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AR os : ~*~*~*~MY UNIQUE LOVE STORY~*~*~*~

It was a very beautyful night where there was full moon, stares in the sky n there was this young beautyfull girl in her early 20's was sitting by the window n trying to rememeber her past yes she has lost her partial memory she remember who she is, she remeber her family n frends but she cant remember her superman. she was trying very hard to remembr it but she just cudnot do it. her family members were keep on telling her about him but she just dont recognize him. but she was only 8 year old girl wehn this happend. she was going with her mother to shope for her supperman but in between her car meet with an accedent where she lost her partial memory n her mother. when she came back from hospital she saw a lots of picters of her with a lil boy whome she did not recognise. they told her that he promished her to marry her n take her away to her happyness. but she cant remember him. they said he was her supperman n that what she called him. they said his name is ARMAAN MALIK but she cant remeber him. she did not know if it was gud or bed that he was not here he was in USA. they said he went there coz he had to coz his grand father was dieing. but they also said that now he had to stay there coz his grandfather left his father inchar of their company. its been well over 15 year of her accedent but she still dont remeber him n he was coming tomarow to mmet her. her thought was broken by her father's call
"RIDHIMA  where r u??" came the voice from an old man

"papa i m here in my room" said ridhima
"what r u doing beta dont u want to go to sleep, tomarrow is a big day for u!!" said shashnk gupta her fahter.
"papa i was just trying to remember him but i still cant recall anything" ridhima said frowing.
"beta dont worry he knows that u dont remember him n he is ok with it"said shashank
"he is ok with it??" she said with a utter shoke on her face...
"yes he understand your position n u dont worry he just want to meet you n see how r u his waited till this day coz he was studing in oxford n he just got his masters in Hotel managment.."
"papa is he comming to marry me?!?!?!" asked ridhima with lil shyness n she cud not understant y.....
"no beta he is not u know he thinks that ur his lucky charm thats y he wants to meet u first n then start his work as a CEO of the DESIAR the hotail chain"for some reason hse did not liked the idea but she brusted of...
"gud nite papa"
"gud nite beta" said shashnak kissend her forhead n covering her up in the bed....

next morning ridhima woke up first n went to washroom to take a bath after comming out she desided to were a red salwar suit (one of her favorit dress) then she went to her dresser n start puting lil eye makeup and put her red earing n comed her hair n looked herself in the mirrer to make suere the she was looking gud then she went to the kitchen n start preparing the breakfast for herself n for her nani n her papa........

after few minutes she was done with breakfast n by the time her nani n papa were also awak n ready for breakfast.. she served them n just then the door bell ring
she went to open the door n saw a very handsome man standing at the dore with one bag on his shoulder n one big bag by his leag...

she said "how can i help you??"
he did not respond
she said "who are you??"
no response
she said "to whome do you want to meet??"
still no response
she  did not know waht to do since he was not uttering a singel word from his mouth
then came the voice of nani
"ridhi who is at the door??"
ridhima replyed" i dont know nani he is not saying anything!!"
nani n shashnk walked to her n saw who was at the door
shashnk" are armaan beta tum!!"
ridhima got very upset that she was not able to recognize this stranger n felt realy bed but dont know why......
ridhima moved away from the door so armaan can come in n said "i m sorr i dint......"
armaan said with a lil smile playing on his lips"its ok BABY"
ridhima got a shoked n her eyes were growing very big by hearing him call her "BABY"
armaan show that n said "oh i m sorry i think u dont remember that it was ur nick name given by me, but........."
ridhima relaxed n said" oh its ok..."
then armaan went to nani n bend to touch her feet n to get her blessings n then he went to shashnk n thouch his feet too

ridhima bought a glass of water for him n ask him if he was hungry n geting a nod she bought him some breakfast n when armaan shaw what was in brakfast he was very very happ but ridhima got confused by this seeing her confused face he said" i love aloo ka paratha they are my favorit n ya red is also my favorit colore it suted you very well" ridima start blushing not knowing that he has already started to effecte her....

