Wednesday, 20 September 2017

PART 24:Ehsaas

 Armaan received a call from Anjali's chauffeur, "Dr Sahib….main aapko theek 7 baje pick kar loonga…aap clinic par hi honge?"

 "Haan yahin rahunga main…" Armaan answered curtly

Anjali made sure Armaan would not have a reason to say "no" to her proposal!

Armaan was driven to Anjali's bungalow in her limo.

He was greeted by the doorman and gestured to take a seat in the luxurious living room.

Someone came and offered him some drinks, but he refused. He wanted to get done with this "pre-operative exam" as soon as possible.

A maid came and informed him, "madam swimming pool par hain…wo aapko wahin milengi Dr sahib."

Armaan took a deep breath and followed the maid.

Anjali was lounging on the poolside in one of her skimpiest of bikinis.

Armaan averted his gaze and looked away, "excuse me Anjali ji…main Dr Malik."

Anjali turned around and got up, "Oh Dr sahib? Bahut der kar di….main kabse aapka intezaar kar rahi thi…kya peeyenge aap? Vodka? Gin? Beer? Scotch? Sab kuch hai yahan."

"No thanks…main duty par hard liquor nahin peeta," Armaan replied curtly, still looking at the plants at the poolside instead of her.

"Dr sahib! Bahut shareef hain aap….khair…soft pasand karenge tho mere paas soft bhi hai!" she said suggestively and came and stood in front of him.

"Can we get down to business ma'am?" Armaan asked

"Why not? Kahan par examine karenge aap? Yahan? Ya bedroom mein chalein?"

Armaan clenched his jaw and tightened his fist in anger, "nahin yahin theek hai…it is just a formality…aap tho kaafi healthy lagti hain…I doubt you would be an operative risk"

"Jaise aapki marzi…," Anjali lay down on the lounge chair with her legs folded and arms under her head.

Armaan pulled a chair and clinically went through his exam as fast as he could. Anjali, of course, moaned and groaned every time his fingers touched her skin, "aapke haath mein sach much jadoo hai…jahan bhi aapka haath lagta hai, jaise mera ang-ang khil uth ta hai."

Armaan ignored her comment and continued his exam.

"You are in good health Anjali ji….aap Friday ko 8 baje aa jaaiye ga….you are scheduled for a day surgery," Armaan noted something in her file and got up.

"Itni jaldi jaa rahe hain doctor? Aapko dinner date tho yaad nahin….kam se kam coffee tho peekar jaaiye…aap mera dil thod denge warna," Anjali came and stood behind him and ran her finger on his spine.

Armaan shuddered at her touch and moved away, "OK…just 1 cup of coffee…that's it…main aapka living room mein intezaar karta hoon," he walked towards the house without giving her a chance to respond.

Armaan sat in the living room and picked up a magazine. The magazine was a movie magazine and had articles on famous Bollywood stars. Armaan had not been in touch with movies and stars over the last 1-2 years, so he was intrigued to see who were the current favorites. It was obvious that Anjali was a superstar and was sought after by most big producers and directors.

Anjali walked in wearing a short sleeveless dress, barely covering the upper third of her thighs. Armaan did notice that she was indeed gorgeous and had a sexy pair of legs. He knew why she was considered so "hot" by all the magazines.

Anjali ordered 2 cups of coffee over the intercom and sat down on the sofa facing Armaan.She crossed and uncrossed her legs a la Sharon Stone in 'basic Instinct.'

Armaan shivered at what he just saw. He got up and quickly averted his gaze, "Anjali ji…I need to go….mujhey kuch kaam yaad aa gaya"

"Kaam yaad aa gaya ya apne aap se darr gaye?" Anjali challenged him.

"I don't know what you mean!" Armaan said angrily. He was angry at her and angry at himself for not being able to get that sight out of his mind….how could she do that???

"Dr Malik…..aap kya soch te hain, main aapke expressions nahin samajh sakti? Why don't you admit that you are aroused by me?" she came and stood next to him

"I am sorry Anjali ji….I have a professional relationship with you…..I have no other intentions….I am a happily married man and love my wife a lot….aap please koshish bhi mat kariye mere nazdeek aane ki.."

"Dr Malik…that is where you are mistaken! Anjali kabhie kisi ke nazdeek nahin jaati……log uske nazdeek aana chaahte hain…I respect you as a capable doctor….aap hi meri dosti aur respect ko galat samajh rahe hain….mera aisa koi iraada nahin hai," Anjali lied as she lit a cigarette, "cigarette?" she asked

"No…I don't smoke," Armaan answered angrily.

"Well, Dr Malik….aap apne dil ke andar jhaank kar dekhiye aur phir sochiye ki sach kya hai aur kya nahin….I am a friendly girl….bahut log meri dosti ko flirting samajh lete hain….I hope aap un logon mein se nahin hain," Anjali blew smoke rings in the air.

Armaan's heart told him that she was lying through her teeth…..what she did on the sofa was not a friendly gesture…..why was she interested in him?

Armaan finally said, "Good bye Anjali ji…see you in the OR…coffee phir kabhie pee loonga." He walked out.

Anjali had never been so humiliated by a man. The more Armaan ran away from her, the more she wanted him! Anjali was 25 years old and she knew that her days as a super star actress were numbered-may be a maximum of 5-7 years tops. She was used to a comfortable and glamorous life and wanted to continue living like this till she died. A plastic surgeon in Mumbai could mint a lot of money…she would never have to worry about her future if a Dr like Armaan could become hers…..she wanted him more than ever and she would do anything to get him!

