Sunday, 17 September 2017

Part 6:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima quickly kept her cup back on the table and got up. She took his hand and blowed on it while blabbering," You should have been more careful."
Armaan watched her concern for him and unknowingly a smile formed on his lips.

Riddhima met his gaze and a shy smile crept on her face. Armaan got up from his chair and walked towards her slowly, Riddhima backed away and slowly got out of the coffee shop. Armaan followed her and they were now on the beach, but Riddhima was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, someone felt someone tap him on his shoulder, it was no one other than Riddhima, Armaan smiled and hugged her.

(Tu Zaroori from Zid)

Riddhima: Aisa laga mujhe pehli dafaa
Tanha main ho gayi yaara  (They slowly came out of the hug, Riddhima ran away from him with flushed cheeks and Armaan attempted to catch her)

Riddhima: Ho.. aisa laga mujhe pehli dafaa
Tanha main ho gayi yaara
Hoon pareshan si main
Ab ye kehne ke liye
Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko zinda rehne ke liye
Ho.. tu zaroori (tu zaroori)
sa hai mujhko (sa hai mujhko)
zinda rehne ke liye (zinda rehne ke liye) (She saw Armaan coming behind her and she bent down and splashed water on his face, and pointed her tongue at him ,Armaan also splashed water on her and he finally caught her in his arms and he lifted her in his arms)

Armaan: Aisa laga mujhe pehli dafaa
Tanha main ho gaya yaara
Hoon pareshan sa main
Ab ye kehne ke liye (Armaan started singing while placing her hair behind her hear and giving her a kiss o her forehead to which she smiled)

Armaan:Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko zinda rehne ke liye
Ho.. tu zaroori (tu zaroori)
sa hai mujhko (sa hai mujhko)
zinda rehne ke liye (zinda rehne ke liye..) ( Armaan slowly crawled his hand around her waist and dug his head in her neck while inhaling her fragrance, Riddhima's eyes were closed as she felt contended with the amazing feelings she was experiencing right then.)

Armaan: Dhadke aankhon mein dil mera
Jab qareeb aaun tere ( They walked further on the beach and laid in the sand with Armaan on top of Riddhima, he looked at her lips and came closer to her but she pushed him away, with a playful smile, and she stood up but Armaan held her wrist and pulled her to him)

Riddhima:Mm.. dekhoon main jab bhi aaina
Haan tu hi roobaroo rahe mere ( Riddhima was in his lap and she slowly traced his facial features and placed her head on his chest.)

Armaan: Ishq ki mauj mein aa
Aaja behne ke liye ( Armaan placed his hand on her chin and stared at her eyes while she lowered her eyes)

Riddhima& Armaan: Tu zaroori (tu zaroori)
sa hai mujhko zinda rehne ke liye
aa.. tu zaroori (tu zaroori)
sa hai mujhko (sa hai mujhko)
zinda rehne ke liye (zinda rehne ke liye)
Tu zaroori..  ( Armaan slowly moved closer to Riddhima while looking at her lips, Riddhima did not protest this time. Armaan broke their eye lock and looked at the sunset and he focused back on her and he met his lips with hers as the scene faded out)

"Armaan! " Riddhima was trying calling Armaan since the past few minutes but he was lost somewhere. She sighed and tried for the last time, "Armaan!"

Armaan came back when he heard his name and he was confused at first with his surroundings but then he realized that the song had been a part of his imagination and in real, they were still in the coffee shop and Riddhima had an irritated look on her face.

"Uh, Sorry to keep you waiting Riddhima, let's make a move." Armaan said while rubbing his forehead and slapping a bundle of notes on the table where they were. Riddhima followed him to his car and they got inside.

Riddhima finally broke the silence between them," Armaan, why are you doing all of this?"
"Riddhima, I really have no idea, I gave you a bad impression of me when we first met but I sincerely regret that. I thought that you were like the other b*tchy, arrogant actresses who just threw themselves on good-looking and rich actors but you are different and I wanted to bury the hatchet between us and make a fresh start."Armaan said with honesty in his eyes and Riddhima was touched by his words. She believed him and decided to let go of the past between them.

" I do believe you Armaan, so friends? She said while forwarding her hand towards hem, Armaan smiled and replied,"Friends."

Armaan started the engine  and during the journey, it was still quiet but Armaan was relieved. Riddhima was no longer confused about his personality, she trusted him, he had honestly tried to make for his mistakes and she appreciated that. After some time, he dropped Riddhima at her house and waved her goodbye.

Riddhima made her way inside her apartment and after locking the door to her room, she smiled as she thought about her day with Armaan.


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