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part 15 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),




"Aap kehna kya chahte ho..??" confusion was clearly visible on his forehead

"Yaa allahh... Maine tum jaise buddhu insaan kahi nai dekha..." she hit his head lightly "Main kabse tumhare aur Shilpa k baare mein baat kar rahi hun..." she spoke smilingly

"Hum dono k baare mein kya??" he frowned

"Yehi ki zindagi bahoot choti hoti hai... Aur waqt bahoot kam hote hai... To tumhe Shilpa ko apna waqt dena chahiyee... Jo tum dono ko saath guzarne chahiyee...tumhe usse ehsaas dilana chahiyee ki vo kitni khaas hai tumhare liye... Aur tumhe uski kitni care hai..." she made him understand which worked also "Mana ki hume itni care nai dikhani chahiyee... Par kabhi kabhi kisi ki parwa... Saamne wale ko hope deti hai... To tumhe b Shilpa ko ehsaas dilana chahiyee ki tumhe uski fikar hai... Taki agar kahi uske hopes tute to... Tumhari care vo support bane uske liye... Samjhe bacchu..." she spoke wd a giggle making him smile

"Par in sabse hoga kya...??" he asked confusedly walking wd her till the Main Gate

"Hey Bhagwaan... Ye ladka..." she held her head "Tum rehne do tumse kuch nai hoga... Bas yehi kahungi... Ki kaam k alawa Shilpa ka b dhyaan dena... Aur thoda bahoot care dikhana baaki tumhari marzi... Maine tumhe ek achi maa hone k naate samjhaya..." she spoke lovingly making him smile

"I am glad I have three mothers..." he spoke wd a smile to which she frowned hearing three "My Mom.. You... & Shilpa's Mom..." he answered which made her hug him

"Ab jao... Kal subhe nikalna b hai..." parting from hug she spoke

"Hmm Gud night.." He wished her who smiled and wishing him back went from there "Hmmm..." taking a sigh he went inside the house

"When you don't talk, there's a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said."

Aankhon se phir yeh

Pyar ki barsat ho no ho

Shaayad phir is janam mein

Mulaqaat ho no ho

"Aaww... I miss u too..." Shilpa giggled as Breezer started nuzzling his head on her neck who was sitting on her knees playing wd Breezer in that garden room when Armaan came inside their and finding them playing he smiled seeing them and putting his hands inside his pant's pockets he walked towards them

"Kya ho raha hai..." he asked smilingly

"Bowww... Boww..." Breezer barked looking at him and jumped ahead

"Ohhooo... Itna pyaar..." he chuckled ruffling Breezer's head lovingly who tried to hug him

"Armaan... Agar hum chalen jaaynge to.. Breezer kiske paas rahega...??" she asked cutely while ruffling Breezer's head lovingly from behind

"Dilshad Aunty k paas..." he replied smilingly looking at her to which she nodded quietly "Shilpa...!!" he called softly as he saw her going

"Haa..." she turned

"Actually... Vo... Tum.. Kya keh rahi thi.. Room me" he stood infront of her whose heart skipped its beats

"Kkyyaa...??" she asked nervously

"Yehi.. Ki tumhe Hydrabad.. Nai jaana hai.." He spoke slowly putting his hands in his pant's pockets and hearing this she looked down "Kya tumhe.. Sachmein nai jaana hai...??" he asked softly moving a little closer to her who is controlling hard not to break infront of him "Bolo...?" he asked again calmly to which she nodded quietly staring down which made him smile "Kyun..??" he asked wd a smile

"Aise hi..." she replied softly he can sensed her cracked voice

"Aise hi kyun...??" he asked again moving closer to her who stepped back wd frustration

"Meri marzi... Aapko isse kya..?? Aap jaaiyee... Mumbai" out of frustration she blurted out wd moist eyes which made him stare her "Mujhe akela chod k..." she whispered slowly staring down to which walked again closer to her

"Hydrabad ek bahoot achi place hai..." he spoke calmly moving his hand to wipe her tear which just appeared from her eye but she looked away from him not giving him chance to touch her cheek

"Achi place haina to... Aap kyun nai chale jaate mujhe kyun force kar rahe hai jaane pe... Mujhe nai jaana... Vaha... Main nai reh sakti aapke bin..." she spoke frustratedly but stopped as she realized what she spoke at the end but her words made him speechless

"Kya kaha tumne...?" he asked softly bending his head to look at her who sniffed and wdout saying anything turned to go when "To fir main tumhari.. Goa ki ticket cancel kar dun.." his voice made her looked back at him confusedly "Kyun ki shayad kisine tumhari... Hydrabad ki ticket cancel kar di hai... Pata nai kaun" he spoke in fake serious tone making her eyes big "I think... Hydrabad waale chahte hi nai ki tum vaha aao..." he spoke calmly but a teasing smile can seen on his face making her looked down who have mixed feeling in her heart Sad Happy Love she knows it was he who cancelled the ticket

Lag ja gale ki phir ye

Haseen raat ho na ho

Shaayad phir is janam mein

Mulaqaat ho na hooo...

