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Part 6: Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima was still standing in the kitchen and thought about the happenings. Everything was going too fast and she must control it. She can’t fall weak. She won´t let her heart break once again. She knows that Armaan is dangerous for her. The way he is affecting her. The way he is getting in her mind, in her soul. This has to stop. But how? Now above all, he is also her bodyguard!!

Meanwhile Armaan went to Riddhima´s room and laid down. Even though the pain is better now, he still felt stings. He just laid down and wanted to relax. But as soon as he closed his eyes Riddhima´s face flashed in front of his eyes. He saw her innocent eyes with lots of tears and just the sight broke his heart in thousand pieces. He remembered when he saw her for the first time 2 years ago.

He was there with his brother Atul, to keep an eye on the Gupta family, when he suddenly saw her going to the tent. she was so beautiful and so flawless. her skin whiter than the snow and her lips redder than he has ever seen. He could tell that she was not wearing any make up, but still she looked like a goddess. Even without his permission his feet followed her, but he made sure that his face was covered, no one should be able to see him. He followed her to an tent, where she stood. As soon as he reached her, he could feel her tensed body and then he listened to the boys inside the rent, how they were making fun of Riddhima Gupta. Suddenly he got alert, and was hoping that this beautiful lady, who just stole his heart not even realising it, wouldn’t be Riddhima. Then all the boy turned around and called out riddhima. Armaan was beyond shocked. So that girl is riddhima. She turned around and was about to run away but she collapsed with him and felt down. He realised that she was crying and that was it for him. He felt a strange type of anger inside his body. He somehow tried to control it and offered her his hand to stand up. She looked up to him with hopes and took his hands. she stood up but he wasn’t ready to let go of her hand. He knew that she could not see him, but all he could see was an angel. He saw the tears falling down from his eyes and it felt like someone had beaten him up to death. Without even realising it, his hands moved to her face and removed the tears. He saw her closing her eyes and that made him smile. He didn’t know why but he just wanted to remove her pain, take all her pain away.

Suddenly she opened her eyes wide, as if she realised what is happening, she thanked him and run away from there. Even though she stuttered, he found it somehow cute. But then the realisation struck him. She is non-other than Riddhima Gupta. Niece of Shashank Gupta. He can’t forget his mission, he is here to take revenge. And then suddenly the boys mocking came to his mind. He turned around and was about to go to them, to beat the hell out of them for making Riddhima cry. But at the last moment Atul came and stopped him and took him away from there. When they were finally away from there and at a safe place Atul managed to get Armaan under control.

At: ARmaan tu pagal ho gaya tha kya? Tu waha pe kya kar raha tha? Hamara mission bhul gaya kya?
A: Nahi Atul, hamara mission me kaise bhul sakta hu? Un Guptas ki wajah se aaj hum barbad hue hai. Saza to unke milegi.
At: Good, bhai aap jaante ho ke yeh badla hamare liye kitna zyaada important hai. Mom Dad warna kabhi sukoon se nahi reh payenge. Mene dekha kaise aap us riddhima ki taraf dekh rahe the. Please bhai, yeh mat bhulo ke wo hamari dushman hai.
A: me jaanta hu atul, me aisa kuch nahi karunga, jis se aage jaake hume koi bhi problem ho. Abhi mujhe jaana hai.
At: kaha jana hai bhai?
A: kuch pending kaam hai, bas wohi compelte karna hai.

Armaan left Atul and got back to the tents where those boys where. He saw there them getting beaten up by some other random guys. He realised that one of the guys was Rahul Gupta. So he was Riddhimas brother. Even though he saw Abhimanyu beaten up, he wasn’t satisfied.

At that night, he went to the hospital where Abhimanyu was admitted and made sure that he wasn’t able to talk every again or to walk ever again. After all he is Armaan Mallik, he won’t let anyone even hurt the person just a little bit, who are close to his heart.

Armaan left from there and went back home. And the realisation made him angry, that how much he cared for Riddhima, he is not allowed to forget that she is his enemy. He wants to destroy them. All of them. Including Riddhima, but just the thought of hurting her, made his chest pain.

Today as he saw her sitting next to him, made him forget all his pain. Everything was so perfect. He could easily live with her the whole life. Just being with her. Armaan opened his eyes with shock as he realised where his thoughts were going. He sat up with anger in his eyes.

