Tuesday, 12 September 2017

PART 2 : Truly Madly Deeply

days passed.arman continued to keep himself busy in work.he was working on project along with dr.keerti.they were suppose to present it on behalf of their branch in a conference to be conducted in a few days in delhi.arman was busy working for this.he spent hours  researching and preparing presentations.hardly went to his house.he was careless about his health.it was taking a toll on him.
two days before the conference
dr.heena went to arman's cabin to discuss a case.they had became good friends.but arman was still distant.he talked.but not from his heart.he smiled but it didnt reach his eyes.heena could see that something was bothering him.but she decided to give him sometime.she didnt want to bug him
what she saw left her shocked.arman was lying in the floor unconsious.she immediately shifted him to room and checked.he had high fever.his pulse was weak.she immediately treated him and informed keerti.dr.keerti asked for certain test to be done.

                                    that day a bus accident case came.interns and dr.shahsank has gone to a pooja which was held in sid's house by his mom.dr.keerti immediateky called them back.sid's mom asked shashank to atleast excuse ridhima and sid which annoyed ridhima .she said no mom...we have to go..its our duty..
sid supported his mother. bahki sab he na ridhima....woh sambal lenge...........dr.arman aur dr.heena haina...aur dr.keerti bhi  hain............waise bhi aaj dr.arman ka night duty hein.woh sambhal lenge...........she understood that sid wanted her to stay away from arman.it was an emergency and they might have to work together.dr.shashank said. "sidhant we are doctors..aur its our duty to save a life.......this hesitation of youre's can cost a life............i want both of you to come to sanjeevani........he said this softly.sid had no other way but to obey.so they went to sanjeevani.at sanjeevani atmosphere was tense..critical cases were handled by senior doctor.interns were tensed.it was for the first time they were handling cases alone.but due to large number of patients they had to handle it alone.sid had noted arman's absense.he got a chance to blame arman for his irresponsibillty.he was standing at the nurse station.he said "i thought all doctors are supposed to be here.but i dont see a doctor who was supposed to be on duty anywhere...before he could finish another voice said.."i dont want any interns to comment on a senoir doctor .dr.arman spent the past 72 hours at sanjevani.if a doctor is not here i know what to do..i dont want anyone to point it out. or comment about it.and about dr.arman's abscense i knew about it.he wont be on duty for next few days.he is not well.saying so dr.keerti left.sid was left speechless.he thought.i should have kept my mouth shut..now what?shaking his head he went back to his duty.
                dr.keerti went to her cabin.dr.heena came there with arman's report.keerti checked his reports and said..."viral fever..nothing serious.i guess he is stressed and overworked.he needs a break.dr.heena said."i agree.he complained that he had head ache yesterday.when i asked to rest he refused saying that he have to prepare for the conference..."
"oh my god.......the conference...i dont think he is healthy to attend it...i should make some other arrangements..i feel bad.he had done so much and now he cant even attend..."
"i agree.he is weak........he needs rest..and i have feeling that he was missing meals too.his blood test show nutrient deficiency.."
"he was working too hard..i need to talk to him....is he awake?"
"i dont think so...i had asked sister lovely to inform me when he wakes up........"
when they were talking there was a knock on door.it was ridhima.
"come in"
"kya baat hai ridhima?"
ridhima smiled at dr.heena and sat beside her.she said"main mr.singhania ke bare mein baat karne aaya tha...i suspect he has internal injury...so i thought to discuss it with you.."
just then dr.heena's pager beeped.she read it and said"dr.keerti dr.arman ko hosh agaya...i have to check him..excuse me dr.modi...saying so she left.ridhima who was busy with her cases didnt knew about arman.she looked questionigly at dr.keerti.
"dr.arman has viral fever......he was found unconcious in his cabin by dr.heena.he is admitted here...she added seeing her worried.he's fine..nothing serious..
ridhima didnt ask any thing further..but she was worried for him.she knew how careless he was.but she had now lost her right to fuss over him when she choose sid.
