Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Part 2: Ek Villain

Previously: His eyes popped out. No one had dared to slap him till date; she was going to pay for it.

"How dare you!" Armaan exclaimed furiously as he grabbed her wrists roughly and pinned them behind her back. Riddhima struggled to get free but Armaan's grip got tighter and tighter. Riddhima looked at her surroundings, the door was locked and there no windows, she had to get him away from her. Armaan was coming closer and suddenly a shout was heard.

"Aauch!" Armaan looked at this woman in disbelief, she  had KICKED him and she was still wearing her heels. Armaan did not have time to react as she dragged him out of the room and slammed the door on his face. Riddhima let out a sigh while Armaan was angered even more. He was thankfully that there was no one present in that corridor otherwise he would have lost face in front of everyone.

He made his way to the green room while limping; everyone who saw him in that state wondered what happened but didn't dare to ask. Armaan never felt so embarrassed, he had to tall Jai that he had sprained his ankle, God! She kicked him really hard, sooner or later, he was going to make her pay for it.


"Glad to see you Abhay, in fact, I have to thank you for coming at such a short notice."

"It's totally ok, Jai." Abhay said.

"We'll have your shot in some minutes, I had already sent you the plot and the scripts."

"Yeah, I went through them, I must say I'm impressed, it's a really good storyline."

"Thank you,"

"Where is my room?"

"Go straight along that corridor and the last room on the right side is yours, and your stylist will be joining you soon."


Riddhima had changed into her next outfit , She hoped that she would not have to come face to face with Armaan: she knew that he would not spare her. But he deserved that slap, she was not one of his s**** that he would do anything he wanted with her. She turned the knob of the door and pulled it it open.

At the same time, Abhay was coming in the opposite direction. She bumped into him, she shut her eyes as she thought that it was Armaan. Abhay was taken aback as the collision happened out of the blue but he managed to prevent the fall. She was afraid to open her eyes but as she didn't feel anything happening, she slowly opened her eyes. She was relieved when she saw that it was not Armaan. Riddhima stood up and was embarrassed, she had bumped into Abhay Raichand, Oh God, first she slapped that Armaan and now...

"I'm sorry , I should have looked where I was going..." Riddhima mumbled quickly.

"Hey, it's ok, it's not your fault." Abhay gave her a smile," Now that we've met, so let's start with the introductions, I'm Abhay,"

"Riddhima here,"

"So you are the female lead,"


"Well, I'm sure that it will be nice working with you,"

"I hope so," Riddhima returned him the smile.

Abhay made his way to his dressing room and Riddhima walked to the end of the corridors to the sets.


Armaan  had witnessed what happened between Abhay and Riddhima and for some reasons, it got him on his nerves, he hated Abhay and he didn't know why he became so possessive of Riddhima even though he just met her. Armaan never gave a damn for his other co-actors then why all this with Riddhima, all these thoughts cleared off from his mind when he remembered the slap. He had to think of something fast, she couldn't escape him this time.

Abhay had finished the look test.

 Armaan didn't even look at Abhay, he was jealous when he saw Riddhima getting along with him.

"Abhay, Riddhima, let's see how you both look together on screen, go through the scripts once again and we'll start shooting whenever you are ready." Jai said while handing then the scripts.
Riddhima looked at the scene, she could not believe her eyes, she had to kiss him, but it was too early...she had to talk to Jai.

"Jai," she walked up to him," I can't kiss Abhay right now, I mean, isn't it too early."

"Calm down Riddhima, it's not going to be an actual kiss; we'll just shoot it at an angle that will make it look like you are actually kissing." Riddhima was relieved to hear that, she personally had on objections but it seemed too early for her. Riddhima felt Armaan's gaze on her, she couldn't deny that she was attracted to him but he was a player, she had to be careful.


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