then the whole day they all talked about him, his family his business n all then after eating their dinner they all retire to their room

ridhima went to her room n start thinking about what happen today she had tears in her eyes n said to herslef "why i m felling soo guilty of not recognizing him?? why it hurts when i cant remember waht kind of frendship we shared?? why?? why??"
n by this time she was sobing on her bed n then she felt a hand on her head n without looking who it was she just huged that person n start crying very loudly n said" i m soo mean n bed i cant rember him n he is just so sweet with me he is not even saying anything to me if i said anything wrong i cant remeber him n he is not even feeling bed about it why is he not saying anything to me?? why he is not telling me how we were when we were together i want to know why i called him "my superman" i want to know why he called me "baby" i want ot know everthing...but he is not saying anything i want leave my childhood with hime agine but he..........."
then she look up to see who she was holding so tight n she was shoked to see armaan

ridhima said wipeing her tears" i m sorry i thought it was my papa..."
armaan bend down to her n start rubbing his thumb on her soft chikes to wipe out all the tears that were spilled
then he said" its ok baby.... sorry ridhima i dont want to make you fell bed or gult for anyreason becasue it not your falt that you dont remember me n i dont want force you to b my friend again just because we were together when we were kids thats why i didnot said any thing but if you want to know then i will tell you..."
ridhima said" armaan i want to know everthing that we did in our childhood n then i will see if i m worth of your frendship then we will talk about it but first let me remeber you.... you know papa said that even after the accedent i didnot change i m still the same old playing prankes on other people n eating ice-cream on the swing n dominating other people n driving them creazyyyyyy....." then they both bust out in laugh
armaan said yes u did not change " u know when we were togethre ther wud b not a singel person who want to b with us coz they know we will not spar them from out endless prankes ha ha u know everyone said that we were like a body and a heart like body is nothing without the heart in it just like that armaan is nothing wothout ridhima with him"

then they both seat on her bed n start sharing all their childhood memory n lauging on the pranked that they had played on their teahers n thier parents, the bets that they had with their frends in with they both stood together, the ice cream fights that they had with their frends,

after talking endless they both were very tierd n it was like 3 in the morning when armaan said" ridhima i think we shud go to sleep it very late gud nite"
ridhmina" no armaan i dont want to sleep n i knnw you are not tierd eather so pleas sit down n tell the reason why i called you my superman??"
armaan laught at her dominating voice n he knows that there is no way he wud b able to sleep after remebering their childhood so he seat down on the bed besid her n said" the reason ehy u called me your supper man is coz one day when we were playing with the ball in the park i thru teh ball very hard that you were not able to catch it so it went on the other side of the road n since it was ur in ur side u had to get itso u went to get the ball when i saw u ther was a car comming toward u n u were not watching it so i ran after u to save u n i was able to save u but i got hurt just a lil bit but since isaved u from the accedent u called me ur supperman n u wud get sooooooo iretated n mad if some one else besid u called me superman..........."
ridhima with a amusing face said" ohhhhhh but then why u called me baby??"
armaan agine had a hude dimple smill on his face n said" coz u were soooooo sweet n inosent just like a lil baby n u are younger then me so i called u baby u know at firs tu were not dominating at all but since we became frends it was like u got the power or something u were no more scared of anything n you cud chalange anyone as long as i was with you............"
ridhima was very happy to hear about this n she was also smiling n said" tell me what did u do in london n what r ugoing to do when u go back??"
armaan:"i basicaly studed in londone i did mad few frendes but ont that manny n none of them were so close to me like u were... n after going back i want to help my dad with his hotels n all......waht about u?? did u made any frends??"
ridima"not realy....i dont know why but none of them were fiting in my head as a friend!!"
armaan" about a boyfriend had any i m sure manny must have asked u??"
ridhima"ya they did but i was not interested in them they were all very egoestic u knowe i shud have the best kind but........."
armaan" but what??"
ridhima"somebody made a promish to me to take me away from here but........."
armaan"how did u..........."
ridhima"nani told me n i read in my diary in witch i had found this"
she took out a picture of him kissing her on chick and she was siting on his lap she gave that picter to him n asked"when was this taken??"
armaan has a huge smil on his face after seeing the picture n said" it was taken at my house when i was going to london n u were crying n seat on my lap saying u will not get up so then i want b able to leave u!!" he then agine looked at the picture n smile handing it to her
ridhima"then why did you leave me if u were i might not have had this accedent or even if i had n accedent u will b here to remind me of our childhood n we cud have been friends agine with the new beganing!!"
armaan"we still can do want to be my friend???"
ridhima"no, i cant coz will leave me agine just like u did before n this time if i had an accedent i might be ded.........."she said this with lil tear welling up in her eye n with a fear of loosing him agine but she didnot know why she said that but armaan did not let her finish her sentance he put his hand on her lipes to stope her saying any further..........
ridhima rimoved his hand from her lips n said" gud nite armaan i want to go to sleep i have to go temple in the morning"
armaan got up from her bed n said" gud nite" n left her room n went to the guest room which was given to him....
ridhima laydown on her bed n try to sleep but tonight the sleep was far far away from her n she keep on thinking only one thing that why she reacted this way with  him, why she had a fear of loosing him, why she wanted to keep looking at him and still glances at him for one or another reason, why she was so relaxed when she huged him, why seh thought that now seh was in safe handes, why she did not want to let go of him, why she wanted to stay in his arm forever, why?? why?? why?? DO I LOVE HIM??? WAS I WAITING FOR HIM???  WHY DID I TURNDOWN THOSE PROPOSELS??? WHY DO I SEE HIM AS MY PRINCE CHARMING??? this were the things that were ringing in her mind...........
when armaan went to his room he set on the bed n said it himself" ridhima how can i tell u that I LUV U, how can i tell u that I WILL DIE WITHOUT U, how can i tell u that I WANT TO FULFILL MY PROMISH THAT I MADE TO U, i know i dont remeber anything about me n i was away from u never came to u till this day coz i was scared of REJECTION but now u dont even want to b my friend but how can i tell u that I CAME HERE TO B WITH U EVEN IF U DONT REMEMBER ME, i dont understnat what shud i do i dont want to rush things n make u fell bad about it, i dont want to make u think that u owe me i want to fall in love with me and then accept me i dont want u to accepte me because i made promish to u to marry u which u dont remember...........with this thought he fall a sleep............

