Monday, 25 September 2017

Part-20 :The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima was almost there when she felt somebody was following her but she mentally told herself to stop being paranoid and that she'll be fine. She reached the deserted road and saw Vivek standing there. She stepped out of her car and went and stood in front of him and was about to speak something when a car stopped behind hers and turning around she was shocked to see Armaan standing there.

Then she heard Vivek say 'Oh man I don't believe this. Don't tell me that you still love her. Don't you know that she is a second hand, damaged piece now and no man in his'''
But he couldn't say anything further because Armaan had punched him hard on his face and he was lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. Armaan picked him up and punched him in his abdomen. He banged his head against his car. Vivek was too weak to do anything in front of Armaan who was a boxing champion and way more muscular then Vivek. He had beaten him pretty badly and now he had aimed at his crotch and before Riddhima could do anything he kicked him hard there and Vivek fell down on the road screaming in pain.
She heard Armaan say 'I had been wanting to do this from a long long time and now that I have done it, I am mighty happy and satisfied. I don't just love Riddhima but worship her and no fact can lessen my love for her. You succeeded in separating us and stealing her from me four years back but I won't even let god separate us this time and I promise you I'll make sure I wipe off every dirty memory of yours from her mind and heart. I wouldn't let you ruin my future and get another thing straight that you dare come near her and I'll kill you.' he turned around and grabbing Riddhima's hand dragged her to his car and shoved her harshly inside and himself sat on the passenger seat and started the ignition. Riddhima had never seen him this angry. She wanted to remind him of her car still being there but she stayed quite fearing that he might just blast on her. They reached home and Armaan immediately got out of the car and went inside completely ignoring Riddhima while Riddhima was really confused with this behavior of his. She was overwhelmed with the words he had said to Vivek but now his cold behavior was confusing her. She finally went inside his house and found him in his huge room standing in front of the open window with his hands resting against the frame of the window. She went closer and placed her hand on his shoulder and he quickly spun around and when Riddhima saw his face she gasped and took a few steps backwards. She was really scared seeing the murder in his completely red eyes with the rest of the face twisted in hatred. He gripped her wrist tightly with his nails piercing her skin but she didn't make a single sound nor did she made a move to loosen his grip. He finally spoke more like barked 'WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT HE WAS HERE'''HOW COULD YOU JUST GO AND MEET HIM LIKE THAT''''''.HE MIGHT HAVE HARMED YOU''''''''.. DO YOU EVEN REALIZE THAT?' he left her wrist and pushed her with such force that she fell on the ground but Armaan didn't make a move to help her instead he just continued 'I would have died this time if he would have as much as laid a finger on you. I cannot afford to loose you Riddhima.' He came forward and made her stand up and then holding her shoulders with an angry grip said 'Just get this thing straight that from today onwards you will tell me each and everything and will never ever face that man without me by your side.' He finally softened a little and pulled her in a hug and rubbing her back said in a painful voice 'Riddhima believe me when I say that I'll die without you. I won't let that man anywhere near you. But tell me something don't you trust me?'
Riddhima broke the hug and looked at him with tears in her eyes and said in a weak voice 'I didn't till now but now I know I can trust you with my very life and soul forever. I am sorry Armaan but I promise from now on I'll do whatever you'll ask me to.' He felt happiness rush through his body. He had never been this happy before. He wiped her tears and said 'I love you baby and now that you promise to obey all my commands''''..the first thing is that from now on we'll be living together and the second one is that now we'll go and have dinner.' Riddhima smiled and they went downstairs to have dinner but were shocked to see police standing at the doorstep.
Riddhima tightened her grip on Armaan's arm and they both walked towards the police inspector hand in hand. Armaan spoke 'Yes?'
'Are you Armaan Malik?' the inspector asked Armaan to which Armaan confidently replied 'Yes, I am officer but what is the prolem?'
