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part 14 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


Night time

"Surbhi... For the last time I am asking u... Tum kab jaa rahi ho..." Armaan asked annoyingly as Surbhi was came infront of the Match which he and Rehaan were watching "Main nai jaaungi... Jab tak aap mujhe proove karke nai dikhate" she argued putting her both hands on her waist

"Surbhi kya bachpana hai ye..." Rehaan spoke strictly to which she roll her eyes

"Jao na yaar Shilpa aur Nazma k paas..." Armaan ordered

"Nai pehle mujhe dono proove karke dikhao..." she spoke stubbornly to which they both looked at each other Actually Surbhi & Nazma were watching a movie where a romantic scene was going whre hero was proving his love for his GF by giving a moon in her hand when Armaan & Rehaan entered there for match but Surbhi was stubborn to give remote so Armaan tried to manipulate her by saying 'Ye to koi b kar sakta hai' which made Surbhi excited so she said to prove this and Rehaan replied 'Offcourse ye kaam to Bhaijaan b kar sakte hai... Bas chand ko haath mein hi to lena haina ho jayga' So Surbhi & Nazma spoke to prove this but Armaan put a condition saying 'Main karunga par match dekhne k baad...' Surbhi agreed happily and gave the remote to them but since past three hours they both were watching match and she was getting restless and when the last over of match started she blocked their view

"Surbhi... Last over hai fir proove karte hai..." Rehaan requested

"Nai pehle bolo... Iske baad dikhaoge" She asked stubbornly

"Haa baba hato ab..." Armaan got annoyed so after waiting for ten minutes the match got over

"Yes...!!" they both high fi-ed

"Ab chalo..." Surbhi shouted making them to put finger inside their ears

"Haa Meri Maa chalo..." Rehaan stood up following by Armaan and they three entered inside ArSh's room

"Shilpa kahan hai...??" Armaan frowned seeing the room empty to which Surbhi giggled "Kyaa??" he frowned

"Aapne kabhi notice kiya..."she started to which he raised his bows "Ki aap ghar mein yaa room mein jab enter karte ho... Sabse pehle Shilpa ka naam lete ho" she said teasingly to which he opened his mouth to argue but stopped coz its true he really take her name whenever he didn't find her "Vaise Shilpa bahar... Hai..." Surbhi spoke smilingly while walking inside the room which was attached to their room followed by boys

"Bhabhi abi abi bukhar se utari... Aur itni thand mein bahar baithi hai aap...?" Rehaan asked as they saw Shilpa on a bench beside Nazma

"Thand thodi hai... See maine sawl odha hai" she pointed at her shawl which she wrapped around herself

"Acha vo sab chodo... Chalo aap dono proove karo..." Surbhi's voice made both the boys annoyed

"Haa Nazma ne mujhe bataya... Main b to dekhun chaan haath me kaisa lagta hai" Shilpa spoke slowly making Surbhi giggle

"Haa Bhaijaan..." Nazma smiled

"Surbhi chaand hi dekhna hai na... To apne aapko aaine mein dekh lo..." Rehaan tried to distract her

"Cheezy lines..." Shilpa giggled but hearing this something clicked Armaan's brain as if he had hear this word before and that is also by her but seeing her giggle he lost himself in her

"Rehaan tum aur tumhare Bhaijaan sirf naam k... Sher bante ho... Jo kehte ho vo proove nai karte.." Surbhi taunted crossing her arms

"Abi prove karta hun..." Armaan spoke confidently and bending infront of Shilpa took her left hand which made everyone confused where as Shilpa's heart skipped wd his sudden move and slowly started taking out her engagement ring when she tried to pull her hand back slowly fearing he will take the ring out but it made him smiled who carefully took out her engagement ring and looked up at her who was staring him confusedly "So... Ab chaand ko... Haath mein pakdta hun..." saying this he stood up and looking at the moon he smiled then looked back at Shilpa who was staring him confusedly so looking back at the moon he put the ring infront of the moon still holding the ring and closing his one eye he tried to fit the moon in ring which made everyone amazed

"Woowww!!" Nazma clapped and shaking his head he moved back towards them

"See aa gaya na chand haath mein..." he spoke smilingly

"Waahh Bhaijaan..." Rehaan chuckled

"Mr Khan... Par ye haath me thodi aaya" Surbhi crossed her arms

"Abi aa jayga..." he smiled and forwarded the ring to Shilpa who took that in her hand slowly "Ab ye pehnegi aur aa jayga iske haath mein..." He spoke calmly "Aur agar tumhe aur dekhna hai to ek... Chaandi k bowl mein paani daalke... Usko moon k saamne rakh k touch karna... Ho jayga tumhara sapna sakar" he spoke normally making Rehaan laugh

"Thank u for ur advice Mr Khan..." Surbhi gave her fake smile to which he chuckled

"Par Bhaijaan ring to aapne nikali... To pehnana b aapko chaiyee" Nazma spoke teasingly

"Tamatar..." he glared to which she bit her tongue

"Acha Bhaijaan gud night..." Rehaan spoke to which he smiled

"Haa seriously gud night aur isko leja... Aaj bahoot dimag khaya isne mera" he pointed to Surbhi who showed her tongue and moved out from there following by Nazma

"Bye Bhabhi..." Rehaan waved

"Bye..." Shilpa smiled and Rehaan went from there

Ae mere dil

Mubarak ho

Yahi toh pyar hai...