ridhima wake up with the jerk and she was sweeting n her whole body was shivering n her face colore was drained like she had seen a gost she got up n ran to one of the room n she opend it n went strait to the person that was sleeping she sate on the flore next to the bed n look at the face it was none other then armaan she was very surpriesde that seh came to him insted of going to her nani or papa...... then she try to wake him up and he insted of wakeing up he start mumbeling things "baby i luv u !" "baby will u marry me" "baby dont worry i will make everything better n thats a promish" "baby dont cry it hurt when i see u crying i feel like someone pirce my heart with the kinfe" after hearing all this mumber ridhima had a shoke on her face n she walked out of the room seh went to her room n seat on the bed n recalled waht armaan had said in his sleep.....

after few hourse she came down wearing one of the pink salwar suit n went to kitchen to find nani making breakfat froe everyone she went to her nani n huged her...
nani" are mare betya rani uth gay ajj bade dear se uthi aur tu aje mander bhi nahi gaye??"
ridhima" nahi nah ikal rat mai ndear tak so nahi paye isi liya der se uthi aur ab madir jaungi, ap chalogi mara saath??"
nani" nahi beta mai nnahi aa paungi muje bahut kam hai aur han jana se pahla tu armaan ko utha ka jana who bhi abhi tak uth anhi hai........"
rithima leave to go to armaan's room to wake him up n while she goes there she recall armaan's sleep talk n gets lil scared but then she reaches his room n knok on it but the was no responce so she knon agine but still no responce do she desides to go in so she opens that door n walk in n found the bed empty n think" abhi to yahi tha kaha chala gaya??" then seh heard noice of water n thought that he might be taking shower  so she start fixing the bed n rearange the bed sheet. after a while she heard the bath room dore opens n she saw armaan walking out with towel in his hand rubbing on his wet hair n he was wearing a white shirt n blue danim jeans.......looking very hot
ridhima tells armaan to come down fro a brakfat n leav the room n then seh goes downstare n hugs her papa n tell him that she is going to the temple n she leave the house

after about 2-3 houres seh come back home n finds her nani reading a newspaper..

