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AR os : ~~My Savior~~

I am Armaan Malik. I never knew who my father was till its was too late. I mate my wife maya during university. We dated till we were in university then i got a very nice job in New York city. I have done my MBA from the local university. after few months of our marrige maya told me that she is pragnenet it was not the gr8 time but it is our child and i will do anything to provid for them. thuse came Rayan in our lifes. the day after his 4th birthday i got fierd from my job saying that i am very irregular at my work. this not true it was just that they did not wanted to layme of  so they dont have ot pay for any compansation. Maya friked out. she started to fight with me. everynight she would tell me that its not working and all then after few months she came to me and told me that we are done armaan i am leaving and i m taking rayan with me. that was like a death sentence for me. I try ot explain it to him but it did not work and she left but i did not leate her take rayan with her.

rayan is still in pre school so everyday i drop him of ot his class. his teacher is very nice her name in Ms. Ridhima Gupta. Rayan never stop talking about her. for him she is like a god mother. i was still looking for the job could not find any. It was getting realy hard for me to hande the rent for the apartment, food, and rayan's school fees. I have got the notice from the school so i told them its hard so they gave me lil time but they never came back for the money. but i hade so many other things in my plat that i did not even realize why werent they asking for the money.
i went to every posible place who can hire me but no luck the same day when i came home with rayan i saw all my stuff was laying out side of the apartment.  i went to the land lord to know what is going on he said that u did not paid the reant for last  5 months. I thought 5 months i missed only 2 months. I gave money ot maya to pay the reant but then i realize that she never paid the rent i had no where to go so i took raya n some ofthe very important stuff and went to the railway station i dont know what i m going to do or how i am going to do it but i have to do it not for me but for rayan
we spent the night in the man's restroom at the station.
i had no one to turn. i had not eaten anything from past 2-3 days and i felt horible for not feeding rayan his dinner last night but i dont have anymoney to buy even lil candy for him. the next day when i drop him of at the school i saw him running to Ms. gupta and hugging her. i felt gud that at less he has her who will take car of him for the time he is in school but what about me.
then agine i went for the job hunt but as always i was unsecsessfull. that night we went to stay at the homless shalter where there was no proper food no proper light but we managed the night.
i agine drop him of in the morning and left. as alwasys no defference in the setication i had to be at the shaelter by 5 other wise we wont have a place to stay. when i reach his school i saw him standing with Ms. gupta. I went to them and i said Hi to both of them. Ms. gupta said Mr. Mailk we need to talk. Is very important. I try to tell her that i have to leav but she did not let me go so i said
we sat down in rayan's class.
Ms. gupta: Mr. malik I got to know about u loosing ur home and u spend the night at the station !!
Ri: Mr. malik u and rayan are going to stay with me at my house till you get a better job.
i look up to her in shoke
Ms. gupta: i am not asking you Mr. Malik i am teeling u that thats how its going to work. I want rayan to stay at nice and safe place and have healthy food and he wont come with me whithout you and i dont want him to coem without you eather. So you both are staying with me.
she got up from her chair and called rayan and hold his hand strted to walk toward the door.
then she turn around and said lets go Mr. Malik we are getting late.
I said i will come in a minute.
then i went to the payment office
i told them that i am very sorry that i was not able to pay for the fees but....
the lady cut me off saying Mr. malik all the fees for rayan has been paid in advance
I said i did not paid that amount then she told me that it was Ms. Gupta who paid the fees.
then i went to rayan and Ms. gupta and just sit down in the front site and she drove off to her home when we enterd the home it was beautiful
neatly arnaged and it was just amazing.
she maid the diner and we all had it very quitly when it was bedtime for rayan she came in with the glass of hot choclat with marshmalow in it for rayan. I saw his face light up instantly and he looked at me for the permition to drink it. befor i could say anything Ms. gupta inturepted and said why r u looking at ur father come on drink it he cant say anything this is my house so my my rules right and they both had hi five and rayan finished the drink and went ot bed kissing her and wishing good night to both of us.
i could not sleep that night i saw the light of the leving room on so i went out side
she was typing something in her laptop when she saw me she give me her one of the best smill that touched my heart and warmed it
i went up to her and siad thnxs for helping us and paying for rayn's school I will pay u back as soon as i can
and she said not you wont i will not accept that, she cont. rayan means a lot to me i love him from the botom of my heart and what ever i did i did it for him.
i loooked at her and asked her why are you doing this for us???
she looked at me and said because i love u and rayan both ever since i meat both of. to me rayan is more then just a stident for me. i adore him a lot and to you i love u very much since the day i meat you. I knew that u were marride back then but i could not do anything. I am doing this cuse i want to do it for both of you. I do not have any intencens to get anything out of this.
My heart told me to bring you here and help you and thats what i did
then she got up and left for her room.
the entire night i cud not stop thinking that she actly love me and doing all this wihtout any selfish reason in her mind and heart.
next day at the brejfast she gave me few addreses and phone number to call and to go to get the job. when to all of them they were very nice ppl but they did not had anything for me at the moment.
but the last place where i went they did had and opening but it was for the training which pays very low but i took it as an entry in the comenanie.
after few months i was still leaving with ms. gupta becasue i did not had enought ot go out and be on my own with rayan. but that day i got promoted to the leavel that i was qualified and i got the raid in the salary and i also got a company appartments. which was near my companie and also near rayan's school.
but for some reason i did not wanted to move out of ms gupta's house
maybe cause i also fall in love with my savior. My son came to save me from this mass cose he said out loude that he is not going anywhere. He said that I love ridhima and i wont leve her. she smiled at him and huged him kissed him then i realz that maya was never the mother for rayan even though she had bring him to life. hear ridhima who was just a teacher for raya had feel the place of mother in his life.
that night i went to ridhima and i asked her if i can talk to her. she let me in her room.
i said Ms. gupta i want to say that ...........uhhh i want u to be rayan's mom and my wife???
she was staring at me and instently hugged me and started crying and said yes i will armaan i will.

that night rayan saw us hugging but just went away from there when i went ot tell this to him he just jumped on me and said i m very happy i love my new mom......
i said what ???
ya i saw u n mom hug i love u daddy for giving me the best mom ever.
Ridhima heard this and came in and higed rayan and asked him to call her mom one more time and he yelled at top of his lunges saying MOM and that was the best feeing I can every get seeing my son so happy.
I wanted him to know that I will be there for him all the time he need me. Now I know how much he had missed his mom. But all that worries had been gone just because of ridhima. She told me about how her parents died in the plane crash few years ago. She had no one else except her friends. The one who gave me job was Rahul garaval he is like her brothere. And his wife Muskan is ridhima's best friend. They were all together in college. 
its neen over 3 years now and we all r very happy in true mining and we me and ridhima had a daughter who just turn 3 months last week. She left her job saying that she want to be withthe kids more and take care of them. My job was getting better and better i am now the assistent VP of the companie.
Ridhima came in my life as MY SAVIOR and became the angel of my life and alwys giving me the love and the happiness and never asking for anything.

By Nruti

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