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ARSH os : Te Amo



The little things you do for me and nobody else make me feel good!

She smiled reading the text Armaan had sent. He was such a darling! She liked him, a lot. Ah actually, like is a huge understatement. She loved him! She was willing to go to any lengths just to be with him, but only if he understood?

Armaan Mallik was every girl's dream. Hot? Check. Dazzling smile? Check. Ability to make anyone go weak in the knees? Check! Great personality? Check. But above all, he was her best friend, her confidant, and the only person she trusted.

She was a person, who loved to make friends, but in this world, it's really hard to find true friends and she learnt it the hard way. There were a lot of people she was close to, who were important in her life, but they all went away. But there was one person, who was always there for her, who never left her no matter how rude she was to him. She had been a bad friend, but he knew that she needed him the most at that time, and he stuck by. He was the best friend she always wanted, and only when she came close to losing him did she realize how much she loves him!

She didn't expect him to love her back, and that was the reason she hadn't confessed her feelings to him. Will he understand? Does he love me? Will he break our friendship for this mistake of mine? These questions tore at her heart, but they couldn't be ignored either. There was a very good chance he didn't love her and just considered her as his friend. She could also lose this friendship which has stood the tests of time, and that is something she never wanted to lose! Living with Armaan as just a friend was better than having no Armaan in her life.

She fell in love with him two years back. Yeah, that's a long time to keep your feelings secret! She didn't realize it at first, but her heart whispered it to her, when she bothered to listen. During the past two years, Armaan had dated several girls, and she hated each one of them. Armaan could be termed a playboy, but only she knew how good he was at heart. He loved his Casanova image and also loved hiding his real self from the world.

She wasn't exactly Armaan's 'type' of girl either. She was pretty, kind, sweet, fun and a lot of guys had liked her. But Armaan usually dated the college bimbos, who were so dumb they didn't realize that Armaan was just using them. Armaan knew that small affairs where all they wanted, and they wouldn't bother him after that. He was not a commitment phobic but he was willing to get tied down only with the right girl! Now, who knows what she'll be like?

After thinking so much about him, she finally got down to replying to his text.

" what's with the sweetness ,huh? What do you want from me now?" she typed and pressed SEND.

She heard the familiar tone of a beep, and she checked her phone. She didn't know why but seeing his name in her texts always made her smile!

" shilpa, you're sch a loser, you know that! I really mean that, k?"

" haha, armaan! U fall for such dumb things, dude. Of course I knw u mean that (: ily. " she pressed SEND before she could remove the last part.

She smiled when she heard another beep within 10 s.

" ily too <3 so what are you doing tonight, babe?"


Armaan sent her the text and wondered whether she'll take it in the wrong way and think he's flirting with her? She hated it when he flirted with her. But little did she realize that he wasn't just flirting! He meant whatever he said.

For the past few hours, he was sitting at home, watching TV and getting bored. Vacations were a killer! He was also missing Shilpa a lot, and wanted to hang out.

He knew he shouldn't have sent her the text because even after 2 minutes , she hadn't replied. She could be busy or she could just be feeling awkward?

Shilpaa. Even the name got a smile to his face. She was different, like, really different. She was beautiful, the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her smile could kill anyone. Everything she wore suited her, and made her look even more gorgeous than she already is. She could have any guy she wanted, why did he even have hopes that she liked him?

He could probably be included in her list of ' Guys who just are not dating material'. Crazy as she was, she had made that list and a lot of guys from college had found their place there. Armaan was glad he never saw his name there. It wasn't that she was picky; honestly, none of those guys in that list deserved her! She was a class apart, and her boyfriend definitely needed to be too!

He heard his phone vibrate in his hand, and got excited to see her reply.

" chilling at home. I'll probably watch DDLJ agn :P FUN! "

A chuckle escaped his throat, after reading her text. She was so cute. And how the hell was he supposed to reply to this? He was struggling for an answer, but finally he wrote –

" ugh, you're such a romantic. But right nw, im so bored, I'd do anything! Im coming over (: "

The idea had come to him on an impulse, and he thought it was pretty good. He was missing her so much anyway; he might as well go and meet her? Sure, they would have to watch DDLJ again, which they had seen numerous times, but he didn't mind since he would get to be with her!

He got on his red Karizma bike, and drove away.

When she read his text, she got nervous immediately. Oh god, he's coming over! She took a look at herself in the mirror. Ugh, she looked so weird! She tied her messy her into a slick ponytail with bangs on the sides. She changed from her pyjamas to a red tee and jeans. When she looked at herself now, she felt slightly better.

She went to the DVD player, and put the DVD in. The credits started rolling, and she went to the kitchen to find something to eat or drink for them. She finally settled for red wine, and chocolate ice-cream! She knew it wasn't exactly a great combination, but she didn't care. She went over to the couch, and arranged the pillows neatly. She switched on the AC, and got a blanket in case they felt cold.

Okay, WHAT was she doing? Was she trying to create a romantic atmosphere for her and Armaan? Hell no, that's not what she wanted to do. She decided to make a few changes, but just then she heard the doorbell ring. She cursed inwardly and went to open the door.

" hey" she found armaan's handsome face at the door.

