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Part 9 & 10 :Ek Villain

Part 9:

Previously: "Well, actually, about you and Armaan..." Riddhima started off.


Riddhima paused when she saw Abhay sighing. She was perplexed as she did not know whether Abhay would take her query in a wrong way, would he avoid them or would he answer all her answered questions?

Abhay took some steps towards Riddhima and said," Riddhima, I don't blame you for asking me anything, it was bound to happen, after all, mine and Armaan's relationship is as attention grabbing as a football match-isn't it?" Abhay let out a short chuckle and the last few words of his brought a smile to Riddhima's lips," I cannot deny it, Abhay,"

Abhay resumed the serious conversation which was going on, leaving behind the little humorous moment," I don't mind divulging anything to you Riddhima and before I start, I want to tell that I don't hold any grudges against Armaan but I only regret that I could not bring him in the light," he paused with some plight in his voice and then he carried on his sentence," Both, I and Armaan have different Point-of-views, technically, it's like the two sides of a fair coin. The incident which occurred can be judged in different ways and if you ever happened to ask Armaan something about it, he may have told you the incident in a different will be up to you to form your opinion..."
" Abhay, I really appreciate your sense of understanding and I will do my best to understand the situation,"

Abhay started relating about the incident. He plunged deeper into family relations by mentioning about hjis step-brother Rohit and other relations. Abhay got to the part where both Armaan and he started their acting careers and then he took a deep pause, before saying a name," Shanaya"

Riddhima  was silent for a while as she took some time to grasp everything, whatever she had learnt was really shocking to her but her questions were still not answered, however the name which Abhay had told her a few seconds ago seemed to be the key to the lock which shielded the dark secrets of the past.

Abhay was still devoid of speech so Riddhima probed him to speak further, "Who is Shanaya?"
Abhay came out of his past memories and answered Riddhima's query," Shanaya is the reason behind the gap between me and Armaan, the reason why Armaan thinks that he has been a victim of betrayal, the reason why he looks at me with such cold expressions..."

Riddhima kept her hand on Abhay's shoulder as she felt that he was about to break down but Abhay managed to get a hold on himself and simply wiped off the single tear that escaped from his watery eyes which were full of emotions.

"Abhay, I'm really sorry, if you don't want to continue, I don't mind." Riddhima was definitely eager to know about the truth and the past but she was equally concerned about Abhay, if he was not comfortable on continuing then she could not force him.

" No, I'm okay, " Abhay said with more stability in his voice.

" Well, Armaan and I were both climbing on the ladder of success and we had thrown a lavish and big party to celebrate that occasion. At the same time, Armaan was madly in love with Shanaya Khanna, a famous director's daughter and they were both dating. What Armaan did not know was that Shanaya had another boyfriend-my so-called brother, Rohit. "

Abhay resumed from where he left," ...Armaan had not reached the venue for the party and I was going to ask Shanaya where Armaan was but as I passed by a room, I heard Shanaya scream and I was concerned, so I rushed into the room and Shanaya was there with her clothes torn and she looked pretty miserable, I asked her what happened but she kept on crying and she hugged me all of a sudden, I tried to comfort her but she started distancing herself from me while saying start far away from me and ..."

" What happened next?" Riddhima asked.

"What had happened was that Shanaya had tried to make it look like I had misbehaved with her and at the same time, Armaan was there in front of the room and he misunderstood things, he was hurt and he immediately left from there, but while going out, he was stopped by the police, under the charge that he had drugs in his car and all this was done by Rohit. Armaan had to pay a fine and he had managed to get out of that problem since he had contacts but...Armaan thought that I was the one who was trying to ruin his career and Shanaya had lied to him and he blamed me. I had fought with him and we had started distancing ourselves from each other till the gap grew and grew." Abhay said and looked at Riddhima," That's the whole story Riddhima,"

Riddhima could not believe that Armaan was living under an illusion," Armaan has been a victim of misunderstandings, I mean, how come he has not realized the truth yet?"
" I tried to clarify things to him but he did not even want to hear me out, I lost all hopes when he started insulting me..." Abhay looked shattered, and Riddhima stopped with her questions," Abhay, I am sorry once again and it's a kind of relief that it is only a misunderstanding between the two of you,..."