'I am afraid Mr.Malik but we'll have to arrest you. Mr.Vivek khanna has launched a complaint against you for beating him up quiet badly.' Armaan was about to say something but Riddhima interrupted him and said 'Any man would have reacted the same way Armaan did if he would seen his friend getting harassed. Mr.Vivek khanna is my ex-husband and he had called me up to meet me but when I went there he abused me which Armaan couldn't tolerate and hit him pretty badly. If you want I am ready to talk to the commissioner. He knows all about Mr.Vivek and me.' The inspector didn't say anything so Riddhima called Camerone and told him everything and in return got scolded pretty badly for going to meet him and he abruptly hung up. The inspector got a call after 15minutes from the commissioner who gave him strict instructions to not take any action against Armaan and Riddhima. That was the kind of influence Camerone had and Riddhima thanked god for that.
Armaan turned towards Riddhima and asked her 'How did you manage that? The commissioner I mean. You have quite an influence.' Riddhima shook her head negatively and smiling said 'Camerone asked the commissioner to call him and he is going to be here soon.'
'What?' Armaan was shocked to hear that. 'I know but now that he knows Vivek is here he is not going to rest in peace till he makes sure that I am safe.' Armaan wasn't surprised to hear that since he knew how much Camerone loved her but he was afraid that things might go wrong because of this. He saw Riddhima setting dinner on the table and smiling to himself he reminded himself to get back on mission 'Win Riddhima'. They both sat down and had a sweet, romantic dinner.
After dinner Armaan took Riddhima to one of the rooms which was right next to his room. When he opened the room Riddhima was shocked. The room was in lavender color and had her and Armaan's photographs all around it. There were nearly 20 teddy bears in the room and a huge dressing table in the corner with her favorite perfumes on it. Riddhima turned towards Armaan with an eyebrow raised while Armaan chuckled and said 'I know what you thinking but I knew that you'll love it after all its just the way your room was as a kid except that its slightly bigger.' Riddhima hugged him and thanked him to which he shrugged and kissing her forehead bid her goodnight and then left for his room. For Riddhima the surprise wasn't over yet because when she walked into the dressing room , she saw the cupboard filled with Salwaar kameez and a lot of other dresses. The next shelf had a number of sandals but none of them had heels to it and she knew why. She smiled to herself and took a night dress and after changing went to sleep.
She slept peacefully and Armaan too had a smile on his face. The radiance on his face said it all that he had never been more happy in his life.
Next morning Armaan came back from his jog and saw Riddhima sitting on the dining table sipping her coffee. He walked upto her and placed a kiss on her cheek but was shocked when Riddhima suddenly stiffened but soon she got control of herself and smiled.
They were both having there brakfast when they saw Vivek entering the house'''his face was pretty bruised. Armaan and Riddhima stood up. Armaan's face was once again red with anger and hatered. He came and stood in front of Riddhima and faced Vivek when he finally spoke, 'Chillax dude. I have done everything I wanted to with her.Its too late to protect her. I think she hasn't told you the truth about her divorce and all the charges raised against her. She slept with my friends.' Armaan was about to punch the man again when Riddhima gripped his arm tightly. Vivek turned to Riddhima when he saw her gripping Armaan's hand and continued 'Good that you held him back. You know what I am not surprised that he still wants you back after all I too was once on the same track'''.you are one hell of a women'''how about we once again''''.
But before he could say anything further somebody turned him around and punched him hard on his face. Vivek was once again on the floor and this time his jaw had broken badly. He lifted his head and saw Camerone standing in front of him. Vivek was soon lifted in the air and punched and kicked in his abdomen. This time when Vivek finally fell on the floor he was in a pool of blood and had passed out completely. Camerone signalled to two huge black men standing outside and they came inside and picked Vivek up.
'Make sure that he is on the first flight back to USA and when he is in USA make sure that he suffers enough to never come back to India.' the men nodded and left.Armaan and Riddhima were both shocked.


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