Monday, 18 September 2017

PART 5 & 6 : Truly Madly Deeply

Ridhima eneterd the conference hall thinking about their last  encounter.She wasnt ready  to face him.She felt she didnt have the right to even be near him after making him go through so much.He wasnt there yet.He reached just before the conference was about to start.He didnt looked good.His steps was forced.He came there and took a sit next to her without a word.He was nursing a running nose and sniffing.She noted that he was trouble in breathing too.The conference started and she was forced to change the course of her attention to it.After one hour he excused himself by saying that he
was feeling sick and went to his room.She had to fight back an urge to go after him and check if he was alright.But she kept herself away from him.conference ended by 5.00 and they were suppose to go by 8.30 pm flight.And it was 7.She was about to check on him when she saw him with his bag's waiting for her in the lounge.They left for the airport and boared their plane.She noted that Arman was looking extremely pale and weak.His steps were slow.He somehow managed  to move.Through out the journey arman was coughing and sniffing.When they reached Arman called for a cab for ridhima and another one for him.
"Arman i think you need to go to dont look good...there is no one at home to take care of you.."
Arman looked straight into her eyes and replied
"i know.But im fine the way i am.You dont have to worry about me being alone.I was always alone..and i can live with it..bye dr."
He left for his home  without any further words.She stood there for a few seconds and left.
            Arman entered his house with staggering steps.He somehow made it to his paradise...where all their memories lay.
A man entered Arman's house using the spare key arman kept under the mat.He looked for Arman.When he couldnt find  so him he went to look for Arman.He found him lying in his bed clutching a photo of her.
"Arman wake up.."No response.
"arman .........arman.Finding no response he felt something was wrong.He checked his pulse ad immediately called for help.
Atul looked at Arman who was sleeping peacefully.He felt bad  for his best friend ,his brother.He knew about arman's return and ridhima's decision.He had come to join  sanjeevani.He wanted to meet Arman that's why he went to Arman's house but instead he found Arman with high fever.So he admitted him in the hospital.He had met Heena and they hit it off well.She was easy  to talk to.He had met Ridhima too.His return was welcomed both by seniors and interns alike.But the person he wanted to meet was still asleep.He sighed looking at Arman's condition.He was very thin and resembled a ghost...well handsome ghost....he smiled thinking.Heena entered the room and wished atul.She checked Arman and injected some medicine into his iv.
"hi Dr.atul...wanna get a coffee?
"i dont mind..and its formalities...........but Arman?
"oh dont worry about him...let him sleep...he looks so cute when he is sleeping na...
She said moving out.He joined smiling.
"he is cute and very handsome..."
"But too bad he is a khadoos."
"khadoos aur arman?what are you talking about?
they had reached cafeteria.After ordering coffee they continued their chit chat.
"Well Arman is the best person  if you want to enjoy you're time.he is such a prankster..for me a problem solver ...mere bhai..he was there for me when ever i needed someone.You have no ideas about the pranks he played.Nautanki ...i miss him.."
"you are talking about the same arman right?i mean the arman i know dont talk much,works all the time and yelled at me  when we met for the first time.Well he did apolagise after ...but still he is an introvert..not at all fun to be with..he hardly talks."
Atul knew what had changed Arman from happy go lucky guy to a khadoos according to heena.He decided to bring the old arman back.He needed a change.And he will do anything to bring happiness to arman's life.But deep inside atul knew that arman has lost his biggest happiness.his ridhima.But still he could try. Atul said"heena something happened in Arman's that changed him.I cant tell you much because it's not mine to tell...but will you help me bring back the old arman?
"do you even have to ask?im whats the plan?
"i dont have a plan.."
"ok thats the best plan"
"we will do whatever makes him happy"
"but now his health comes first.He did this to himself.You know what?He's been skipping meals...He didnt go home for 72 hrs once..first step is to get him out of his workholic ways.."
"well we  can think about it later.Now i think its time to go back to him.He might be up..."
"desperate to meet him?
"you are you know that?
"i know"
"argh...i dont blame arman for yelling at you.."
While bickering they noted that they have reached arman's room.But heena's pager beeped and she left.Atul enterd as he havent started his duty.He saw that Arman was still sleeping.He waited for him to wake up.Time passed.
Arman opened his eyes and wondered where he was.He was definitly not in his room.He tried to move and pulled the iv line in his palm.
"kya hua arman?
The voice was familiar.Was that champ?oh my god...before arman can say anything he was pulled into a bear hug.