"Pheewww... Finally ab jaake sounga..." he took a sigh "Aur chalo yaar yahan se varna fir bimaar padogi..." he spoke calmly to her who got up to go when the ring fell from her lap making both to look down "Main uthata hun..." saying this he picked the ring in his hand "Hmmm..." he forwarded the ring to which she moved her hand to took that slowly but

Armaan gripped her ring finger making her looked up at him who smiled and slipped the ring in her ring finger making her stared him quietly "See ab aaya moon tumhare haath mein..." he whispered softly taking her hand in his and the light of moon shined on her ring making her smile "Chalo varna fir bukhar hoga..." saying this he went from there leaving a smiling Shilpa there

"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

Next Morning

"Nai pehle usse... Side se kaatna padta hai..." Shilpa spoke loudly as she saw him slicing the bread loaf from middle

"Okk..." he nodded while concentrating on his sandwiches which he is making wd her help Actually Meethi would come late today so Shilpa thought to make breakfast for him but when Armaan saw this he directly ordered her to stay away from the kitchen to which she argued which resulted Armaan deciding that he will make breakfast for them and she will guide him by sitting on a chair in kitchen

"Armaan... Aapne ab tak nai bataya Meethi ko aapne chutti kyun di..." She asked confusedly making him ignored this question coz he can't tell her that he was missing her and didn't wanted to eat anyone's hand food specially Meethi so he gave her leave for few days till the tym Shilpa will come

"Aree vo... Main b Hospital mein rehta tha... Aur tum admit thi to... Uska rehne ka koi faida nai tha... To de diya chutti" he completely lied while cutting the vegetables for sandwiches "Haa ye b hai..." she put her cheek on her hand which was put on table when her eyes landed on his adorable face who is looking so cute right now specially his expressions while concentrating on his work she giggled as he looked at the pepper and salt strangely "Right wala salt hai..." she answered wd a smile making him to look back at her confusedly that how did she knew what he was thinking??

"Ise kaise pata...?? I am sure she is a magician or something... Varna isse kaise pata chal jaata hai... Ki main kya soch raha hun.. " he thought and shooked his head "Thanks..." he managed to say this only and looked down again concentrating on the breakfast when his cell rang ,connecting through the Bluetooth "Haa bol Rahul... Haa main aa raha hun kal tak... Tu sab kuch dekh aur manage kar..." he was talking while walking towards her wd the breakfast pointing her to start eating, he picked a glass of juice where as Shilpa made a face starring the orange juice "Nai Rehaan ek do hafte baad aayga... Tab tak tu ready kar sab kuch" when she didn't moved an inch he himself picked a sandwich piece and forward towards her mouth who looked up at his face "Chup chap khao..." he spoke sternly looking at her who gulped and took a bite inside her mouth "Tujhe nai bola khane ko Rahul... Tu pehle cabin ready karwa..." he spoke annoyingly to which Shilpa got scared and immediately taking the sandwich piece from his hand she herself started munching "Aur haa Atul ko bol details ready kare In six months ka..." he spoke calmly while forwarding the glass of juice towards her mouth

"Ammm nai..." she made a face when he glared and gestured her to drink

"Nai... Ye nai socha maine... Kitne din rahunga..." he was talking while making her drink the juice wd his one hand and other was kept on her head who is drinking slowly making him smile she kept her hands on his hand which was holding the glass this moment looks so good to her that she didn't wanted to loose this! Ananya was right when he took everything in his hands and is happy from the heart he took care of everything may be she can win back her Armaan "Nai direct Goa se... Fir Mumbai... Kyun ki flights booked thi Mumbai ki" he kept the empty glass on table as she finished her breakfast but hearing this she got confused that what he is talking?? Is he going back Mumbai?? She thought when "Hmmm..." he forwarded her medicines which she took slowly and gulped that wd water "Acha sunnn... Sid ko bol dena... Ki Genral ward ki... Details ready rakhe" he spoke calmly while taking a sip from the juice when the door bell rang

"Main dekhti hun..." Shilpa stood as she saw him moving towards the door and immediately ran to opened the door only to left shocked "Aaahhh..." she shouted scaredly while stepping some steps back

"Kya hua...??" he came towards her who immediately hided behind his back scardly

"Armaaan vo... Bhaalu..." she pointed while closing her eyes making him frown

"Bhalu...??" he spoke confusedly when he saw a black big bear is walking towards them his eyes became big seeing it

"Haahaaa..." the bear laughed loudly standing infront of him who knew who is he coz the bear costume's price tag was hanging out near his neck

"Ayaan... Tum pitoge kabhi mere haath se" Armaan spoke strictly to which Ayaan removed his bear head and showed his face to him

"Bhaijaan... Aakhir aapne mujhe... Pehchaan hi liyaa" Ayaan winked making Armaan smiled to which Shilpa opened her eyes slowly hearing a male voice and peeped her head to see the voice "Aur kaise hai mere Sheru Bhajaan.. " he spoke happily moving to hug him who hit his head lightly when Shilpa came from behind him and stood beside him slowly

"Ayaan... Aise koi darata... Hai" Armaan spoke calmly

"Sorry Bhaijaan par mujhe aur koi tarika nai mila mere Bhaijaan ko surprise dene ka..." He replied cheekly "Aur Bhabhijaan is naachiz ko maaf karde... Hum to sirf apne Sheru Bhaijaan ko darane aaye thae... Aap to galti se saamne aa gayi" bending his head infront of Shilpa he apologized to which she looked at Armaan for answer

"Shilpa ye Ayaan hai... Rehaan ka cousin bhai... Jo Rehaan k saath hi rehta hai... Aaj hi NY se aaya hai" he introduced calmly making her paas Ayaan a former smile

"Hello.. Mrs Sheru..." Ayaan offered his hand for shake

"Hii..." she smiled but didnt shook their hands which maked Armaan confused at her reaction but knowing her fingers problem he understood

"Actly Shilpa k haath pe chot lagi hai... Isliye" Armaan answered seeing Ayaan's confusion

"Ooohhh... Vaise bhabhijaan..." Ayaan started but was cutted by her

"Bhabhi bolo... BhabhiJAAN lagane ki jaroorat nai" she directly spoke making Armaan smile and Ayaan amused

"But agar Bhaijaan humare jaan hai... To aap b to..." Ayaan spoke cooly but was cutted by her once again

"Direct Bhabhi bolo... Bas" She spoke calmly making Ayaan chuckled

"Jaisa aap thik samjhe Bhabhi..." he spoke pulling his collar up in his usual style making Shilpa smiled

"Good... Main kuch laati hun tumhare liye.. " She smiled and went from there leaving the boys alone

"Vaise Bhaaijaan... Kaafi Sherni types Bhabhi dhundhi hai hamare liye... Sheru Bhajaan ki wife Sherni... Mast haa" Ayaan joked

"Ayaan..." Armaan dragged his name but wid smile when Ayaan hugged him tightly making him smile and they both got busy in their funny conversation