"Thank u..." whispering this she immediately hugged him who stepped back a little by her this step to which a small smile reached his lips and slowly slowly wdout any hesitation he hugged her back whose grip tightened on his back making him close his eyes feeling her this close He only knows what's his condition was to saw her fainted in their room how he managed to picked her and took care of her his heart only knows this at that time he realized he cannot live her alone and the fifth day of her Typhoid he cancelled her flight of Hydrabad but forgot to search the ticket And now they were living for Goa and from there they will go by a cab in Mumbai coz the flights were booked at that time

4 hours later...

Lag ja gale

Hey heyy

Ho ho...

"Shilpa..." he called tiredly nudging her who is sleeping peacefully after that tiring packing & locking stuffs while he was doing the outside stuffs and after dropping Breezer to Rehaan's house he came back only to find her sleeping and that is wd fully ready clothes "Kapde change karke soyi hai... Infact pura taiyaar hokar so rahi hai... Bas uthane ki deri hai" He whispered smilingly while laying beside her and kissing her head lovingly he laid straight "Abi do ghante hai... Nikalne mein.. Tab tak so jaata hun thoda..." he spoke tiredly while looking at his wrist watch and closing his eyes went in sleep wdout realizing that he didn't removed his shoes

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it's these things I'd believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything."


10 Hours Later...

Mumbai Road

"Armaan... Breezer thik to hoga na..." Shilpa again asked for the sixth time of the day while putting her novel on her lap to which he looked away from his laptop screen

"Ek kaam karo... Ab to phone karke puch hi lo Surbhi se... Ki vo thik hai ki nai" he spoke sarcastically making her angry and wd pouting lips she crossed her arms and looked outside sliding the cab's window "Pehle uske naam se bhaagti thi... Ab parwa karte nai thakti..." he smiled looking back at his laptop screen reading a Bhopal's case its been 10 hours to their journey After he slept in room for small nap his phone's ring made him to woke and he realized they have 30 minutes to live he attended the call which was from Rehaan who informed that he is waiting outside and hearing this he immediately woke Shilpa who whined for waking but hearing his strict voice she woke and they both came Airport wd Rehaan who dropped them there

And after hugging Armaan he went leaving ArSh alone Where Shilpa was still sleepy and as they sat in plane she doze off making him chuckled by her act but he was happy that Thank god she slept or else she got scared as the flight took off and in the whole flight she was sleeping making him to adore her and as they landed in Goa she was looking fresh after washing her face and then they took a room near Beach side where Armaan slept for hours while she enjoyed the scenery of Goa standing on the balcony and few minutes later he woke up feeling hungry so he thought to order food for them and when he asked Shilpa she refused saying she is not hungry at this time but he almost order her to drink juice and then he order the food for himself and juice wd sandwiches for her which she ate reluctantly and after eating their lunch he took a cab for Mumbai on which they are sitting now on back seat while the driver is driving on front

"Armaan... Mujhe bhook lagi hai..." her sudden slow voice made him look at her

"Acha.. Ruko... Abi aage agar koi Restaurant aayga... To kha lena.." he spoke calmly then looked at the driver "Driver... Aage agar koi restaurant aayga to batana..." he ordered while working on laptop

"Sir... Aage koi Restaurant nai hai... Aayga b to do teen ghante baad.." Driver informed while looking from the rear view

"Kya do teen ghante...??" Shilpa widen her eyes making him looked at her cute face

"Par aage ek Dhaba hai Sir..." Driver spoke again

"Wow!! Dhaba..." Shilpa spoke smilingly making him looked at her

"No... Dhaba n all..." he clearly ordered making her pout

"Par Armaan... Dhaabe ka khaana sachmein tasty hota hai..." She whined

"Aur unhygienic... Bhi..." he spoke wdout looking at her

"Nai aisa jaroori thodi hai... Kisi kisi jagah hygienic b hota hai... Armaan plzzz" she requested cutely where as he looked away from the laptop screen then at her