" hey' she grinned back.

" these are for you" he said, handing her red roses. (YES, RED!)

" thank you.." she blushed, for no reason.

" now move, so I can get in!" armaan pushed around, not noticing  her blushing, and went inside.

" ugh armaan!" she stomped in after him.

" wow, this sure looks comfortable" armaan said, looking at the setting. He jumped on the couch and settled in.

She kept the roses on the table, and got in next to him.

" oh, shilpa, just fast forward the song , will you..?" armaan asked, irritated.

" armaan, shutup! Im not fast forwarding any part of this movie.." she said, staring at the screen intently.

Armaan banged a pillow against his head dramatically. He saw the chocolate ice-cream and wine on the table. He poured the wine into two glasses and handed one to her. When he was bored of the wine, he started splurging on the ice-cream.

He was so bored of the movie, he started watching her expressions. She started smiling randomly, and then laughed at some scene, and was blushing at another one.

Looking at her, Armaan burst out laughing! Shilpa, who was so engrossed in the movie, finally looked up at the sound of his cackling laughter.

"What's so funny, armaan?" she asked, since the scene on the screen was quite a romantic one.

"Well, YOU!" armaan said, still laughing.

"Huh, what did I do?" she asked, confused.

"Man, your expressions are too good!" he said, recovering from laughing.

"Ha-ha armaan, shutup! Why were you watching me instead of the movie?" she asked a rather good question.

Uh-oh, he was stumped. He really didn't know what to say. Hell, he had never been in such a stupid situation.

"The movie is really boring, that's why.." he finally said, which was partly true.

" ssh armaan, I want to watch it!" she said, diverting her attention again.

Armaan just sighed; no way was she going to stop watching the movie. He just sat there, and tried to watch it too.

The scene was when SRK was telling Kajol he loved her, but it turned out to be a prank, and Kajol looks shocked for a moment but then just walks away.

"God, girls are so stupid! How could she not make out that he wasn't lying?" armaan remarked.

"What! Are you kidding me? When he himself is saying it was a joke, and Raj had such a Casanova image, why will she believe him?" she asked.

"Well, if she had bothered to look into his eyes, she would have seen the love there "he said, looking into her eyes.

" armaan, when he did love her, why couldn't he just say it? Why mislead her?" she asked, looking back at him.

"She wouldn't have understood and she's getting married to some other dude!" he said matter-of-factly.

" armaan, I LOVE Raj, seriously I do, but if he had told her, she would've understood. I'm not saying the movie should have gone that way, I love the movie the way it is, but in real life, I wouldn't want a guy misleading me that way.." she stated, quite seriously.

He looked into her eyes, and saw that she strongly believed in what she said.

"Okay shilpa, what do u think about love?" he asked her, seriously.

" love..well uh, I don't know armaan, that's so random! I guess it needs to happen to me for me to know.." she said, how the hell could she tell him she had fallen in love already?

"Oh well, I hadn't thought about that. Well I think love is pretty amazing. When you fall in love, you think about that person all the time, your heart beats for her, whenever you are  near her all you can do is just look at her.." he says, staring at shilpa the whole time.

She feels his gaze on her, and looks down. Could it be? Could Armaan, the Casanova and the flirt really love her?

" uh, you seem to know quite a lot about it. Are you in love?" she spoke, finally.

" I think so. But let me make sure.." he said.

He put an arm around her waist, which made her look into his eyes. When she did, she saw pure love there. He was right, just by looking into his eyes, she was sure that he loved her.

" arm.." before she could complete saying whatever it was, he sealed her lips with his.

She responded with the same passion he was feeling, and his hand started exploring her waist. She ran a hand through his hair, and they kissed urgently, never wanting to let go.

When they finally stopped, both of them were breathless.

"Now I know that I am in love. That was the best kiss of my life" he admitted.

Shilpa didn't know what to say. She just looked down fiddling with her shirt.

He lifted her chin up with his finger. He looked into her eyes and conveyed more than said " I love you, shilpa.."

She stared into his eyes; he wasn't flirting with her nor was this some prank. He did love her. Oh god, can this be true!
"Say something. I know you love me too.." he said, when she didn't speak up.

"Then I don't have to say it, understood, that's what true love is about.." she smiled.

He smiled back, and took her in his arms, hugging her tightly. She reciprocated the hug, feeling very comfortable in his arms.

" long have you loved me?" she whispered against his chest.

" from the time you got jealous of my girlfriend, tanya" he said.

" funny, I loved you exactly from that time.." she chuckled.

" I know that, sweetheart" he said, kissing her head.

" ..and why didn't you ever tell me, armaan..?" she said, getting out of the embrace.

" well, you didn't either!" he narrowed his eyes at her.

" armaan, don't you know the guy always has to take the first step!" she said, hitting him with a pillow.

" shilpa! Which world are you in? there's nothing like that, okay?" he retorted.

" armaan, I am  a true romantic, and you know that! And I expect the guy to take the first step, you loser" she shouted.

The fight continued for another half an hour, but both of them knew even in these fights, their love was hidden somewhere. They were not the perfect couple, definitely not, but the truth was, it's so awesome to be imperfect.



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