" If you are thinking that me and Armaan can get back like we were in the past, then that is impossible Riddhima, don't even think of it, you will end up creating problems for yourself Riddhima, and I am saying that to you as a friend," Abhay said and Riddhima did not argue with him further," Okay, I'll let thing be how they are..and I need to go now, I have to rush."

"Take care, see you later," Abhay said and they both shared a friendly hug.

As Riddhima left the studio, she kept on thinking about what Abhay told her. "I'm sorry Abhay, I can't let things be like they are... I will have to do something," She thought.

PART 10:

-2 months after-

Jai walked along the studio's corridor. He walked nonchalantly while humming a tune...that of their movie's song. The whole shooting crew including the lead actors and Jai himself were back from the airport the day before. There were some portions of the movie that were to be shot in Istanbul, Santorini and Chicago. Jai thanked God that all the shots were done properly as ought to be done. Jai reached the green room where all the crew members were sitting chatting among themselves until they meet for another project. Abhay was discussing something with the assistant director and Armaan was engrossed with his mobile phone. Riddhima had not reached the location yet but she had promised him a few minutes before that she would be coming for a last goodbye.
Jai was filled with a mixture of emotions...his eyes were threatening to spill the tears that had been retained but he was happy that everything had gone as planned and he hoped that everything would be ok.  After all, that's what usually happens when the shooting of any movie is completed but he did not know why but this cast and this movie was more special, he did not want to be biased but was very close to him.
The last 2 months had been a full-on roller coaster ride. It would be taking forever to narrate every single incident that happened but to sum up, Armaan and Riddhima were together...they were dating. It was not a shock to all those present as they both definitely had some sort of chemistry between them...they were like the negative side and positive side of a magnet and both were attracted to each other. Abhay, well, he had found someone, actually from long back, even before the shooting had commenced but he did not spill. When they were shooting in Santorini, Abhay's fiance, Madhu (Drashti Dhami) who is a model, was also over there and it was difficult for the two of them to hide the issue for any longer.
Armaan's behaviour towards him had changed and he was not that rude to him but still, there was a distance between the two of them. Riddhima wanted to end the dispute between the two of them but no one seemed to cooperate and eventually, she decided to wait for the shooting to come to an end so that she could focus more on how to end the bitter quarrel Armaan and Abhay.
"Sorry guys, I am a bit late," said Riddhima as she rushed to where everyone was grouped. Armaan's attention was now focused on Riddhima. He went towards Riddhima and hugged her before everyone. Jai smiled on seeing the two and Abhay was happy as well, though his relations hip with Armaan could never be mended, at least he was with someone who would guide him in the right direction.
Armaan and Riddhima were shipped by everyone present, after all they looked perfect together. Riddhima reciprocated the hug. Jai cleared his throat, " Armaan, you'll have plenty of time for romance later on. For now, let's focus on the purpose why we're here."
Armaan left Riddhima unwillingly and stood next to her with his arms around her waist. They all had a final look at the scenes shot. The movie was set to be released at the start of the upcoming year. Finally, it was time for the hardest thing to be done, the goodbyes. Before everyone left, Jai said, " Well, I know that it was Diwali a few days back but since we are all here now, let's have a major party. What do you think?"
Everyone loved Jai's idea and they all would be meeting each other again at his place in the evening.  Everyone left the studio and drove away. Armaan and Riddhima were currently at Armaan's place and they were both in Armaan's room.