"Abi abi Hospital se nikli ho... Bahar ka khana acha nai hai tumhare liye... Specially not Dhaba n all..." he scolded

"Par..." she tried to argue but he glared

"No means no..." his stern oder made her angry so as always crossing her arms she looked out of the window wd grumpy look making him smile and shaking his head he again concentrated on his lappy and after few minutes she drifted in sleep

"Sir Dhabe k paas rukna hai...??" Driver asked as he saw the 'Dhaba' which made him closed his lappy and putting the lappy in bag he turned his face towards her

"Kya karun... Isne kuch khaya b nai hai... But Dhaba... Safe hoga... Lekin jo b ho... Bhuk to isse lagi hogi hi..." he thought staring at Shilpa who was sleeping peacefully while keeping her head in window

"Sir...??" Driver called again

"Haa rok do... Aur jao tum b khaalo..." he spoke calmly to which Driver parked the Cab on side and stopping it moved out from the cab "Shilpa..." he called softly tapping her cheek "Kitna soti hai ye yaar... Pure raaste bas so hi rahi thi..." he thought frowning staring at her "Shilpa..." at last his strict voice made her woke up

"Kya huaa??" she asked while rubbing her eyes

"Dhaba aa gaya hai... Jao khalo..." he spoke calmly to which she immediately looked out of the window where she saw lots of lights & small cot wd chairs and tables

"OMG!! Hum yahan khayenge.." she asked happily looking back at him

"Hum nai... Tum..." he replied calmly while checking his phone

"Main...?? Akele??" she asked shockingly

"Haa..." he replied while pressing Atul's number

"Par main akele kaise...??" she asked again

"Kyun dus saal ki bacchi ho... Tum... Jo gum jaaogi" he spoke sarcastically making her pout

"Tab main b nai jaaungi..." she spoke angrily

"See Shilpa mera dimaag mat kharab karo... Main nai aaunga.. Jaao jaldi khakar aao... Tym nai hai" he almost order her who pouted "Haa Atul sunn..." he spoke normally as Atul attended the call when she moved out angrily from the cab and stepping out she looked around scarily where less peoples were eating roaming and talking coz its night so there was less crowed looking at the name board 'Bablu da Dhabha' she hesistatly walked infront of the stall

"Excuse me!!" she called slowly

"Haa ji.. Madam ji.. Boliye... Kya khayngi aap... Yaha pe sab milta hai.." a middle age man spoke hastily

"Ji vo..." she didn't knew what to order she looked at the menu board then looked back at Armaan who was talking on phone standing against the car's door she knows he will not come here speclially not for food but she will not eat wdout him

"Oye ji.. Madam kya khayngi...??" the man asked again making her to looked at him

"Main khana khane nai aayi hun .. Actually Mujhe aapki ek help chahiyee" she spoke slowly to which the man frowned "Bahoot jaruri hai..." she said sweetly

"Haa ji... Boliye main aapki kya help kar sakta hun..." the man smiled

"Vo kya haina... Sardarji... Vo unhe dekh rahe hai aap... Vo mere Pati hai.." she pointed at Armaan who is walking on side of road while talking on phone

"Haa ji..." he nodded

"Actually... Vo bahoot bimaar hai.. Aur unhe Doctor ne khaane k liye bola hai... Par vo mana kar rahe hai... Keh rahe hai khaunga to sirf tumhare haath ka varna nai khaunga... Aur Sardarji.. Unki dawa ka time ho raha hai... Par vo sunn nai rahe" she didn't knew what she is saying but its important to make the owner ready

"To Madamji... Aap chahti hai hum unhe manaye..." he asked confusedly

"Nai Sardarji... Vo aur gussa honge... Bas mujhe aapki ek choti si help chahiyee" she spoke innocently

"Haa boliye na..." he nodded

"Bas mujhe aapka kitchen chahiyee thodi daer k liye... Matlab main unke liye khana bana dun... Par aap fikar mat kijiye paise main dungi.. Kitchen use karne k liye" she spoke carefully

"Oye Behenji aap kaisi baat kar rahi hai... Ye to mere Dhaabe ka apman hoga.. Ki aap bina kuch khaye jaayen... Aur free mein paise de" he spoke normally