Afternoon time

"Tum dono chale jaoge to kitna khaali lagega sab kuch..." Dilshad spoke smilingly looking at Shilpa who looked down "Bahoot miss karenge hum log... Tum dono ko... Specially tumhe" she said lovingly making Shilpa smiled

"Main b..." she whispered sadly

"To fir... Jaa kyun rahe ho... Aap dono" Nazma asked sadly

"Aree Tamatar... Bola na Avni ki shaadi hai... Is liye jaa rahe hain" Surbhi sat beside Nazma who was siiting infront of Shilpa & Dilshad's sofa

"Par Shilpa to Hydrabad jaygi na..." Tanveer spoke normally making Shilpa more sad

"Ohhoo... To Bhaijaan... Apni Mrs Sheru ko akela chod k jaynge.." Ayaan spoke in his fun way making Shilpa glared him

"Haa par Armaan Shilpa k bhale... K liye hi to kar raha hai ye" Dilshad took his side

"Matlab Bhabhi jaygi Hydrabad aur Bhaijaan jaynge Mumbai... How sad" Nazma spoke slowly making Surbhi to look at Shilpa who was staring at the space wd the Hydrabad ticket in her hands

"Main jaanti hun Shilpa tum Mr Khan ko chod k nai jaana chahti..." Surbhi thought staring at her Actaully the thing is, as Armaan left for his work Shilpa started arranging the things properly wid the help of Meethi who came before Armaan left for work she was arranging when she found her Hydrabad ticket which is for tomorrow's date her hand started trembling she was so shocked thinking he still wanna send her Hydrabad that's why he was taking care of her and in morning he was talking to Rahul that he is coming tomorrow in Mumbai That means he will go Mumbai and she will in Hydrabad when Surbhi came happily but finding her sad wid tears she became serious also saw the tickets which was enough for her answer so she asked for confirmation which Shilpa informed everything including his departure also Surbhi tried to console her who got compose also wdin a minute and like this the news got viral in Rehaan's family by Surbhi and now everyone is spending time wd her

"Acha vo sab chodo... Mujhe ye batao... Aakhir aap Bhaijaan se pehli baar mili kaha...??" Ayaan asked teasingly taking everyones attention

"Aree buddhu... Arrange marraige hai inki..." Surbhi lightly hit Ayaan's head who chuckled

"Ooo miss Mona... Pehli baar to mile hi honge..." Ayaaan showed the matter fact which made Shilpa to go back in flashback were she first time met him



Five years ago...

"Jaldi kar tu Shilpa varna late ho jaygi... Aur ghar pe teri band baj jaygi" a worried Shilpa looked out of a Rikshaw "Is traffic ko aaj hi hona tha... Saare pange mere saath hi... Main hun na... To traffic to rukegi hi..." she mocked at herself wearing a blue kurti wd blue denim jeans and blue stole she was waiting for traffic to clear "Aree Bhaiyaa.. Kya huaa hai..." getting desparate she asked worriedly to the Driver who looked back at her

"Aree Madam... Shayad koi to ped gir gaya hai..." He informed to which she paid the Driver and moved out of the Rikshaw

"Isse acha... Main chal k chali jaaun..." she spoke while walking carefully b/w the vehicles and her feet stopped seeing the kids trying to remove the sticks "Yahan bacche hatane ki koshish kar rahe hai... Aur ye desh k bekaar aadmi... Sirf dekh rahe hai..."she cursed men and moved to help kids "Heyy ruko... Main b help karti hun..." coming b/w the kids she started helping them who smiled

"Aapka naam kya hai...??" a 7 year old boy asked cutely

"Shilpa..." she smiled and bend to remove the sticks when in the process of helping kids she picked a stick which by mistakenly hit a person "THUDD!!!"

"Aaaw...!!" a voice whined in pain to which she turned and looked at the person who had held his head painfully

"Sorry...sorry" she apologized guiltily "Sorry...sorry...sorry " she again repeated in nervously

"It's ok" he spoke in pained voice he cannot see her because of his head problem but he can only see the green eyes of her "No no it's ok I am fine" he spoke while shaking his head in pain.

"Shilpa didi!!" a boy of 7 years shouted from behind her and she turn

"Sorry again" she spoke again and was about to turn when he move some steps back and was about to fall when she grabbed his hand with her and her Bracelet got stuck with the Raksha Thread in his hand

"Didi" the kids called her again

"Haa aayi " she shouted back and was trying to remove her Bracelet from his hand he was still in pain so he cannot see what is happening because he was still holding his head with his left hand where as she was hell worried for getting late "A big wala sorry" she said cutely and remove her Bracelet from her hand and ran leaving her Bracelet there which Aditi gifted on her b'day unaware that in future she will spend her whole life wd him that day she didn't slept whole night thinking about her lost Bracelet.

*****Flashback Ends*****
"Kitna alag hi day tha vo... Jab main aapse pehli baar mili thi" She thought while a small smile reached her lips remembering that day

"Bhabhi batao na..." Nazma insisted making her looked at them

"Mera chodo... Tum log batao pehli baar kaise mile thae Armaan se" she indirectly changed the topic "Main b to dekhun..." she spoke smilingly looking at them Ayaan was sitting on floor near Surbhi

"Hum pehli baar Bhaaijaan se... Rehaan ki wajah se mile the" Ayaan started thoughtfully

"Kaise...??" she asked excitingly

"Actually... Rehaan Mr Khan ka Jr. tha Collage mein... Aur usko kisi ek Sr. ko assist karna tha three months tak... Aur luckily usko Mr Armaan Malik ka naam mila... Vo bahoot nervous tha us din unse milne k liye... Par jab vo pahucha unke paas... Mr Khan ne apna impression jama diya uspe jo aaj tak nai gaya..." Surbhi spoke unbelievingly making Shilpa giggled

10 years ago...