Armaan sat in the limo, "Driver…please is address par chhod do mujhey"

Armaan made a call, "Muskaan! Please can I borrow your car tonight?"

Muskaan:" Car? Kyon kahin jaana hai? Raat ke 9 bajne waale hain…"

Armaan: "Muskaan…I need to go to Ramgarh tonight…car se main 4-5 ghante mein hi pahunch jaaoonga…train bahut time lagaati hai…."

Muskaan: "kyon sab theek hai na? Riddhima ki tabiyat kaisi hai? Abhi tho tumhey 2 hafte hi huye hain….tum tho keh rahe the 1 mahine baad jaaogey?"

Armaan: " PLEASE STOP ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS! I need to go to Ramgarh tonight and that's it…I NEED RIDDHIMA! Main uske bina nahin reh sakta Muskaan…I miss her terribly," he almost started crying on the phone.

Muskaan: "meri car tayyar hai….it's all yours Armaan" Muskaan knew that if Armaan had his mind set on leaving tonight, no one could deter him. She was in a way pleased, as she did not agree with Armaan leaving his wife in Ramgarh after the tragic incident.

Armaan took a deep breath, as this song plays in background:

"teri yaad" by Adnan Sami- a beautiful new song by him

here is the video:

Jab chandni barh kar
raaton pai chhaati hai) 2x
teri yaad aisay main
dil ko tarpati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.
(Qissay wo baharon kai
rangin nazaron kai) 2x
phir a ke sunati hai
aur hum ko rulati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.

Armaan picked Muskaan's car and drove like a maniac.

Itna to batao kya
yehi chaandni jaa kar
koi khuaab jagati
tum ko bhi satati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.
(Jab chandni barh kar
raaton pai chhaati hai) 2x
teri yaad aisay main
dil ko tarpati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.

He arrived Ramgarh around 3 am in the morning and headed for Padma's house.

(qissay wo baharon kai
rangin nazaron kai) 2x
phir a ke sunati hai
aur hum ko rulati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.
Kya baad-e-saba tum ko
jab chhu kar jaati hai
wo bitay dinon ki yaad
phir neend urdhati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.

"Kaun hai!" Padma answered the impatient knock on her door, "Armaan? Beta tum? Itni raat gaye? Sab theek hai na?"

(Jab chandni barh kar
raaton pai chhaati hai) 2x
teri yaad aisay main
dil ko tarpati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.
Jab yaad meri tumko
harwaqt rulaye to
har saans judayee ki
mushkil hojaye to
phir bhool ke sab baaten
mere paas lout aana
aur tordh ke sab natay
mere khuaab saja dena
phir lout ke mat jaana

"Nahin kuch bhi theek nahin hai maa….main Riddhima ko Mumbai le jaane aaya hoon…"

"Raat ke 3 baj rahe hain beta….jao oopar so jao uske saath…kal baat karte hain.." Padma said

(Jab chandni barh kar
raaton pai chhaati hai) 2x
teri yaad aisay main
dil ko tarpati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.
(qissay wo baharon kai
rangin nazaron kai) 2x
phir a ke sunati hai
aur hum ko rulati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.
Teri yaad aati hai.(3x)
dil ko tarpaati hai
Teri yaad aati hai.(3x)

"Nahin maa….main abhi wapas jaaoonga….kal ka intezaar nahin kar sakta main." Armaan insisted

"Theek hai beta….jao us se baat kar lo….ho sakta hai tumhey dekh kar kuch baatein kar le…jab se tum gaye ho….bilkul chup rehti hai."

Armaan ran upstairs and barged into her room

Riddhima stirred from the noise and turned her bedside lamp on, "kaun?"

Armaan walked inside and shut the door behind.

Riddhima had a big smile on her face, "Armaan tum?" she got out of bed, "lekin itni raat ko? Sab theek hai na?" her expression changed to that of a worried wife.

"Riddhima….main tumhey Mumbai le jaane aaya hoon….please chalo mere saath."

Riddhima's face lit up, "Mumbai? Zaroor….chalo kal subah chalenge."

"Subah nahin…abhi chalo mere saath!" Armaan insisted, "Riddhima…I miss you a lot…..main tumhare bina pagal ho jaaoonga wahan….I need you Riddhima…please na mat kehna."

Riddhima could not hold her tears and hugged him tightly, "tho kyon chhod gaye the mujhey akela? Main tho pehle bhi tumhare saath hi jaana chahti thi…..kyon chhod gaye the mujhey? Jaante ho kitni tadapi hoon main tumhare bina?" she crushed his shirt with her fingers and soaked his shirt with her tears.

Armaan hugged her tightly and showered her with a million kisses, "it is my fault Riddhima….mujhey ab ehsaas hua hai ki tumhare bina main kitna adhoora hoon…..I can't live without you jaan!"

Armaan pulled out her suitcase and packed her clothes and belongings. Riddhima changed up and was ready to go with her husband to their own nest, to start their new life…..their new life in a new city……

Padma heard the noises from upstairs and gathered Armaan must have convinced Riddhima to leave tonight itself.

Armaan and Riddhima saw Padma standing at the bottom of the stairs. They touched her feet as she gave her blessings to both of them, "jao beta….khush raho tum dono….aaj Riddhima ki sach much bidaai ho rahi hai ghar se……bhagwan tum dono ki raksha kare aur hamesha khush rakhe," she said tearfully.

Riddhima hugged her mom and sobbed loudly, "Maa…..main jaldi aapse milne aaoongi."

"Beti…..ab tu apne pati ke ghar jaa rahi hai…..wo hi tera ghar hai…..sadaa suhagan raho" she blessed them again as Armaan held Riddhima's hand to the car.

…to be continued….


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