Wednesday, 6 September 2017

part 22 : AR love story

"Armaan where's Rahul and Muskaan??"

"They went out of town to visit a family friend, which leaves you and me all alone my dear.." looking at her in a mischievous manner..

"Oh stop being so cheeky Armaan..I trust you and I know you'd never do anything like that. So move out of the way so I can go into the kitchen and get something to eat."

As she was about to walk away he pulled her back making her bang into his chest...wrapping one arm around her waist he used one hand to tuck her silky black tresses behind her ear..

"You really trust me that much?"

Looking into his eyes she saw them full of love and only love..

Lifting one hand up she caressed his cheek gently..

Speaking in a soft tender note full of emotion "I already told you Armaan..I trust you more than I trust myself."

Standing on her tippy toes..she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead..

Closing his eyes at her gesture, he tightened his grip around her waist..opening his eyes he stared into hers trying to read the see if their lives had really just did a 360 turn in a matter of a day...actually to be more just a few hours...

"I love you Miss. Riddhima Gupta.."

"I love you too Armaan.."

"Now if you will...let me go to the I can make something to eat for us?? I know it's late at night..but we both didn't have a proper dinner...and it's bad to go to sleep on an empty stomach."

Walking into the kitchen she searched his cabinets and fridge to see what they had stored in the house..

Turning around she saw Armaan seated on the kitchen counter...

"Do you want to have something light for dinner..or a real heavy meal??"

"Well considering the fact that it's almost 11:00 at night, I think it'd be a better idea if we stuck with something light for the night..."

"Same here..I'm actually in the mood for a Strawberry Fruit Salad, did I tell you that's one of my favorites? See Armaan..your finding out new things about me everyday.." tapping his nose lightly she turned around while he just stood there a bit dazed...

He could tell she was acting more open with him, and well it was quite natural for her to do so, considering that they'd just confessed their love for each other, but still he was loving this side of her..actually correction, he loved everything about her..and a strawberry fruit salad doesn't sound half bad, especially if she's going to make it...*sighhh* This was turning out to be one the best nights of his life, her outburst in the morning, their coffee date, their confession, and now a little dinner date..what more could he possibly ask for??

"Hey Armaan will you wash these strawberries and then cut them and halves for me? Pleasee...."

"Uhh yeah sure..."

Grabbing the pint of strawberries he carefully washed them...taking out a knife he started slicing them in halves while from the the corner of his eyes he was watching her wash the spinach leaves..

"Ouchhh" he threw the knife down as he saw the blood ooze out of his finger.. "shii.."

"Armaaannn!!" she immediately put his finger her mouth trying to suck the blood away...seeing the concern in her heart for him..just made him feel warm in the inside..carressing her cheek lightly..he made her look up..and he conveyed through his eyes that he was fine...

"Armaan tum bhi na, couldn't you pay more attention to what you were doing?? Go wash your finger and put a bandage on it, I'll finish up making the salad....Goo noww!!"

"Yess Doc!"

Watching him walk out of the kitchen she smiled to herself...She loved him so much...sighing she turned around to continue on with her preparations...

10 minutes later she saw Armaan walking into the kitchen wearing a white tshirt and his checkered pajama pants

 "You changed your clothes??"

"Yep, are you done?"

"Almost, just need to make the dressing..."

"Alright, I'll set the table for us then.."

A few minutes later he saw her walking out of the kitchen with a bowl of their salad, and he could faintly smell the Strawberry Ginger dressing...

Sitting down in the seat next to his, she served him first before serving herself.

"Mmm Riddhima this is good..."

Smiling at him sweetly she took a bite from her own plate..

"So I was just thinking, Muskaan's due date is coming near...and I was just noticing earlier that you have that one empty room that I guess is for the baby?, but it's so about we decorate it??"

"Riddhima..yes that room is for the baby BUT there's no store that's going to be open at this hour of the night..."

"Firstly who said we need to lavishly decorate the room?? Not me. I just said let's decorate, as in lets paint and add maybe a little border that go's around the get me?"

" And where are we going to buy the border..and the paint??"

"Well the border, I actually bought myself. I saw it a few days ago when I went out with Ma, and it just made me think of it's been with me ever since and I keep meaning to give it to her..but now I have a better chance to surprise her...and the paint, well I saw some in the storage closet...I guess Rahul and Muskaan had already picked out the paint and were planning on doing it later....c'mon Armaan this will be fun! We can surprise them!!"

"Alright..we can start after dinner is over. They're not coming back till tomorrow evening so hopefully we'll be done before then."

After finishing their dinner, she got up and washed the dishes, and then stored the remaining salad in the fridge before turning around and dragging Armaan upstairs to show him the paint.

"They picked out baby blue for the room? Seriously..isn't that a boys color...what if they have a girl??"

"Heyyy blue can be a neutral color! It's my favorite color!!"

"Okay okay, let's get started..."

*About an hour later...*

"The room looks good don't you think? I think you were right..I'm glad we decided to paint the room Riddhima.."

He turned around to look at her and saw a distant look on her face....

" are you okay??" asking he as he cupped her face in his palms..

*sighhh* "Yes I am okay Armaan, it's just I remembered that one day or another you guys have to go back. I mean I can tell by this room that Rahul and Muskaan decided to stay..but what about you?? You have a fashion house back in London....and you're going to have to go back eventually.."

"Jaan, listen to mee...nothing can ever seperate us...if I do go back...I'll take you with me...we'll figure something out.."

"Armaan, I can't! I mean what about Ma? And my job? Okay my job..I can find another hospital to work in in London, but ma? She's all alone..I can't just leave her.."

"Riddhima, we'll take Ma with us..I told you mine died when I was younger....and my dad was never really there for us..and I would love to get some parental love..especially a mothers love..."

"But Armaan.."

"Pleasee Riddhima..I can' imagine being away from you.."

"Armaan, I can't either...and didn't you just say we'll never be seperated? Why are you talking like this now?? Huh?? What happened to all those love filled things you said to me?? Huh huh huh..

Before she could say another word he captured her lips into a soft tender kiss that managed to take her breath away..

Creasing his forhead against hers he stood there holding her by the waist..."Marry me Riddhima.."

She looked up shocked...did he really just ask her to marry him??? Looking that the expression on his face..she knew she hadn't imagined him saying that..he really did just ask her...

Bending down on one knee he held her hand..

"I know it's crazy for me to be asking you to marry me, especially considering we just confessed our love for each other. But we both know we felt something for each other even before we confessed, and these last few months have been the most beautiful of my life. It takes a life time for some people to realize that they're meant to be, to realize that this is the one person they want to spend their entire life with...but it didn't take me that long Riddhima, because I know you ARE the person I want to spend my life with....I was going to save this for another day, in a more romantic setting, but I think this is the perfect time to ask you right now..nothing will ever do us apart...we're meant to be Riddhima...for our entire lives....Miss Riddhima Gupta...will you marry me? Please..?"

Brushing the tears away for her eyes she looked at him smiling..."Mr. Armaan Mallik, yes I'm ready to grow old with you! I love youu.."

 Getting up from his knee's he twirled her around in a big hug.."I love youu too Miss. Gupta...I love youu!"

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