Monday, 4 September 2017

part 77 : Dard ka Rishta

After some days riddhima was relieved from hospital but she didn’t want to go home as her Baby was kept there in incubator. He had to kept there for one month more.
Dr. kirti : “ aap yahan nahi rah sakte dr. riddhima,you are fine now.”
Riddhima uttered in a wet voice : “I know ma’m,par baby yahan akela,aur mai ghar par…kaise rahungi? Harpal uski tension rahegi mujhe.”
Arman uttered holding her hand : “don’t worry riddhima, mai everyday morning tumhe le aaunga aur sham tak yahi rahna.”

Dr. kirti uttered : “no dr. arman,she needs rest. Haan 2-4 ghante ke liye aa sakti hain aap..
Riddhima looked at arman with teary eyes.arman uttered hurriedly : “par mai toh rah sakta hun yahan,mai khyal rakhunga huamre baby ka .”
Riddhima uttered in a crying voice : “par tum toh duty karoge na arman.”
Muski,who was listening these discussion,uttered : “arey,toh hum sab mar gaye hain kya? Hum sab baby ka khyal
rakhenge .”
Riddhima asked in a teary voice : “pakka na muski,promise me.”
Anjali comforted her : “promise riddhima,don’t worry ,hum tere baby ka pura khyal rakhenge.”
Riddhima nodded sighly and get ready to go to from hospital but asked dr. kirti : “ma’m,kya ekbaar baby ko le sakti hun? Jyada der nahi,bas thoda time.”
Dr. kirti replied with a smile : “sure riddhima,mai nurse ko kahti hun baby ko le aaye.”
Ananya and dadi welcomed riddhima happily,they were sad about the baby but they didn’t show it to her. Seeing her ,khushi was very happy.she caught her dupatta tightly and started jumping with joy. Riddhima caressed her cheek and sat in dining room for sometime then arman gave support her and took her in their room but riddhima was surprised to see the was renovated fully. She saw ,it was decorated with baby’s pictures and toys,one side a small cot was ,on which soft quilt and pillows are kept and it was decorated with soft toys and balloons. Khushi caught riddhima’s hand and took her there and uttered in her kiddish voice : “khuchi ka cot,kuchi ka tedy,khuchi ka chabbbbb...”she stretched her arms to show all are her ,then uttered : “niki ko nai denge.”
arman uttered laughing : “nikki ke paas thi na toh tumhare paas jane ki zid karti thi aur niki mana karti thi,isliye ab niki uski sabse badi dushman hai.”
Riddhima uttered surprisingly : “yehsab tumne kiya hai arman? bahut khubsurat hai .”
Arman uttered smilingly : “thank god tumhe pasand aaya ,khushi ko bhi pasand aaya hai.tum ma-beti ka same pasand hai.”
Riddhima smiled and asked : “ aur mere bĂȘte ke liye kuch nahi?”
Arman laughed and replied : “aisa ho sakta hai kya? Chalo idhar aao..yeh dekho,yeh humara bed,tumhe round bed ka souk tha na ,pata nahi kis film me dekha tha tumne..aur sab kuch pink colour,tumhare pasand ka ..aur yeh humare bĂȘte ka chota sa cot,bilkul humare bed ke paas..aur ye jhula…usey jarurat hogi na,mumma ne bataya baby jhule me achchi need sote hain.and you know riddhima khushi jhula dekhkar zid kar rahi thi so maine balcony me uske liye bhi ek chota jhula lagaya,usey bahut pasand aaya…”arman was continued blabbering and riddhima was staring him lovingly. Suddenly arman stopped and asked : “kya dekh rahi ho?”
Riddhima replied softly : “dekh rahi hun mera arman kitna pyara hai.”
Arman smiled and uttered waving hairs : “aaj jaana?”
Riddhima uttered in a low tone : “ nahi,jis din se is duniya ko jana hai tab se…tumhare pyar ka sahara mujhe kabhi tutne nahi diya arman.”
Arman uttered peeping in her eyes : “ tum tutogi to mai bikhar jaunga jaan.chalo ab yeh sab batein chodo aur batao aaj tumhare liye special kya banaun?”
Riddhima uttered lovingly : “kuch nahi,bas mere paas raho arman.bahut sari baatein karni hai tumse.bahut sare pal maine khoye hain ,wo wapas pana hai mujhe.”
Arman smiled and uttered : “garden me chalein? Tumhara favourite jhula bahut udas hai,tumhare bina.”
Riddhima nodded smilingly . khushi,who was playing with teddy,uttered : “mudhe
Bi jana..
Arman uttered laughing : “meri soutan hai yeh..hume kabhi akela nahi chodegi.”
Khushi stretched her tiny arms and uttered : “naan..up.”
Riddhima uttered : “tumse bahut ghul mil gayi hai.”
Arman replied taking her in his arm : “apne mumma (riddhima) jaisi smart hai yeh…jab se usey samajh aa gaya ki mai hi isey hospital ,tumse milne le jaunga,tab se bada pyar dikhati hai,mere paas hi rahti hai aajkal.dekhna,ab tumse jyada mujhse pyar karegi yeh.”
Riddhima smiled only but arman uttered caressing khushi’s hairs : “maine adaptation ki application de di hai riddhima,jisse koi khushi ko humse cheen nahi sake.thik kiya na maine?
Riddhima nodded and held his hand tightly.
One month passed and today was the day when their baby was coming home.riddhima was very happy today, in those days,she used to go to hospital everyday,stayed there for some hours and returned home with a sad face and waited for next day,when she would again see her baby. but now her wait was over. when she reached the home with baby in her arm,dadi and ananya welcomed the baby with mangal teeka and aarti.they kept a puja for the wellness of riddhima and the baby. then riddhima came in her room and sat on the cot while keeping baby in her lap. khushi,who was seeing all things curiously,sat beside riddhima quietly. sahil asked pointing the baby : “yeh koun hai batao toh khushi?”
khushi kept her little finger in mouth and thought for a while then replied : “mumma ka doll..”
all laughed on her reply.khushi also showed her tiny teeth thinking that she has given right answer. then she uttered : “mela doll hilta nai..
dadi: “kya bol rahi hai yeh?”
just then baby started crying.khushi saw him for sometime,then moved down from the bed,went somewhere and backed with her big doll ,which dr. kirti gave her. she showed it and uttered : “mela doll good boy..lota nai.”
ananya uttered : “riddhima beta,iska khyal rakhna,khushi bachche ko doll samajha rahi hai,kahin utha na le.”
riddhima nodded and uttered looking at khushi : “khushi,yeh aapka bhai hai chota sa.”
khushi uttered : “baai?”
riddhima nodded and uttered : “jaise yeh aapka sahil mera bhai hai,waise hi.”
khushi replied : “sail good boy..baai bad boy.”
dadi uttered : “hey bhagwan!pata nahi kya kya bakti rahti hai yeh ladki.riddhima ,kah deti hun,is choti mirchi se sabdhan rahna.”
arman laughed and uttered : “kuch nahi hoga dadi,khushi bahut smart hai aur mai usey samjha dunga.aur hum sab hain,baby kabhi akela rahega hi nahi. aur dekhna kuch din baad yahi khushi apne bhai ko sambhalegi,hai na riddhima?
riddhima nodded with a smile.
love u all

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