Thursday, 7 September 2017

PART-14 :The Painful Side Of Love

All three sat in the living room and had an informal, fun filled dinner. Camerone made sure that situation never got awkward between Armaan and Riddhima and kept talking about something or the other. Finally when they were done he asked Armaan to stay back as it was very late.

'Um'.no it's ok Camerone. I'll manage and being a doctor I am used to driving back home late at night. So don't worry.' He picked up his car keys and was about to leave when Riddhima said 'Armaan'.um I wanted to talk to you.' Camerone understood the situation and excused himself. Riddhima took a step towards Armaan and said 'I am really sorry Armaan for whatever''.
Armaan didn't let her continue and placed a finger on her lips to silence her and after a couple of seconds spoke 'Riddhima I don't know what you feel but I know I love you and for me our relationship is everything. I worship you Riddhima and you don't ever have to apologize. You own me in every way.' Riddhima was deeply touched. She could see the truth of his words in his eyes. She didn't know what to do or say so she simply said 'Please you don't have to go. You can stay back for the night. I'll appreciate it. You can sleep in Cam's room. Its there.' She directed him towards the room and he silently walked towards it but the moment he was about to enter the room she slowly said 'Armaan you are a wonderful singer. I loved your song.' She didn't give him a chance to reply and simply left the place. Armaan was delighted and he smiled to himself but the moment he turned towards the door he saw a smiling Camerone standing there with his eyebrows raised . They both chuckled and hi-fived each other.

Next morning Riddhima was drying her hair in her room when she heard a knock on the door. 'Come in' she said and kept drying her hair, looking out the window. When nobody spoke for a long time she turned around and saw Armaan standing near the door looking really handsome with his hair wet from the shower and his borrowed T-shirt clinging to his macho chest. Armaan smiled and gave her the coffee that he had brought her. She smiled and he spoke 'We'll leave for Sanjeevani together. We'll go to my place and I'll change and then we'll leave.' She wanted to protest but noticing the authoritative note in his voice made her stop. It felt like old days Armaan bossing and commanding her. Her heart warmed with pleasure. While she was smiling to her self Armaan glanced at her clothes and frowned. Finally after mustering a lot of courage he asked her 'You don't wear Salwaar Kameez anymore?' She flatly replied 'I am not the same anymore. Not just my dressing sense but a lot many things have changed about me. Anyways, when do we leave?' She conveniently changed the topic but the pain didn't go unnoticed by Armaan.
All three had their break fast and left for their respective destinations.

Riddhima and Armaan reached his house. Armaan had all the luxuries at his disposal. Working at Sanjeevani as a senior doctor meant a fat pay package and a lavish lifestyle. Riddhima was really impressed by Armaan's home but she was stunned the moment she entered it. It was built exactly the way Riddhima had wanted her and Armaan's house to be. She looked at Armaan with a tear glistening in her eye while Armaan just gave her a sheepish smile and signaled her to sit down. He left to go and change. She was siting in the drawing room which was fairly large just the way she had wanted. In fact all the furniture and paint was of her taste. Riddhima was for the first time feeling the pain that Armaan must have gone through all these years. She had forgotten him and their love in those years but now it all came rushing back. She was examining everything when her cell rang. Shubhanker wanted her to come to Sanjeevani immediately because they had called an urgent meeting. They needed all the doctors there. Shubhankar, as usual was panicking and in that state he told Riddhima that Armaan was unreachable so Riddhima calmed him down and assured him that she'll be there in next 15mins along with Armaan. She hung up and sighed. She had to find Armaan and tell him to hurry up. She moved towards his room and knocked but nobody answered. She assumed that he must be in the washroom so she quietly walked in and the moment she stepped into the room she was shocked out of her wits. It was a large room. On the wall opposite to the door was a huge photo frame which had her and Armaan's photograph taken on their first official date. Under it was a brown bed, the one that she had selected for their room. She glanced on the left side and was again shocked when she saw 3 huge frames all having her photographs in it. In one of those she was smiling with a little ice-cream on her nose, the other was taken when she was on a slide with a huge idiotic grin on her face and the third one was of a garden at night where she and Armaan had sat and discussed their future. On the other wall also there were a number of photographs and all belonged to her. Riddhima kept staring at them. She, for the first time, felt Armaan's love for her. All these years he hadn't forgotten her for even a minute. Her house was everything that would remind him of her. Her knees gave way and she fell on the floor. She wasn't crying. She was too shocked to react. Armaan came out of his washroom and was shocked to see Riddhima there and in that condition though he knew what had caused that. He walked towards her and called her name but when she didn't respond he gathered her in his arms. Her head was against his chest and after a few moments she calmed down and finally spoke 'Why Armaan? Why did you wait for me all these years?' Armaan looked at her as if she was crazy and he said with a sigh 'I thought that life in USA might have grown some sense in you but nope nothing of the sort happened.' he chuckled and then cupping her face he said 'Riddhima I told you I loved you and always will. These memories of yours helped me live.'
'But Armaan I have nothing to offer you.' she said through her tears to which Armaan replied 'You don't have to offer anything Riddhima. You have to take what I am offering you. I want you to be happy and feel my love always with you. I will not let anything separate us now. I will help you forget your past and start a new life.'
'Armaan its not as easy as you think it is.'
'I know its not easy Riddhima bit I am with you and we'll fight it together and our love will help us win. Have faith in me.' Armaan didn't wait for her reply and quickly stood up and extended his hand towards her which she gladly accepted. He wiped her tears and told her to freshen up to leave and that is when she remembered about Dr.Shubhankar's call. Remembering how panicky he was it won't be a shock if he is found sprawled on the corridor floor, thought Riddhima. She quickly grabbed Armaan;s hand and rushed out for Sanjeevani.


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