Saturday, 30 September 2017

Part-22 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan felt as if someone had slapped him hard across his face. Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned his face away. Seeing the pain on his face and knowing that it was because of her broke her heart into a million pieces'''.she fell on her knees and started crying violently. Armaan jerked out of his depressing thoughts and saw Riddhima on her knees and he forgot all the hurt and bent down to
calm her but was surprised when she hugged him and placing her head on his chest continued to cry for a long time. Finally she stopped and getting out of his arms wiped her tears and they both stood up facing each other'''.Armaan didn't make a move afraid that she might reject him a second time'''.
Riddhima finally broke the silence and said 'Armaan i am really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you but I still have not forgotten my past and need a little time. Please Armaan.' She couldn't help it and the tears started to flow a second time. Armaan placed his hands on her cheeks and placed a kiss on her forehead and was glad when she didn't move back. He took her hands in his and said 'You remember Riddhima you once told me never to apologize to the one you love. Its like insulting your love and its not even your fault because it was me who acted like an idiot and a desperate moron'''''.no actually wait' are right its all your fault.' He paused and Riddhima raised her eyebrows at him probing him to continue and so he said in a mock irritated tone 'What? Don't look at me like that and don't act as if you don't know what I am talking about. Its all your fault''..nothing of the sort would have happened if you wouldn't have been this beautiful'''.beautiful enough to turn any sane man into a maniac.' Armaan chuckled but Riddhima didn't. The grim look still on her face and seeing that Armaan sighed and said 'Riddhima just forget everything that happened alright. I don't want to spoil everything between us because of a weak moment and I promise you that it won't happen again until you want it. Common lets have dinner which I think we'll have to heat up.' They both moved towards the table and sat down to have their dinner. They ate the dinner silently and then retired to their rooms.

