Friday, 22 September 2017

Part 8:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima nodded her head indicating a yes, and she clutched Armaan's hand as she felt a needle on her skin.


The tattoo artist started his work and when Riddhima felt the needle transcending the first layer of her skin, she held Armaan's hand tighter. Armaan knew that she needed some reassurance, he knew that this was the first time she was doing something like this and it would indeed cause her some pain. Armaan leaned closer to Riddhima, and whispered near her ear," It will be alright." Riddhima was greatly touched by his soothing words. His actions were stirring some new emotions which were a bit complex for her to decipher...

The tattoo artist, Brian had not failed to witness whatever was transpiring between Armaan and Riddhima and he smirked. However, he got back to engraving a design he had already started on Riddhima's back. The design was that of an angel's wings with a calligraphic letter in the middle of it. Armaan was doing his best to divert Riddhima's attention from the pain, he did not know why but he just could not see her in pain and Riddhima was more comfortable with his presence around her.

Since the design was not that time consuming, Brian's job was already done in a short while," It's over Riddhima, I hope that you are ok."

"Thanks Brian." Riddhima said while getting up from her initial position and Armaan helped her in standing.

 Brian had already left the room and when he exited the studio, he dialed a phone number and said," There are some news, about Armaan..."

Armaan smiled at Riddhima and was about to leave but he was stopped by Riddhima," Wait Armaan."

Armaan stopped and turned in order to face Riddhima. Riddhima slowly walked towards him and she said," Thanks for everything Armaan, "

"Riddhima, you don't have to thank me, what are friends for?" Armaan replied and he added," I don't know what's gotten into Jai, he has been acting a little cranky lately,"

Riddhima let out a little laugh, "Maybe he is under pressure and also some of our shooting schedules were stalled due to the heavy rainfall."

" Perhaps and do you have any shoots next?" Armaan asked her concerned.
"Yes, I think it is a short scene but there is quite some time to wait." Riddhima said.

"Why? is it because of the tattoo?
"No Armaan, I have to shoot the next scene with Abhay and he is not present on the sets currently, he has gone out for a while so that's the reason..."

Cold emotions appeared on Armaan's face and Riddhima quickly remarked it," Armaan if you don't mind then can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." He replied, having an idea of what Riddhima was going to ask him.

"Armaan, since I have started shooting, I have seen that you cannot stand Abhay, the simple mention of his name can change your mood and your hatred for him is clearly visible by your expressions, after all, why is there such animosity between the both of you? I am sure that it is not due to rivalry, something much greater has formed the crux of the hatred..."

 Riddhima was not sure about how Armaan would react to her question but Armaan simply smiled and said," Riddhima, I knew that you were going to question me on something like this but my answer to your question would be betrayal'.  A betrayal that has changed everything between us, made our brotherhood take a U-turn and reach enmity."

Riddhima was quite speechless, "You and Abhay were friends?"

"Yes, we were friends but he was my brother as well, my cousin and we had started our careers in the film industry together. We were never bothered about who would be getting more success and only a few people know that we were related to each other. But those times are gone now and I hate him more than anything else, he betrayed me and I no longer trust any of the things related to him." Armaan said while he looked like he was pondering about the past.

Riddhima was shocked, she wanted to know more but Armaan looked pretty much lost and she knew that she had wait to know the whole thing," It's ok Armaan, if you don't want to reveal about what happened between you and Abhay and I am really sorry if my question has hurt you.."
Armaan rubbed his forehead and said," It's ok Riddhima. " Armaan exited the room after and Riddhima was left alone in her makeup room.

She was thinking about Armaan's words and she got lost in when she was getting the tattoo.
It was a memorable incident for Riddhima, it sure did pain her a lot while getting the tattoo done but having Armaan with her provoked a soothing feeling within her. The feeling of sensing the needle on her skin caused her anxiety but from time to time, Armaan would try to calm her down. At the end, the experience was not that bad, but it was surely one that she would remember.
However her thoughts went back to what Armaan divulged to her about him and Abhay, she knew Abhay for some time and it was difficult to imagine that he was how Armaan described, could it be possible that Abhay had broken Armaan's trust on some previous issue? But , what could be the cause of such an extreme hatred?


Armaan had left J&A productions early since he had no shoots to give and he was quite disturbed, discussing all what happened in the past made him a go back down the memory lane. Armaan parked his car at the entrance of a pub which he used to frequent. He entered the pub and went to a corner which was taped off from the public and it was meant to be reserved for him only. He asked the waiter to get him a glass of beer and he slumped on a nearby sofa. He wanted to forget everything, but whatever had happened but he had to admit, he could not forget it so easily, flashbacks resurfaced from the past and those black and white images in his mind were haunting him.

The waiter had already got Armaan's glass of beer and he was taking gulping it down. Armaan's peace was disrupted when he heard a familiar voice, "It's been so long since we've seen each other Armaan?" said a person whose face was not seen yet.

"Get lost!" Armaan spat at the person as he stood up. He felt as if his past was catching up, first the discussion with Riddhima and now...

"Not so fast, I have heard some news about you and that co-star of yours," retorted the person.
Armaan was angered at the moment, he hated that person to the core and he wanted to keep him far away from Riddhima," Don't you ever dare to look at her, otherwise..."

"Calm down, I have no intentions of doing so but I just wanted to warn you that the incident that happened in the past might happen again..."

"Just shut up Rohit!" Armaan screamed as he threw the glass which was in his hands, causing the sound to echo.

 Rohit was both Abhay's step brother, a reason why Abhay and Armaan had not mentioned their relationship as Abhay did not want Armaan's reputation to be affected since Rohit was Abhay's father illegitimate child. Rohit was always jealous of Armaan and Abhay's close bonding, and he always had his eye on the family property and he believed that the best way to attain his goal was to create a rift between Armaan and Abhay and the plan which he had executed five years ago had worked perfectly.

Riddhima was shooting with Abhay and after the shot, she found an opportune moment to talk to Abhay, she could not pass any judgment before she knew both sides of the story.
"Abhay, I want to talk to you about something."Riddhima said.
"About what?"

"Well, actually, about you and Armaan..." Riddhima started off...


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