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Part 5: Mere Paas Raho


When Muskaan suddenly woke up, she realised that she was lying in someone’s lap. She looked up in shock and saw Rahul sitting there in a very uncomfortable state. She didn’t intend to wake him up, but as soon as she moved Rahul opened his eyes. He saw Muskaan awake and was worried again.

R: Muski tu theek hai na. Tujhe kuch hua to nahi na? Us Atul ne tujhe haath to nahi lagaya na. Tu behosh kaise ho gayi thi. Dekh agar zara sab hi dard ho raha hai na, to please mujhse mat chupaiyo.
M: Rahuuulll. Tu chup karega. Mujhe kuch bolne bhi dega. Me bilkul theek hu. Mujhe kuch bhi nahi hua. Dekh tere samne to baithi hui hu. Mujhe kuch nahi hua. Saach me.

Muskaan tried to relax him. She knows that she was madly in love with him. But he never felt the same for here. For him she was always the best friend of his sister. But today she saw something strange in his eyes, as if he was worried for her. Muskaan knew that she shouldn’t make any hopes, so she pushed those thoughts away and gave a smile to him. But when she looked up she saw tears in Rahul’s eyes, which literally made her speechless.

M: Rahul…

Rahul cupped her face and put his forehead on hers.

R: Me tujhe aise dekh ke bohot dar gaya tha Muskaan. Aisa laga ke jaise meri saanse hi ruk gayi ho. Me tujhe is haal me nahi dekh paya. Tujhe aise is bed pe leta dekh, aisa laga ke meri saari duniya hi khatam ho gayi ho.
M: Kyu Rahul, tujhe aisa kyu feel hua.

Mukaan realised that even Rahul felt something for her and she wanted him to confess. She put her hands on his hands, which were on her face. Suddenly Rahul realised what he was saying. He looked at her in shock. How could he forget, that Muskaan was his little sisters best friend? he is not allowed to get in a relationship with her, she is too young for her. He took his hands away and saw only for a short time disappointment in her eyes, but it was soon replaced with anger. Rahul turned around, as he couldn’t look any longer in her eyes, he knows that he will get weak.

R: Kyunke tum meri behen ki dost ho
M: Saach me Rahul, tumhe meri itni fikar ho rahi thi, kyunke me sirf tumhari behen ki dost hu, or kuch nahi?
R: Nahi or kuch nahi.

By now Muskaan was fuming in anger. How could he still decline his love, his care for her. And it was not because she was only his sisters friend. She moved over to him and grabbed his arm and turned him around. Rahul was taken by surprise. How could Muskaan have so much strength?

M: Oh really Rahul, tu meri sirf isliye care karta hai, kyunke me Riddhima ki behen hu. Aur kuch nahi hai hamare beech me? Saach me.
R: Aur kuch nahi hai Muskaan.
M: Shayad tere liye nahi hoga, lekin let me tell you one thing Rahul. I love you.

Rahul was literally shocked as he heard her confession. His heart jumped in joy. He can’t believe, that he girl he is madly in love with, also loves him back.

M: Ha Rahul, yehi saach hai. I love you, me nahi jaanti ke yeh sahi hai ya galat, lekin me bas itna jaanti hu, ke me tujhse bohot pyaar karti hu pagal.

Then Muskaan got on her tip toes and planted a small kiss on Rahul’s lips. Saying that he was shocked would be an understatement. Even though it was just a small peck, Rahul felt aroused. Muskaan pulled herself back, she has her eyes closed, she has no idea how she would face him. But now she finally let it out.

M: Me bohot darr gayi thi Rahul, yeh sooch ke, ke me aaj marr jaungi. Aur tujhe yeh bhi nahi bata paungi ke me tujhse kitni mohabbat karti hu. Me darr gayi thi Rahul, ke shayad me tujhe kabhi phrise na dekh pau. Me bohot darr gayi thi, is khayal se, ke me apna pyaar pane se pehle hi kho dungi.

Just as Muskaan finished, Rahul grabbed her back and pushed her to the wall, and gave her a breathtaking kiss. He took all her pain through the kiss and gave her the feeling, that she will be always safe with him. He will never let anything cause her any kind of pain. Just as they broke the kiss, the smelt something burnet, and went out of the room, only to see riddhima sitting on the sofa, deep in her thoughts.

Rahul looked at Muskaan and she gave him a sign to go down and talk with his sister.

They all moved to the kitchen and started to eat the pasta. Riddhimas thoughts were always moving to Armaan in her room. She was really hoping that he will be fine. But the one thing she did not noticed was Muskaans stare at her. Muskaan was looking at her best friend.

