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part 16 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


Two weeks later..

"Samajh mein nai aata ki main kya karun... Kaise handle karun ye sab akele..." Shilpa spoke worriedly looking down at Aditi who is sleeping peacefully after her mental trauma "Armaan b busy hai... Dev to pagal ho gaya hai" she cursed sitting beside her on bed "I hope in dono k jhagde mein... Anant ko vo face na karna pade... Jo maine kiya" she caressed Anant's hairs lovingly who snuggled closer to her

and keeping her head on bed post she remembered this two weeks which was shocking for her After dozing off she didn't remembered from how long she slept but in morning Mr Akdu Malik woke her, almost ready to go for Hospital she immediately got ready and went downstairs where Riddhi & Raina were making breakfast but looking at her everyone got surprised to see her, then Avni introduced Shilpa to the new members who were happy to see her and when then, just when Armaan was decending from stairs Avni, Divya, Rudra & Nikki jumped excietedly Dadi was so happy to see them back including Billy, Dadaji everyone and there started there fun Armaan left hurriedly wdout having breakfast coz he was getting late but Shilpa got mingled wd everyone just like that her day went smoothly wd Raina & Riddhi they both are very poliet & sweet while Riddhi's both daughters are very mischivious She missed her Anant here the most so she thought to call Aditi but she didn't picked her calls which maked her confused coz Aditi never do this she always picked her calls or call back her if the calls were missed like this two days went and on third day, morning something happened which was unexpected actually it can be called 'THE UNEXPECTED DAY' yes, first Mr Armaan Malik did something unexpected like

Mujhse bhi mujhe

Mila de zara...

"Amm... Ye breakfast kisne banaya...??" he asked slowly looking at his plate where omelette was kept

"Maine.. Kyun kya huaa Bhaiyaa..?" Raina asked hesitatly making Riddhi to looked at him

"Nai... Kuch nai..." he gave a small smile and picking the fork he looked down on plate he didn't like this types of omelette, the one is spicy he liked grilled simple omelette but he can't say anything to her "Dammm ye Shilpa kahan hai...??" he thought looking at the plate he didn't even touched it Riddhi looked at Raina confusedly who shrugged her shoulders when

"Hmm... Juice" Shilpa kept the glass of juice infront of him who looked up at her thankfully and taking the juice he stood up as his cell vibrated

"Haa... Sid... Main nikal raha hun..." he spoke normally while sipping his juice

"Armaan breakfast..." Shilpa whispered slowly pointing at breakfast to which he said later by his hand "Armaan..." she spoke when his eyes landed on the sandwitch in her plate

"Ye tumne banaya hai...??" he asked normally to which she nodded in YES confusedly "Good... Bye" taking a piece in his hand he gave her side hug unexpectedly and went from there still talking to Sid leaving a dazed Shilpa there

"Wow... How cute na..." Raina's teasing voice made Shilpa to looked back at her

"Ab main samjhi... Usne breakfast kyun nai... kiya... Usko to tumhare haath ka... Khaana tha" Riddhi teased making Shilpa to controll her blush

"Aisa kuch nai hai... Bas vo... Spicy omelette nai khate.. Isliye" she informed slowly

"Ohh... Acha tabhi Bhaiyaa ne ye kaha... Ki ye kisne banaya hai... To Bhabhi pehle batati... Main unki pasand ka bana k deti" Raina said slowly

"Koi baat nai... Kal bana dena.." Shilpa smiled

"Haa chalo ab jaldi karo... Baaki sab b aate honge" Riddhi spoke hurriedly and the three got busy for breakfast So that was the unexpected move taken by Armaan which had made Shilpa happy at that time Until, in the Afternoon she got a call from an unknown number

" this Shilpa...??" unknown male's voice reached her ears as she picked the call

"Yes..." she replied politely

"Thank god!! Hii... Its Arjun Rawte... Actually main Aditi ka friend bol raha hun... Kyaa aap aa sakti hai mujhse milne" he spoke polietly

"Excuse me!!" she made a face

"Noo... Actually I mean... Aditi yahan hai...mere ghar pe aur vo aapse milna chahti hai... Plzz aa jaaiyye" he requested

"Kyaa??? Aditi thik to hai...??" she asked worriedly

"Heyy... Relax.. Vo thik hai.. Bas vo tumse milna chahti hai... Aur usne kaha hai uske ghar mein kisi ko mat batana..." he said normally

"Main kaise maan lun ki tum sach bol rahe ho..." she asked doubtfully to which she heard a chuckle from him

"Acha ek minute..." he said making her frowned when

"Ello... Maassii... Main..A...aannant... Ol raha uunn" Anant's little voice catched her ears

"OMG... Anant... Main aati hun..." she spoke worriedly and taking her purse she told Ananya that she is going to buy something left from there Arjun already messaged her address and as she reached the building, She was left surprised coz it was the same building where Payal & Priyanka stayed in and when she reached on 7th floor it was the same floor where Payal & Priyanka live in and which was infront of Arjun's Apartment but ignoring it she rang the bell when Arjun opened and they both left shocked to see each other

"Tum??" they both said shockingly

"Tum to vohi ho naa.. Jisne mujhe pitvaya tha Bhopal mein" Arjun asked shockingly