"Ammm... Mr Armaan Malik..." Rehaan called nervously entering in boys locker room where all the boys looked at him strangely

"Sorry... Vo yahan nai hai... But aap kaun..." one of a Sr replied while picking his bag to which he gulped and nodding in yes he turned to go when he bumped wd someone

"Oh... Sorry..." he apologized immediately his charming smile made Rehaan relaxed coz everyone was staring him strangely except this boy

"Its ok..." Rehaan smiled and moved ahead to go when

"Oye!! Armaan.. Tu aa raha haina football practice pe..." one of a boy asked while throwing towards him football which he catches

"Naahh... Main mere friends k saath bahar jaa raha hun..." his replied made Rehaan to looked back at the voice and he was stunned to see the same boy whom he bumped so?? he is Armaan Malik he thought when he saw Armaan tying his shoe laces tightly while all they boys left for football so guessing this is right moment he moved ahead

"Excuse me!!" Rehaan called hesitantly making him looked up at him who wore a casual T-Shirt wd denim jeans "Armaan Malik...??" he asked slowly to which Armaan straightened

"Yes..." he showed his dimples

"Hii... I am Rehaan Khaan... Hum aapke.. Jr. hai.." Rehaan spoke nervously which he guessed

"To tum... Mujhe ye batane aaye ho.." he spoke in fun way making Rehaan smiled

"Nai... Actually Professor Bakshi ne... Hume ek case diya hai... Jisme hume aapko assist karna hai aur aapke upar Project likhna hai" he announced making him shocked

"Kya...??" he asked shockingly to which Rehaan nodded quietly "Mere upar Project... Main konsa Albert Einsten hun... Yaar ye Professor Bakshi na... Mere peeche hi pad gaye hai..." he spoke annoyingly pulling his bag up to which Rehaan came infront of him

"Actually... Pls humare exams hai... Aur ye project bahoot important hai" Rehaan requested to which Armaan looked at him

"Hum... Matlab aur koi b hai tumhare saath...??" he asked confusedly

"Nai... Nai hum... Aise hi bolte hai... I mean" Rehaan tried to explain when he stops him

"Samajh gaya... Hum matlab Main... Right" he spoke smilingly to which Rehaan nodded

"Plss..." Rehaan showed his puppy face

"Ok... Iska matlab hai tum mujhe... Observe karoge... Mere saath rahoge mujhe follow karoge... Right" he calculated

"Par hum promise karte hai hum aapko pareshaan bilkul nai karenge..." Rehaan spoke nervously making him chuckled

"Its ok... Main maan gaya yaar... Itna kya request kar raha hai..." he kept his hand on Rehaan's shoulder who smiled by his friendly nature "Par na ek problem hai... Jaisa ki tum jaante ho ye mera last year hai yahan... Aur iske baad main Dubai jaaunga... Fir kya karoge tum??" he spoke pressing his lips

"Ammm... Hume sirf aapke saath teen mahine rehna hai..." Rehaan spoke nonchalantly making Armaan smiled

"Toh fir Partner aaj se... Mujhe follow karo" Armaan smirked while walking out of the locker room wd Rehaan and there start a 'Unique Friendship' of two different brothers who were not connected by blood who is still connected by heart

*****Flashback Ends*****
"Heeheee... Fir" Shilpa asked excitedly

"Fir kya ghar aate hi vo shuru ho gaya... Ammi Bhaijaan aise hai... Vaise hai... Aapko pata hai Bhaijaan ne aaj ye kiya... Aapko pata hai Bhaijaan ko ye bilkul pasand nai" Dilshad spoke copying Rehaan making everyone giggled

"Infact pure ek mahine tak Rehaan ne sirf Mr Khan ki taarif ki..." Surbhi spoke smilingly

"Haa itna ki... Main aur Surbhi b excited ho gaye... Unse milne k liye..." Ayaan spoke happily

"Fir mile tum log...??" Shilpa asked curiously pulling the pillow on her lap

"Haa... Rehaan k pair pakad k manaya hum dono ne..." Surbhi giggled

"Aur tab jaakar vo mana aur hume lekar gaya Bhaijaan k paas" Ayaan spoke happily making Shilpa giggled

"Vo b ek din tha... Jab hum dono Mr Khan ko pehli baar dekha tha... Ek dum Salmaan Khan k andaz mein..." Surbhi spoke dreamingly making Shilpa smile

"Actually Rehaan hum dono ko direct unse milaane Gym mein le gaya.. " Ayaan spoke smilingly "Jahan aapke Hubby kaafi hi hot andaaz mein thae" he winked making Shilpa to roll her eyes

"Allahhh miyaaa... Kitne handsome hai ye Rehaan" Surbhi spoke wd open mouth making Rehaan & Ayaan to look at her "Bilkul Salmaan Khan jaise... Vaise hi muscles.. Haayyee" she spoke dreamily

"Haa yaar mujhe b chahiyee aise muscles..." Ayaan looked at his shoulder then at Armaan who is doing push ups, only in his black vest wd three fourth pant & sport shoes the Gym is empty right now

"Chalo na Rehaan milaao mujhe unse..." Surbhi shook him by his shoulder while looking at Armaan

"Ssshhh... Abi vo jab khaali honge tab milenge... Abi bas dekhiyee.." Rehaan requested the both who pouted when a girl entered there and stood infront of Armaan who didn't even looked at her

"Armaan... Main kabse tumhara wait kar rahi hun... Aur tum abi tak nai aaye..." she crossed her arms "Apni GF k liye tumhare paas tym hi nai hai..." she spoke angrily making him stopped while Surbhi almost fainted hearing 'GF'

"Don't tell me inke paas GF hai..." Surbhi asked sadly looking at Rehaan

"Haa ye inki GF hai... Sonali... But trust me Bhaijaan bilkul b bhav nai dete inko... Infact unke pass tym b nai hota" Rehaan whispered slowly making Surbhi smiled wide

"Armaan..." Sonali called loudly to which he stood calmly

"Kya kehna hai Sonali... Clearly kaho na..." he asked not interestingly while wiping himself wd towel

"Tumhare pass mere liye tym kyun nai hai...?? Tum mere boyfriend ho... Par rehte apne friends k saath zyada ho.." She yelled angrily

"Meri marzi... Aur agar tumhe itni hi tym ki problem hai toh... Its OVER..." he spoke calmly making Sonali's eyes big while Surbhi jumped happily

"Armaan tum... Break up karna chahte ho..." Sonali asked shockingly

"Karna chahta nai... Kar chuka..." he corrected sipping his protein shake

"Bakhuda... Kaisa insaan hai ye ek masoom ladki ka dil tod diya" Ayaan spoke angrily

"Hamare Bhaijaan kuch b bina soche samjhe nai karte... Uska koi to reason hota hai..." Rehaan took his side