" You've got a really nice house," An amazed Riddhima told Armaan. Armaan hugged her from behind," How about my room?" Riddhima stayed in his embrace and said," Your room is nice as well,"
Armaan came in front of Riddhima and asked how," How about my bed?" Riddhima understood the supposedly shielded meaning and decided to play along," Well, that's nice too."  Armaan smirked," Really? So if my house is nice, my room is nice and my bed is nice as well..." Armaan paused with and Riddhima perceived a naughty gleam in his eyes,"...then why don't we do some nice things too, in my nice house, nice room and nice bed..."
Riddhima moved a bit far from Armaan and said amusingly," Oh really? Could you enlighten?"
Armaan raised his eyebrow and came close to her and said," Well, let's play guess guess, so it starts with S and..." he smiled as he noticed a slight tint of pink staining her cheeks, Armaan continued and said, "OMG! Riddhima, I never thought that you would think of such a thing!"
Riddhima was taken aback and Armaan looked like he had just got a heart attack.
"Armaan, are you out of your mind? What's wrong with you?!" she exclaimed.
Armaan said with a scandalised look," By nice things, I meant that we could SING, isn't singing a nice thing, I mean it relaxes you, it is known to have many benefits...but you were thinking about SE.." Armaan stopped talking when Riddhima ambushed him with a pillow," Armaan, I'll skin you alive."
Armaan fell on the floor laughing and pulled an angry Riddhima down with him. Riddhima soon melted down after Armaan cajoled her," It was just a joke baby, but I must admit one thing, I really liked your idea," Riddhima gasped as Armaan winked at her. Before Riddhima could say anything further, Armaan sealed her lips with his. Riddhima responded to the sudden kiss as Armaan probed her to do so. Things were definitely getting heated up in Armaan's room, soon enough Armaan's shirt was tossed aside and other pieces of their clothing were about to get thrown in a corner. By now, Armaan was totally savouring the taste of Riddhima's lips, if metamorphosis was to be used, it would have been described as a honey bee attracted to pollen.
The annoying ringing sound of Armaan's mobile phone got their attention. Armaan parted from Riddhima and snatched his mobile phone from his pocket. He answered it and spoke for a few seconds. Riddhima stood up and faced Armaan," Who was it?"
Armaan ruffled his hair," It was Jai, he wanted us to reach at his place a bit early, he's always got a bad timing,"
Riddhima giggled," Yeah, I remember when he walked on us in Istanbul and we had just started dating..."
Armaan hugged Riddhima," But it is all thanks to him that I have met you and now, we're together."
They both stayed in this position for a while. After some time, Riddhima left Armaan's place to go get ready for the party.

Location: Jai's place
Time: 19:27

Music was blasting while the waiters were walking around the venue with trays. Almost all of the crew members were present and Abhay had already reach. He was discussing about something with Jai.
There were other people present in the party, some known faces of the industry and some of Jai's acquaintances. Everybody was busy but as soon as Armaan and Riddhima entered the hall, all attention was on them. However, while everyone was looking at them with awe and admiration, there was one pair of eyes that reflected anger and jealousy.
Riddhima was wearing a simple black dress which made her look elegant and Armaan was wearing a tuxedo. Though they were clad in simple outfits, they looked ethereal together. Soon, everyone was back to their paused activity and Armaan and Riddhima walked up to Jai.
" How do you manage to do this?" Jai beamed.
" Do what?" Armaan chuckled as he looked at his arms which was laced with Riddhima's.
"I swear Armaan, you both look so good together," Jai said. Armaan looked at Riddhima who smiled at him.
Riddhima excused herself to the washroom. She was told that it was the last room on the left side upstairs. Riddhima had the eerie feeling of being followed while she was making her way to her desired place. She controlled her heartbeats, maybe, it was just someone from the media but still, that ominous feeling could not seem to vanish...
Fifteen minutes after, Armaan kept on searching for Riddhima but she was nowhere to be found. By now, all those present got to know about what had happened. Abhay tried to contact her but her phone was switched off. Jai sent his security guards all round the house but she could not be found.
"I'm really sorry, we could not find her anywhere," one guard announced.

"Where are you, Riddhima?" Yelled Armaan as he slumped on the floor.
A manly figure approached him and placed his hand on Armaan's shoulder. As Armaan looked ta the person, he gritted his teeth and fumed in anger.


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