"Aur tumhari wajah se... Mujhe jail mein rehna pada tha..." Shilpa spoke angrily and there start their fight which was stopped by Arjun's mother somehow she managed to calm them down and dragged Shilpa inside the room where Aditi was sleeping looking at her condition , Shilpa was left shocked, she had fracture on her leg while she was sleeping Shilpa was confused looking at her and asked about this to Arjun who informed one week ago she faced an accident she fell from stairs which made Shilpa shocked wd tears Arjun also informed her that Dev is his best friend they are childhood friend and when this accident happened he was there wd Anant

"Par ye huaa kaise...??" Shilpa asked in tears

"Actaully main aur Dev... Shopping pe gayye thae.. Aise hi ghumne... Aur jab vaha humne Aditi ko dekha...kisi ladke k saath vo b usse gale lagate hue... Dev k to maano hosh ud gayye... Kyun ki according to Dev Aditi apne kisi Aunty k pass gayi hai... Aur us pagal ne usse itna sunnaya...sabke saamne bina usse kuch puche... Aur vo chala gaya vaha se... Bina peeche mudde... Maine usse samjhaya... But usne suna nai... To maine socha main hi Aditi se puch lun kyun ki... I know vo aisa kuch nai karegi... But jab main vaha pahucha Aditi Mall k stairs se neeche giri hui thi... Vo ladka jo uske saath tha... Usi ne usse uthakar Hospital laaya aur maine Anant ko tab sambhala... Jab Aditi ko hosh aaya to usne mijhe mana kiya ki main kisiko naa bataun... Ki kya haal hai uska... Aur us ladke ne mujhe tumhara naam bataya ki main tumhe try karu... And finally aaj tumne recieve kiyaa..." he informed slowly which made her hell shocked How can Dev doubt on Aditi?? She thought so that's why he went to Austria?? Then she asked about the boy "Shayad tum jaanti ho usse... Rishi naam hai uska" as Arjun informed her world stopped for her making her to go back in past



"I am sorryyy... Main late ho gayii..." Shilpa said pantingly as she sat on chair looking at the two "Oh come on guys... Tum dono ab tak decide nai kar paaye... Ki break up karna hai yaa nai" she spoke angrily looking at the two

"Shilpa... Break up karna halwa nai hai..." Rishi spoke in full serious tone

"Haa lekin tum dono to proove kar rahe ho..." crossing her arms she leaned her back on chair

"Main nai ye kar rahi hai..." Rishi pointed at Aditi who snapped her head towards him

"By god!! Main nai tum... Karte ho..." Aditi spoke angrily while stooding up

"Tumne fir mujhe point kiya..." Rishi argued which made the whole cafe to look at them

"Guyss... Shaant raho... Calm dow... Pls... Main haath jodti hun" Shilpa requested looking at the two, when angrily Aditi threw the cold coffee on Rishi's face "Hawww .." she put her palm on her mouth looking at Rishi's face and burst wd laugh as Aditi went from there

"Haa.. Haa haslo... Meri hi kismat kharab hai.. Jo is ladki se pyaar karta hun" Shaking his head he sat on chair while Shilpa forwarded a tissue paper to him which he grabbed and wiped his face

"Agar itna hi pyaar karte ho... To jaake baat kyun nai karte Uncle se apni Shaadi ki..." she said calmly

"Shilpa tum dono hi nai samajh rahi yaar... Main abhi law ki padhai kar raha hun... Aur tumhe lagta hai Aditi k Papa apni iklauti beti ka haath mujhe denge" He said slowly to which Shilpa nodded coz he is right somewhere

"Par ek try to kar sakte ho tum... At least one..." she said sweetly to which Rishi smiled

"Hmmm... I think tum sahi keh rahi ho... Ek try to karna padega.. Varna roz ye mujhpe coffeyaan fekegi" he said in funway making Shilpa giggled

Two days later...

"U mean tum dono sach mein alag ho rahe ho..." Shilpa asked shockingly looking at the both who has stood opposite sides of each other near the beach side

"Haa Rishi ko mujhse shaadi nai karni" Aditi spoke hurtfully making Rishi turned

"TUMHE SACH ME LAGTA HAI ADITI KI MUJHE TUMSE SHAADI NAI KARNI... GAYA THA NA TUMHARE DAD K PAAS.. LEKIN KYA BOLA UNHONE...KI TUM HAMARE LEVEL K NAI HO.. KITNE SAAL KHUSH RAKH PAAOGE MERI BETI KO..." he blasted angrily making Shilpa shocked where as Aditi broke down "Heyy Aditi... Sambhalo khudko..." immediately he hugged Aditi who hugged her back while crying

"Kya ye dono alag ho jaaynge... Yaa fir sache pyaar ki sachmein keemat nai hai aapko..." Shilpa thought staring up at the sky then looked at the two hurted lovers

Few days later

"Heyyy... Shanti Aditi kahan hai...??" a cheerfull Shilpa's voice reached in Aditi's house where her servants were working

"Aree Babyji aap..." shaanti smiled

"Yess... Aur kahan hai meri jaaneman" she asked teasingly to which Shaanti gave a sad smile

"Uper room mein..." she pointed at the upstairs

"Thank u..." Shilpa said cheerfully and ran upstairs "Hello... Ur Highness... Ki haal chaal hai..." she slumped on bed beside her