After sometime Atul entered Arman's room with food for himself and Arman.Atul handed Arman his bowl with veg soup.Arman looked  at his soup and Atul's chicken pizza and raised his eyebrow.
"what?tum bimar he isliye veg soup for you.."
"i dont want his boring veg soup."
"no way Arman,you have to have this.."
This is when Heena entered with a tiffin in her hand.
"whats happening?"
"nothing.Arman is not having his soup."Atul said.
"Why i have to eat  this stupid soup?i dont like it."
"Well will  you like to have aloo parathas?Heena asked smiling.
"woh.aloo paratha?thats my favourite."said a happy arman.
She gave him her tiffin.He took one from her and started eating.Atul smiled at this.When he finished his paratha Heena gave him another which he refused.
"im full.not any more."he said.
"kya ?sirf ek and you're full?no way Dr.Arman Mallik."Heena said.
"no i said im full.not any more"
Before he could complete,His mouth was stuffed with a paratha piece.When he tried to argue
"but". another enterd.
"i.".this time it was  Atul.
"dont".Now it was Heena's turn.
Atul and heena took turns in filling arman's mouth with paratha everytime he tried to oppose..
At the end,Arman decided to stop argue,because there was no point in arguing coz he now resembled a gorilla.Heena laughed at him while taking his picture in her mobile.Atul laughed at a grumpy arman who was trying to swallow what was filled in his mouth.
"Arman you look like a chimpanzee..hihihi"Said Atul.
"woh Atul you are rhymes..champ ke chimp...hahaha"Heena was laughing at Arman who looked like he would kill them anytime now.
Atul stopped laughing when he saw Arman glaring at him.At the end they all laughed out.
Ridhima stared at the trio.She had came there to meet Atul and Arman.She turned and left from there.She had seen Arman and  Heena laughing together.Though she had choose to be Mrs.Modi,it still hurt to see him with another woman.She havent moved on a bit as she pretended.She tried to bury herself on her duties.
Few days later.Arman was back on duty.Sid was assisting arman in a case.Sid hated to be under arman.But since arman was behaving formaly with him he couldnt say anything.Arman asked sid to keep the pateint under observation.Arman had a surgery that day.So he briefed sid about patients status and went for the surgery.Sid went to check the patient  found him sleeping.So  he checked his case file.But while reading his attention turned to ridima as always.He smiled thinking about her.He was falling for her .Everything about her made him love her.He planned to take her out today.He took his phone and reserved a dinner for two in a restaurant.His attetion turned to his patient when he heard him crying out.The patient was in pain and seeing his condition sid panicked.He immediately gave the patient an injection.But after having the injection the patient was strugling to breath.
       Arman had finished his surgery and was coming to check on sid's patient.What he saw shocked him.The patient was struggling to breathe.He was having a siezure.he immediately went to him and asked
"what's wrong?he was stable...he checked his chart while shifting him to icu.He saw that sid had gven him an injection. Without wasting time arman gave the patient some injection and put oxygen mask to ease his breathing.He asked for a blood test to be done.All thus while sid was standing  beside arman shocked at what was happening.
After sometime patients condition became stable.Arman now turned his attention to sid.He asked him to come to his cabin.
"explain that dr.modi.."
"he said it was paining so i......."before he can complete arman said"you gave him a medicine which he was allergic to.."
"how careless can you be dr.modi?arman blasted.
"you should have read his case history...tumhare ek galati ke vaja se ek patient ka jaan katre mein he...what were you thinking?without reading his case you gave him a medicine which he lethal to him...this is not joke dr...if im right you dont have any other patient today..i asked you to take care of him...not put him in danger...a patient who was showing great progress is now in icu..........."
"i am sorry......"
"well you are dont get  to say sorry if something had happened to would have to answer to his family...what will you tell them?that i made a mistake that took youre loved ones life?how careless you can be dr.modi?
i'll inform dr.keerti..........aur ek baat aur.........if you  like to spent you're timeday dreaming,dont come to this hospital if you are to do this kind of mistakes....we cant afford to have these kind of mistakes."
sid was fuming.
"dont comment on my personal issues.......u dont have the right to talk to me like that..."
Arman's anger reached a very high level hearing this.
"oh my god you dont even feel that you have done anything were very keen on blaming others werent you.....accept you're mistake...apna galati mannne ke liya himmat chahiye.oh i're an irresponsible being who doesnt give a damn about his only care about...before arman could complete ridhima entered.she had come to discuss something with arman.she only heard arman scoldng sid,that too a little..she thought that arman was taking his anger out on sid. "enough arman!!!!..dont take out you're anger on sid....
"dr.modi stay out dont know........
"i know you are insulting him..and you have no right to  say that sid is irresponsible...atleast he wont run away from his responsiblity.."
Arman's heart pierced hearing this.He knew what ridhima was implying.He had left her.
Sid was happy to see Ridhima fighting for him against arman.His happiness had no boundary.He decided to play  innocent.He said"ridhima its okay.i........"
"no sid..he have no right to shout at you like that..he is taking his anger out on can you ?i never thought you will do something like this arman...tum uske career may problems create kyu kar rehe ho?tumitne gir kese sakte ho...
As always she was jumping into conclusions without any idea about the truth.
Srman was enraged.He said in dangerously calm voice...
"you think that im letting  my anger out on you're husband.fine. vaise hi you even know why i was scolding him?
it will be better if you stay out of dont know what happened".
"then tell me lisetning.."
"i dont have to explain my actions to you...neither you have the right to interfere in my work.."
"i'm not interfering ..i just wants to know........."
arman said to sid ignoring ridhima compltely.
"come to dr.keerti's cabin after duty.saying this he left.arman went to get the patients report.It confirmed his diagnosis.It was sid's fault.He went to dr.keerti's cabin.She was reading a report.
"yes dr.arman."
Arman told her about whole issue.He showed her the test result report too.He didnt mention ridhima's outburst.
"i dont want anyone to think that im taking my anger out on him..will you plz handle it?
"arman i'll handle it...dont worry..dr.sidhant needs to learn a lot from you......anything else Arman?
"no mam...thanks"
He left .He paged Atul and Heena that he was leaving.Usualy they went out together.But today he was not in a mood.So he went home.


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