'Its time we warm up the ice maiden.' They laughed loudly looking at Riddhima sobbing on the floor. One of the men moved towards her and grabbed her leg when she tried to run away. He tore her salwaar and pinned her body under his. Riddhima kept struggling and shouting 'Let me go''please let me go. Vivek please do something. You said you love me please stop him. Helppppppp''''.'
The man slapped her hard on her face and tore the rest of her clothing but she managed to push him off and ran around the house without any clothes on her. She heard them laughing and was terrified when she heard the footsteps again. There was no escape so she closed her eyes and opened them when she saw somebody shaking her violently and saw Armaan in front of her.
She rubbed her eyes and then touched Armaan to see if he was really there and when he didn't disappear she jumped up and hugged him. He caressed her back to get her out of her nightmare but stopped when he noticed that she she was now crying badly. He picked her and placed her in his lap and sat down resting his head against the board of the bed. When Riddhima didn't stop crying he spoke 'Riddhima whats the matter? What did you dream about?' When she heard his concerned and loving voice she sat up and looked into his eyes''''still under the effect of the nightmare she started speaking in her broken voice as she hadn't stopped crying 'Armaan I was raped.'
Armaan felt his body go numb and cold. He felt his world turn upside down. Oblovious to the change in Armaan, she continued to speak 'Armaan when Vivek took me to his home in USA he told me he loved me and tried coming closer to me but when I refused he said he'll wait but one day he again tried coming closer and this time when I resisted he slapped me and tried forcing himself on me but I struggled and ran out of his room. I locked myself up in a room and didn't come out of it till I was sure he was not at home. I ate my breakfast and decided that I'll leave for India and for that i started packing but when I searched for my passport I didn't find it. I knew I couldn't come back to India so I decide to go somewhere else but the moment I stepped out of the house I saw Vivek standing there. He was drunk and that night'''.' Riddhima cried harder but then continued 'that night he raped me Armaan. I kept shouting your name and every time I took your name he slapped me and after he was done raping me he took out his leather belt and started hitting me badly. He was angry on me for protesting the whole night and not satisfying him properly. After an hour of beating me up he left for his work. I was bleeding all over Armaan''''..I was hurting and I was pinning for you but you never came.' Armaan's blood was boiling and his face was twisted in hatered and murder was written all over it. He wanted to kill that slime ball but when he heard Riddhima say 'YOU NEVER CAME' he felt like he was responsible for all her pain and in that one moment he hated himself more then he hated Vivek. He heard Riddhima speak 'Armaan I couldn't get up from my bed. The maid used to leave the food in my room but I never ate it and after 12 long days when I had finally recovered from my injuries he gave me a bugger shock. I was sitting in my room trying to figure out a way to escape but that night I saw a man entering my room along with Vivek. Vivek left the room and the man who was completely drunk moved towards me. He had won me from Vivek in a game of poker. He did the same what Vivek did''''.he raped me''.I was raped a second time Armaan and this time I didn't shout your name because I knew you wouldn't come. I did protest but he just like Vivek slapped me and didn't stop even for a moment. I was broken and after a few days Vivek came upto me to apologize but I was too scared to say or do anything'''.he asked me to accompany him to a party and I agreed because I was really scared but when we reached the venue there was no party'''..there were just 5 drunk men playing poker. Vivek dragged me inside and threw me on the floor and those men tore my clothes and made me run around begging for help but I got none. They again raped me and all this continued for a long time till I had lost the power to protest''''after that whoever used to come to me would use me as a body because I never struggled nor did I respond. They took some pictures as well and those were the pictures presented at the time of divorce. The men kept using my body for complete 3years and I never protested but one day while those men were at home Vivek had a visitor''''''his brother Atul who saw me sitting with those men like a dead body'''.he tried to stop them but was thrown out of the house. He worked with me in the hospital.' Armaan's blood was at the highest of temperature and he really wanted to kill those men and then shoot himself but then he saw Riddhima smile and her tears which had soaked his shirt stopped for a moment. She sat up and looked into his eyes 'You know what Armaan the only good thing in USA was my job as a cardiologist. Vivek had not stopped me from working and had even opened an account for me.' her eyes darkened 'Initially I thought that he really did love me but now I know that he did all that to just win my trust thinking that I would forget you and would surrender myself to him. Even in the those days when my body was being used I would go to the hospital trying to escape atleast for sometime but I guess Atul who was a good friend figured out that something was amiss and that is why came visiting but was thrown out of the house. Vivek didn't let me go to the hospital from that day onwards so one day Atul again came but this time he wasn't alone'''''he came with the richest and most influential man in USA'''''.Camerone Monroe. Atul had operated Cam's father so Cam was under his debt and to repay him he agreed to help me. He had a long fight with Vivek which I couldn't hear since Vivek had locked me in the washroom but I knew they fought. Atul helped me out of the washroom and took all my stuff and I was made to sit in a car which took me to Camerone's home. Next day Vivek filed for a divorce and presented those pictures that he had taken as an evidence against me. Cam wanted to stop him but didn't when Vivek blackmailed to give those pics to the press all over the world. The divorce took place and I did not try to defend myself because I was glad that I was atleast getting my freedom back. I stayed with Cam for one year and he transformed me from a weak defeated woman to a strong cold fighter.' Riddhima's voice got lower and her tears had stopped. He again placed her head on Armaan's chest. Her eyes were swollen and red and before he knew it Riddhima had fallen asleep with her arms around her waist and her body resting against his. Armaan rewinded her words in his mind and now he understood everything''''''her behaviour towards everyone when she had come back'''''how she had forgotten him as well''''.her lack of trust in people around her especially men''''..the cold and rude attitude but the confidence and the fighting spirit in her'''''..her scared reaction on the dance floor when she came to know that Armaan was drunk and today when she suddenly turned stiff. Armaan hated himself for not being there when she needed him the most and giving her a hard time when she came back and also for believing in those divorce allegations. He felt that he was no better then Vivek. Cursing himself and all the other men involved he too went to sleep placing his hand on Riddhima's back and hugging her protectively.


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