"Thik hun..." Aditi replied slowly which Shilpa guessed "Tu fir College ka bahana lekar yahan aayi haina..." she asked in scolding voice

"Naahh... Tu jaanti hai.. Mummy ko sab pata main tujhse milne aayi hun" she said happily while hugging her tightly who giggled

"Acha bata... Tu shaadi mein aa rahi haina..." Aditi asked strictly to which she gulped

"Tu jaanti hai.. Main bahoot busy rehty hun..." she spoke cheekily to which Aditi started beating her by pillow "Aaww... Lag rahi hai yaar" She whined

"Tujhe na sirf mere maamlo...mein hi saare kaam yaad aate hai" Aditi spoke angrily while crossing her arms

"Nai yaar... Samjha kar na..." Shilpa spoke lovingly hugging her tightly She can't tell Aditi that her father will never allow her to go anywhere in night

"Acha... Thik hai baba ab chod mujhe" Aditi smiled to which she leaved her

"Tu khush to rahegi na is shaadi se" Shilpa asked softly

"Mujhe nai pata Shilpa... Par agar Bauji ko lagta hai ki vo mere liye thik hai... To mai b dekhna chahungi ki kaise sambhalega vo mujhe" Aditi said wd a sad smile

"Aur Rishi??" she questioned

"Usi ne to manaya mujhe is shaadi k liye... Ab main b dekhna chahungi ki... Rishi aur Bauji dono ki baat sach hoti hai ki nai... Ki vo mujhe khush rakhega" Aditi's sad smile made her worried

"Rishi Delhi gaya na...??" Shilpa asked slowly to which Aditi nodded in YES "Tu b kyun nai chali gayi... At least ek ladki to khush rahegi apni marzi se" she said angrily

"Acha tu meri jagah hoti to kya karti...??" Aditi asked strictly

"Pehli baat main teri jagah kabhi hoti hi nai... Ye pyaar vyaar sab bekaar... Lekin hoti to..." she said immediately but stopped at the last word making Aditi smile

"To tu yehi karti.. Infact tu to bina kisi k kahe kar deti... Kyun ki tu apne Parents se pyaar karti hai... Aur main mere Bauji se... Jinke siwa mera is duniyaa mein koi nai hai..." Aditi's painfull voice made Shilpa hugged her tightly and after consoling her for minutes they parted

"Vaise us ladke ka naam kya hai...??" Shilpa asked after a while

"Pata nai... Shayad Dev... Hospital mein Bauji yehi bula rahe thae usse" she replied thoughtfully

"Oo... Dev babu..." Shilpa giggled making her also smile and they both started their fun after that day Shilpa never heard about Rishi but she knows he is a great guy


"OMG!!" Shilpa puts her palm on mouth shockingly making Arjun frown then Shilpa asked about Rishi which Arjun informed that he daily comes to meet Aditi in morning he also said that he contacted Dev who didn't picked his calls So Shilpa tried to clean Aditi's image and she told him that Rishi-Aditi were good friends in College days may be seeing after long time he had hugged Aditi , but listening to this Arjun chuckled and told he knew about this! Rishi had already told him then suddenly Ananya's call made Shilpa to go hurriedly and kissing Anant's cheek twice she left from there and coming home she didn't informed about this to anyone She wanted to share this wd Armaan but he was hell busy in work so she let go of that topic and just like this she started visiting Arjun's house only to meet Aditi whereas she got to know that Arjun was out wd his mother and 5 yrs daughter Zaysha also wd his younger brother Who was out from some work Zaysha & Anant always plays together she is cute Shilpa always admired Zaysha when Rishi entered there making Shilpa surprised they both sat outside Aditi's room

"Toh... How's life" Rishi asked smilingly

"Perfect..." She smiled

"Acha mujhe laga hogi... Ladakh yaa Dehradun mein..." he joked making Shilpa giggled

"Nai vo idea drop kar diya maine" she played along making him shook his head

"Shilpa maine jaan bujhkar kuch nai kiyaa... Vo to suddenly Aditi ko Mall mein dekh k shock ho gaya... Aur emotionally hug kar diyaa... Mujhe nai pata tha ki Dev aise missunderstand karega... Aur Aditi ki halat aisi ho gayi" Rishi spoke softly wd tears

"Jaanti hun... Tumne kuch jaan bujhkar nai kiya kuch... Tum uska kabhi galat nai soch sakte..." Shilpa said polietly making him wipe his tears

"So tell me... Vo khush to rakhta haina usse.." he asked smilingly

"Haa bahoot... Bas thoda gussa haina.. Lekin jab vo samjhega.. To jarur sab thik hoga" Shilpa assaured

"Hmm I hope so... Acha aaj main last tym aaya tha usse milne kyun ki main Delhi jaa raha hun wapas... Vaise main chala to kabka jaata... Par main wait kar raha tha ki kab koi Aditi ka khayal rakhne aaye... Aur fir mujhe tum yaad aayi.. To socha check karlen ki tumhara number hai ki nai... Aur mil gaya tumhara number" Rishi informed smilingly

"Thanks... Mujhe batane k liye.." Shilpa smiled "Vaise Maine suna hai tum Advocate ban gaye ho..." she spoke in teasing tone making him to pull his collar proudly to which she giggled