A: me tumhe aur tumhari family ko destroy karke rahunga Riddhima Gutpa. Tumhari in masoom si aankho ka mujhpe koi asar nahi hone wala. Sab jaanta hu me ke tum aur tumhari family kaise ho. Pehel apni meethi meethi baato me phasa ke, bad me insaan se uska sab kuch cheen lete ho. nahi maaf karunga me kabhi bhi tum sab ke us gunaah ko, jo tumhare uncle ne kiya tha. Aur kyunke tum unki niece ho, to automatically tum bhi us gunah me shamil ho. Apni barbadi ke liye tayar rehna Riddhima.

Late at night as everyone was sleeping Armaan snuggled out of the house to see his brother Atul. Its been two days since he was by the Guptas, and now he was worried because of his brother, as Riddhima has stabbed him. As soon as he reached their hidden place he went inside and saw Atul standing in front of his parents Picture.

A: Atul, tu theek hai na.
At: aree bhai aap yaha?

Atul turned around and was happy to see his brother, whom he missed a lot. After his parents death, armaan was his father and also his mother. Atul went to Armaan and hugged his brother.

A: Tu kaisa hai, zyada takleef to nahi ho rahi na? Mujhe nahi Pata tha ke riddhima tujhpe aisa attack karegi.
At: Nahi bhai, galti meri thi.
A: matlab?
At: Bhai aapne kaha tha na ke Riddhima to takleef nahi pohchani. lekin mene aapki baat nahi mani, aur riddhima ke saath batamizi ki, aur usko thapar bhi mara. I am sorry bhai, pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha, me bohot gusse me tha. Aur mene gusse me aapki baat bhi bhula di. I am sorry Bhai.
A: Ainda se aisa mat karna Atul, hume Shashank Gupta se badla lena hai, aur wo hum kisi bebas ladki pe apni takat azma ke nahi karenge. Aur Mama Papa bhi is baat se khush nahi hoenge.
At: I am sorry bhai, ainda se me is baat ka khayal rakhunga. I promise.

Armaan hugged Atul again and made sure that he is fine. Then he told Atul about the happenings in Gupta house. He informed him that he is the new bodyguard of Riddhima and will be staying with her all the time now. Then armaan and atul bid bye and armaan left from there.

When he reached back home he saw riddhima sitting outside of the house. All alone. Suddenly he was tensed and got angry. How irresponsible is that girl? How could she sit her all alone, and that also at night. He went to her and stood in front of here. Riddhima looked up to the person who was standing in front of her and she realised that it was armaan. She smiled to him, but couldn’t hide the tears in her eyes. Armaan saw the tears and automatically felt sorry for her. he sat beside her. and they both didn’t utter a word. They were just looking at the sky in the silence. After sometime riddhima broke the silence.

R: thank you.
A: kis liye?
R: Meri jaan bachane ke liye. Aur kuch na puchne ke liye.
A: Tumne bhi to meri jaan bachai hai na? Rahul aur Muskaan kaha pe hai?
R: Bhai apne ghar chale gaye, aur muskaan bhi unke saath gayi hai, unhone kaha tha ke wo muskaan ko uske ghar drop kar denge…
A: ohhh…
R: armaan tumhe yeh bodyguard ki job nahi karni chahiye thi. Me tumpe boj nahi ban na chahit.
A: isme boj ki kya baat hai riddhima,…
R: armaan tum samajh kyu nahi rahe ho? tum yeh job nahi kar sakte…
A: kyu nahi riddhima, koi to reason hoga…
R: reason hai Armaan, lekin tum nahi samjhoge…
A: to samjhao mujhe riddhima…

Armaan got scared, he couldn’t lose the job. He has to stay here to take revenge. His plan is not allowed to fail.

R: Tumhari Aankhe…
A: what? (Armaan was literally confused)
R: tumahri aankhe mujhe kisi ki yaad dilwati hai
A: kiski?
R: us insaan ki, jisne 2 saal se mera peecha nahi chora, me nahi jaanti ke wo koun hai, kya karta hai, kaisa dikhta hai, lekin 2 saal pehle usne mujhe apne haath diya tha utne ke liye, aur mere aansu ponche the, tab se samjho ke wo mere ander hi sama gaya hai…
A: ohhh

Armaan was speechless, that riddhima could still remember him, that she hasn’t forgotten about him.

A: lekin me problem ko nahi samjha…
R: problem yeh hai ke jab bhi tum mere kareeb aate ho…to aisa lagta hai ke duniya me koi problems hi nahi hia. sab kuch theek hai, koi problem hi nahi hai…
A: riddhima…
R: nahi armaan, aisa nahi hona chahiye, mujhe aisa nahi soochna chahiye. Mujhe aisa soochne ka haq nahi hai…

By now riddhima was again crying. Armaan moved forward to wipe her tears but riddhima stood up from there, it hurt armaan but he ignored the feeling.