"Armaan tum aise kaise... Mujhse break up kar sakte ho... Ek to khud tym nai hota uper se..." Sonali spoke angrily

"Ooo... To tumhe tym chahiyee... Kyun tumhara dusra Boyfriend Gautam tumhe tym nai deta...??" he Asked calmly as well as put the reason behind the break up

"OMG!! Ye to double date kar rahi thi..." Ayaan spoke in disbelief "Acha huaa... Kar diya kitna smart banda hai ye" Surbhi commented

"Armaan tumhe kaise??" Sonali asked scarily

"See mujhe koi farq nai padta... Tum ek date karo yaa sau... Main tumhari insult nai kar sakta... So kindly chali jao... Door udhar hai" he spoke calmly while picking his bag to which Sonali didn't said anything and went from there

"Banda to kaafi cool hai..." Ayaan smiled

"Chalo milate hai..." Rehaan moved ahead towards Armaan who came from washroom changing himself in his casual clothes when a girl came and smacked his head

"Armaan teri himmat kaise hui... Meri best k saath break up karne ki" Shagun yelled in anger

"Jaa khud puch le usse... Vaise b bhul mat usse sirf teri vajah se pasand kiya tha..." he pointed his finger at her who started beating him "Abbee pagal ho gayi hai kya..." he spoke defending himself while seeing this Surbhi & Ayaan giggled

"Tu na kisi b.. Relationship k layak nai hai... Pata nai apne first love ko kaise sambhalega..." She taunted

"Uski fikar tu mat kar... Tu jaa kuch padhle... Dhang se lectures attened karle apni... Tab aakar bata" he smacked her head lightly to which she glared and stumping her foot went from there "Heyyy Rehaan... Kaisa hai tu..." He spoke happily as he saw Rehaan who smiled and they three walked towards him

"Haa Bhaijaan... Actly hum aapse in dono ko milaana chahte the..." Rehaan spoke slowly to which he looked at the two who were looking at him dazedly

"Aise mat dekho jaise main koi... Superstar hun ok..." he joked making the two smiled "Hi I am Armaan Malik..." he offered his hand infront of Ayaan

"Ayaan..." Ayaan smiled

"Aur maib Surbhi..." she spoke cheerfully to which he chuckled

"Hi..." he smiled "To chalo tum teeno mere saath maine ek Party rakhi hai..." he spoke normally moving ahead

"Kis khushi mein Bhaijaan...??" Rehaan frowned

"Break up hone ki khushi mein..." he winked making Ayaan & Surbhi to admired him "U know... Aaj maine Break up ki Party rakh li.. Hai.." he sang making the three laugh and they moved out of the Gym

*****Flashback Ends*****

"Wowww... Tum log aise mile thae..." Shilpa giggled to which they both nodded

"Haa aur uske baad se Armaan hamare ghar ka ek bahoot hi important hissa ban gaya..." Dilshad spoke smilingly "Vaise usse mera khoon ka rishta b hai..." she looked at Shilpa who got confused

"Howw??" she questioned

"Aree Bhabhi... Ek baar Ammi ka accident hua tha... Usi bich jab Rehaan Bhaijaan unko assist kar rahe thae... Aur Ammi ko blood ki jarurat thi.. Main bahoot choti thi to mera nai liya aur Rehaan Bhaijaan ka blood group alag tha... Jab Bhaijaan ko pata chala unhone kaha unka blood group same hai... Aur unhone tab Ammi ko blood diya..." Nazma explained lostly making Shilpa to love Armaan more

"To huaa na hamara khoon ka rishta..." Dilshad asked smilingly to which Shilpa nodded

"Aur iska matlab ye b huaa... Ki mere paas do Saas hai.." Shilpa spoke in fake sad tone making Dilshad to smack her head lightly

"Haa... Par vaha tum Choti Bahu ho... Aur yahan..." Dilshad said teasingly

"Badi Bahu..." everyone shouted making her giggle

"Aur Hamari Bhabhijaan..." Ayaan winked

"Ayaan agar tumne ek aur baar b... Ab Bhabhijaan bola na... To tum peetoge mere haath se" she pointed her index finger to which Ayaan laugh

"BhabhiJAAN..." he teased emphasising the word 'Jaan' making her more angry

"You...!!" she threw the cushion on him making everyone laugh

Night time

Jahan pehle pehal tu

Aa mila tha...

"Shilpa... Apni b packing karlo kyun ki kal subhe k 4 baje direct nikalna hai..." Armaan spoke strictly while putting his clothes on bed where as she is sitting on bed while packing his stuff in the bag "Tum sunn rahi ho naa... Main kya keh raha hun..." he nudged her who was lost in her world thinking about their separation "Shilpa..." he called loudly making her looked up at him

"Haa..." she asked slowly to which he sat infront of her putting the bag a little side

"Kya huaa... Kyaa soch rahi thi...??" he asked politely making her looked up at him

"Kkkuch b to nai..." she replied trying to ignore the sad feeling inside her heart

"Are u sure??" he asked doubtfully to which she nodded in YES looking down

"Pagal ladki... I luv u bol nai sakti kam se kam ye to bol de... Ki tu nai jaana chahti Hydrabad..." her mind smacked her mentally "Yaad rakhna... Agar tu aaj nai boli... Fir rehna teen mahine iske bina... Aur ghar pe Aunties k taunts sunna teen mahine baad..." her mind was scolding her "Fine agar tum nai batana chahti to koi baat nai .." he spoke smilingly and thought to live when

"Armaan..." her soft voice made his heartbeat skipped "Mujhe nai jaana vaha..." she said slowly wdout looking at him while playing wd her finger who got confused "Mujhe aapke saath jaana hai..." she looked up at him wd moist eyes making him more confused

"Kahan...??" he asked confusedly

"Mumbai..." she replied slowly wd tears in her eyes making him worried

"Heeyyy..." he moved closer to her and cupped her face "Ro kyun rahi ho yaar...??" he asked confusedly

"Mujhe Hydrabad nai jaana..." she replied like a kid making him shocked that she doesn't wanted to go Hydrabad

"Pehli baat..." he whispered softly while wiping her tears slowly making her looked up "Rona band karo..." he spoke calmly "Aur dusri baat... Tum Hydrabad..." but before he could say more a knock made them looked at the door