"Anant bilkul apne Papa pe gaya hai..." He asked smilingly looking at Anant who is playing wd Zaysha

"Haa... Ruko bulaati hun... Anant..." she called loudly to which Anant came runningly

"Maasiii..." he gripped her leg who pulled him on lap

"Tum... Mile inse" she pointed at Rishi who waved "Aaa... Uncle.." he smiled making Shilpa to cuddled him lovingly

"Uncle nai... Mama..." Shilpa joked making Rishi held his head

"Shilpa... Tum naa" he shook his head and they talked for while then Rishi went from there forever after that day Shilpa started taking care of Aditi wd the help of Priyanka & Payal who lived infront of Arjun's apartment when suddenly one day another unexpected thing happened to her Yes Arjun's brother returned back wd his best friend and as Shilpa saw them she almost got a heart attack facing her past infront of her

"Shilpa..." A male voice made her turned and as she saw him she left stunned

"Ansh..." she whispered shockingly seeing him infront of her

"Oyee teri yaar... Shilpa..." Prashant's voice made Shilpa Ansh both looked away from each other "Bhai tu isse kaise jaanta hai..??" He asked Arjun

"Ye meri friend ki best friend hai..." Arjun informed

"Woww... Bhai aapko pata hai... Ye meri aur Ansh ki best buddy thi Collage mein" Prashant spoke happily

"Kaisi hai tu??" Ansh asked softly

"Main in dono ko nai jaanti..." Crossing her arms she spoke normally making Ansh to shook his head knowing verywell her reaction

"Jhut mat bol... Ohhoo tu aur tere nakhre.. Natak company.." Prashant spoke teasingly

"Aur tu jangli..." Shilpa snapped making Ansh chuckled

"Mujhe pehle hi samajh jaana chahiyye tha... Ki tu b yehin hogi... Jaise Payal aur Priyanka ... Par mera dimaag nai chala uswaqt" Ansh smiled

"Dimag hoga tab na chalta..." Shilpa taunted making Arjun chuckled

"Oye yaar fir mat shuru kariyo tum dono... Apni ladaai" Prashant held his head looking at the two

"Main kahan yehi start karti hai hamesha" Ansh pointed

"Ye mere level ka nai hai... Ladai karne k liyee.. " Shilpa spoke wd attitude making Arjun laugh (who didn't have any idea that Shilpa is Armaan's wife) and since then Ansh Prashant both tries to irritate her so that she will talk wd them but Shilpa is Shilpa who didn't budge to looked at them so Two days later she talked wd Ananya informing Aditi faced a small accident that's why she couldnt come here which made Ananya shocked who immediatly order to bring Aditi here Shilpa didn't told anything about Dev - Aditi's fight she only told accident so wd the help of Payal Priyanka she brought Aditi here where everyone pampered Aditi a lot except Mr Armaan who's still busy in his Hospital's cases but today in morning when he got to know he was shocked Immediatly he came to meet Aditi who enjoyed his company and as he left for work Aditi became sad and two hours ago she shared her pain wd Shilpa who consoled her and somehow made her sleep. Since, Aditi's fractured legs still needs to be mend up so, today Shilpa stayed back in Aditi's Room along wd Anant


"Iss Ansh ko abhi hi aana tha..." she cursed him mentally while laying beside Anant who was in b/w her and Aditi "Gadha... Par kya farq padta hai.. Vo kuch matter nai rakhta mere liye... Vo thodi mera boyfriend tha... Bas tha to ek acha dost... Achi khaasi dosti thi jo meri wajah se tuti... Par main regret nai karti... Haa par uska dil todna regret karti hun..." She thought starring at the ceiling which draws her to those old College days fun wd Ansh, Prashaant, Payal, Priyanka, Sapna and ,also Amit.


"Tu pagal ho gayi hai... Main baat karunga... Amit se Sapna k baare mein no ways..." Ansh clearly rejected while putting the book on table

"Dekh Ansh tu ache se jaanta hai... Amit tere siwa kisi ki nai sunta..." Shilpa's loud voice made them grab everyone stare

"Ssshhh... Pagal ye Library hai... Tera ghar nai..." he gestured her to keep quiet

"Pagal kisse bola tu pagal..." she retorted making him held his head

"Haa thik hai main pagal... Khush..." he spoke defeatingly to which she grinned

"To tu jaa raha hai na.. Usse baat karne Sapna k baare mein" She asked again

"Ssshhh... Kitna bolti ho tum ladki.. " this tym the Libraririan spoke making her look down slowly while Ansh smiled

"Tujhe badi hassi aa rahi hai.." she muttered under her breath and hit his foot wd her leg under the table

"Aawww... Shilpa..." he glared to which she rolled her eyes "Abhi batata hun tujhe" he also did the same but before it could happen Shilpa pulled her legs side

"Maan le tu mujhse nai jeet sakta..." she smirked

"Haa vo to hai.. Tujhse jitna b nai chahta" he smiled while looking at her lostly

"Thik hai fir.. Main jaa rahi jun... Tu Amit se puch lena ki unka Break up kyun huaa... Bye" saying this she went from there like a wind

"Baap re kitna bolti hai tumhari dost..." one of a boy said from behind making Ansh chuckled

"Isi liye to dewaana hun uska..." He thought while staring at the door from where she disappeared

Two hours later..

