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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Part 7: Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima was standing alone in the cold and thought about the happening. About the kiss, about Armaan’s confession. So, he was the guy, whom she met 2 years ago. Who stood by her side and wiped her tears. A smile appeared on her lips. She was very happy that Armaan is the very same person. And she still feels attracted to him. But then she thought about Armaan’s reaction after the kiss. How he left from there and slammed the door. Did he regret it? Didn’t he like it? Did she do
something wrong. All those question were running in her mind and making her confuse. Soon the smile left her lips. She just had no idea what to do or to think. One side there was something she felt for Armaan but couldn’t point out. And on the other side, there was her upcoming wedding with Sid. Never in her life, she had felt that much uncomfortable.

In the meanwhile, Armaan moved inside the house and was fuming in anger. How could he let the things slip out of his hands? How could just a kiss affect him in such a way, that he forgot everything around him. All he could think was Riddhima’s body pressed to his. And just one thought was running in his mind, to make her his. To take her right on the spot. His thoughts were killing him.

Aisa kya hai tum me Riddhima. Kyu tum mujhe itna affect kar rahi ho. Nafrat karna chahta hu me tumse, lekin jab bhi tum mere samne aati ho, to saare khayal nikal jaate hai dil se. Nafrat ki aag, Mohabbat ki aag me badal jaati hai. Khud ko tumhare kabil banane ka dil karta hai, sirf tumhari khatir. Tum kyu mujhe mere maqsad se dur kar rahi ho. Me aisa nahi hone dunga. Mujhe tumhe rokna hoga. Tum mere itne kareeb nahi aa sakti, lekin us se bhi zyada mujhe khud ko rokna hoga. Tumhare saamne aate hi, me sab kuch bhul jaata hu. Mujhe tumse dur rehna hoga. Lekin agar me tumhare kareeb nahi aaya, to mera mission kaise complete hoga. Nahi mujhe tumhare kareeb ana hoga, lekin tumhare kareeb ane ke chakkar main, me khud ko nahi kho sakta hu.

Armaan moved to the window and saw riddhima still standing on the same spot, she was lost in her thoughts and he could easily read her pain on her face. He felt extremely sorry for her and somehow her pain caused him pain too.

I am sorry Riddhima, me tumhe dard nahi pohchana chahta. Me jaanta hu ke tum is waqt kya sooch rahi hogi, lekin nahi, mene ek second me regret nahi kiya. Wo pal mere liye sab se khubsoorat pal tha meri zindagi ka. Lekin saath saath mera haq nahi hai is pal pe, kyunke me yaha badle ke liye aaya hu. Bas aur kuch nahi. Tum galat nahi ho Riddhima, aur na hi me galat hu. Bas halat kuch galat hai. Kaash ke tum Shashank Gupta ki niece na hoti. To Khuda ki kasam, me duniya ki saari khushiya tumhare qadmo me laake rakh deta. Tumhare liye apni jaan bhi qurbaan kar deta. Lekin Afsoos, ke tum us shaitan ki niece ho. I am sorry Riddhima, jaane anjaane me me tumhe bohot hurt kar raha hu. Umeed hai ke ek din tum mujhe zaroor Samjhogi.

With that armaan left to the guest room and laid on the bed for a sleepless night. He heard how riddhima got in the house and into her room. Everything was so quiet. After some hours Armaan’s sleep got disturbed by his phone. He checked it and it was Atul. Suddenly Armaan was wide awake. He had forbidden Atul to call him on this number, only if there is an emergency. Armaan knew that something was wrong. He picked it up on the second ring.

