Thursday, 7 September 2017

Part 3:Ek Villain,

Previously: Riddhima felt Armaan's gaze on her, she couldn't deny that she was attracted to him but he was a player, she had to be careful.


Armaan tore his gaze away from her when he saw her looking at him. He still couldn't forget the slap that she had given him but however when he thought about it again, all the anger seemed to vanish, he was pretty much amused, no one had dared to do it before, maybe they all wanted to enjoy his company and fame.

"Armaan.." Jai called Armaan and he went to see what the matter was.
"Yeah..." Armaan asked and Jai explained to Armaan what he was expected to do in the upcoming scenes.

Riddhima was also lost in her thoughts when she heard Abhay's voice.
"I've heard you talking with Jai concerning our next scene..." he started and watched her expressions.

"Abhay, it's just that we have just met and it's too early for a kiss, that's all, I personally have no objections." Riddhima ended her sentence with a small smile.
"It's ok, I understand," Abhay gave her a comforting smile.

Armaan saw Abhay going towards her and he held his breath, Armaan couldn't concentrate on his work.

 Armaan gritted his teeth on seeing the two of them together , Riddhima had a charming personality and he regretted that he made a bad impression on the first day itself, he always thought of other actresses to be selfish s**** who only boasted their looks and never missed the opportunity to flirt but this girl was different.

"Everyone ready?" Jai asked, Armaan excused himself and went away from the shooting area.

Riddhima saw Armaan distancing himself from the shooting area, she wondered what was wrong with him, a while before, he was hell bent on getting his revenge but now...arghh, why did he even matter to her, that guy had misbehaved with her and she was concerned about him, she took a deep breath and concentrated on her next scene.

Abhay started enacting first and then Riddhima would enter.

"Riddhima, your scene," Jai said.

Rehaan (Abhay): "Ms Arohi, It was against my will to have you in this case but since the higher officials have taken the decision then..."
Arohi (Riddhima): "You are still full of ego, you have not changed one bit since we met at the last year conference."
Rehaan: "I know what you are trying to do, if Abhi is caught then I would deserve all the credit, not you or anyone else,"

Rehaan threw Arohi a deadly look who returned him the same look,"Mr Rehaan, I also ought to deserve the same."
"Don't try me," Rehaan spat in anger.

Arohi raised her brows,"Oh really, what will you do?"

Rehaan snaked his hand around her waist and turned her so that her back is facing the camera.


Jai shouted and rushed where Riddhima and Abhay were. When Abhay had encircled her waist, , she hadn't still forgotten about her little "moment" with Armaan and she felt awkward when she felt Abhay's hands on her and as she was still lost in her thoughts, she unknowing removed his hands.

"Riddhima, any problem"
"No Jai, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." She rubbed her forehead.

"We'll have a five minute break and we'll shoot again after that." Jai stated.

Riddhima was annoyed at herself, she spoilt the shot, everything was going well but that Armaan couldn't seem to disappear from her mind.

"Are you ok?" Abhay asked her.
"Yeah, I'm really..."
"No need to apologise it happens," Abhay said before going the green room.

Riddhima really needed to relax. She went to the washroom and splashed some water on her face. She did feel better after that and made her way to the shooting area but she stopped in her tracks when she Armaan appeared in front of her.

"So how did your shot go?" he asked with a small smile.


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