"Hello haa Sapna..." Ansh said as he recieved Sapna's call

"Oye Hasina... Sapna nai.. Shilpa bol rahi hun..." her teasing voice made him smile

"Tu Sapna k phone k saath kya kar rahi hai...??" he asked smilingly while looking at the Amit who is collecting a book from Library

"Vo sab chod... Tu bata... Tune baat ki Amit se" she asked in full serious tone to which he gulped

"Anmmm... Haa bas...jaa hi raha tha..." he fumbled when someone smacked his head "Aawww..." he looked back where a angry Shilpa was standing there

"Jaa hi raha tha... Ye bol ki bas tym pass kar raha tha..." she scolded to which he looked down smilingly

"Nai vo..." he tried to say when she raised her hand while sitting infront of him

"Rehnde.. Main khud sochungi..." she said thoughtfully when Prashaant came

"Oye tum dono ka position change nai hota... Tu kuch sochti rehti hai aur ye tujhe dekhta rehta hai" he joked sitting beside Shilpa who smacked his arm

"Kya karun iski shakal hi itni funny hai.. " Ansh chuckled to which Shilpa glared

"Tujhse to achi hi hai.. " she retorted

"Sahi kaha... Dekh kitni cute hai ye" Prashant spoke smilingly making Shilpa smiled wd proud

"Oho .. Heroine isi dharti pe raho... Zyada udne ki jarurat nai hai..." he taunted to which she threw a paper ball on him

"Bhaad mein jaa tu..." saying this she went from there only to follow by Ansh while Prashant giggled seeing them

"Aree pagal main to bas... Masti kar raha tha... Tu to serious ho gayi" he came infront of her

"Pagal mujhe lectures attend karna hai.. Teri tarah aawara nai ghumna hai" she said while walking towards the class

"Acha... Main hamesa lectures attend karta hun..." he spoke normally

"Vo to pata hai mujhe" she ignored and walked inside the class

"Sirf tere liye hi to class mein aata hun..." he thought while walking inside where Payal & Priyanka were discussing something

So This was their friendship where Ansh loved her unconditionally while Shilpa knew that he liked her but she also knows to not give him any hopes coz she only likes him as her bestest friend who knows her in and out he was the person who always supported her and if she did something wrong he corrected her mistakes he tries to teach about this real world infront of her he cares for her respects her more important in their fight he was the one he accept his defeat even if he is right Ansh wants to marry her he also told this to her who clearly said a big No coz she didn't felt any love types of feeling for him Yeah somewhere she thought Why she didn't fell for him?? If his love is soo true?? But she also thanked god for this coz she knew about her father he will kill her then Ansh and last himself if he got to know anything like this so she started maintaining distance wd Ansh and blamed him for petty issues n small reason just to make him away so last day of College getting frustrated he blasted on her!

"Mujhe samajh mein nai aata ki tu kyun aisa kar rahi hai... Main koi aira gaira Aashiq nai hun... Main tujhse saccha pyaar karta hun... Tabhi to tujhse shaadi karna chahta hun... Pure do saal se tera wait kar raha hun ki.. Ab pyaar karegi tu... Ab karegi... Par nai.. Tujhe to sab jhut lagta hai... " his hurtfull voice made her guilty "Jaake puch kisi se b... Ki tere alawa maine aaj tak kisi ladki ko dekha ho... Sirf tere saamne jhukta hun... Aur kisi k nai... Sirf teri parwa karta hun aur kisi ki nai... Main janta hun tu ye sab mujhe khudse duur karne k liye kar rahi hai... Main nai jaanta konsa aisa reason hai jiski wajah se tu ye kar rahi... Par yaar mat kar aisa... Main nai soch sakta apni life tere bina" his tears made her heart ache but she can't do anything

"Bye...!!" wdout any expression she turned to go when

"To main samjhun... Vo sab tune apne tympass k liye kiya... Hamari friendship understanding trust sab kuch natak tha..." his cracked voice made her feet stopped coz this is not true their friendship is true

"Tujhe jo samajhna hai samajh..." wdout looking back she said and walked ahead

"Yaad rakhna Shilpa ek din aisa jaroor hoga... Jab tujhe koi problem hogi tere future life mein... Tu us waqt mujhe yaad karegi... Kyun ki mujhse zyada tujhe koi pyaar nai kar sakta.. Mujhse zyada koi samajh nai sakta tujhe... Yaad rakhna... Tera jo koi b Husband hoga vo b nai .. Aur us pal tujhe main yaad aaunga" he shouted hurtfully which made her to close her eyes helplessly "At least aakhri baar gale to lag k jaati" his voice made her turned

"Nai vo right nai hai mujhe... Bye... " she waved wid sad smile making him more hurt

"Yaa bye..." he too did the same and they both turned opposite sides after that day they lost contact wd each other


"I think mujhe Armaan ko Ansh k baare mein batana chahiyyee... Varna kya pata vo b galat samjhe Dev ki tarah... Main hamare bich aisi koi problem nai aane dungi" she decided while closing her eyes and when sleep took over her she didn't knew


Next Morning

"Haa Kabir congrats... Finally aaj hogi teri engagement..." Armaan congratulated him on phone while buttoning his shirt

