Thursday, 21 September 2017

Part-19 : The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima didn't know what to say. She too wanted to be close to him but didn't know if it would be right for them to be to staying in the same house. She didn't want to spoil anything. She also knew that Armaan wouldn't take no for an answer so she agreed and said 'Pick me up at 9:30 today. I'll complete my packing till then.' Armaan jumped up in joy and shouted 'Yippee' Riddhima laughed at him and ruffling his hair, which was her favorite thing to do, she left for her duties.

They both were in the general ward, talking to their respective patients when Rahul came up to Riddhima and handed her a bouquet of Roses. Riddhima was confused and then Rahul spoke 'Ayna, your patient has sent these flowers for you. She wanted to thank you. She is having a few problems but she has resumed her normal life and is coping with it quite well.' Riddhima smiled and Rahul felt himself stare at her beautiful face and mustering a lot of courage he asked her 'Riddhima would you like to go out for dinner with me?' Riddhima was a little surprised with what he said and wondered why all of a sudden everyone was trying to take her out for dinner. She didn't want to break Rahul's heart so she took his hand in hers and said 'Rahul can we go to cafeteria and have a cup of coffee together. I need to talk to you.' She knew Armaan was watching her from a corner while Rahul was nodding his head in agreement. She decided to talk to Armaan later and left with a very nervous Rahul towards the cafeteria.
She was seated across Rahul in the cafeteria when there coffee arrived and she decided to be honest and frank. She placed her hand on Rahul's hand and said 'Rahul I really don't want to hurt you so I'll come straight to the point. Rahul I know what you feel for me but I really'''um'''.you are a really good friend and I don't know what I would have done if you wouldn't have supported me on the day of Ayna's operation and I am really grateful for that'''.but'..beyond friendship there is nothing in my heart for you. You are a great guy Rahul and am sure that some day you'll get the girl of your dreams, the one who will love you from the core of her heart because I know that you don't love me and its just plain attraction which will defiantly end someday and then you'll live happily ever after with the princess of your heart.'
Rahul didn't say anything and kept staring at the coffee mug in front of her and seeing no reaction made Riddhima shift in her seat uncomfortably. She was hoping that he doesn't cry otherwise she won't be able to forgive herself.
'Rahul am really sorry. Please forgive me. I had no intentions of hurting you.'
Rahul finally looked up with a smile on his lips and squeezed her hand and said 'Its okay Riddhima. You don't have to feel sorry and thanks a lot for being so considerate. I hope we can remain friends always. I would hate to loose a friend like you. You are everything that a man would want his women to be''' are extremely beautiful, smart, intelligent'''you are perfect. I anyways don't deserve you but since you mentioned it I would like it if you find me a girl who would love me with all her heart.' Riddhima broke into a smile and getting up from her chair gave him a friendly hug and said 'Thanks a lot Rahul for understanding me. Don't worry we'll always be friends and I'll also find a girl for you who'll be way better then me.'
Rahul smiled and after assuring her that he is fine he left to attend to his duties.
The moment he left the cafeteria Riddhima saw Armaan coming in and frustrated she hit her head with her hand knowing fully well that now she'll have to answer a series of questions. He came and sat across her and eyeing the bouquet asked her 'Who gave you this?'
Riddhima started 'Rahul gave this to me'''..
But before Riddhima could say anything further he stood up and said 'How dare he. He needs to know that you are mine and he should stay away from you unless of course he wants to get his bones broken which I'll gladly break in no time.' He was about to leave to get Rahul but he stopped when he heard Riddhima laugh. He instantly turned around and looked at Riddhima who after controlling her laughter with great effort said 'Rahul just brought these to me but they are actually from Ayna.'
Armaan was confused and banging his hand on the table he said 'Oh god! I always knew that the entire male population is after you but I had no idea that these little girls too have their eyes on you.' Riddhima chuckled when she heard that and then he asked her 'What were you and Rahul talking about all this time?'
'He asked me out for dinner so I decided to clear things out and I told him that we can never be more then friends which he took in his stride.' Riddhima saw Armaan smile in a cheesy way and his smile just got bigger and bigger and then he said 'Good that you did that. He is a nice guy and I would have hated to hurt him so good that everything is fine now. But I really don't know how am I going to keep all these men away from you'''.why the hell are you so beautiful and perfect.' Riddhima laughed and gave him a sweet smile and without saying anything she left and heard Armaan shout after her 'Be ready at 9:30. I'll come pick you up.'
She was standing in the parking lot next to her car when her cell rang. She stopped and took out the cell from her handbag. She didn't see the name and simply received the call.
'Yes.' she answered
'Oh god, the ice princess' Hearing his voice she froze on her spot as she realized that On the other line was her ex-husband Vivek khanna.
'Hey babe''.common Riddhima don't tell me you are scared even to answer me on the phone.' She decided not to let him subdue her this time and so she answered in a firm but cold voice. 'What do you want?'
'I am in India and want to meet you.' Riddhima felt her hands tremble and she knew that this can't be good but remembering her resolve she answered back 'Fine I am coming.' She knew where she has to meet him. She hastily sat down in the car but what she didn't know was that Armaan had been watching her and he knew that she was in trouble so he decided to follow her.
Riddhima was almost there when she felt somebody was following her but she mentally told herself to stop being paranoid and that she'll be fine. She reached the deserted road and saw Vivek standing there. She stepped out of her car and went and stood in front of him and was about to speak something when a car stopped behind hers and turning around she was shocked to see Armaan standing there.


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