"Nai Sardarji... Aapki cheezo ko to use karungi na.. To free kis chizka... Aap samajhiye naa... Unki health ka sawal hai.." she said immediately "Plzzz Sardarji..." she showed her puppy face which can melt anyone's heart

"Ok ji... Aap use kar sakti hai.. Jaayiye..." he smiled "Oye chote inko kitchen dikhade..." he called a boy who immediately came

"Thank u Sardarji... Aap bahut ache hai... Bhagwaan kare aapka Dhaba... Aur b popular ho.." she spoke happily and went inside the kitchen wd the boy

"Ajeeb Pati hai... Duniya k saare Pati apni Patni k haath ka khaana chodkar bahar ka khaate hai... Par inhe to sirf apni Patni k haath ka khaana chaahiyee... " Sardarji spoke to himself confusedly looking at Armaan who stretched his arms in tiredness


After ten minutes..

Lapata sa mil

Jaun kahi toh...

"Sir chalen..." Driver asked as he saw Armaan cutting the call

"Amm... Haa.." he nodded while keeping his phone inside his pocket when he realized about Shilpa whom he forgot to give money "Shilpa phone b yehi bhul gayi..." he whispered as he found her phone inside the back seat of cab "Tum yehin ruko main aata hun..." he spoke to the Driver who nodded and Armaan walked towards the Dhaba "Itni late koi khana khaata hai... Khana khaane gayi hai yaa banane..." he muttered under his breath while looking for her around the Dhaba but when he didn't found her his heartbeat fastened

"Oye Paaji... Yahan baithiyee..." Sardarji called him who got confused

"Jii..." he frowned

"Haa yahan aayiye..." Sardarji offered him a seat to which he walked towards him

"No thank u... But actually main apni wife..." before he could asked about her Sardarji stoped him

"Aap bas baitho yahan Bhabhiji aa rahi hai.." Sardarji spoke smilingly making him to raised his bows at the word 'Bhabhiji' "Yahan baithiyee..." he pulled a chair for Armaan who sat confusedly when

"Armaan..." her cheerful voice made him looked up "Aapko pata hai mujhe bahoot tez bhuk lagi hai..." she spoke in her usual tone while sitting beside him who glared her

"Kahan thi tum?? Khana khaane aayi ho ki...??" he started scolding her when the waiter placed the food infront of them "Oh bhai saab... Maine order nai kiya ye sab" he spoke strictly to the waiter who looked at Shilpa

"Tum rakh kar jaao..." she spoke politely to which the waiter nodded and went from there

"Shilpa... Tumne ab tak khana nai khaya..?? R u mad or what??" he spoke angrily to which Shilpa shook her head and tore a bite from the 'Paratha' she dig in 'Paneer masala' and forwarded towards his mouth "Shilpa... Tum.." he glared moving his head back

"Isse maine banaya hai... Jo safe aur clean hai..." she answered normally still the bite was in her hand "Ab khaaiyee... Aur mujhe b khana de... Kyun ki mujhe bahoot tez bhuk lagi hai..." she spoke cutely making him stunned that she made this

"Issee tumne?? Dimag kharab hai tumhara??" he spoke angrily pushing her hand lightly who became sad by his this gesture "Tum yaha khaane aayi thi... Banane nai... Tum sachmein crazy ho..." he started scolding her whose eyes got wet so she looked away from him angrily here she made this only for him knowing very well that he will not eat in Dhaba n all so she herself made this just for him who didn't even cared about her that she ated or not

"Oye Paaji... Aap bahoot lucky ho ki aapko bhabhiji jaisi.. Patni mili hai... Jisne aapke liye ye sab banaya... Taaki aap kha sako.." Sardarji commented smilingly making him realize his mistake

"Amm.. Kya aap paani laa sakte hai...?" he asked slowly

"Oye kyun nai ji..." saying this Sardarji went to bring water for them

"Tumne khaya...??" he asked hesitatly looking at her who didn't even glanced at him "Ok sorry... Par kya jarurat thi.. Ye sab karne ki... Tumne sube se sirf sandwiches khaye hai... Aur tum jaanti ho tumhari tabiyat thik nai hai..." this time he said softly making her looked at him

"Aap jaante ho main... Akele nai khaati... Aur aap yahan ka khana nai khaate.. To socha main bana dun..." she replied wd grumpy look