she goes to her n ask her for breakfat n also asked about her papa since it was sunday he useuly is here reading news paper or reading business magazines

nani"are who to armaan ko airport tak chod na gaya hai!!"
ridhima got the bigest shoke of her life her morning shoking dream had came true n she had tears in her eyes

nani baught her some brekfat but insted seh ran to her room n look her self in n start sobing very badly nani comes to talk to her but she did not opend her room

later that evening shashnk came back n aske nani"ma ridhima kahi nazer arahi kaha hai who??"
nani replyed " who apna kamrama hai shayad!!" by now ridhima had opend her room n she was not cring anymore but she was hurt very hurt her tears were al dried out but her heart was still crying on loosing armaan agine............
shashnk came to her room n said" ridhima beta kya hua tumhari anka kyun itni suju hua aur lal hai??" with worried on his face
ridhima replyed"kuch nahi papa who main kuch thik feel nahi karrahi aur sarderd bhi ho raha hai aur zyada kuchnahi......."
shashnk" ridhima ya letter armaan ne tumhar liya diya hai" hand the letter to her and he left her room

ridhima opend the letter n read it

Dear ridhima (baby)

          i m very sorry that i have to go like this but there are some problems going on with the hotels n my father needs me...........
u were not here so i thought i shud write u a latter n apologiez for leaning like this n that to without meeting u.............
i m not sure that i will b coming back or no  so i want to wish u very best u r very nice n sweet i hope that one day u will find all the happeness that u deserve and a soulmate that can fullfil al ur dreams if we meat agine that it wud b my plaser to see u agine n if u need any help with anything i m alwas going to b there for u.........
u dont want to b my friends so i will not force my frendsipe on u but i have accepted u as me friend n i will fulfill all the things as avery gud friend of urs thats y i m tell u that if u need anything or any king of help plz remember me n will b there with u in every step of the time...........

-Armaan (baby's superman)

as soon as she finish reading this she bust out in a loud cry n then went to sleep holding that latter........................


now its been over a year n armaan have not once has called her or came to visit her n ridhima was missing armaan very beadly she tryed to call him but he wud never come on the phone...............

she still had not remeber anyting but now she exactly knew what she felt for armaan.......she had realized that she is deply in luv with him n cant leav without him so she had asked her father to help her to go to london so she can tell armaan about it...........armaan on the other hand dont know that she is comming to see him n he has become one of the top most susseceful business tycone.......

at hitrew airport
ridhima comes out of the airport n she is waiting for armaan's father who know that she is hear n he had agread to come there personaly to pick her up...........then we see one black mursedes stopping where ridhima is standing n come out an very handsome looking old man,

old man went to ridhima n said" how r u my child??" with a huge smile on his face
ridhima  got lil confused and asked" r u abhimanu uncle??"
old man chukuled at her child like question n replyed "yes beta i am!!"
then she huged him n bend down to take his blessing

then they both sited in the car n drived away from the airport

in armaan's office
armaan was talking to his very close friend rahul he was more like a bother to armaan
rahul: armaan she had been calling u so manny time!! y r u not talking to her???
armaan: i cant talk to her when ever i hear her voice i seem to b losing my thinking ability i cant hide my felling from her thats y i came back without meeting her!!!!!!!
rahul: but armaan she needs to know the truth
rahul: but y u dont want to tell her
armaan: coz i dont want to force my love, friendship, or anything on her  i dont want her to fell like she dont have any choice but to marry me for the promis that i made to her
voice: waht if she wants to marry u????
armaan n rahul moved to see who it was n it was none other then RIDHIMA
ridhima: yes armaan i luv u n i want to marry u that is y i came here y didnt u tell me this first u know coz of this how much i hate u u made me cry n u were the one who asked me to b ur friend but u never listion to me i wanted to say that NO I DONT WANT TO B UR FRIEND COZ I WANT TO BE UR BABY I WANT TO B UR RIDHIMA I WANT TO B RIDHIMA ARMAAN MALIK but u just left in the midel of the conversation n did not let me finish

armaan was stunned n shoked n happy n sad
he ran to her n emabers her in to a thight hug n said "yes i will make u mine as no one can have my baby"


it had been oner two yers since that incident in office but the was a huge change since then now ridhima was indeed RIDHIMA ARMAAN MALIK they had been married over tow years and they a very happy in their married life ridhima stil cud not recall her memory but it didn't mater coz his feature with armaan was most mamerable………………………



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