"Thanks... Tu aayga..??" Kabir asked hesitately making Armaan smiled

"Tu hesitate kyun ho raha hai... Tu already janta hai main nai aaunga... Reason u already knows... So congrats from me" he spoke while making his tie's knot when Shilpa entered there only to see a book was on floor

"Tch..." shaking her head she sat on couch comfortably and started looking at the book when Armaan hung up the phone turning at her he was about to ask where was she last night when

"Maasi...!!" a running Anant came towards her

"Haa Antu..." she spoke lovingly taking him in her arms "Kya huaa...??" she asked cuddling him

"Vo... Voo... Lidu(Ridu) aul... Sidu di ne.. Mujhe maara... Ye dekho" he complained in his kidish tone while forwarding his palm

"Haawwe... Kitna maara mere hero ko... Ruko unki to hum milke band bajaynge" she also said in same tone while kissing his palm lovingly

"Plomise..." he asked cutely

"Maasi promise..." she giggled cuddling him more Armaan is witnessing this scene standing inside the wardrobe the door of it has opened from where he can see them he is loving their bond "Acha.. Golu molu... Kaafi cute lag rahe ho aaj" she said cutely while tickling him who laughed

Ae mere dil

Mubarak ho

Yahi toh pyar hai...

"Kya huaa??" Armaan asked sitting beside them who looked at him

"Kkuch nai..." Anant giggled making ArSh smile

"Acha Antu kuch log... Itne busy hote hai ki bhul hi jaate hai.. Ki ghar mein aur b log rehte hai" this is the taunt for Mr Husband Armaan who gotted also while Anant frowned cutely

"Jaroori thodi hai... Ki agar koi busy ho to vo logo ko bhul jaata hai ..." taking Anant on his lap he said slowly but teasingly making Shilpa smile shyly

"Papa...uul gayye.." he said in his kiddish tone making ArSh chuckled

"So..iska Kinder Garden class kaisa chal raha hai...??" he asked Shilpa who looked at him

"Acha hi hai.. But ye bechara roz peet k aata hai... Vaha ki ladkiyo se..." She giggled while pinching Anant's nose lightly

"What?? Malik ghar ka beta hokar peet gaya... Vo b ladkiyo se... Not good yaar" he asked Anant smilingly

"Nai... Vo mmere baal... Todti hai..." he complained in his kidish tone

"Todti nai.. Budhu kheechti hai..." Shilpa corrected making Armaan smile

"Eechti...hai.." he repeated which maked ArSh giggled

"Haa baba eechti hai..." Shilpa spoke cutely kissing Anant's cheek who is in Armaan's lap her some strands of hairs float on his face making his heart beat skipped

"Ye shirt k buttons khule kyun hai...??" Armaan asked frowningly looking at Anant's opened shirt

"I think apne Chachu se inspire hua hai ye... Nai" she replied teasingly buttoning his shirt but her answer made Armaan's mouth open

"Acha tumne dekha tha kya... Iske Chachu ko..." he retorted in calm tone which made her cheeks crimson red

"Nai mujhe koi interest nai hai..." she replied wid shy smile looking down

"Ooo... I see" he chuckled while spiking Anant's hairs

"Ummm..." Anant made a face making Shilpa laugh

"Kitna handsome lag raha hai...yaar..." Armaan said to which Anant corrected his hairs making Shilpa to combed his hairs slowly by her fingers

"Ab thik hai nai..." she said to which Anant give a wide smile

"Ooohhoo..." Armaan smiled making Anant stood in his lap

"Kya abhi baat karun.. Main Armaan se Ansh k baare mein... Par usse pehle mujhe Dev k baare mein baat karna hoga..." she thought staring at the duo "Armaan..." she called slowly

"Hmmm..." He hummed while playing wd Anant

"Mujhe aapse kuch kehna tha..." she said carefully

"Haa bolo na..." he spoke wd a smile turning his face towards her

"Vo.. Dev" as she started his cell phone's ring made her stopped

"Haa Atul... Main nikal raha hun... Aur Rehaan aaj se kaam par wapas aa raha hai" talking on phone he carefully handled Anant to Shilpa "Haa thik hai aaya main..." wearing his shoes he kissed Anant's cheek and stood to go

"Ab lagta hai shaamko hi baat karni padegi..." she thought while hugging Anant when she felt someone kissed her cheek making her eyes snapped open

"Bye...!!" Armaan smiled and went out leaving a dazed Shilpa Did he?? Did he kissed her cheek?? Or is she dreamy??