"Thank u.. Very much... Ab ye lo khaao..." He spoke smilingly forwarding a bite towards her who wd grumpy look looked away from him "Fine mat khao... Main khud hi khalunga" Saying this he inserted that bite inside his mouth making her mouth in 'O' shape "Umm amazing..." he spoke teasingly making her angry so pulling the plate towards her she started eating wd pouted lips making him chuckled "Acha tumne.. Shop k maalik ko kaise manaya khana banane k liye??" he asked after a while to which she gulped the food scarily

"Vo... Amm... Haa... Maine unko request ki... Ki mujhe bahar ka khana allow nai hai... To vo maan gaye..." she lied carefully which didn't convinced him but he let it go and after finishing their food they moved to pay the bill to the Sardarji

"Oye Paaji... Apni health ka dhyaan rakhna... Varna Bhabhiji ko hi aapke liye banana padega" Sardarji joked which made Armaan confused while Shilpa's eyes widened

"Ji.. Haa bilkul... Thank u bye" she immediately spoke while gripping Armaan's arm

"Kya keh raha tha vo...??" he asked confusedly as they sat inside the cab

"Pppata nai..." she fumbled opening her novel to which he stared her

"Shilpa...!!" he called in strict tone to which she looked at him slowly who raised his bows for answer

"Vo.. Maine... Usne kaha ki... Aap.. Bahoot bimar hai... Aur aapko bahar ka khana allow nai hai... To isiliye unhone allow kiya..." she replied scarily making him stunned

"Shilpaa..." he spoke angrily

"Sorryyy..." she hide her face in her palms making his anger disappear

"Tumhara... Kuch nai ho sakta..." he shook his head while leaning his back against the seat making her smile and the Cab moved towards their house

Two hours later


"Tumhe yaad haina... Tumhe apna khayaal rakhna hai... Aur medicines ka b dhyaan dena hai..." he started instructing her as he came out from the washroom after freshening up "Tum sunn rahi hona main tumse kya keh raha hun..." he spoke loudly making her to looked away from the bag at him

"Haa baba sunna maine... Ab ye unpack kar loon" she replied normally while unpacking their bags sitting near the wardrobe

"Tell me one thing..." he knelled infront of her to which she looked up at him "Kya tum puri raat jaagogi...??" he asked calmly

"Haa... Mujhe neend nai aa rahi hai..." she replied nonchalantly while keeping his clothes out from the bag

"Neend kaise aaygi.. Pure raaste so hi to rahi thi..." he taunted making her mouth open "Chalo ye aab band karo... Subhe karna... Lights off kar k... Tumhe jo karna hai karo par mujhe sone do..." he spoke sternly and stood up "To so jaaiyee aapko kisne mana kiya... Huh" she spoke wd pouting lips making him shook his head

"Good night..." wishing her he laid on bed

"Khud ko... Bahoot smart samajhte hai... Ek to kaam b inka karo... Aur suno b inhi ki" she blabbered while keeping his clothes inside the wardrobe Yes they both reached Malik Mansion 20 minutes ago everyone is sleeping except Ananya who opened the door and left surprised to see them she didn't believed until Armaan hugged her tightly making Shilpa giggle after talking wd Ananya Armaan went to fresh up while Shilpa was down wd Ananya who informed about Geeta's arrival!

wd her son Rudra and daughter Nikki, Radha wd her two daughters Avni & Divya also informed Jai & Naina's family whom she never met Jai & Naina have two sons & one daughter elder son Rakesh is a painter his wife Riddhi who handles their twin daughters Ridu & Siddhi, Jai's younger son Rishubh just got married wd Raina six months ago and Jai's daughter Neha who is doing masters also she informed Dev went Austria suddenly and just before two days Aditi went to help her one of Aunty since then they both didn't picked her calls which made Shilpa confused she felt bad for Ananya that no one picked her calls So composing Ananya she hugged her and came here for unpacking the bags where her husband almost order her to sleep when her sell phone rang

"Haa... Jii Surbhiji... Boliye... Itni raat ko kaise yaad kiya!" She asked smilingly while keeping the bag side

"Bas mujhe laga tum b... Nai soyi hogi... So call kar liyaa..." she spoke slowly pulling the pillow on her lap

"Pakkaa... Yehi baat hai??" she asked teasingly walking towards the balcony

"Actually aaj... Main tumhe bahoot miss kar rahi thi... Jab khidki se dekha tumhara ghar khaali lag raha tha... Maano pura Bhopal khaali ho tumhaare bina..." She complained making Shilpa giggle