R: mujhe aisa nahi soochna chahyie, kyunke…
A: kyunke..
R: kyunke me already ek baar dhoka khaa chuki hu, aur agar ab mene dhoka kahya to me bilkul tut jaoungi...
A: riddhima…
R: nahi armaan aap samajh nahi rahe ho, meri shaadi hone wali hai, sid ke saath, kuch he weeks me hamrai engagement hai. Aur ek taraf wo larka hai jisne meri raato ki neende chen li hai, jisko me har jagah dhundne ki koshish karti hu, aur ek taraf tum ho, jiske kareeb aate saath me sab kuc bhul jaati hu, aise ke jaise kabhi kuch galat ho hi nahi sakta, tumhare kareeb hone se mujhe kisi cheez se dar nahi lagta,…
A: tumhe sabse zyaada mujhse darna chahiye riddhima…
R: i know armaan, me jaanti hu ke tum mere liye theek nahi ho, tum alread itne pain se guzar rahe ho, abhi tumne apni wife aur baccho ko khoya hai, aur me yaha pe ek slut ki tarha...

The word slut made armaan see red, how could she call herself a slut, she is anything but a slut…he moved to her and grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards himself. Riddhima saw his red eyes and got scared.

A: how dare you call yourself a slut…
R: armaan me…
A: shut up riddhima,
R: to me apne bare me aur kya soochu? wo larka jiski sirf aankhe mene dekhi, unse aisa jadu kiya hai mujhe, or tum? Tumhare pas mujhe itna safe mehsoos hota hai, jaise kahi nai. Aur me apni saachai kaise bhul sakti hu, ke me sid ki hone wali biwi hu.
A: tum slut nahi ho, let me show that…

armaan pulled her closer. Every hair on her body shot up. her heart is beating on her rib cage. Every muscle in her body tenses up so tight the everything just stopped. Nothing worked anymore. She couldn’t breath, she couldn’t move. He froze her under his stare. Armaan forced her to look at him.

A: tum is duniya ki sabse khubsoorat larki ho. Mene jab pehli bar tumhe 2 saal pehle dekha tha, tabhi mujhe ehsaas ho gaya tha ke tum special ho. Pata nahi kyu me tumhari or khicha chala gaya. Aur jab us Abhimanyu ne tumhare insult ki, to mujhse raha nahi gaya. Haa riddhima, wo me hi tha, jisne tumhe us din apna haath diya tha, jisne tumhare aansu ponche the. Aur me aaj bhi tumhari aankho me aansu nahi dekh sakta.

Tears found their way through riddhimas eyes. Armaan wiped them away. Riddhima looked away and tried to free herself of his arms. But he is too strong and he held her in place.

R: wo tum the, lekin tumne mujhe batana zaroori nahi samhja…
A: riddhima..

He put his hands on her face and riddhima closed her eyes. He makes her forget all her stress, all her worries, and pressure. She placed her hands on his arm. She saw him looking at her hands and saw his eyes turning every darker if it is possible.
And then he bent over. He placed his lips on hers and fits them perfectly. Riddhima had dreamed of this days very often, but the reality felt even more better. She didn’t know what to do as she was new to this. So armaan to the control. She put her hands on his chest and in response he wrapped his arms around her waist. he pulled her closer to him so that he almost fell over him. He deepened the kiss till riddhima can’t breath. He made her feel wanted, understood and above all loved. Armaan was holding her in his arms so tightly as if he never wants to let her go. He cant lose her, he just cant.

Riddhima pulled her hands up to his neck when he pulled her into him automatically. He starts torturing her, when he starts doodling on her back with his fingers. Her brain doesn’t even know what is happening, but her body lets him do whatever he wants to do.

Then armaan realised what he was doing and pulled away and stared into those eyes to read her emotion. Riddhima just stood there. They both listened to their breaths.

A: tum kehti ho na ke tumhe mere sath safe feel hota hai. Tum galat ho riddhima, tumhe is duniya me sab se zyaada mujhse darna chahyie. Me tumhe barbad kar dungi. Aur sahi kaha tha tumne, Tumahri sid ke saath shaadi hone wali hai, so better tumhe uspe concentrate karna chahyie.

with that armaan left her there and moved inside her house and slammed the door shut. Riddhima just stood there and couldn’t believe what just happened. as soon as the door closed, she felt her tears fall down.

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