"Maassii..." Anant's tap on her cheek made her come out from her thoughts "Dudh..." he yelled

"Haa baba chalo..." composing herself from this sudden shock she picked Anant and moved out to give him milk who walked wd her slowly slowly

Night time

"Allahh miyaa... Ye Radha Buaaji to kamaal ki chiz hai..." Surbhi said unbelievably making Aditi & Shilpa giggled

"Nai Surbhi... Unki baato ka buraa mat samajhna vo shuru se aisi hi hai..." Aditi said smilingly keeping her milk's glass on side table

"Aditi main jaanti hun... Ki unhe jeans wali ladkiyaa pasand nai... Aur mujhe unki kisi b baat ka bura nai laga" Surbhi spoke in her usual happy tone

"Acha vo chodo... Tum batao Ayaan kahan ruka hai" Shilpa asked normally while making bed for Aditi

"Aur kahan Rehaan k paas hoga..." She replied nonchantly while helping Aditi to walked towards her bed

"Thank u..." Aditi smiled as they made her sat on bed carefully

"Ur welcome... Vaise apna itna bura haal karne ki kya jarurat thi" Surbhi said teasingly

"Aree socha... Shilpa se thoda mehnat karwa loon... Six months mujhe akela choda na isne" Aditi joked to which Shilpa shook her head

"Acha pehle tum batao... Kahan sougi... Avni Divya k saath yaa Neha Nikki k saath" Shilpa asked

"See maine tum dono se pehle bola hai... Main rahungi to tum dono mein se kisi ek k saath... Ab yaa to Mr Khan sacrifice karen yaa Dev" Surbhi said carelessly

"Aditi to yahan se hil nai sakti... Aur Armaan apna room chod kar jaynge nai.. To I have a plan... Hum teeno yehin rahenge... Dev aaya to usse bol denge... Armaan k saath sone k liye" Shilpa spoke nonchantly making Aditi relax for sometimes coz she knew if Dev will be here Aditi's condition will be worst coz she need time to manify him

"Naah... Dono bhai kabhi ek saath ek kamre mein nai rahenge" Surbhi said when

"To Dev... Rudra k room mein shift ho jayga... Aur jab tak Aditi thik nai ho jaati aur Surbhi hai tum teeno ek saath yehin raho" Ananya's sweet voice made three looked at the door

"Par Maa..." Aditi opened her mouth

"Baat khatam... Aur Shilpa tum b mujhe aaj se Maa kahogi... Bas" she announced making Shilpa smiled

"Aur main Aunty" Surbhi giggled

"Haa baba..." Ananya smiled "Acha Shilpa jao Armaan aaya hai... Usse khane k liye pucho... Bahoot thaka huaa lag raha hai..." she looked at Shilpa who nodded

"Dekhti hun main" she said and went from there

"Acha ab tum dono b soo jaao... Shilpa abhi aaygi... Anant so gaya kya" Ananya asked

"Haa vo to raha apne room mein..." Surbhi pointed at Anant's room which is connected wd Aditi & Dev's room

"Acha thik hai... Chalo so jao..." caressing Aditi's hairs lovingly she went from there and Surbhi laid beside Aditi tierdly coz of her tiring flight Yes today she came here for Avni's marriage coz she cant go any where specially not in Rehaan's Apartment coz they both are still not married so she came here

ArSh's Room

"I dont know... Ki Shilpa ko kaise bataun... Damm mere saath hi kyun...??" he muttered angrily while moving tro & fro and was about to throw his phone on floor when

"Nai... Phone nai..." Shilpa's scared voice made him stopped and he looked back where she has closed her eyes fearly which made his anger vanished

"Damm...!!" he closed his eyes to calm himself when Shilpa opened her one eye to see only to found her Husband sitting on bed wd his head on his hands but she smiled not finding his phone on floor Yes he is changing she thought while walking towards him slowly slowly

"Armaan... Kya huaa...??" She asked carefully standing infront of him who looked up at her slowly

"Nai kuch nai... Bas kaam ka stress hai..." he lied looking away from her which didn't convinced her

"Coffee laaun..." she asked slowly

"Nai..." he replied rubbing his forehead tierdly

"Acha khana??" he can heard worriedness in her voice

"Shilpa... Nai yaar plz.. Mera sar bahoot dukh raha hai... Plz mujhe akela chod do" he almost requested which made her more worried

"Sar dukh raha hai...??" she whispered softly looking at him she knew something his bothering him but this is not the right time to ask and wdout saying anything she went from there

"Har baar main isi mode pe aake ruk jaata hun... Ab kaise bataun Shilpa ko... Kiya k baare mein..." he whispered helplessly hiding his face in his palms he cat tell what happened wd him in Hospital his past came in his present Yes Ms Kritika came again in his life actually today in Hospital he was reading some file in his Cabin when

"Armaan..." a soft cracked voice made him looked away from his file to that voice but what he saw the file fell on floor

"Kiya..." he was stunned to see her here who was clad in yellow white lehenga wd curls in her hairs Isn't her engagement wd Kabir today?? then what is she doing here?? "Hii... Congratz..." some how he managed to wish her wd slow smile "Actually... Main bahoot busy tha... Is liye nai aa paaya engagement mein... Sorryyy" he said slowly coz he thought she might be here to take him in her engagement but before he could say more She ran towards him and wd an instant he was hugged by her who was crying bitterly making him confused

"Armaan... Tttum kaise mujhe bhul gayye the... Tum nai jaante mera haal kya tha... Tumhe Shilpa k saath dekh k..." she tightened her hold on his back "Thank god tumhe sab yaad aa gaya... Ab tum sirf mere paas rahoge... Haina jaise tumne promise kiya tha" moving back she cupped his face who was numb to react on anything "Tumhe pata hai... Maine Kabir k saath apni engagement cancel kardi... Vo deserve nai karta usne tumse aur mujhse dono se jhut bola..." she informed softly

