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Prologue & part 1 : Ek Villain


I was so nervous, it felt that it was the first time that I'm doing it.

"Next Please," Riddhima's came back from her thoughts. It was the fifth time that she was auditioning, she had played in many movies before but she had never felt so nervous. Maybe it was related to the fact that she was going to work with the famous director, Jai Agnihotri.

She made her way to where she was called. After about  some minutes, she came out of the auditioning room. Riddhima had done her best and she hoped that it would bring results. She went home and relaxed in front of the TV.

The next day, she got a phone call from Alia, Jai Agnihotri's secretary. Riddhima was told to come to the studio. She quickly grabbed her car keys and drove to "J.A Productions.".

When Riddhima reached there, she felt everyone's gaze on her.

"You've not been selected for the lead's sister," Riddhima stared at Jai, she was shocked, had he called her here just for this, she was going to leave when she heard a sentence that changed her mood.

"Congratulations, you are the new lead." Riddhima was so happy but she managed to control her joy.

"Thanks Jai, who's my co-actor?" she said instead.

"That's not decided yet but the villain, that is the antagonist is Armaan Mallik, the actor on the top of all ratings."

Part 1 A:

"Armaan Mallik?" Riddhima repeated, not believing her ears.
"Yes, you got that right honey, he'll be here in a few minutes and we'll have the look test."

"But how can we do it without the male lead?"

"Riddhima, it's an individual look test and as for your co-star, we'll pick someone by this afternoon." Jai replied, "Now go and get ready."

Riddhima followed her stylist, Maria to her dressing room.


The driver opened the door to a black Mercedes-Benz. A man got out of the car wearing a black leather jacket and a matching pair of Gucci sunglasses. He signaled his driver to open the studio door and the driver did as he was told. The man made his way inside the studio and removed his sunglasses. He was none other than Armaan Mallik.

"Welcome Armaan," Jai walked towards him and shook hands with him.

"Glad to work with you again Jai," Armaan smirked.

"The pleasure is all mine and I should thank you for coming here after my phone call."
"How could I refuse your offer, after all, it was your last movie that made me reach the top."
Jai chuckled and went to the dressing room to get ready.

Jai was checking the light effects for the shot. He had already chosen the male lead, at last.
He got a call," Oh, it's you."

Jai listened as the person spoke and then he replied," What do you mean by you've got other commitments, you can't just drop out like this."

"Sorry Jai, find someone else," the other person spoke.


"Damn it!" Armaan said as he broke a vase.

"Armaan, please try to understand, Arnav (Barun Sobti) has other commitments so I had to take..." Jai tried to convince Armaan.

"I don't want to hear anything! He will be getting all the limelight if he becomes the lead and I can't accept that!"

"I know that you and Abhay Raichand (Vivian Dsena) are rivals but please try to co operate and things will be over before you know it."

"When things will be over, I'll tell you exactly what will happen, he'll get back the first place again, if you take him as your lead then I quit."

"No Armaan, you can't do that, we have a contract.."

"Just take your damn contract and go to hell! I made a mistake by coming here." Armaan snapped at Jai.

"Sure ! But you'll be in the bottom 100 if you back out, after all, it's Jai Agnihotri's film," he said as he walked out of Armaan's dressing room.

Jai was worried now, if Armaan quit, he wouldwould never get the time to do another audition and if he decided to replace Abhay, who would be a good replacement? He had to talk Armaan again.
"It's done." Riddhima looked at herself in the mirror. She looked different, her hair was slightly curled, all her facial features were well highlighted, indeed Maria was good at her job.  She was wearing a black knee length dress along with silver stilettos.

"Are you nervous?" Maria asked her.

"Yeah, kind of." Riddhima was reading the scripts again.
"Once, you get in front of the camera, you'll be alright."


 "Take 1"

During the shoot: Arohi (Riddhima) was sitting in a bar. A guy came up to her and tried to flirt. She gave in and then the guy hugged her. A gunshot was heard and when the camera zoomed in, it  was clearly seen that it was Arohi who had shot him.
The guy looked at Arohi before collapsing and Arohi told him, "Never mess with the police."

"Cut!" Jai yelled at the end of the room.

"It was a superb shot, you nailed it."
"Thanks Jai."

"Sir, we have Mr Armaan's shot next," One of the crew members told him.

Part 1 B:

Previously: "Sir we have Mr Armaan's shot next," One of the crew members told him.


"I know that, someone has gone to call him," Jai said and carried on his conversation with Riddhima.

Jai excused himself and went to see what was taking Armaan so long, "I just hope that he hasn't refused to come."

Jai was about to go when he heard Armaan's voice," I'm here."

Riddhima was mesmerized, she had seen him on TV and all but for the first time, he was there in front of her. Armaan saw Riddhima checking him out, he smirked thinking about the effect he has on girls, but he felt something for her, he ignored that when Jai started explaining the plot to him.

Plot of Jai's film, (the plot of the film is here so that you all don't get confused):

Abhi Malhotra (Armaan), the most wanted criminal and a womanizer,has only one aim and that is to destroy Rehaan Khanna (Abhay) who is the head of the Mumbai Police Department. Abhi is currently making a plan to seek revenge while on the other hand, Arohi Sharma (Riddhima) from the F.B.I has to work with Rehaan in a mission and is transferred to Mumbai. Both Rehaan and Arohi have a rough start but they gradually become friends.  Abhi who is constantly keeping track of Rehaan's activities finds himself to be attracted towards Arohi though he has never met her before, he stops his multiple affairs and tries to befriend Arohi but  Abhi is more enraged when he finds out that Arohi and Rehaan are getting closer. He reminisces his past and it is revealed that Rehaan had killed Abhi's wife, Saumya and since Arohi is the look-alike of Saumya, he fell for her. Therefore Abhi plans to kill both Rehaan and Arohi.

"Hmm...interesting concept, what is the ending like?" Armaan asked.

"I haven't planned it yet, either Arohi and Rehaan will die or Abhi dies, we'll have to consider the audience's choice, it depends."

"Jai, has the male lead been finalized?" Riddhima asked.

"Yes, it's Abhay Raichand." Armaan clenched his fist on hearing that name.

"Armaan, ready for your shot," Jai added. Armaan nodded.

"Take 1,"
Armaan managed to do his scene properly without any mistake.
"And cut!" Jai shouted from the other end of the sets.

"Fabulous Armaan, you are the best."

"It's pretty much obvious after all, I'm ranked first." He said and went to stand next to Riddhima. She was feeling conscious about her appearance, she didn't know why.

Jai went to make some calls, Riddhima went to her dressing room to avoid being near Armaan.
She entered her dressing room and closed the door behind. Riddhiima leaned on the door,
 "God, why does he affect me so much?" She closed her eyes and tried to control her increasing heartbeats.

Riddhima walked to the mirror and tried to unzip her dress, but failed as the dress had a deep cut and her hands couldn't reach there.

Her eyes was closed when she felt someone unzipping her dress, at first, she thought it was Maria but when she opened her eyes, she was taken aback when she saw Armaan's reflection in the mirror. She turned quickly to see that her eyes had not been playing tricks with her, it was indeed Armaan. She took some steps backwards in order to make some distance between them but he followed her.

"Weren't you checking me out a little while before, so what happened now?"

"You must have a misunderstanding.."

"Your name is Riddima, right, stop making stories when both you and I know the truth well, admit it and we'll have time to have some fun..." Armaan was about to kiss her when he received a tight slap on his face. His eyes popped out, no one had dared to slap him till date, she was going to pay.

to be continued...

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