"Bhabhi..." Meethi's voice made Shilpa to clear her face and moved down from the bed making Armaan to shook his head

"Haa... Bolo Meethi.." Shilpa asked

"Bhabhi khana taiyaar hai aur... Baaki sab aa gaye hai" she informed

"Acha tum chalo main aati hun..." Shilpa smiled to which Meethi nodded and went from there "Ab change karlun.." she thought and turned to look at Armaan who is nowhere to be seen so she understood he went inside washroom for change so locking the door from inside she thought to change here only "Amm... Kya pehnun..." she spoke to herself while looking at the clothes which was inside the wardrobe "Yeh chalega..." picking up a yellow and green dress she closed the door of wardrobe and started changing here only Actually today she have kept a get together for Rehaan & Surbhi's family so that she can spend the last day wd them happily

Tehra hoon

Wahi main bhi...

"Huh...!!" Armaan's eyes widened as he came out from the washroom changing himself but seeing her in this state his feet stopped her back was showing clearly from her dress she is trying to pull the dress's zip up while her hairs were at one side of shoulder showing her hanged sleeves which were hanging down till her shoulder he tried to ignore and thought to move ahead when


"Ouch!!... Ab to haath b dukhne lage..." she whined in pain "Kisne kaha tha zip ko itna neeche kheechne k liye" at the same time scolded herself making him smile and shaking his head he moved ahead

"Seedhi khadi raho..." his stern voice made her eyes widened

"Ammm... Voo..." she tried to turn wd increasing heartbeat

"Ekbaar kaha na... Seedhi khadi raho..." He spoke strictly to which she gulped and stood straight wd full speed heartbeat she closed her eyes as she felt his fingers pulling the zip up she gripped her dress tightly as she felt he pulled her sleeves back on her shoulder "Ho gaya..." saying this he went from there immediately like a wind he only knows how he controlled his thumping heart while not to look at her back

"Hmmm..." she slumped her back against the wardrobe door her heart again felt the same feeling which she felt in hospital room "Kaise... Kaabu karun apne dil pe..." she whispered putting her hands on her thumping heart she slide down slowly and kept her head on her knees How will she control her heart which only wants to feel him

2 hours later...

"Mr Khan... Aap Shilpa se pehli baar kaise mile thae..." Surbhi asked excitedly looking up at him who was busy on his phone sitting on sofa where as everyone is sitting down except Shilpa who is inside kitchen for coffee coz Meethi left as per her time ends and after dinner everyone sat for coffee

"Pehli baar kyun??" he frowned putting the phone a side

"Bhaijaan... Pls Bhabhi ne to hume nai bataya plss batao na..." Nazma spoke cutely

"Haa Jammy hume b jaana tha..." Tanveer requested

"Bhaijaan ab bata b dijiye aakhir aap apni Sherni se pehli baar mile kaise thae..." Ayaan said in teasing tone making Armaan to smiled remembering that day

"Plzzz..." they all requested except Rehaan who is smiling seeing them requesting

"Vo November ki ek kaali raat thi... Jab main ek ghar k saamne se guzar raha tha..." he started looking lost while they four looked at him excitingly "Aur maine dekha saamne wale ghar se awaz aa rahi thi... To maine socha andar jaakar dekhun... Ki kya ho raha hai..." he spoke in fake serious tone

"Fir??" they four asked in full serious tone while Rehaan controlled hard not to laugh

"Fir maine unke ghar ka door bajaya... Aur jab darwaza khula... Andar se ek... Ladki aayi... Jiske haath mein ek candle tha..." he stopped to which they four understood he is making a story while Rehan laughed seeing their faces Dilshad and Surbhi's Aapi & Jeeju smiled seeing them

"Mr Khan... Bhaijaan... Jammy..." they all shouted together angrily making Armaan chuckled

"I hate u..." Surbhi threw a pillow which he catches

"Thank u..." He smiled

"Acha Bhaijaan ye to bata do pehli baar dekha kaha tha..." Nazma asked annoyingly

"Isi planet pe..." his sarcastic answer made them more angry when Shilpa entered there keeping the coffee trey on floor b/w them and sat beside Dilshad while seeing her a smile reached his lips remembering how he first time saw her

Five years ago...

Same day when he came back from Dubai first time!

"Pata nai Mom Dad ne ye kahan laa diyaa... Mujhe... Aree yaar... Aaj hi aaya aur aaj hi... Tour kara rahe hai mujhe... " he thought while looking around where everyone was busy wd each other and he is getting bored lonely wearing a black shirt wd black tie and denim jeans he is looking handsome wd spike hairs "Ye sab us idiot Dev ki wajah se huaa... Khud to meeting me busy hai... Aur mujhe fasa diya Mom Dad k saath..." he cursed Dev coz of whom he landed here actly after meeting wd Dev he came back home only to find his Parents ready for a Party and his Dad announced that he will go wd them which made him hell shocked who directly rejected but his Mom told that Dev was ready to go wd them but coz of his important meeting he couldn't come So Armaan have to go 'Aur vaise b isi bahane tum sabse mil b loge...' his Mom spoke and they almost dragged him here where he is getting hell bore so he stood at the bar side getting away from the crowed "Isse acha to main Dubai mein tha..." he shook his head when the bar tender looked at him

"To nai aana chahiyee tha..." the bar tender spoke while putting a drink infront of him who gave him a fake smile

Tera dil woh

Shehar hai...