"Aawww... I missed u too" Shilpa spoke lovingly

"Jhut to tum bolo hi mat... I know... Jahapnaah ne tumhe busy kar k rakha hoga... Ki tum mujhe bhul jaaogi" She complained

"Tumhe lagta hai... Mr Armaan Malik mujhe busy rakhenge" Shilpa spoke unbelievingly which made her laugh

"Haa ye to hai..." she spoke controlling her laugh "Vaise tumhe to ab tak aadat pad jaani chahiyyee... Mr Khan k mood swings ka... U know pehle kch aur the ab kuch aur" she said teasingly which made her smile

"Haa pad gayi haina... Ab kya kar sakte hai... Vaise kabhi kabhi main sochti hun main b ye kahun... Mere do do Pati... Jaise vo koi to movie thi na..." Shilpa said in fun way

"Gopi Kishen... Sunil Shetty ki... Jisme vo baccha bolta hai... Right" She said while controlling her laugh

"Haa... Mere do do baap... Usi tarah sochti hun ki main b kahun... Mere do do Pati..." She spoke wd a giggle but Surbhi was already laughing

"Allah miya tumna Shilpa..." Surbhi said still laughing "Vaise tell me... Yaha b Mr Khan aate hi sabse pehle tumhara naam lete hai...??" She asked teasingly

"Matlab??" Shilpa frowned

"Tumhe nai pata... Shayad tumne kabhi observe nai kiya... Ki tumhaare Shauhar ghar mein aate hi sabse pehle tumhara naam lete hai... Infact unki aankhen sirf tumhe dhundhti hai" she informed smilingly making Shilpa giggle

"Really... Aage se observe karungi..." she spoke wd giggle and like this they both talked for minutes "Gud night luv u..." saying this she hung up the phone and was about to enter in Room when her eyes landed in 'Their Heaven' and her feet automatically moved towards it slowly "Hmmm... Hamara jahan..." she whispered softly opening the door and Everything came infront of her eyes how first time he surprised her this room


"Ssshhh...Bracelet...ab na main hankerchief hataane wala hu...aur tum apni aankhe dheere se kholna...ok" he whispered in her ear and removed the handkerchief from her eyes who slowly opened it and saw a glass door infront of her

"Armaan ye..." She frowned and turned towards him who smiled and opened the door for her she shook her head and walked in and was left amazed seeing the sight in front of her " to..Omg.." She smiled as she look around the place which was made up of glass and woods it was room where everywhere plants and flowers were kept different kinds of flowers and plants

She smelled the fragrance of roses & sunflowers wd different colours it was like heaven on earth she saw a small bed was put in middle wd white sheets and around it flowers were kept there was a door at the end of the room which showed another balcony and outside it the rain was dripping she smiled and turn to see Armaan who was smiling at her while folding his arms crossed

"Ab jitna chaho... is glass room mein so jana bhook lage to kha lena...aur jab ole padenge to tumhara ye glass ghar tut jayga" he joked making her remembered about the incident where she told him about this she giggled while he walked towards her

"Armaan ye...sab...kyun.." She asked trying to grip her emotions

"Kyun...aise hi...actually maine b bohoot imagine agar aisa koi room ho to" he pulled her by her waist and her hand automatically landed on his chest "so jab tum Shagun k saath guest room mein thi...maine apne balcony k side ka room khulwaya...aur is Store room ka renovation karwa k tumhara glass room banwa diya.." he whispered while touching her nose wd his and caged her in his arms who looked at him for sometyms and then wd slow move hugged him tightly making him frown "kya hua meri Bracelet ko.." he asked lovingly while ruffling her hairs who was still hugging him tightly "Bracelet.." he parted her who looked up at him

"Thankx..." She spoke softly and looked down while gripping his shirt tightly when he cupped her face

"Bracelet...thankx kyun..." he whispered slowly and removed his hands from her face "ye to maine khud k liye kiya..." he looked at her frowning face while moving his both hands in his jean's pocket "aree vo isliye kyun ki jab b tum...mujhse ladogi aur mujhe marne k liye daudogi main...yahan aakar chup jaunga" he spoke while rolling his tounge in his mouth where as she looked at him wd open mouth

"Haww...main aapko kab marti hu.." She asked while folding her arms crossed to which Armaan moved some steps back

"Nai tum to bohoot seedhi sadhi ho..." he spoke in sarcastic way while she looked at him


