugged him. Her hands were around his waist while he was moving his hands up and down her back to soothe and calm her.
After crying for a long time she broke the hug and looked at Armaan. When she wasn't unable to take his intense gaze she turned her head to the other side and said in a painful voice 'Armaan why you doing this? Knowing that I had once betrayed your trust'''.why do you want me back in your life Armaan?' Armaan gripped her shoulders and said in a voice that held all the pain he had been through in those 4years 'Riddhima I love you and I can't imagine my life without you. I don't have to tell you how much I love you Riddhima and now you can please drop the act because I know you never betrayed my trust'''you did all that to help me'''.get me money for my operation and I know those allegations are all false'.
But before Armaan could speak any further Riddhima slapped him once again and this time she had no love or pain in her eyes it held a storm in it waiting to be unleashed. She grabbed his collar and barked in her face 'I was so wrong. All this time I was thinking how much you love me that even after me betraying your trust and marrying Vivek you want me in your life. I thought you loved me unconditionally.' She let go of his collar and pushed him and said in an angry voice 'Dr.Armaan the fact is that you don't love me. When you raped me you were taking revenge for your hurt ego and now you are doing all this to get rid of guilt. You know want I don't need this. I don't need your love in my life.' She folded her hands in front of him and said in a pleading voice 'Please stay away from me and my life.' She turned to leave but after walking a few steps she turned around and said in the same cold voice 'Those allegations that were raised against me at the time of my divorce are not false. They were all true. I have nothing left in me to offer you. I am destroyed. I have not just destroyed my body but soul as well. I have no love to offer you. I am sorry.' With that she left. Armaan kept standing there for a few seconds and then he slid down on his knees on the ground, his head in his hands. He felt like somebody had put in a million glass pieces through his body. Her words rung in his head about the allegations being true, his ego and guilt. He was sure as hell that he was not guilty because he had never really doubted her love and had waited for her to return and that was exactly why he had hugged her the moment he had been alone with her. He was sitting on the ground as still as a corpse. He felt somebody shaking him and then he saw Camerone kneeling next to him. Camerone raised him to his feet and made him sit on the bench and waiting for him to speak. He had seen Riddhima come back in the party and looking at the cold look on her face he had understood that nothing had changed between them and Riddhima was still all cold and indifferent.
Finally Armaan spoke 'She thinks I am doing all this because I am guilty and I am doing this to get rid of my guilt.' Armaan's voice was hurt but he was not crying.
Then a couple of minutes later Camerone asked him 'Dude I don't want to sound selfish or anything but I hope you didn't tell her that I told you the truth. She'll never see my face and she needs me right now though I am pretty sure she'll figure out eventually that I told you all this. I don't know what I am going to do.' he said running a hand in his hair. Armaan all of a sudden gripped Camerone's hands and asked him in a hopeful voice 'Camerone please tell me that the allegations raised against Riddhima are not true.' Armaan saw anger flash in Camerone's face and he shoved Armaan's hands aside and said in a murderous voice 'I thought you loved her and wouldn't care about anything but your future with her and would be least perturbed about her past but I can see how wrong I was. You are just like any other man. You don't really love her. You are just lusting for her.'
But before Camerone could continue any further Armaan raised his hand towards Camerone's face and said in a sharp voice 'Stop it. Don't ever dare abuse my love for Riddhima. I don't care one bit for her body. I love the innocence that she held, the purity in her eyes but now all I see is a hate and venom in her eyes for everyone including me around her.' Camerone having gained his composure now placed his arm around Armaan and said in a motherly tone 'Armaan I know Riddhima inside out. I have been with her during the worst period of her life. She has no pretensions with me and that is why I can tell you that the innocence, purity and love is still there inside her. The fact is that she has locked it in some deep dark corner of her heart and is afraid to unlock it but you can and you will unlock it for her. Teach her to live Armaan. Its only you who can do that. You have to touch her soul and bring out your real Riddhima from the grip of this broken and cold Riddhima. Won't you do that for her Armaan? Won't you give yourself and your love a new life?' Camerone was looking at Armaan with hope burning like fire in his eyes. Armaan turned to his and said with a smile 'You love her don't you?' It was more of a statement then a question. Camerone shook his head and said 'I don't know if I love her'..maybe I do but presently I care about just one thing and that is her happiness and I know that if anybody can make her happy its only you.' Camerone did not wait for any answer he got up and left for the party.
Armaan stood up and smiled to himself. He knew that the next few days are going to be tough for him but he will fight and he'll win Riddhima and her love.

When he reached back to the party he saw Camerone looking all lost and when he asked him what the matter was he told him that Riddhima had left the party. They too left the party after wishing Rahul once again. Armaan dropped Camerone at home but didn't come inside because he somehow knew that it was not a good idea to be facing Riddhima at that moment. Camerone came inside and the moment he entered he saw Riddhima sitting in the huge brown chair across the hall still in her party dress. He walked upto her bracing himself for the worst. She stood up and facing him she said 'So you just like others betrayed my trust. You told Armaan what the truth is when you had promised me never to tell anyone about it. How could you do this Camerone? How could you?' She stood up and Camerone spat the words in her face 'Because he deserved to know the truth. He has full right to know why his you whom he loved so much left him 4 years back. He loves you Riddhima.' Riddhima started laughing and after a minute she said 'He doesn't love me.... its just guilt.' Camerone gripped her shoulder, his finger hurting where he held her. He said through clenched teeths 'You can't act in front of me. You know as well as I do that you can't lie to me. That one song of his stirred so many emotions inside you and you are telling me that you don't love him. You are so selfish Riddhima. Thinking that he might hurt you''you are running away from him and hurting him in the process. How can you do this to him and yourself huh? Can't you see the love in his eyes?' Riddhima said in a helpless voice 'I know that he loves me but I don't deserve him and I don't think that I can ever behave normally again. Its just too much for me.' She threw herself in Camerone's arms and started sobbing violently. He ran his hand up and down her hair and in a soothing voice said 'Let him decide whether he deserves you or not. Please Riddhima give him a chance. He deserves to be happy and his happiness lies with you.' 'I'll try' He was relieved when he heard that from Riddhima. Breaking from the hug he said 'Common lets have dinner.' He walked towards the door and to Riddhima's utter shock he opened the door and called Armaan in. Riddhima and Armaan both stood there not knowing what to do. Camerone stood between them and said 'Oh! I am so sorry. I forgot to introduce you guys. Armaan this is my best friend Riddima and Riddhima this is Armaan my new friend.' He then took their hands and made them shake hands.


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