Monday, 11 September 2017

Part 5 :Ek Villain

Previously:  "Let's meet at starbucks tomorrow." Armaan said.
"Fine." Riddhima threw her phone on the bed and swore Armaan.

Next day,

J&A productions, 13.00,

Riddhima opened the door which led to the green room. She had just finished shooting for a sequence. She wanted to be alone for some time but to her surprise, Armaan was already over there. He was busy with his phone and he did not see her walking in.

She sighed and went far away from him and sat down on a sofa. Armaan whose attention was on his phone, heard her walking with her heels. He slowly lifted his head and looked at her. Riddhima felt his gaze on her, she also looked at him. She was really angry at him for what happened in the morning.


10.00 a.m,

Riddhima entered the sets with her shades on. Jai was already over there and he was discussing with the producer about some things.

Riddhima greeted Jai and went to her make-up room to get ready, they had a outdoor shooting today near the sets.  She was still thinking about the phone conversation that took place between her and Armaan yesterday. Did he really want to change? Was he really regretting what he did? She could give him a chance afterall, everyone deserves an opportunity to try and make amends.

She looked at herself in the mirror one last time and made her way out of her make-up room.
Riddhima saw Armaan going through the scripts, as soon as he saw her, he gave her a smile. She smiled back at him and walked towards him, "Hi,"

"Hey Riddhima, "
Both of them looked at each other not knowing what to say, their moment was disturbed when Abhay entered the scene," Hello guys,"

Armaan fisted his hand, why did that guy have to come at wrong moments? There was history between him and Abhay and he did not want that to come back and haunt his present. There had been a time when he and Abhay were like brothers but that time was gone. Now, both of them behave like strangers, as if they don't even know each other and the fact that both of them were close was unknown to everyone.

Riddhima's voice brought Armaan out of his trance, "Hi Abhay,"
"Riddhima, if you are free this afternoon, we could hang out somewhere,"
Jai who was also there joined in too," Yeah, we all could go out and chill, we have been working like maniacs and it will be a treat from my side."

Riddhima opened her mouth to say something but Armaan spoke before her," Sorry Jai, I and Riddhima have a date this afternoon," he smirked when he finished his sentence and looked at everyone's expressions. Riddhima looked like she wanted to bury him alive.Jai was shocked at first but then he laughed, "Oh, you are dating, that's great news!"

Abhay too smiled,"Riddhima, I thought that we were friends and you did not even tell me about this." He pouted.

"There is nothing like this, seriously it's only a..." Riddhima started, she was furious at Armaan, how could he say that it was a date.

"No need to be shy Riddhima, it's a great thing, and we can also promote our film by using this." Jai said.

Armaan winked at her while placing his arm around her shoulder. Jai and Abhay left both of them alone, as soon as they were gone, Riddhima pushed his hand away and pointed her finger at him,"Mr. Armaan Mallik, you can go on your date alone today because I won't be coming along with you."

Armaan knew that she would do this,"Riddhima, I admit that I should not have told them that it was a date but they were all planning to go somewhere and I did not want our coffee plan to be ruined that is why I said that." Armaan felt all his plans going down the drain when Abhay mentioned about hanging out and Jai too butted in, even if he said that it was only them going for coffee, the rest would have joined in so he dramatized and added about the date so as to spend some time alone with her.

"I don't care about all off that , you can just take your date and go to hell!" Riddhima fumed and joined Jai for her next shoot.

End of flashback,

Armaan slowly made his way towards Riddhima while Riddhima did not bother to look at him.

"What d you want now?"she said bitterly.
"I know that you don't want to come but you had promised and a promise is a promise,"
She looked at Armaan, well he seemed to be sincere about what he was saying,"Ok, fine, I''come with you but you must clear all the misunderstandings."
"Ok, I will," Armaan said as he forwarded his hand towards her. Riddhima looked at his hand and then looked at him, she hesitantly placed her hand in his.

14.30, @ a coffee shop,

"I don't believe this Armaan, you booked the entire place."

"What's there to be so shocked? If people see us together, there will be more rumours that's why I booked the whole place so that we can have our privacy," Armaan stated as he pushed the door of the coffee shop and entered, Riddhima did the same after him.

They did not go to starbucks, they just went o a random coffee shop as starbucks is normally crowded so Armaan booked the entire place over here.

They sat down at a table and a waiter gave then the menu. Riddhima quickly glanced at it and said,"I'll have a cappuccino."

"Same here," Armaan said to the waiter who took the menu cards and went away.
Riddhima kept quiet and did not face Armaan at all.

"So, how are you?" Armaan asked her out of the blue, he could not think of anything else to say.
"What?" Riddhima was taken aback.

"I just asked if you are fine, in case you did not hear what I said," Armaan teased her.

"I heard what you said and I'm fine." She snapped back.

"Why are you so rude? I'm trying to be friendly and you are turning your back on me."

"I'm not rude and will you please stop talking, I'm having a headache. I'm already so stressed and on top of that you are asking me stupid questions!"

"I'm just trying to get to know you better that's all!" Armaan spat back. This time, he was tired of arguing with her. He just looked at the sea which could be seen through the glass window of the coffee shop.

The waiter came back and placed the cappuccinos on the table and left. Armaan took his cup carelessly but as it was hot, he let go of it and the coffee spilled on the table and fell on his hand too.

Riddhima quickly kept her cup back on the table and got up. She took his hand and blowed on it while blabbering," You should have been more careful."

Armaan watched her concern and unknowingly a smile formed on his lips.


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