Saturday, 2 September 2017

part 20 : AR love story


Riddhima skimmed over her file. After the morning events...the entire day had taken a twist. She couldn't concentrate properly..her shift was going to be over at 8... only 10 more minutes and then she would see him....HIM...after the things she had said to him this morning..she didn't know if she could face him? I mean  he hadn't really said anything to her after that...except that kiss....she blushed remembering it..and the way he had called her girlfriend...but yet he hadn't said that he loved her. No doubt that he felt something for her....she could tell from the way he kissed her...but still..."Does he love me?"

*Beep Beep*.."Emergency Room"

Walking to the canteen..she thought of orrdering herself a cup of coffee. It had been an accident case..and due to a shortage of doctors they decided to recruit her in. She looked at the was way past 8...."8...crapp"

Sapna observed the change of expressions run across her face..

"What's wrong Riddhima?"

"Oh..umm nothing"

"Yeah right better tell me...and noww"

Looking at the expressions on Sapna's face..she knew there was no way she could escape was time to tell her...about Armaan
Atull where are taking me? Just a few more seconds Anji..and I'll let you open your eyes...promisee


She opened her eyes..she was on his front of a was a dark red rose...she always knew Atul was fond of plants but why was he showing her this rose?

"I know I know, you're probably thinking why this rose...well it's special. I'd planted it the day I met you...and it grew...just like our feelings for each other grew...from just attraction and liking to this beautiful emotion of love. It's a symbol of our love Anji..."

She looked at him lovingly as she felt tears brim her eyes..."I love you Atul..." she hugged he wrapped his arms around her her a kiss on her head..."I love you too Anjali.."
S: So this entire time you've been in love and you didn't tell me?? Not fair Riddhimaa...

R: Saps it's not like that...I just met him..and everything happened so fast that I myself didn't realize when I started falling for him..

S: Well..I have something to tell you myself...

R: What...?? Tell mee!

S: I'm in love...

R: What??? With Amit?? I knew itt!!

S: Haan, Riddhima I love him so much

R: I'm happy for youu

S: I'm happy for you too

All of a sudden realization dawned on her..

R: Uff Sapss...Armaan was going to come pick me up after duty..but because of this emergency case I did overtime...and I haven't even said sorry to him yet for not showing up..he's probably already left... :(

S: Go jaldii now, your shifts over na..

He watched her stare out at the was a beautiful night..the wind was blowing her curls gently..and she stood there admiring the beauty of the moon..but in his eyes..the real beauty was not the moon, but her...she looked gorgeous.

Wrapping his arms around her gently..he gave herr a kiss on her shoulder before gently placing his head on her shoulder..

"I love you Muskaan"

"I love you too Rahul.."
Stepping outside of Sanjeevani..she almost skipped a step when she saw him standing there...he was still waiting for her? But it's way past 8....she felt guilty over come her..I can't believe he waited for me....

Walking towards him..she stopped with just a few steps distance between them..

Looking down at her feet....

R: I'm sorry..I..

She stopped talking when she felt him place a finger on her lips

"Shhhh...don't be,,you're a doctor I'm sure something came up.."

She looked into his eyes and smiled..

His heart skipped a beat when he saw that gorgeous smile of hers...the truth was he was a tad angry for making him wait for so long..without as so much as a call...but then when he saw her walking down the steps..he realized how tired she was..and his anger melted away...just the sight of her made his stomach do summer saults..

"Let's go..I'll drop you home.."

"Actually Armaan..I was wondering..if you're not to about a cup of coffee? My's the least I can do for making you wait.."

He smiled looking at her..."Of course.." Truth was he did want to spend more time with her..but then seeing how tired he was he decided he'd drop her home..but he was happy to hear her say she wants to go out for a cup of coffee...

"Great...I know this nice little place that serves the worlds best coffee.."

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