A: kya hua Atul, sab theek to hai.
At: Nahi bhai, bata nahi Shashank ko kaise hamare ghar ke bare me pata chal gaya, waha jaha pe Megha rehti hai. Us ghar me abhi bomb blast hua hai.
A: KYAAA, Megha, wo.
At: Wo theek hai Bhai, wo us waqt ghar me nahi thi, wo ghar ke bahar thi, lekin usko injuries aayi hai. Me uske hospital leke jaa raha hu.
A: Nahi Atul, agar Shashank ko pata chal gaya hai, ke humara ghar kaha pe hai, to I am sure usne hospital me bhi securities lagwai hui hongi. Tu ek kaam kar, Megha ko leke dusre Hospital me ja. Me abhi aata hu.
At: Nahi bhai, aap mat aana, warna hamara missin adhura reh jayega.
A: Meri behen ko meri zaroorat hai Atul.
At: Bhai me hu Megha ke saath. Aap galti se bhi mat aana, Shashank yeh nahi jaanta ke Armaan Mallik koun hai aur kaisa dikhta hai. Aap uske samne nahi aa sakte bhai.
A: Meri baat Megha se karwa Atul.
At: Bhai wo is waqt behosh hai.
A: Atul us ka khayal rakhna. Aur tujhe pakka pata hai yeh Shashank ne hi karwaya hai?
At: Jee Bhai, mere detective ne mujhe bataya, yeh ghatiya kartut Shashank ke hi hia. Bhai kuch bhi ho jaye, lekin badla liye beghair wapis mat aana.
A: Tu fikar mat kar Atul, is bar Shashank ne had par kar di hai. Us waqt me apne mama baba ko nahi baha paya kyunke me chota tha, lekin agar ab meri behen ko kisi ne bhi sara sib hi takleef di na, to me uski hasti mita dunga.
At: Khatam kar do Shashank ko aur uske saare parivaar ko, jaise usne hamare mama baba ke saath kiya tha.
A: tu fikar mat kar Atul, jab tak me badla nahi le leta, me chain se nahi baithunga. Aacha sun, tu mujhe inform karta rehiyo, aur jaise hi time mila, me jald aunga. Megha ka bohot khayal rakhiyo. Agar usko kuch ho gaya, to me apne aap ko maaf nahi kar paunga.
At: Aap fikar na bhai, jab tak aapka saya hum dono ku upar hai, hum dono ko koi chuh bhi nahi sakta. me apko inform karta rahunga.

Armaan hung up and changed Atul’s name in Friend. He cannot take risks, not now. Armaan stood up and went to the window, he thought about his past, his time with his siblings. He was always there for them, as a father and as a mother. Especially for Megha, their little sister. She was only 2 when the tragic incident happened. All the hardship they went through, all the struggle. And how the bomb blast. If anything would happen to Megha, Armaan would literally kill Shashank with his bare hands. Armaan got back to the bed, but obviously he couldn’t sleep at all. He thoughts were all the time by Megha. Even he did not know when his eyes closed. And he was transferred back to the tragic incident. As if he was reliving it again and again. He had very often those dreams, he never saw the whole incident, but just some terrible scenes. Which he can’t remove out of his mind.

Flashback (Dream)
Armaan was in his room and suddenly he heard his mother cry out loud. Armaan was shocked like hell and he run down where his mother was. Before he could reach her, he saw some guys there, including his Mamu Shashank. He saw his mother crying. No one noticed him, as he on the staircase.

Ananya: Bhai aap yeh kya kar rahe ho? Aur yeh sab koun hai?
S: tere saath yehi hona chahiye tha, meine tujhe kaha tha ke tu us billy ke saath shaadi mat kar, humare khandan ki izzat kharab kar di tune, ab pashta.
A: bhai, behen hu me aapki, aap aisa kaise kar sakte ho mere saath?
S: marr gayi thi tu mere liye, us hi din, jis din tune us billy se shaadi ki thi.

With that Shashank turned around and looked at his mans. Ananya was crying all the time.
Shashank gave his goons the signal and left from there. Then all the mans there started to beat Ananya. They were so cruel, that the also ripped her clothes and started to beat her with belts. Armaan was all the while seeing this. He was shocked to death, as he wanted to reach to his mother, to help her, Ananya saw him and shock her head slightly, so only Armaan understood her gesture and stood there and watched his mother been beaten. He couldn’t stand her shouts so he closed his ears and cried bitterly. When he again looked at his mother, he saw some man’s pointing guns at her. As the man shot her in her belly, Armaan couldn’t hold it back anymore.

A: Maaaaaaa

All the mans looked at her, and Ananya shouted with the left energy.

Ananya: Armaan bhaaagggg…

Hearing this all the man shoot Ananya with lots of bullets. All Armaan could see was his mother lying in her own blood. He was there but he wasn’t able to help her. Everywhere he looked, he only saw his mother’s face and body covered with blood.

Flashback ends

Armaan woke up terrified and shouted out of his lungs.

A: Maaaaa

Riddhima was in her room when she suddenly heard Armaans voice. She woke up very fast and run over to his room. She went in, without even knocking and saw Armaan all wet with sweat trying to catch his breath. Riddhima couldn’t hold herself back, so she ran over to him and hugged him very tightly. At first Armaan was shocked, but soon he recovered and hugged her back. He tried to normalise his breathing.

