Friday, 29 September 2017

PART 27:Ehsaas


"Riddhima….main tumhey kahin le jaana chahta hoon….chalo let's go," Armaan ordered

"Kahan jaa rahe hain hum?" she asked

"Tumhey yaad hai meri friend Muskaan? Uske paas ja rahe hain."

"OH Muskaan? I remember….she is very sweet….hamari shaadi mein bhi aayi thi…"

"Yes, she is my best friend….just like a sister."

"Jaanti hoon!" Riddhima smiled, as she recalled how jealous Riddhima had been of her when she did not know about her relationship with Armaan.

They were soon standing outside her clinic.


Armaan knocked on her door, "may I come in doctor sahiba!"

"Hey Armaan! Aao…aao," Muskaan gestured them to come in while she was on the phone

Armaan and Riddhima took a seat in her plush OB-Gyn office located in a suburban neighborhood of Mumbai.

"Hey Riddhima! Welcome to Mumbai! I am glad you are here," Muskaan hung up and walked upto Riddhima. They hugged each other and sat down.

"Tho Armaan, hamare gharib khaane mein kaise aana hua?" Muskaan asked

"Gharib khaana? Yeah right! You have a booming practice Aali….don't you kid with me ," Armaan commented as he admired her wood paneled office with Muskaan's degrees and certificates decorating the walls.

"Sab bhagwan ki meharbaani hai! Accha kya peeogey aap dono?" Muskaan replied

"Kuch nahin! Main apni wife ko tumhare hawaale karne aaya hoon," Armaan grinned at Riddhima. Riddhima was puzzled at his comment. "Muskaan…I want you to take care of Riddhima's health… know what happened a few weeks ago…..main chahta hoon ki tum jaisi kaabil doctor hi Riddhima ki gynaecologist baney, so that we can be better prepared next time."

Riddhima was a little surprised that Armaan never took her opinion or told her why he was bringing her here. She reasoned that Armaan was probably right: after all he wanted the best for both of them and he seemed to have full faith in his friend. Riddhima also liked Muskaan,so she just accepted Armaan's decision without any questions.

"Sure! That would be my pleasure….aao Riddhima let's go to the exam room," Muskaan got up and held Riddhima's hand.

Armaan's pager went off, "sorry guys…..lagta hai mujhey clinic jaana padhega…they need me there…..Muskaan can you drop Riddhima later?"

"Sure Armaan! I don't have too many appointments today, so Riddhima and I can enjoy a girls day out…BYE!" Muskaan reassured Armaan.

After examining Riddhima, Muskaan said, "Riddhima everything is fine… have completely recovered now….I don't anticipate any problems now……chalo Riddhima let's go and get our nails done."

Riddhima was amused, "nails? Mujhey tho ghar chhod do Muskaan."

"OH c'mon…we will have fun…we can go shopping too!" Muskaan picked her car keys and walked out.

Riddhima and Muskaan had a great time together that day. They got their manicures and pedicures done. Muskaan took Riddhima to her favorite hairdresser and asked her to cut Riddhima's hair more stylishly.

Riddhima was amazed at the result, "Wow Muskaan! Do you think Armaan would like it?"

"Riddhima! Tum har cheez mein Armaan ka approval kyon chahti ho? Do something for yourself sometimes….and yes, you look adorable in that hair style….Armaan aur bhi lattoo ho jaayega tum par….wo tho pehle hi diwaana hai tumhara!" Muskaan laughed as Riddhima just blushed at that comment.

Next they went to the mall. Muskaan encouraged Riddhima to buy some long skirts and matching tops, "you look great in skirts! You should wear them more often….ab tum Mumbai mein rehti ho… can wear whatever you want" Muskaan commented as Riddhima tried on several outfits.

Muskaan insisted on paying for everything, "NO NO Riddhima! You are like my little sister…..samajh lo tumhara late wedding gift hai…..Armaan is very dear to me….aur tum Armaan se bhi zyaada pyaari ho mujhey….so don't worry."

Riddhima hugged Muskaan and became a little emotional, "thanks Muskaan….Armaan is so lucky to have a friend like you… make me feel so special, especially when I am away from home."

