Saturday, 16 September 2017

Part-17 :The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan felt like punching the man sitting across him and god alone knew how he had controlled that urge in him because the way that man was staring at Riddhima's legs was driving him crazy while Riddhima was totally engrossed in explaining the reports.

When she had finally finished explaining them the reports she sat back on her chair and waited for their response''.the conference room was absolutely quite for next couple of minutes''.everyone was completely impressed with the way Riddhima had conducted herself. The women were a little
envious by the attention and the looks that she was getting from all the men while the men were totally smitten by her looks and charm. Armaan, Shubhankar, Rahul, Anjali and Dr.Shashank sinha were mighty proud of her. Very soon the hall was booming with appreciative applause for both the report and the lady who had presented it. When they all had gotten up to leave Riddhima went and stood next to the door shaking hands with all of them not with a grateful smile but with an arrogant one. She knew the kind of effect she had on people around her especially the tall and well built man walking towards her. He was strikingly handsome with a fair complexion and hair a little curly but at the same time he was a pervert and Riddhima knew it just by the way he was staring at her legs and curves while she was busy with the report. He came and stood in front of her with a bright smile on his face with his hand dangling in front of her''. Riddhima being the graceful and poised women that she was, elegantly placed her soft hand in his'
'You were brilliant. I am impressed.' the man complimented her while Riddhima gave him a cold look and shrugging her shoulders very arrogantly said 'I know.' The man was shocked by her overconfidence but instead of being pissed he was even more 'interested' in her as according to him it was pretty natural for sexy women to be arrogant. So he continued 'I am sahil bose.'
'Dr.Riddhima gupta. Glad to meet you Mr.Bose.' she replied in a cold and distant manner which was totally lost on him. He was staring intently at her when he felt a hand on his shoulder and so he turned around letting go of Riddhima's hand. He saw Dr.Shashank sinha in front of him and was very soon taken into a conversation. Riddhima slipped out of the conference hall after shaking hands with the rest of the team.

She was sitting in the caf' having her coffee when Armaan and Rahul came inside and sat next to her. She noticed that Armaan was lost somewhere with his jaw rigidly set and his nostrils flaring in anger while Rahul had a mighty happy and proud grin on his face. He turned to her and clasping her hand said 'Oh god! You were marvelous there. We are so proud to have you with us.' Riddhima thanked him and suddenly his pager went off and he reluctantly left. Riddhima now turned towards Armaan and placing her soft hand on his shoulder asked him 'What is that matter Armaan? You seem to be really disturbed. Is it because of the way Mr.Bose was staring at me in the hall? She saw the change in his face from an angry one to a completely shocked one. He instantly lifted his head and gaped at her wondering how she could see right through him. She simply smiled and squeezed his shoulder and said in an assuring way 'Relax Armaan. I can take care of myself. That guy cannot harm me in anyway'..let him stare as much as he wants. I can handle perverts like him.' Armaan knew that Riddhima was different now''..she wasn't the meek, gentle, sweet and innocent girl that she once was. She was a woman who was shrewd and smart as hell and could read men like an open book. Instead of being proud he felt bad'..he wanted Riddhima to be the way she was. He wanted to take care of her just the way he once did but he finally smiled at her and they both left to attend to their duties.

'Hey Riddhima wait.' She heard Armaan's voice from the parking lot and turned around. 'How are you going home?' he asked her.
'I'll take a cab'
'You don't have to. Come I'll drop you.' He took her hand firmly and opening the passenger seat for her sat down in the driver's seat and turning his face towards her said in a sweet voice with a huge childish grin 'We'll have dinner together at my favorite restaurant.' She didn't say anything just nodded her head''..she suddenly felt warm and wanted when she noticed how Armaan was trying to make her comfortable with him just the way they were 4 years back. Armaan knew exactly what she was thinking and he wanted just that, though he was well aware of the fact that it will take him a long time to make Riddhima forget her past but he was ready to wait.
After a 15minutes long drive they reached home. They had taken dinner at an Italian restaurant and had behaved like best friends with Armaan taking special care that Riddhima's past wasn't mentioned even once.
Finally they reached her home and he opened the car door for her and the moment she stepped out they both heard a loud thunder and in no time it started to rain heavily. Riddhima grasped Armaan's hand and took him inside the house after struggling with the lock for 2minutes and those 2minutes were enough for them to be completely drenched. When they were inside Riddhima closed all the doors and windows trying to block the sound of thunder in vain. She came and slumped on the couch next to Armaan. They both were completely wet and were grinning like fools at each other. Riddhima got up and said 'Armaan go and change. You can wear Cam's clothes''ll definitely find some in his closet. I'll also go and change and once we are done we can sit and have coffee because there is no way I am letting you go in this weather.' she left to go and change while Armaan did the same.