"Tu kaam kar apna..." he pointed and turned to look at other side


"Kya yahan aisa kuch nai hai... Jo mujhe... Entertain kar sake..." he mumbled keeping his back against the bar table when he looked at other side of corner and roaming around his eyes looking for something interesting , suddenly his eyes again landed on that corner where a vase fell by a girl whose back was facing him who chuckled as he saw the girl putting back the vase on its place hurriedly her hairs were long till her waist and in black colour she wore a yellow & scarlet mixed colour umbrella dress he moved his head to see her face who turned slowly while picking the flowers which fell by her and as he saw her face his heart skipped don't know why? But what made him shocked is her wet eyes as if she is about to cry "Ye rone wali hai kya..." he frowned looking at her who is putting the flowers back inside the vase when suddenly she broke down holding the vase he can see she is in some pain or something "Ye to ro rahi hai..." he spoke in serious tone still staring at her whose tears he didn't liked at all then suddenly she composed herself and cleard her face mumbling something to herself at that time his feet automatically moved towards her whose voice can hear from here

"Don't cry... I am Strong... I am strong... I am strong..." she is consoling herself he can sensed a smile came his face hearing 'I am strong' from her mouth and as he came near her he saw her eyes which was in colour of green which he never saw in his life he was standing just behind a pillar "Ok... Now cool. . Ab chalo sab kuch handle karo..." she spoke to herself calmly and wdin a second she calmed herself making him amused by her act when a boy entered there wd a big flower tray in his hand

"Didi... Ye kahan rakhun..." he asked loudly making her annoyed

"Rakho... Mere sar pe... Rakho rakho..." she spoke annoyingly pointing at her head which made him chuckled

"Ok..." the boy spoke nonchantly putting the tray on her head

"Rohan..." she spoke angrily to which Rohan put the tray on table

"Ho gaya na... Chalo ab... Papa to sabko daat te hai... Chalo mood thik karo varna... Mangoose kaatega" He spoke in his joking way while moving to bite her who giggled

"Hattoo tum... Peetoge mere haath se" pushing him lightly she smacked his shoulder and went from there following by her brother living a smiling Armaan there who was soo amused by her expressions which changed at every one second he calculated

"Kya ladki thi... Andaaz hi alag the" He spoke to himself when

"Armaan..." his Mom's voice made him looked back at her "Yahan kya kar rahe ho... Kabse dhundh rahi hun main tumhe..." she scolded him who rolled his eyes

"Dur bhaagne ki koshsish kar raha tha... Aapki is boring Party se..." he spoke calmly making her to hit his head lightly "Aaaww... Mom baal kharab ho jaynge..." he corrected his head

"Acha ye batao... Tumhe koi ladki achi lagi yaha..." she asked smilingly while gripping his arm who gave 'R-U-Serious' look

"Mom... To aap mujhe yaha... Ye dikhaane laayi hai.. Ladkiyaa..." he made a face

"Armaan... Tum mukad nai sakte... Tumne kaha tha.. Ki main doctor banne k baad shaadi karunga..." She spoke strictly making him annoyed

"Konsa bhaag raha hun yaar... Aaj hi aaya hun aur aaj hi... Shuru..." He spoke annoyingly

"Puttar ji... Ladki to dekhna shuru karna hi hoga..." his Dad came and stood his other side

"U know what... Ab mujhe lag raha hai... Galti ki India aake..." he looked at both only to get a smack from his Dad "Yahan bhari sabha mein.. Jo dono mujhe maar rahe ho... Sab kya kahenge..." he spoke in fun way

"Acha..." his Mom smiled hugging him who moved back

"Kya kar rahe ho... Yaar sab dekh rahe hai..." he made a face and just like this they three got involved in their 'Masti' and Billy introduced Armaan proudly wd everyone including Shashank also and after meeting them Armaan excused for a call getting bore "Kya bore ho raha hun yaar... Rehaan se puchta hun ki Sanjeevani ki details nikali usne..." he whispered and dialed Rehaan's number while moving towards a corner when he bumped wd someone

Jis shehar se jaake

Laute na main kabhi...

"Ouch!!" her voice made him looked at her and as he saw her left surprised The same girl whom he saw few hours ago she didn't looked at him coz she is cleaning her dress which got wet by the drink which she helds

"I am sorry..." he apologized staring at her who didn't even glanced at him

"its ok... Par ainda se dekh k..." wdout looking at him she spoke and moved from there to go where as he couldn't even took off his eyes from her who was walking still looking at her dress when her head bumped wd someone "Ouch... Virat..." she started beating him who tried to defend himself

"Diii... Tu sabke saamne maar rahi hai..." he spoke annoyingly

"Dekh k nai chal sakta andha... Huh..." she smacked and moved upstairs leaving a daze Armaan who was lost in her and his eyes followed her till the time she disappears in a room but entered in his heart after that day he couldn't forgot her whose face was always in his heart when he second time met her he didn't saw her face he only remembered her green eyes but when he saw her third time he concluded she is the same girl whom he met in that rain night and when he saw her pic in Aditi's book he left surprised and immediately decided to see her in his future life reason was clear coz he had already saw her in party where he saw her every emotion but the thing he didnt like her tears which he didn't liked on their marriage day also... So this was the day where Mr Armaan Malik first time saw his Ms Bracelet... Ms Sorryy... Ms Shilpa noo noo... Mrs Shilpa...

*****Flashback Ends*****

"It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight."

"Maine ek function mein dekha tha..." he blurted out unknowingly still thinking about that day but it made everyone to looked back at him

"Kisse...??" Shilpa asked confusedly making him come out from his thoughts

"Kaise...??" they four asked curiously while Rehaan frowned

"Ammm... Vo... Apni khud ki Engagement mein... Aur kahan..." he immediately changed his sentence making everyone angry

"Aap rehnde Bhaijaan... Aapse to baat karna bekaar hai..." Ayaan spoke making him smile "Chalo kuch gaana bajaana ho..." he spoke happily

"Haa..." Surbhi chirped "Par kuch romantic sa..." she spoke dreamily looking at Rehaan who smiled

"Aur gaana gaaynge Bhaijaan..." Ayaan jumped infront of Armaan

"Shut up!! Ayaan... Main nai gaaunga..." He spoke strictly

"Bhaijaan plz... Plzzz" Ayaan requested

"Haa Armaan... Plz gao na..." Dilshad requested making him to look at her then at Shilpa who was staring him expectantly he remembered her words 'Ghar mein Guitar aur Punching Bag sirf naam k hai' so he kept silent which means he will sing

"Main Guitar laati hun..." Nazma spoke happily while rising up

"Aur hum sab dance karenge..." Surbhi spoke happily and Nazma came wd Guitar "Hmmm Bhaijaan shuru ho jaao..." Nazma giggled as Armaan took the guitar slowly and looked at Shilpa who smiled looking at him

Lag ja gale ki phir ye

Haseen raat ho na ho...