"Kitna haseen tha vo din..." She smiled looking at everything where the plants & flowers became dry looking at every corner she smiled but wd tears 'Ye kya hai yaar... Ye maine apne chupne k liye banaya tha...' his words ring in her head which made her giggle when her eyes landed on balcony opening the glass door of it her eyes became wet 'Bracelet.. Can I Kiss u..' their first kiss flashed infront of her eyes which have tears now wiping her tears she moved inside looking at the room this room stored so many memories of them specially him it had seen their first kiss, Shao Pao's arrival which she can never forget

" kaisa laga tumhe tumhara gift..." he asked softly to which she whispered Good still looking at the dog "to tumne iska koi naam socha" he asked cheerfully trying to ease her mood to which she looked at him and smiled

"Haa...Shao Pao.." she replied happily

"Kya..Vada Pao.." he asked frowningly to which she glared "kya naam hi aisa rakha hai...Vada Pao...Missle Pao..." he asked unbelievingly to which she smacked on his arm and dragged his name "Ook..sorry...itna ajeeb naam hai...are u sure Shao Pao" he asked for confirmation to which she nodded in YES "To thik hai... chalo bhai Vada Pao sote hai" he picked the liitle up in his hands and stood up Shilpa followed him

"Armaan it's Shao Pao.." she spoke in warning tone to which he smiled

"Iska basket kahan hai.." he asked looking for his basket to which she pointed beside the couch and he laid Shao Pao on it and he easily slept leaving the two smile


"Hehee..." she giggled remembering that day when her eyes fell on side wall which made her remember about their confession day 'Main tumse bhoot pyaar karta hun... Sabse zyada... Apni is zindagi se zyada... I luv u Bracelet I luv u very much... I luv u...' his words again made her sad and she sat on bed which stored many memories Their first night 'Mujhe laga tum mujhe thappad maarogi..tumhare itne karib paakar jaise b'day pe maara tha...' a smiled reached her lips remembering about that night and laying straight she closed her eyes only to go back that night 'Main chahta hun... Hum ye raat kabhi nai bhule... I want to keep it as best memory of my life...' his words whispered in her ears making her to opened her eyes "Main to nai bhuli Armaan... Par aap shayad bhul gaye..." she whispered sadly while stooding up and walking infront of a cupboard she opened that slowly "Hamari yaaden..." picking a box she put on floor and sat beside the box it is the box where she kept all the memories of them "Mr Supercool..." she giggled as she picked the Albums of them opening it she revind their moments she smiled looking at every memory of them when her eyes stopped at a pic where she pointed him her index finger wd Shao pao in her hand while he had crossed his arms calmly she chuckled remembering that day it was after their confession

"Bracelet... Meri file wapas do..." he spoke strictly following her who moved in pool side

"Nai dungi... Pehle aap promise karo ki aap... Jaoge Radha buaa se milne Lucknow..." she spoke stubbornly

"Bracelet yaar... Tum zabardasti mujhe force nai kar sakti unse milne k liye... I know unki tabiyat kharab hai but... Mujhe nai jaana matlab nai jaana..." he spoke in serious tone "Mera file do... Ab" he forwarded his hand for file

"Toh aap nai jaaoge...??" she asked normally

"Nai..." he replied coolly

"Armaan... Aap pakka nai jaaoge.." this time she asked warningly to which he nodded in NO calmly "To fir thik hai... Agar aap nai gayye to... To... Toh main..." she spoke confusedely making him smile

"Toh..." he grinned

"To to... Haa to main... Is paani mein kud kar apni jaan de dungi..." she pointed on swimming pool making him shook his head

"Itte se... Paani mein koi jaan deta hai... Pagal..." he chuckled "Mazak chodo yaar file do..." he spoke annoyingly moving towards her "Nai dungi..." she immediately ran making him grind his teeth when

"Boww... Boww..." Shao pao's little voice made him looked down

"Not now... Vada Pao... Pehle tumhari Shona ko pakad lun.." he spoke hastily when something clicked his brain "Perfect plan..." he smirked and picking Shao Pao he kept in a basket and stood coolly "Oh... Meri Shona Son Pari..." he called loudly making Shilpa turned who was about to open the door of the swimming room

"Kya hai.. Kuch b karlo ab ye file nai milegi..." she spoke wd attitude

"Chahiyee b nai... Par usse pehle ye to dekh lo... Ki tumhara missle Vada Pao... Hai kaha..." he said calmly while pointing at his leg which was kept on a box