"Wo tho hai…Armaan is a lucky man! He has the best friends and now a gem of a wife! Warna us Bandar ke kismat itni acchi thode hi thi!" They both laughed and walked out of the mall.


"Sir…aap aa gaye? Madam Anjali ka kai baar phone aa chukka hai…unki dressing mein thodi bleeding ho rahi hai…..she wants you to go there immediately," a nurse informed Armaan as soon as he reached the center.

Armaan knew he had to attend to Anjali immediately. He took a taxi and left for her house.

Anjali was in her bedroom, yelling and screaming at her servants and someone on the phone simultaneously. She saw Armaan at the door. She hung up and gave a dirty look to Armaan, "DR MALIK! What the hell is this? Yeh bandage kab niklega? I cannot breathe properly….and look at all this blood? What have you done?"

Armaan took a deep breath and entered her room, "Shaant ho jaaiye Anjali ji…aap jitna excite hongi…utna aapka blood pressure badhega aur bleeding bhi zyaada hogi…please calm down," he spoke in his most soothing voice. Over the years, he had learnt that he was able to soothe even the most violent and outraged patients with his calming voice.

Anjali calmed down and sat down.

Armaan unwrapped her bandage and checked out her wound, "it is perfect Anjaliji! Aap pareshaani mat lee jiye….just chill!"

Anjali was upset about the swelling on her nose and the unsightly bandage; that is why she had been screaming and shouting at everyone all morning.

Armaan sat with Anjali for sometime and made casual conversation with her. He was pleasantly surprised that Anjali was not coming on to him or trying to seduce him as usual. She was friendlier in a different way- she was more like a regular person with no starry airs or not trying to hide behind her glamorous identity for a change.

Armaan was amazed that Anjali was just not a dumb vixen as he had earlier thought. They were able to converse like two adults on various topics ranging from entertainment, politics to sports.

Armaan finally left his satisfied client and promised to check her again the next day.

After Armaan left, Anjali had an evil smile on her face, "so Dr Malik…..this is the way to get your attention? Well, aap Anjali ko jaante nahin hai…..she will catch her prey one way or the other."

Armaan reached home and was blown away by what he saw. Riddhima was dressed in a halter neck red top and a yellow long skirt with her new hair cut- she looked absolutely amazing!

Armaan could not take his off his adorable wife. He picked her up from her waist and lifted her top a little. He kissed her naval area and buried his face in her waist, "yeh Muskaan ki tho khabar leni padhegi……is rate se tho tum mujhey bilkul nikamma banaa dogi."

Riddhima giggled, "Armaan…it tickles…please neechey utaar do"

Armaan gradually slid her to the floor, pressing his body firmly against hers, "Mrs Malik…..mera katal karne ka iraada hai kya?" he said in a husky tone.

Riddhima circled her arms around him, "jo khud ghayal ho, wo kaise katal kar sakta hai," she crooned. Armaan could not resist himself and kissed her lips gently.

Armaan groaned in excitement and carried her to the bedroom.

"Armaan kya kar rahe ho? Tum jaante ho abhi main." Riddhima reminded Armaan about their abstinent period after the miscarriage.

"Muskaan ka phone aaya tha….she has given the green signal…ab tum mujh se bach nahin sakti….samjhi?" Armaan laid her on the bed. He gently caressed and kissed her everywhere; their desire for each other took over and drove them both into a frenzy of passions and emotions.

Afterwards, they both lay together in each other's arms. Riddhima rested her head on his chest, "Armaan…..thanks for taking me to Muskaan….wo bahut achhi hai."

"Yes she is!" he agreed

"Armaan…tumhari VIP patient ke kya haal hain?"

"Oh Anjali Rai? She is fine….just upset about her bandaged nose," he chuckled

"I guess, she does not like imperfection," Riddhima said as she traced circles with her fingers on his chest.

"I guess not! Mujhey yaad aaya……Dr Modi is throwing a big party for all his employees and spouses in 15 days. It is a big affair…..we both should go," Armaan kissed her hand.

"Big party? I don't know if I want to go," she replied

"OH c'mon Riddhima! I will be there….and ab tho tum Abhimanyu ko bhi jaanti ho….he will be there with his band….you can listen to them also," Armaan squeezed her tightly and stroked her hair.

"Theek hai….jaise tum chaho…," Riddhima consented softly


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