He started singing while playing the Guitar's strings looking down on floor The atmosphere looks soo calm & romantic the curtains were moving wd the wind while everyone is enjoying his peacefully voice except Shilpa whose heart is beating so loudly hearing his words that she didn't looked up at him

Shaayad phir is janam mein


Ho no ho...

He looked at her slowly playing the guitar strings Ayaan offered his hand to Surbhi who gladly kept it and they both got busy in dance making Rehaan jealous So he also offered his hand to Tanveer who got ready and they started dancing slowly which made Shilpa confused

"Bhabhi... Jaise Surbhi bilkul bardaast nai kar sakti Tanveer ko... Usi tarah Rehaan Bhaijaan b Ayaan bhai ko Surbhi k karib bardaast nai kar sakte.." Nazma whispered in her ear who giggled knowing this

Lag Ja gale ki phir ye

Haseen raat ho na ho

Shaayad phir is janam mein

Mulaqaat ho no ho

Lag ja gale he he...

Armaan smiled seeing her giggling making him to go back at the times when he first time met her... Their engagement day where she clad in red dress... Dammm how beautiful she was looking at that time.. Their wedding day where he noticed her expensive expressions ... And how can he forget after regaining back his memory how she adjusted wd him & his anger... Their cute moments... Her talks... Smiles... Everything is coming infront of his eyes like a film and feeling his gaze she looked up at him who slowly looked away from her on the couples making her sad

Hum ko mili hai aaj ye

Ghadiyaan nasib mein...

He sang while playing the Guitar strings making her to look at him as if saying to feel the song and him when Surbhi made her stood

"Chalo na Shilpa tum b dance karo..." Surbhi requested "Vo b mere saath..." Ayaan offered his hand to her

"Tumhare saath to bilkul nai..." she immediately refused making Surbhi giggled to which Ayaan hit her head lightly "Acha hamare saath to dance karengi naa..." Rehaan offered his hand which she can't refuse to so she kept her hand in his and they started moving slowly

Ji bhar ke dekh lijiye

Hum ko qarib se...

He stood up handling the Guitar to Ayaan who started playing wd it while he walked infront of Dilshad and taking her hand he started dancing wd her who smiled seeing him where as Surbhi is dancing wd Nazma happily Phir aap ke nasib mein

Yeh baat ho na ho...

He looked at Shilpa while singing the song making her gripped Rehaan's shoulder tightly feeling his gaze she only knows how she is controlling to stand here his words his eyes were telling a different thing to her that may be he is falling for her

Shayad phir is janam mein

Mulaaqat ho no ho

Lag ja gale ki phir ye

Haseen raat ho na ho

Lag ja gale...

He sang while Twirling Dilshad who giggled when she followed his eyes which was on Shilpa who is looking down while dancing wd Rehaan a teasing smile reached her lips seeing Armaan's love for Shilpa so she thought to made him realize something when Rehaan knowingly left Shilpa's hand whom he was twirling which made her fall on Armaan's chest who just left Dilshad's hand and they got lost in each other's eyes

Paas aaiye ki hum

Nahin aayenge baar baar...

His hands automatically gripped her waist softly and pulling her closer by her waist he stared deep in her eyes whose heartbeat skipped as he pulled her How she wished to stay like this in his arms How she wished to stop this moment here only She is already feeling sadness and emptiness feeling in her heart

Baahein gale mein daal ke

Hum ro le zaar zaar...

her hands gripped his shirt tightly from front looking up at him who was lost in her an urge came to him to pull her in rib crashing hug since the time she told that she didnt wanted to go Hydrabad and wanted to go Mumbai wd him he is controlling his emotion

"Waahh... Rehaan kya scene banaya tumne yaar" Ayaan's teasing tone made them looked away from each other and they moved away from each other looking embarrassed

"Offo!! Ayaan... Scene kharab kar diya..." Surbhi teased keeping her hand on Ayaan's shoulder

"Haa kitna romantic tha..." Nazma spoke dreamily making everyone giggled except ArSh

"I think raat bahot ho chuki hai... Chalna chahiyee..." Surbhi's Jiju spoke smilingly looking at ArSh's flushed faces

"Haa .. Neend b bahoot aa rahi hai ab..." Dilshad spoke in fake yawning tone making everyone giggled

"Toh fir chalo... Gud night..." Rehaan hugged Armaan who hugged him back

"Mr Khan yaad haina... Main ek hafte baad aa rahi hun... Avni ki shaadi k liye..." Surbhi spoke happily to which Armaan made a face

"Vaha pe b bardaast karna hoga... Tumhe" He joked to which she pouted

"Huh... Main Shilpa k saath rahungi... Haina Shilpa" she hugged her who nodded wd a giggle and wd that everyone bid bye them except Dilshad who ask Armaan to come wd her for a moment

"Tumse kuch kahun... To sunoge..." Dilshad spoke while walking wd him till door

"Offcourse... Bolke to dekhiyee" he smiled while putting his hand in his pocket

"Tumhe pata hai Armaan... Zindagi mein waqt bahoot jaroori hota hai... Vo waqt jo hum kisi ko dete hai... Vo waqt jo hum guzarte hai..." she spoke smilingly looking at him who frowned "Hum kisi k saath hokar b usse ye ehsaas nai hone dete ki vo khaas hai hamare liye... Shayad dar hota hai ki agar usse ehsaas ho gaya to... Vo badal na jaaye... Haina..." her words didn't made any sense to him "Hum kisi ki bahoot care karte hai... Par dikhate ya jatate nai hai... Ye sochke ki saamne wala kya sochega... Yaa fir kahi ye sab usee ajeeb lage to... To fir hum vohi care gusse mein dikhate hai..." she looked at him who was hell confused by her words "Par hum ye bhul jaate hai... Ki saamne wala wait kar raha hoga ussi care ki... Ehsaas ki... Par jab hum usse koi hope nai dete to vo tut jaata hai andar se..." she pointed at his heart making him confused

"Aap kehna kya chahte ho..??" confusion was clearly visible on his forehead

"Yaa allahh... Maine tum jaise buddhu insaan kahi nai dekha..." she hit his head lightly "Main kabse tumhare aur Shilpa k baare mein baat kar rahi hun..." she spoke smilingly

"Hum dono k baare mein kya??" he frowned

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