Tuesday, 19 September 2017

PART-18 : The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima came running to the kitchen when she heard Armaan shout in pain. She rushed to his side and noticed that he had burnt his finger. She went to the refrigerator and took out an ice cube and started rubbing it on the burnt area of his finger while Armaan was touched by the concern in her eyes and kept staring at her beautiful face with her forehead creased with concern and worry. She
took out a first aid box from a cabinet and after applying an ointment over it she bandaged it. When she was satisfied with her work she grabbed Armaan's collar and dragged him outside the kitchen and rudely pushed him into a chair. He quietly sat down without any protest while Riddhima stared at him with fury clear in her eyes. She ran a hand through her hair and finally said 'What were you thinking? I told you not to cook''''but no you would always do exactly what I ask you not to. Were you day dreaming in there? Now listen and listen good''.keep sitting here and I'll be back with breakfast. You are not allowed to enter the kitchen.' She turned around to leave when Armaan caught her wrist and turned her around placing his one hand on her waist and with the other hand he massaged her temple trying to ease away the creases from there. After a few seconds he stopped and placed his hands on her shoulders and said in a light whisper 'Why you doing this? This little burn on my finger hurt you so much but when my heart broke into a million pieces 4 years back you never came to nurse it and even now when you are here you don't show any concern for it and keep rejecting my love. It hurts a lot Riddhima more than this little burn ever can or any physical injury ever can. Why don't you tell me you love me Riddhima?'Riddhima removed his hands from her shoulder lightly and went into the kitchen and Armaan once again felt defeated but he still had hope so he quietly sat down. After 15minutes Riddhima came out with hot and yummy Pasta. Armaan jumped up in delight and hastily took the plates from her hand while Riddhima laughed on his childishness. They had a quick break fast and left for Sanjeevani.
Riddhima saw Sim at the nurse station. She was before time today and Riddhima liked it. She decided to be easy on her but the next moment she changed her mind when she heard Sim's words to Armaan''''.
'Hi Armaan'.I mean dr.Armaan. You look really hot in this red and black shirt and your hairstyle is just perfect.' she gave him a flirtatious smile and slightly leaned towards him. From the corner of his eyes Armaan saw a totally disgusted and enraged Riddhima and that is when he decided to have some fun. He placed his arm around Sim's shoulder and said in his sexy voice 'Thanks Sim but you yourself are no less. There is nobody in this entire hospital that can compete you in looks. In fact'..
'INTERN' he was interrupted by Riddhima who had rudely shoved a file in Sim's hands and said 'This is your new case. Just go through the file and report to me after an hour.' Sim quickly left sensing immense anger in Riddhima's voice. When Sim had left Riddhima turned towards Armaan and giving him a dirty look she moved towards her cabin with Armaan following her closely. Once inside the cabin Armaan grabbed her waist and turned her around, his body pressing against hers. She struggled to get out of his grip but Armaan tightened his grip around her and that is when she lost her temper and punched Armaan hard on his face. Armaan quickly left her waist and took a few steps back, clutching his jaw which was hurting due to the punch he had just received from the hands he had assumed to be amazingly soft but he was still grateful that there was no blood. When Armaan slumped down on the couch and his face twisted in pain Riddhima realized what she had done. She quickly rushed to him and taking his face in her hands examined his jaw. She said 'Armaan I am soooooooooo sorry''''''I just didn't realize what I was doing. I am really sorry to have hurt you.' Armaan placed a finger on her lips and taking her hands in his asked her in an amused tone 'Don't tell me you learned some boxing in USA.' Riddhima didn't reply and kept looking at Armaan's jaw and before he knew it she bent down and placed a kiss on his jaw arousing all kinds of desires in him but he knew he had to keep his control. She once again apologized but Armaan stopped her and said in a very dreamy voice 'Don't worry sweetheart I am fine now. What you just did erased all the pain.' Riddhima lowered her eyes and then she immediately realized that she was supposed to be angry on him for flirting with Sim so she quickly got up and Armaan too was on his feet giving her a questioning look. 'I now doubt if  Sim had really forced that kiss on you that day. I don't know why but I have this feeling that it was perfectly mutual.' She turned her back towards him with anger all over her face. Armaan chuckled and said in a teasing tone 'I don't believe that you are jealous Riddhima.' Then he stopped chuckling and took her face in his hands and said in a deadly serious tone 'I am sorry hun. Please forgive me and trust me that there is no one more important to me then you and the compliment that I gave her was so fake. I think Sister Lovely too is way more prettier then she is.' Riddhima couldn't help and before she knew it she broke into a smile. She shook her head and ruffling his hair said 'I think I should go check on my patients. Will see you later.' When she was on the door she heard Armaan say 'Just so that you know for me you are the most beautiful women not just in Sanjeevani but in the whole wide world both inside out.' He winked at her and she gave him a smile and left. Armaan hit the back of his head and smiling he told himself 'Dude she loves you but never mess with her again coz you never know next time you actually might end up breaking your jaw.' he smiled and left for his duties.
'Hey gorgeous' Riddhima turned around to find Sahil bose standing in front of her with the same stupid smirk on his face. She smiled at him and said a cold hello.                            'Want to go out for dinner with me tonight?' Riddhima smiled and very politely declined his offer but being the stuck up jerk he was he didn't leave and said 'Oh common. I promise I won't bore you. Please.' Riddhima was about to say something but stopped when she felt a hand around her waist and without even turning around she knew it was Armaan and then she heard him say 'I am extremely sorry Mr. Bose but Riddhima is going out for dinner with me. She promised me.' Sahil wasn't very pleased with the answer and nor did he like the possessive grip Armaan around Riddhima's waist. He left saying a polite goodbye to Riddhima and giving an icy cold glare to Armaan. The moment he left they both burst out laughing and Riddhima finally said to Armaan 'So now whose jealous?' She had a cute smirk on her face to which Armaan replied in a serious tone clutching Riddhima's elbows tightly and bringing her closer to him 'I am not jealous but plain possessive. I would not have any man coming near you because you are all mine. Your smile, love, kisses and everything else belongs to me alone. And as far as Sahil bose is concerned he is a pervert and can harm you but as long as I am alive I wouldn't let anyone even touch you. I know you don't believe me because I disappointed you four years back but now'''
Riddhima stopped him when she saw a tear trickle down his eyes. She wiped it off and smiling said 'Armaan I know you really love me but it will take some time for me to reciprocate that.' She gave him a quick hug and was about to part when Armaan's grip tightened around her. They were standing in the corridor and she didn't want anyone to notice them so she struggled to get out of his grip and finally he said 'I'll let you go only on one condition.' She didn't want to agree but when she heard someone's footsteps she quickly agreed and Armaan let go of her. They both pretended that they were discussing some case when they saw a ward boy approaching them. He handed over a file to Riddhima and left. Riddhima was in no time engrossed in the file but after a few minutes Armaan snatched the file from her hands and said with an evil smile on his face 'Now you have to fulfill my one wish.' Riddhima looked at him sacred about his 'WISH'. She knew there was no escape so she reluctantly nodded her head and he said 'From today onwards you won't live alone'''''..you'll move in with me in my house which is everything that you always wanted. So its more yours then mine.'
Hey guys here is part-18 which i really hope you'll like and in case you don't then feel free to leave all kinds of criticism but please do comment. It really encourages me. Stay tuned because the next part will hold a surprise.


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