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Chapter 20 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Riddhima was disoriented when she woke up. What had happened? Why was she in the hospital?
She remembered her argument with Rahul. And she remembered his harsh words. She had then run, not knowing what else to do. There was a car and she didn't remember what happened next.
Had she been in an accident? That seemed to be the only logical explanation.
She was just contemplating what to do next, when the door to her room opened. She looked up and saw Armaan standing there.

When Armaan saw Riddhima was awake, the relief that spread through him was unpalpable. He had been so worried. He wasted no time in walking across the room to her bed.
Once he reached her, he carefully helped her sit up and then pulled her into his arms. He buried his face in her hair and breathed in deeply. As he surrounded himself in the scent that was only Riddhima, his body began to loose its tension and he started to calm down, knowing that she was fine.
He pulled back sometime later to look at her. She had a cut on her forehead which was bandaged and there were some scratches along her arms. He knew she had had a concussion, which would cause a little headache and confusion for sometime and there was a gash on her side, which was hidden by the hospital gown. But all in all, she had walked away from the accident mostly undamaged. That was good, brilliant.
He smiled at her, happy that she was awake. She returned his smile with a beautiful one of her own. He was a goner right there. He couldn't wait a moment longer.
He captured her lips with his in a soft kiss. She smiled against his lips and kissed him back. Her arms wound around his neck as her hands found purchase in his hair, his arms tightening around his waist.
As the time passed, he pressed his lips harder against hers. The kiss became passionate as he licked her lips, asking for entrance in her mouth. She eagerly opened them and then, they were in heaven. His tongue explored every part of her mouth as his hands ran up and down her back in soothing movements. She tugged at his hair, which only seemed to make the kiss more passionate.
Finally, when she couldn't breathe, Riddhima yanked his lips away from hers, pulling at his hair forcefully. Armaan, however, wasn't done yet. He simply started kissing and sucking the skin on her neck, encouraged by the tremors in her body.
Riddhima sighed as he kissed her neck, moving to give him a better access. His lips and hands were really doing amazing things to her body. She couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips when he kissed her earlobe, biting it in.
That seemed to bring Armaan out of his stupor, he stopped kissing her neck and pecked her lips, resting his forhead against hers. "I love you," he whispered.
"I love you, too," she replied, grinning widely.
He pulled her into a hug again, holding her close and relishing the fact that she was awake.
Riddhima smiled and snuggled closer to him, enjoying the feeling of being in his arms. She had needed this, needed him close after today. Her argument with Rahul had left her raw and emotional. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get those words out of her mind. To top it, there had been the accident and she still didn't know what had happened. She didn't feel sore and she didn't ache anywhere. How was that possible if she had collided with the car? Was someone else hurt? Had the accident not happened at all?
There were plenty of questions racing through her mind, but she wasn't sure how to start. For now, she was content to stay here, in Armaan's arms, the only place in the world that she wanted to be.
After a few minutes, Armaan pulled back. He poured water into a glass and then made her drink from it. After she was done, he made her lie down again.
Riddhima quickly shifted to one side and patted the empty side of the bed, signaling Armaan to lay beside her.
Armaan shook his head, afraid to get in, knowing he might damage the injured side.
"Armaan, please," she whispered pleadingly.
"Jaan, agar tumhe lag gaya toh? Tumhe dard hoga. Main yahin baithe hu tumhaare paas," he replied, pulling up a chair and sitting beside the bed.
Before she could protest, Dr. Kirti sauntered in the room.
She smiled on seeing that Riddhima was awake.
"Hi, Dr. Riddhima, welcome back. Aapko kaisa feel ho raha hai?"
"Hello, Dr. Kirti. Main theek hu."
"Dr. Riddhima, aap please mujhe sach - sach bataaiye. Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?"
"Woh Ma'am, mere sar mein dard ho raha hai, thoda thoda. Aur meri kamar bhi."
Dr. Kirti nodded. She did a check up and prescribed some medicines. "Zyada chot nahi aayi hai aapko, Riddhima. Lekin precaution ke taur pe hum aapko kal shaam tak observation mein rakhenge," Dr. Kirti said.
"Observation mein rakhna ki kya zarurat hai, Ma'am? Aap hi ne toh kaha ki zyada chot nahi aayi hai. I'm sure main kuch time mein ghar jaa sakti hu, right?" Riddhima asked.
"Aap ja toh sakti hai, Riddhima. Lekin aapke sar pe chot aayi hai jiske wajah se aapko takleef ho sakti hai. Behtar yahi hoga ki aap kuch smay hospital mein bitaayein," Dr. Kirti said, trying to reason with her.
"Lekin Ma'am..." Riddhima started saying but was cut off.
"Don't worry, Dr. Kirti. Riddhima aaj raat yahin rahegi," Armaan said.
Riddhima started to protest again bit he shot her a look which made her shut up right there.
"Good," Dr. Kirti said, smiling fondly at Armaan. They made a really great couple. It was heartwarming to see two people so in love with each other. You just didn't find love like theirs easily now.
Ab main chalti hu. Khayal rakhiyega, Riddhima," saying so, Dr. Kirti left.
No sooner had she left, the room was filled with all the Guptas. Dr. Shashank, Padma Aunty and Anjali rushed in to see Riddhima.
It took sometime for Armaan and Riddhima to pacify them.
Padma Mom was a bundle of nerves. She was just fussing and pampering and cuddling Riddhima in, glad that her daughter was fine while Dr. Shashank looked on fondly, his eyes brimming with unshed tears and a ghost of a smile on his face. Anjy, on the other hand, was talking to Armaan to get a full update on her baby sister's condition.