As they all were eating, Muskaan thought to bring up the topic of the attack.

M: Wese Riddhima, aaj jo attack hua, us se me bohot darr gayi. Tera bhi bura haal ho gaya hoga na.
R: Hmm, darr to me bhi bohot gayi thi Muskaan, lekin shukar hai, ke Armaan sahi waqt pe aa gaye. nahi to pata nahi aaj kya ho jata.
Ra: Armaan, interessting name. Ab tum itni tareefe kar rahi ho uski, to us se to milna hi padega. Aur haa, mene faisla kar liya hai, ke tere liye new bodyguards arrange karneke.
R: Lekin Bhai…
Ra: No riddhima, me kuch nahi sun na chahta is baare me. Teri hifazat mere liye bohot zyaada important hai. Already mama papa ko kho chuke hai hum, lekin ab me tujhe nahi khona chahta. Aur wo bhi tak, jab ke Malliks out hai.
M: Wese Rahul, me sooch rahi hu, ke kyu na Armaan se puch le, ke wo riddhima ka bodyguard ban jaye.
Ra: Armaan, why he? Uske bare me to mujhe kuch zyada nahi pata. Lekin kyunke unse riddhima ki jaan bachai hai…to kyu na…
R: Kyaa, pagal hai muskii, nahi bhai, Armaan is baat ke liye kabhi nahi manega,

A: I don’t have problem with it

Everyone turned to the entrance and looked at Armaan standing there, in Rahul`s clothes. But Armaan was just starring at Riddhima, finally his plan is working. He would be able to be always with riddhima and make her fall in love with him. Then snatch everything away from Shashank Gupta. He moved over to the table, were everyone was sitting and sat beside Riddhima.

A: Mera name Armaan hai. Apni puri family to me kho chuka hu. Idhar udhar bhatak raha hu. Kahi rehne ki jagah dhund raha hu. Aur ab to meri chot bhi theek ho gayi hai.
Ra: to kya tum Riddhima ke bodyguard ban ne ko tayar ho? Phir tum Riddhima ke saath isi ghar me rahoge.
A: Yeh to aapki meherbani hogi, agar aap mujhe yeh nokri de denge.
Ra: Lekin pehle, me tumhara background check…

Armaan got a little bit tensed, as he realised what is Rahul planning to do. But Muskaan handled the situation.

M: Are Rahul, to kyu itni tension le raha hai? Agar armaan hume nuksan hi pohchana chata, to wo Riddhima ki jaan kyu bachata. Meri maan to, Armaan riddhima ke liye best hai. Aur uski body shody bhi hai. Wo riddhima ka aacha se khayal rakhe ga.
Ra: Chal tu keh rahi hai, to theek hai.

Armaan smirked and thought how dump they are. He looked at riddhima and saw her pouting face. He smiled and thought that he could kiss here right there.

Woaahhh slow down Armaan, yeh thought kaha se aa rahe hai. don’t forget ke tu kis maqsad se yaha pe aaya hai. Armaan thought to himself.

R: lekin bhai, aise kaise,..
Ra: kyu riddhima, dekh armaan ne teri jaan bachai, aur usko bhi ek naukri ki talash hai, aur wo yeh job karna bhi chahta hai. to isme problem kya hai?
R: lekin bhai…
Ra: Bas riddhima, me kuch nahi sun na chahta…

with that Rahul stood up and left the kitchen, soon Muskaan followd him too. leaving Armaan and riddhima alone in the kitchen. Armaan looked over to her, and saw that she was nervous. her hands were shaking. Riddhima on the other hand couldn’t stand the closeness between them. She has to protect herself. And every single piece of Armaan was calling out danger. She realised that she was starting to shake. and then suddenly she felt armaans hands above hers, which made her heart skip a beat. she looked over at him, and saw him looking into her eyes. Riddhima pulled her hands away from his hands and moved to the counter.

soon she felt a body behind her, she felt how two hands were moving to her waist. It made her breath stuck in her lungs. She knew it was Armaan, that’s the reason she felt so safe in his arms. Then armaan moved her hairs at one side and breathed out hot air on her neck, which made riddhima grab his hands on her waist. Then Armaan whispered in her ear..

A: room me jo kuch bhi hua, wo nahi hona chahiye tha. Lekin ek baat me bata du tumhe riddhima, I don’t regret this, not at all.

With that he gave her a wet kiss on her neck, and left from there, leaving riddhima in shock. Armaan left the kitchen with a smirk on his face, thinking how everything is working just perfectly fine out.

A: Watch out Shashank Gupta, Tere Barbadi zyaada dur nahi hai!!


with love Amna :)

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