Wednesday, 13 September 2017

PART-16 : The Painful Side Of Love

Finally after a 15sec long kiss she let go of his collar which she had grabbed when he was trying to pull away. Armaan straightened and heard clicking of heels and he instantly knew that Riddhima had seen them. Without wasting another second he rushed out to clarify any misunderstanding that might have occurred while Sim smirked to herself and was also disappointed by the fact that Armaan didn't kiss her back.

When he came out he saw Riddhima sitting in the car flipping through the Cds. After checking a few of them she played a CD in the player and closed her eyes enjoying the music. Armaan was highly surprised by her behaviour and was afraid that she might be back to her same cold behavior pretending to be absolutely indifferent to what he did because he was quite sure that she had seen them kissing inside but he was proved wrong when she rolled down the window of her side and said 'Why are you standing there? We don't have much time so common hurry up and the next song is your favourite so you can hear it while driving.' She once again closed her eyes with a slight smile on her face while Armaan came and settled in the passenger seat. He turned off the music due to which Riddhima instantly opened her eyes and looked at him, after a couple of seconds before Armaan could say anything she said in a level voice 'I know you want to talk about the scene that I saw b/w you and Sim but I don't want to hear anything about it. Its your personal life and I don't want to intefere into it. Sharing a kiss with someone is absolutely normal. I have shared a lot more than a kiss with more than one man so forget it and drive back home.' Armaan's hand tightened on the steering wheel when she said that''.she had told him that the allegation raised against her during her divorce are true but he refused to believe them because as far as he knew she could never do anything like that but now he had started to believe it. He started driving towards her place fearing that he might loose control and hurt her or himself. Finally they reached her place and she got out of the car signaling him to follow her. He got out of the car and stood against it, he got his control back assuring himself that he was only interested in her present and not in her past.

Riddhima made two cups of coffee and they both settled down to work on the report. They were almost done when they heard the door opening and saw Camerone coming in. He was surprised to see the two together. He came and settled down next to Riddhima facing Armaan.
'What are you guys down? Its so late.' He glanced at the reports and understood that they were working on one of the boring reports. He didn't wait for any answers and went into his room. Both Armaan and Riddhima were puzzled with his behaviour and then they were shocked to see him carrying a suitcase and placing it against the door he turned towards them and told them that he had to catch a flight back to USA.
'Oh! But when will you come back?' Riddhima asked him. He walked towards her and placing an arm around her shoulders he told them 'I'll come back whenever I have time or just call me when you need me.' then in a very serious voice he said 'Riddhima I don't think you should be staying alone here. Why don't you go and stay with Armaan?' Rriddhima turned towards him and said in an amused voice 'You talk as if I am a 5year old baby. Don't worry I'll be fine and now I have to live here forever and I can't stay with Armaan forever so its better I develop a habit of living alone.'
'Well I am not sure if you two will really have to stay alone forever.' He winked at Armaan and then giving him a hug and placing a kiss on Riddhima's forehead he moved towards the door with Armaan and Riddhima following him. When he was standing next to the car Armaan stopped him and gave him a final hug and whispered in his ear 'Thanks a lot for everything. Don't worry I'll take care of her.' Cam said in a low voice 'You don't have to thank me for anything I did what I had to.' He sat in the car and left. While Armaan said to himself 'I didn't thank you for telling me the truth but for sacrificing your love for Riddhima for my sake. Thanks dude.'

He went inside and they were once again back to work. They worked till 2:30am and then both got up and stretched and left to sleep. Armaan went to sleep in Camerone's room while Riddhima went to her own room.

Next morning they reached Sanjeevani nurse station and were waiting for the committee to arrive when they saw Sim walking towards them with a slight limp. Armaan frowned while Riddhima smiled to herself. She came and stood in font of Riddhima and said 'Ma'am I came to know my duties.'
'Rectal exams.'
'Whatttttttttt???' Sim was shocked when she heard that. While Riddhima continued in a level voice 'Keep your voice low intern. Everytime you come late you will have to perform rectal exams and today you are exactly 12minutes and 19 seconds late so take care next time. After completing the rectal exams prepare a detailed report on all the patients whose name I have written here.' She handed Sim a paper which she took with a shocked expression on her face while Armaan was speechless and finally he smirked and said 'wait intern''.since you are preparing a report on these patients please do it for my patients also.' Sim left in a shocked state. Armaan and Riddhima both looked at each other and burst out laughing. Finally she said 'Now she'll understand what it means to forcefully kiss a senior doctor.' She again burst out laughing while Armaan suddenly stopped and looked at her with a puzzled expression trying to figure out how she knew all that when riddhima finally answered 'I am not a little kid Armaan. I could make out from her grip she had on your collar that the kiss wasn't mutual. I was just trying to give you a hard time.' She moved towards him and ruffled his hair. When Armaan understood the whole thing he smiled warmly'''..happy about the fact that everything was normal and she did trust him and that day isn't far when everything will be like old days.


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