dr.keerti was thinking about the coming conference.she decided to ask ridhima to assist her in it since she couldnt ask dr.heena because she was new there and hardly knows anything about their branch.on the other hand ridhima completed her internship there.so she asked ridhima to assist her .ridhima agreed.she too needed to get away from sanjeevani.it was perfect she would  be away from both sid  and arman.dr.keerti asked her to collect further details from arman.she agreed and left.
                      dr.heena eneterd arman's room and saw him lying there  with his eyes closed.hearing the door open he opened his eyes.he smiled at her..
she asked "kaise ho?"
im fine...
"can i ask you something?she asked.
"that i will do...dont worry..are you ok?i think something is wrong..dont think that im prying.its just that you dont go home  often...........you work day and night..i havent seen you eating anything properly..is everything okay...?something bothering you?
he was touched by her concern.she had met him a few days before and she was so concerned for him.he smiled  and replied..
"im fine....its nothing.........i wanted to complete the presentation...and sath mein patients..........chodo yeh sab...you are my doctor right?so when can i go home?i have to prepare for the conference....its in two days...
before she could reply another voice said"youre not going dr.arman...you need to rest...you're not fit to travel.."
"what?no...no...im fine...i just take rest for the next two days and i will be fine.its just a mild fever."
here heena intervened"who said?you have viral fever.it takes atleast a week to heal.im not discharging you..as youre doctor i cant let you travel..."
"but.but.........dr.keerti how can you manage it all alone?i mean........."
keerti raised her eyebrows."dont worry about that dr.arman.i have made arrangements.dr.ridhima will come wih me.
arman's face hardened at the mention of ridhima's name.he didnt say anything furthr.keerti continued."i  had asked her to get the details from you..."
arman was still silent.keerti said"take rest arman..."saying she left.
heena gave arman his medicines.arman was angry at the turn of events.then he rememberd."what about my patients?i cant leave them...they need me.."
"you can treat once you get well................khud beemar ho.phir bhi patients ko treat karne ke bare mein soch rahe ho............you're such a workholic........."
arman knew that there was no way he could get away this time.though heena was friendly and cheerful allthe time when it come to work she was a gabbar herself.he sighed and without any word took his medicines."ab tum aaram karo.........ill come later...."
 arman was in a deep sleep due to the effect of medicines.ridhima had came there to get the details from arman.she saw him sleeping.he was looking so cute.she kept looking at his face.what changes time had brought on him.she thought.but immediately her mind said...not time..you changed him...youre decisions changed him.the arman who was always played pranks on others was gone to be replaced with a man who hardly smiled.she had noticed the way he turned himself into a workholic.she wanted to take all his pains away.but she wasnt able to.it hurted her to see him in so much pain.she didnt knew how much time passed staring at him.he opened his eyes to look straight into her eyes.for sometime he thought that it was his dream.the love he still had in his heart for her reflected in his eyes.his expressions changed when he realised it wasnt a dream. he masked his true feelings.she too composed herself and asked how are you.he said in a cold voice"ill get sister stella to give you all the deatails..its in my cabin...he decided not to answer her question about his health.right then sister stella enetered his room.he asked her to get the red file and laptop from his cabin.she went to get his things.to avoid further questions he closed his eyes.ridhima was hurt.she couldnt stand his indifferent behaviour.they had numerous fight in the past.but it was never like this..but it was not the same anymore..they both knew it.arman opened his eyes when he heard door opening.he saw dr.hena standing there with his files and laptop.he smiled."i thought i had asked sister stella to get these......tum kab se sister stella ban gaye?
"shut up arman....hi dr.ridhima....hope you dont mind me calling you ridhima..."
"no .its ok....i'll go now......"she looked at him before leaving...he looked away.
ridhima was heart broken.to see arman and heena together made her more sad.she saw that heena cared for him


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