R: Armaan, shhh, kuch nahi hua, bas ek bura sapna tha. Tum theek ho. Kuch bhi nai hua. Tum yahi pe ho mere pas.
A: riddhima, unhone, unhone meri maa ko maar diya.
R: i am so sorry Armaan,

Riddhima hugged him more tightly. she patted his back and tried to sooth his pain. She knows what it felt like growing up with no mother and father. She didn’t say anything, but just hugged Armaan very tightly. The first time in a very long time, Armaan felt very safe. He finally found a shoulder to lean on and let all his pain out. He felt safe with her. The way she is patting his back, its like someone is taking all his pain away. The pain he had buried in his heart for a very long time. As Riddhima realised that his breathing got normal, she tried to get out of his hold, but Armaan held her more tightly. He laid back on his bed, with riddhima on top of him. Riddhima looked at him with wide eyes, but as soon as her eyes landed on his, she took a sharp breath. Never has she seen eyes holding so much pain and grieve. She could basically read the question in Armaan’s eyes so she just nodded her head in agreement. Armaan then turned her around, so she was lying on the bed and he was almost above her. he put his hand on her waist and pulled her closed.

He knew that this is wrong, but he needed it right now. He needed her comfort. He needed this feeling, that he is safe. That there is no worry. That he could live a normal life. that he could breath, without the feeling, that he should be the one dead, not his mother or his father.

Riddhima didn’t say anything. She knew that armaan needed her right now, more than anything. So she just kept quiet and let him be. Armaan hid his face in her neck and inhaled her fragrance. Riddhima put her hands in his hair and caressed them. Armaan was all the while moving his hands on her waist.

After sometime when riddhima didn’t felt any movement of Armaan, she tried to get out of his hold. Just as she was about to move, armaan tightened his arm around her waist and whispered in her ear.

A: mujhe chor ke mat jao riddhima, please. Me yeh dard akela nahi seh paunga.
R: Me yahi pe hu Armaan, me tumhe chor ke nahi jaungi, kabhi nai

riddhima then felt something wet on her neck, she new that it was armaans tears. So she turned her face to him and cupped his face. She looked deep into his eyes and wiped his tears.
Armaan never felt this much loved ever. This girl was getting into his skin and he loved every bit of it. and he was very glad that she didn’t force him to talk, because right now he did not want to talk at all. he just wanted someone to share his pain with. And riddhima is the only one, he could imagine at that place.

Riddhima moved forward and kissed both his eyes and his forehead. she shook her head and wiped away his tears. Seeing him in this state, made her also shed tears. Before she could hold it back, Riddhima gave him a peck on the lips and then laid back on her back. Armaan saw her with awe and admiration in his eyes. He knew he was falling deep for this girl. he knew that this was wrong, but right now, nothing matters. All he knew is, that riddhima is here, with him right now. Armaan moved closer to her and closed his eyes. None of them realised when the sleep took over.

Next day when riddhima woke up, she realised that she wasn’t in her room. Then all the happenings form yesterday came to her mind. She thought it was the best time to get out of the room. As soon as she moved just a little bit, she felt how two strong arms grabbed her and pushed her back on the bed. She looked up and saw Armaan looking at her with passion.

R: Armaan...

Armaan woke up as he felt something moving, he knew it was riddhima, he wanted to let her go. But before he could do that, his hands already grabbed her and pushed her back on the bed. She called out his name, hearing his name out of her mouth in the morning, made him lose all his control, his eyes turned even darker and he bent down to kiss her.

Riddhima didn’t stop him either, she was as excited as he was. Before riddhima could comprehend what was happening, his laps crashed on hers. A punishing kiss but it triggered something deep within her. A foreign sensation, like she felt last night. It was just like her first kiss. And suddenly she felt hot. And damn wet.

Armaan wanted to punish her, for crawling in his mind, playing with his emotions, coming to close to him, getting to know what is in his heart. But as soon as his lips landed on hers, all his thoughts flew out of the windows.

riddhima felt her body shuddered in excitement. Electrifying sensations shoot throughout her body, leaving her tingly and confused. The kiss gradually became tender and she felt his hands around her waist, pulling her closer against his chest. And it felt glorious. It was heaven. Never has she been kissed before like this. Armaan’s kiss was creating a havoc inside her body.

Before they could deepen the kiss, they both heard the doorbell ring. Armaan grunted in anger and riddhima giggled and got out of his arms.

A: riddhima…

Riddhima didn’t let him speak and run out of the room. Just as she reached the door, she combed her hands through her hair, so she was a bit presentable and opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, her smile left her face.

R: Siddant…


with Love Amna :D

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