"Armaan... Shao Pao ko bich mein laane se kuch nai hoga..." she said proudly

"Oh really... Main usse bich mein nai... Neeche laaya hun.. Dekhogi" his cool voice made her to look down at the box strangely when she heard Shao Pao's voice

"Armaan... Ye... Aap" her eyes widened and she ran towards him "Aapne usse kyun bich mein laaya" she asked angrily bending to pick the box which he pulled by his leg

"Tum b to file ko laayi... So ek haath se file do... Dusre haath se isse lo..." he said nonchantly to which she fumed "Nai dogi .. Lagta hai mujhe isse neeche hi phekna padega..." saying this he pushed the box little closer to water

"Nai..." getting scared she moved to catched the box and was about to fell in water when he held her by her waist immediately

"Pagal ho gayi ho kya...??" he asked angrily "Is box mein nai hai tumhara Vada Pao..." he said angrily making her looked up at him "Vo raha vo kone mein..." he pointed at corner where shao pao was playing wd a ball in a basket which made her mouth open

"Armaan... Aapne... I hate u..." she spoke angrily smacking his chest lightly who pulled her more closer by her waist

"Yaah... I luv u tooo..." he grinned "See ye tumhari galti hai... File ko lekar blackmail nai karna chahiyee tha..." he spoke normally

"Toh aap Shao Pao ko lekar blackmail karenge..." she spoke wd grumpy look

"Haa..." his nonchantic answer made her mouth open "Par iska matlab ye thodi... Ki tum swimming pool mein kud kar jaan de dogi... Main vo afford nai kar paaunga.. U know na... Tum meri jaan ho..." he spoke lovingly while tucking her hairs aside who smiled

"Aur aap mere Armaan ho..." tip toeing her leg she kissed his cheek making him smile

"Oyyee hoyyee..." he nuzzled his face in her hairs which made her giggled and they forgot their fight when

"Boww..." Shao Pao's cute voice made them looked down

"Lo aa gaya tumhara... Vada Pao..." he joked making her picked up Shao pao

"Armaan... Aapne firse Vada Pao bola..." she pointed her index finger at him who crossed his arms

"Bracelet jo uska naam hai main vohi bulaaunga na..." he spoke calmly when Aditi clicked the pic

"Perfect... Kya family lag rahi hai..." Aditi's comment made them looked away from each other

"Aditi dekhna... Inhone fir Shao Pao ko Vada Pao bola..." she complained as Aditi stood b/w them

"To kya galat bola..." her answer made Shilpa's mouth open while Armaan laugh

"Argghhh... Mujhe baat hi nai karni... " saying this she went from there

"Jao varna..." before Aditi could say he said

"Varna room mein entry nai hogi meri..." he completed to she giggled "Jaata hun..." saying this he ran behind Shilpa living a smiling Aditi there


"Hehee..." she giggled while caressing the pic "I miss my Armaan..." she whispered while turning another pic when she picked a small box in which that Bracelet which he gifted wd Shao Pao is Shinning 'Bracelet is incomplete wdout this Bracelet' she smiled reading the note and slowly slowly she read all the notes which he had given her during their confession week "Iska matlab notes se baate karna aapki pehle se hi aadat hai... Bas main hi samajh nai paayi" she whispered smilingly and keeping the note side she picked her old tab in which all their memories were there looking at every pic every video she relived again those moment and was about to open the last video (which was from Armaan before his accident) but her eyes caught the clock "Haww... 2:30 baj gayye... Subhe to teri band baj jaygi... Chal uth" she spoke hurriedly and keeping the things properly she went out of the room "jaldi soja varna subhe Buaaji teri class legi" sitting on bed she kept on blabbered when suddenly she looked at him who was sleeping soundlessly she giggled and laying beside him she caressed his hairs who stir and changing his position kept his hand on her waist making her chuckled "Duniyaa yahan se vaha ho jaaye... Mr Husband apni sone wali harkate nai chodte" she thought turning at him who moved his face closer to her Is the same man who made her fell in love? who taught her what love is? Making her fall how he himself forgot her love? "Par koi baat nai... Aap mere paas to ho... Vohi bahoot hai" she whispered lovingly pinching his nose lightly

"Umm..." he rubbed his nose still in sleeping mode which made her giggle

"I love my... Husband" kissing his cheek lovingly she whispered and hugged him who pulled her closer still sleeping making her complete

"The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it."

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :V

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