When Padma Mom had finally relinquished her hold on Riddhima, Dr. Shashank moved in and hugged her tightly. He kissed the top of her head and murmured into her ear. Whatever he said made Riddhima smile widely. She kissed his cheek and whispered something back.
After Dr. Shashank, Anjali pulled her in. The two girls held onto each other for sometime before Anjali let go.
The four of them sat in the ward, talking and laughing for sometime before Atul walked in.
He too, was relieved to see that Riddhima was fine. He hugged her and made some smartass comment about hurting her if she ever put him through that again. Riddhima gave hima watery smile and promised to try.
The interns came in sometime later, hoarding in a plethora of Get Well Soon' cards and enough flowers to open up a florist shop. All of them stayed back, laughing and joking.
However, amidst all the laughter, Riddhima couldn't help but miss Rahul. Was he that mad at her that he wouldn't even visit?
After sometime, the interns left.
"Maa, raat bohot ho gayi hai. Ab aapko bhi chalna chahiye," Armaan said.
"Arre, nahi. Riddhima ko raat bhar yahin rakh rahe haina. Main yahin rukungi, uske paas," Padma Mom replied, running a hand through Riddhima's hair.
"Maa, aapko rukne zarurat nahi hai. Main ruk raha hu," Armaan replied.
"Main rukti hu na, beta," she replied.
"Maa, aapko takleef lene ki kya zarurat hai? Main hoon na," he said.
"Arre. Tu meri baat sunn..." but any protest died when Riddhima cut her off.
"Maa, Armaan sahi keh raha hai. Aap kyu takleef le rahi hain? Woh ruk jaayega."
"Riddhima..." Padma Mom started.
"Arre, Mom. Aap kyu kuch keh rahe ho? Ab Armaan hai toh Ridzy ko hum sab ki zarurat thodi na padegi," Anjali said in a fake hurt voice.
"Di... Aisi baat nahi hai. Aap jaante ho na..." she tried to say. Anjali cut her off by laughing. She hugged Ridzy and ruffled her hair.
"Ridzy, tu bhi na. Kitni bholi hai. Main toh sirf mazaak kar rahi thi."
Riddhimed humphed and crossed her arms over her chest. Anjy laughed and then got on her Operation Ridzy Ko Manao' which admittedly didn't last long as the girls started laughing and talking again after 5 minutes.
"Shashank, aap hi kahiye kuch isse. Main raat mein Riddhima ke paas rukti hu," Padma Mom said to Dr. Shashank.
"Arre, Padma. Tum kyu itni fikr karti ho? Armaan haina. Woh Riddhima ka humse bhi zyada achche se khayal rakhega," Shashank replied, smiling at Armaan.
Armaan smiled back.
After a lot of protest and whining, Padma Mom finally relented.
The Guptas and Atul then left, leaving Armaan & Riddhima alone.
"Finally," Armaan whispered.
Riddhima echoed his sentiment. Though she loved her family, the got too over protetive and over bearing at times. She didn't need that from them. She already had Armaan worrying way more than necessary.
Riddhima sighed and settled in for the night. She shifted to one side and patted the bed, indicating for Armaan to get in, again.
Armaan refused, again.
Riddhima then shot him a glare so intense, it would have killed him if looks could do so.
"Armaan, main kuch nahi sunne waali. Tum chup chap aakar mere paas so jao. Waise bhi tum raat bhar yahin ruk rahe ho. Aur sofa aur chairs bohot uncomfortable honge."
"Nahi honge, Jaan. Main theek hu," he said, matching her llok with one of his own.
Clearly, scaring him wasn't going to work. So, she relented to begging.
She pulled the puppiest pair of puppy dog eyes ever and peered ar him. Pouting, she whispered, "Please."
"That's not fair," Armaan sighed, moving and settling in next to her.
"You know I can never resist that look," he added when he was finally in.
"I know," she replied smugly.
Armaan sighed and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her head. Riddhima sighed in content and snuggled closer.
"Armaan, Rahul kahaan hai?" she asked after some moments.
"Woh actually Riddhima, tumhe gaadi se bachaane mein..." Armaan trailed off.
"KYA?" Riddhima all but screamed, "Rahul ne mera accident hone se bachaaya?"
Armaan nodded.
"Phir? Usse kya hua? Woh theek haina? Usse zyada chot toh nahi aayi na? Tum kuch bol kyu nahi rahe ho? Bolo na! Woh theek haina?" Riddhima said in one breath.
Armaan cut off her rambling with a quick kiss.
"Tum bolne dogi toh bolunga na. Rahul bilkul theek hai. Thankfully, driver ne ekdum sahi time par brakes daba diye. Isliye tum dono ko kuch nahi hua. Rahul ko fracture hua hai aur isliye woh bhi admit hua hai."
"Mujhe usse milna hai. Mujhe wahaan le chalo, please."
"Abhi usse anaesthesia diya hai, Basket. Hum usse kal mil lenge. Main usse dekhkar aaya tha. Woh bilkul theek hai."
Riddhima nodded petulantly.
"Hey," Armaan said, pulling her chin up to make her look him in the eye. "Rahul bilkul theek hai. I promise."
Riddhima nodded at the sincerity in his voice.
"Hum usse kal milenge. Ab tum so jao."
Riddhima kissed him quickly. "I love you," she whispered.
"I love you, too."
She burrowed in further and the two of them slipped into a dreamless sleep.

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