"Kkkyaa??" he managed to ask this

"Tumse usne jhut kahan ki main aur vo aage badh gaye hai... Aur mujhse ki tumhe ab b kuch yaad nai... Par aaj acha huaa ki maine uski aur tumhari baat sunn li... Aur Shimla se seedhe tumhaare paas aa gayi..." She spoke angrily but Armaan can sensed a psychic problem in her "Ab main tumhe nai jaane dungi... Shilpa k paas b nai..." she hugged him again who didn't knew what to do when

"Dr Armaan OPD mein report karen..." this sudden Announcement made Armaan to stepped back immediately

"Mmujhe... Case handle karna hai... Tum jaao" saying this he walked out of his Cabin taking some fresh air and whole day he was only thinking about Kiya's matter also asked Rehaan about this who told everything and Guess what first time he was about to slap Rehaan but he controlled and went out from Sanjeevani to cool down himself and spending his two hours on beach he didn't got any solution he was only thinking about Shilpa plus Kabir whose life is destroyed by him Yes he is blaming himself for all this then he came directly in Malik Mansion only to got more angry coz of Kabir who requested to solve this matter on phone and now he is dealing some mental trauma in his head "Mujhe yahan aana hi nai chahiyee tha... Kitni sukoon si thi vo life Bhopal mein... Aur yaha aakar sirf problems... Kaise thik karunga sab.." he thought still his face was in his palms when

"Hmmm..." Shilpa's voice made him rubbed his face immediately "Ab dekhna... Aapka sar dukhna band ho jaayga..." she said smilingly while sitting behind him on her knees

"Kya kar rahi ho tum...??" he asked looking back at her who put the bowl of warm oil beside her "Ye kya hai...??" he narrowed his eyes looking at the oil strangely

"Magic...!!" she said smilingly to which he raised his bows "Offo..!! Abhi pata chal jaayga.. Pehle sar to aage karo" she said normally while making him to look ahead by her hands

"Shilpa.. Agar kuch faaltu sa kiya na tumne mere baalo k saath... To yaad rakhna mujhse bura koi nai hoga..." he warned strictly looking ahead while she poured the warm oil in her palm and rubbed slowly

"Kuch nai hoga.. Bas thoda shaant rahe..." she requested while digging her fingers inside his hairs slowly

Ae mere dil

Mubarak ho

Yehi to pyaar hai...

"But..." his words died as he felt her fingers magic on his head which is very soothing for him

"But??" she asked frowningly while messaging his head slowly slowly while Armaan closed his eyes blissfully she was right she did magic to his head which was paining few minutes ago he forgot everything even Kiya Kabir everyone the only thing he remembered is His Wife who is doing something to his Heart & Mind "But kya??" She asked again confusedly bending her head towards his ear whose heartbeat skipped

"Kuch nai..." wd increasing heartbeat he answered

"Hmmm..." she nodded wd a smile caressing his hairs lovingly who put his head on her chest unknowingly making her fingers stopped something from past came infront of her eyes the same scene which happened three years ago when she didn't even know the meaning of love where first time she messaged his head who did the same thing "Armaan... Kya huaa...??" she asked softly looking down on his face who opened his eyes slowly only to find her face closer to him they both stared at each other quietly she knew something is bothering him but what?? Where as he felt a peace near her "Armaan...??" he can see her worried face

"Kuch nai.. Neend aa rahi hai" looking ahead he replied slowly

"Pakkaa...??" she asked doubtfully

"Yaahh...bas thoda thak gaya hun" he replied rubbing his forehead tiredly making her smile

"Acha... Ruko..." she said smilingly and put her hands on his shoulder

"Tum karna kya chahti ho... Yaar..." he asked tiredly looking back at her

"Kuch nai... Bas thodi daer shaant rahen... Plz..." making him looked ahead she pulled his shirt little up and carefully rubbed his back of neck by her thumbs making his every muscles relax

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...

"Hmmm... Thanks..." he said genuinely closing his eyes making Shilpa smiled "Tum sach mein ek magician ho Shilpa..." his heart spoke truthfully where as Shilpa is massaging his nape and head

"Aapko pata hai Armaan... Kal k puja k liye.. Radha Buaa ne Pandit ji ko... Specially Haridwar se bulaya hai... Haina ye funny" she informed wd a giggle unknown to her he was fast asleep by her Magic Portion "Armaan... Maa ne kaha ki... Kal aapko jaldi aana h..." but her sentence left incomplete as she felt his head loose "Haaww... So gayyee" she said smilingly as she found him sleeping so carefully she made him lay who stirred "Armaan thik se... So jaaiyyee" she said smilingly

"Umm..." he opened his eyes a little and sleeping comfortably he slept again making her giggle

"My Hubbyy..." kissing his cheek lovingly she put the oil bowl on side table when she felt his head on her lap who became stunned by him he changed his position and laying against his stomach he slept peacefully "Armaan..." she whispered slowly while moving her hands in his hairs who kept his one hand on her waist still sleeping "Kitne mahine baad... Aapko aise paaya Armaan... Apne karib..." she whispered softly wd moist eyes "Main khush hun ki... Dheere dheere hi sahi mere Armaan mujhe mil rahe hai..." she smiled caressing his hairs and keeping her back on bedpost she closed her eyes and wdin a minute drifted in sleep still on sitting position where as his head was still on her lap

"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :V

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