Sunday, 10 September 2017

PART-15 :The Painful Side Of Love

They both left for Sanjeevani. While Riddhima was wondering about what could be the cause of Dr.Shubhankar's panicky state Armaan was lost in his own la la land and had a real sweet smile on his face which could tell even a stranger that he was truly happy today. Riddhima saw the smile and was happy for him but was scared that she might again cause him pain. They reached Sanjeevani and went to the conference room and sensed tension in the area. When they were seated Dr.Shashank
Sinha stated the problem and said, 'An inspection committee is coming tomorrow and will be here for a whole week to check if all the doctors are working properly or not. We have to be really careful. They should find everything perfect here otherwise a lot of damage will be done.' Dr.Sinha was himself very tensed. Armaan was absolutely oblivious to the tension and was still in his dream land when Dr.Sinha turned to him and said, 'Dr.Armaan'..Dr.Armaan'..DR.ARMAAN' after being called for 3times Armaan heard Dr.Sinha and finally responded 'yes sir?'
'What's with the smile on your face? We are discussing a serious topic here and you just can't stop smiling.' Before Armaan could say anything Riddhima replied with an arrogant smirk on her face 'What's so serious about this issue? So what if the inspection committee is coming. According to me Sanjeevani is doing a pretty good job and I don't see why they would have any complains. All the patients are being treated very nicely. I don't think there is any reason to be so panicky.' She ended with the same smirk on her face. Other doctors in the hall were quite shocked but Dr.Shashank Sinha smiled to himself because he knew that nothing could ever make Riddhima nervous and he was proud of her for always being cool and calm. He smiled and said 'Well I am happy that you have full faith in yourself and your fellow doctors. So I have decided to hand over the responsibilities to you and Dr.Armaan who I hope will soon be normal and will stop smiling.' The other doctors chuckled while Armaan was visibly embarrassed. Dr.Sinha continued, 'I want the two of you to meet the committee and check all the departments and see if any patient has any kind of complain. You also have to prepare a report on the over all working of Sanjeevani. That's it. Now you all can go back to your duties. Dr.Armaan please when the committee reaches here, you talk to them and don't just stand there and grin to yourself.' Armaan wiped the idiotic grin from his face and made a serious face while Riddhima smiled to herself. They all left to get back to their duties except Armaan and Riddhima. Riddhima asked Armaan 'Armaan we have to prepare the report today itself so that we can submit it tomorrow. So what do you suggest how we go about it?' Armaan thought for a couple of seconds and then said 'Right now we have duties to attend to so after that we can go to your place, have dinner and then work on the report.' Riddhima thought about it for a few seconds. She knew Armaan was trying to get their relationship back to where it was 4 years back and she was afraid to hurt him and really wanted to refuse but instead she said 'Sure why not.' Armaan smiled while Riddhima was wondering what made her say that. They also got back to their duties.
Riddhima was engrossed in her cases but Armaan was waiting for the duties to get over so that he could spend some time alone with Riddhima with the excuse of the reports. Finally after a long hectic day his wish was granted and they both met in the corridor to leave. They were about to reach for the door when they heard a voice call them from behind 'Dr.Armaan' Armaan and Riddhima turned around to see Sim running towards them. She reached them and stopped for some time to catch her breath. Finally she said 'Dr.Armaan if you don't mind can you please drop me home. My car is at a garage and its too late so if you please don't mind can I have a lift.' Armaan being a gentleman couldn't refuse so all three of them walked towards Armaan's car. Sim turned to Riddhima and said 'Dr.Armaan is dropping you also?' She had a smirk on her face which made Riddhima want to slap her hard on her face but instead she just said 'Yes, I and Dr.Armaan have some important things to discuss.' She was in a haughty tone.
They reached the car and before Armaan or Riddhima could react Sim went and sat in the front seat. Riddhima just rolled her eyes and sat in the back seat while Armaan smirked and quietly sat in the driver's seat. Sim gave him her house address and soon they were driving towards her house when Sim turned on the music system and played the CD of her choice, the song being was a fast paced party number. After a few seconds Armaan switched off the music player and when Sim looked at him he shrugged and said 'I don't like this kind of music' he turned his attention towards the road while Riddhima smiled to herself because she knew that Armaan had turned off the music player because she didn't like that kind of music. It made her feel good.

After 15mins of drive they reached Sim's place. Armaan stopped the car in front of her house and Sim got out and thanking him she stepped out of the car. Without looking straight she kept walking towards her house waving to Armaan when she tripped and fell down. Armaan and Riddhima both got out of the car and walked towards her. She whined 'Oh! Armaan my foots hurting badly. Can you please help me up?' Armaan helped her stand but she once again slipped and in a complaining tone said 'Oh! God I don't think I can walk. Can you please take me to my house? Please.' Armaan had no other option so he picked her up in his arms taking the keys in his hand while Riddhima kept frowning to herself. He opened the door and took her to her room and laid her down on her bed. He was about to leave when Sim caught his wrist and sat up in her bed. Armaan turned around and she asked him if he could fix her pillow for her. He bent down to fix her pillow when she grabbed his face and within a second locked her lips with his. Armaan was too shocked to react. Sim kept kissing him and wouldn't let go, fully knowing that Riddhima was standing at the threshold of the room. She was shocked and to Armaan's misfortune she had come there when Sim had already locked her lips with his and didn't know that it was Sim who had forcefully done that.


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