Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Part 7:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima made her way inside her apartment and after locking the door to her room, she smiled as she thought about her day with Armaan.


She was not able to get him out of her mind at all, was he being sincere, was the question that was troubling her even though she brought herself to trust him, finally she concluded that Armaan  was being honest to her and there was no way that anyone would do this much just like that. Even though she had answered this question, another thing was haunting her, it was her feelings towards Armaan, did she think of him as a friend only or there was something more to that... thinking about this, she drifted to sleep.

On the other side, Armaan was happy that Riddhima trusted him. He had all forgotten that he wanted to avenge the insult he had faced in her makeup room, thinking about it now, made him realize that he was the one at fault. He had misunderstood her earlier as he was used to all girls trying to seduce him but Riddhima was not like that she was obviously different, she was focused in her career and really a gem of a person.  Was he in love with her? He denied that thought at first but when he thought about it again, a smile appeared on his face and he admitted that he might have fallen for her.

Next day, J&A Productions, around 9 a.m,

Riddhima walked inside the shooting area while browsing something on her phone. Jai was giving some instructions about how to arrange the props for the next scene when his eyes fell on Riddhima, "Hey Riddhima, how are you?" he asked while walking towards her with a cheerful smile.

"I'm fine, how about you?" she asked him back in the same way.

"I'm really good, so how was your date with Armaan?" he asked her.
Riddhima took a deep breath and said," Jai, we are not dating, Armaan had just twisted things, it was just a simple coffee we had together and after that he dropped me back home, that's all," she said in one go.

"Alright then, but I have to admit that you and Armaan form a nice couple, don't mind." He said as he went away.

Riddhima smiled at his sentence and went in the direction of her makeup room but she bumped into someone who turned out to be Armaan. His hands were around her waist and her hands were on his chest. Armaan came near her earlobe and whispered," Be careful,"

Riddhima came out of his hold and blushed slightly, she had some feelings for him but she could not bring herself to accept that, it was too early. She made her way to her makeup room whereas Armaan went in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes, Abhay arrived over there and they started shooting the next scenes. Some of the shooting was carried outside as they were action sequences. Armaan and Riddhima did not have much scenes to shoot together and Armaan was clearly fuming when she was acting along side with Abhay.

J&A productions, 2 p.m,

"I can't do this, are you out of your mind?" Riddhima said.

"I know that but it is the demand, we cannot do otherwise," Jai shot an apologetic look at Ridhhima.

Riddhima took her hands and placed them either side of her face," Aren't there any other alternatives, I mean is this the only option?"

"Unfortunately, there are not, you have to get a permanent tattoo, I know that we can opt for a temporary one but it will not stay for a very long time and it will be difficult to get it on you again and again as we will be changing locations regularly,"
Riddhima took a deep breath and said," Ok, I'll do it,"

Jai smiled, "That's more like it, I'll get the tattoo artist to come in some hours." He then made his way out of Riddhima's makeup room.

Riddhima was nervous, why had she accepted to get this damn thing done, she should have denied, what was the worst that could happen, she might have got fired.

Jai had his phone placed over his ear while he was walking along the corridor," Hello, yes, I need you to come, one of my actors has to get a tattoo done..."

Armaan who was present at the location heard his conversion and he wondered who needed to get a tattoo done. As Jai hung up, he walked towards him, "Hey Jai, who will be getting a tattoo?"
"Riddhima, why are you asking?" Jai asked casually.

"WHAT? Have you gone nuts? Why does she need to be getting a tattoo, do you know how much this thing hurts? And for the sake of your damn film, why the hell does he need a tattoo?" Armaan yelled and Jai was taken aback at his frustration, "Relax Armaan, she has consented to it and why are you getting so furious?" Armaan calmed down and he thought, why was he so worried about her, he admitted that he fell for her, but did he really love her, was it love or was it only attraction...

Armaan walked away leaving Jai confused.

-Some time after-

Riddhima was lying down with her top pushed upwards as the tattoo had to be on her lower back, the tattoo artist was still here and he was getting the dyes ready and also the machine. Riddhima was damn scared and a tear made its way out of her eyes.

 At that moment, the door flew open and Armaan was there, Riddhima was confused as to what he was doing here.
Armaan came forward, "Riddhima, I know what you are feeling right now, I'll be with you," he said as he forwarded his hand towards her, Riddhima hesitantly placed her hand in his hand and he held it tight as the tattoo artist asked," Are you ready?"

 Riddhima nodded her head indicating a yes, and she clutched Armaan's hand as she felt a needle on her skin.


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