She quickly took a shower and changed into a loose T-shirt and shorts. Tying her hair in a loose bun and placing stick in it she went to the kitchen and was busy making coffee for herself and Armaan when she heard the soft music coming from the living room. It was some hindi song but she wasn't sure which one. She took the coffee and went into the living room to find a very sexy Armaan in a body hugging red T-shirt and black pyjamawalking towards her. He took the coffee mugs from her hand and placed them on the small coffee table in the corner and asked her for a dance to which Riddhima agreed with slight reluctance. He took her to the middle of the room.He took her hands in his and placed one of it on his shoulder and took the other one in his hand, entwining her fingers with his and placed his other hand on her waist''.he noticed her body get stiff but soon she relaxed and smiled at him. The song was everything that Armaan wanted to tell Riddhima and had thus chosen it carefully. Riddhima heard the lyrics :
Aankhen band kar loo jo mein
dekhu bas tumhe
khwabo mein hi keh sakta hoon
apna tumhe
rehne de mera yeh vehm pe hi yakeen
naa ja abhi
pyar ki yeh raat hain
ab na jaa
chotti si ek baat hain
ab na jaa
tumhhi se hain meri neende
naa bhi ho to kya
tumhi see hain meri battein
naa bhi ho to kya
kehne do taaro ko kahani ankahi
na jaa abhi
pyar ki yeh raat hain
ab na jaa
chotti si ek baat hain
ab na jaa
pal do pal ka saath hain
ab na jaa
jadoo si yeh raat hain
ab na jaa
ab na jaa
She looked into Armaan's eyes and saw the whirlpool of emotions in them. Armaan wanted to hug her but was afraid that she might not reciprocate but the next instant he didn't even realize when Riddhima had hugged him tightly. He felt a surge of emotions go through him .He hugged her with equal passion. When she finally broke the hug after 5 long minutes they kept looking into each others eyes and then Armaan looked down to her soft pink lips and his heart skipped a beat and he lost all control. He pressed his lips against hers. Initially the kiss was soft and slow but very soon the pent up emotions in him took control and the kiss got rough and demanding which made Riddhima open her eyes with a jerk and some images flashed in front of her eyes she pushed him back. Armaan wasn't expecting this and so he was confused but he didn't want to ruin whatever he had achieved so far with her so he grasped her shoulder and surprisingly she didn't protest. He pressed his forehead against her and he was about to apologize when he suddenly went back in time and remembered something:

Armaan saw Riddhima standing in a beautiful red sari. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful and he desperately wanted to take her in his arms and that is exactly what he did. He walked towards her and pulled her towards himself. She came crashing on his chest with her body completely pressed against his. She was shocked and scared but she trusted him completely. She lifted her face and saw desire in his eyes but before she could do anything she found her lips sealed with his. His hand slid on her bare waist, sending chills down her spine'.. She paced her hands against his strong broad chest. Armaan intensified the kiss by slipping his tounge between her teeths trying to eplore firther and then reality hit her. She quickly but softly pushed him back and he too was instantly aware of what he was doing. He felt guilty and without giving it a second thought said in husky whisper 'Riddhima I am really sorry. I didn't'''..
But before he continue any further Riddhima stepped forward and placed her finger on his lips and said 'Never. Never ever apologize for expressing your love Armaan. When you apologize to someone you love you insult their love. I am all yours Armaan ' have all rights over me. I am not ready yet but I assure you what we just did was not wrong.' They both smiled at each other and hugged forgetting what just happened.

Armaan came back to reality. His forehead was still pressed against hers. He mumbled softly 'Riddhima I know you are not ready but its just that I want to feel that you are actually here in my arms. Those four years were really painful sweetheart. I really love you baby and I don't know what's coming in your way and stopping you but I know one thing that you are the only woman who could ever be a part of my life and so I am ready to wait for you till my last breath.' Riddhima was touched but now that she was calm and composed she retorted back in her trademark arrogant tone 'What makes you feel that I am not over you.' Armaan was quite taken aback but he understood her intensions and smirked and said copying her tone 'Oh common babe! Its Armaan Malik we are talking about. It ain't that easy getting over me' they both chuckled and then suddenly a loud thunder was heard which made Riddhima almost jump out of her skin. She unknowingly pressed her body closer to Armaan's who was now finding it really hard to keep his desires in control. Finally when he knew he might loose control he moved back and said 'I think we should go to sleep.' when Riddhima didn't respond he chuckled to himself and said 'I don't believe this. RIDDHIMA GUPTA the ultimate cold, confident and not-to-be messed with cardiologist is scared of lightening. Seriously what are you 4?' He was now laughing loudly but when he saw the hardened look on Riddhima's face he stopped and finally heard her say in her same cold distant tone 'Goodnight. I am going to sleep.' But before she could leave Armaan caught her wrist and said 'Hey don't be so cold'.I didn't mean to hurt you.' Armaan relaxed when Riddhima gave him a sweet smile. He too went to sleep hoping that very soon things would get back to normal.


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