Sunday, 15 October 2017

EPILOGUE: Truly Madly Deeply

After they were done packing all were relaxing in the living room. Armaan held Riddhima's hand and asked her to come with him.
"We'll be back soon" said Armaan while pulling the blushing Riddhima toward his bedroom with him...where as the Nikki stood up and asked them to come with her.

Nikki took them to store room and asked them to grab all photo frames which she and Atul took it out from walls.
The gang grabbed all photo frames and took it to living room they decided to put it box so they'll take it with them to panchganni rather than putting the frames here.
while packing the frames girls were admiring the photos.
"aww look muski yeh kitni acchi hai" said nikki showing the photo to muskaan and anji...
"I knmow right" said Anji looking at the photo of Riddhima and Armaan.

Here they got busy wrapping the photo frames while talking about how cute they looked and boys rolled their eyes.

Armaan's room

Armaan dragged Riddhima to the door as he locked the door behind her.
"Basket" whispered Armaan while cares her check with his fingers.
"hmm" hummed Riddhima who was lost in his eyes.
Armaan held her waist with other hand. "I love you basket" said Armaan while kissing her check as he nuzzled his noose to her temple. Armaan dragged his nose from her temple to check down to chin to her neck where Armaan rubbed his lips.
"" moaned Riddhima breathing heavy. Armaan was enjoying her every reaction to his touch. They both were over the moon to be with each other finally.
Armaan pulled Riddhima's body flush with his own as he moved deepen into her neck to kiss. Riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck, winding her fingers in his hair as she struggled to breathe. She pressed her front up against his hard chest and felt herself harden in response which Armaan felt too. Armaan was pleased to see Riddhima taking step toward him rather than him. Armaan held her waist into his hard muscle arms as he took her in his embrace.
Before bending to kiss her, he pressed his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes imploringly.
"Please Basket", whispered Armaan while holding his gaze to her blushing eyes. Riddhima blushed from head to toe which Armaan noticed and whispered to her "I wondered if you blush everywhere Riddhima" which made Riddhima shirred and hid her face in his chest.
Armaan chuckled as he was about to say something Muskaan knocked the door
"oye bahar oyoge ki main ava andar" screamed Muskaan from outside of the door.
"aye" said Armaan while Riddhima struggled to get out of his arms to leave but he held her.
"Wait Riddhima I have to ask something on minute" said Armaan
Riddhima I want us to get married soon because main darta hoon ki kahi hum phir se alag na ho jaye" expressed Armaan his fears.
While Armaan dropped on his knees and held her hand where Riddhima was sniffing softly but had a big smile, rosy cheeks and spark in her eyes as she saw Armaan remove a ring from the box.

Riddhima gasped as her eyes widened as she looked at the gorgeous ring and the kada which she gave it back to him

Armaan looked at her as he held her hand and wore the kada on her wrist and promised to buy her new payal.

"Riddhima I love you and will always love you forever...tumhi hi mera sab kuch ho main abb tumhare bina saans nahi le sakta" while Riddhima shake her head to not say things like that..."isleye I want us to get married soon dogi na mera saath" asked Armaan while holding onto her both hands...
Riddhima also dropped onto her knees and nodded her head and held her hand for him to make her his.
 Armaan wore her ring and pulled her into his arms while they both soaked each other's love.
The house bell rang and both came out of embrace and looked at each other's and Armaan got up and helped Riddhima to got up too and both moved out of the room to living room and was shocked to their door
Some time earlier at Gupta house.
As Soon as Shashank came to the house he saw Padma and nani sitting at sofa while padma was talking on the phone. "nahi beta main bath karti hoon" said Padma as she hanged up the phone.
Padma looked and the door as nani was looking at the door and padma's eyes harden for the first time in her life as she saw her husband walked into the house.
"wahi rukh jayie Shashank' said Padma in anger
Shashank and nani looked at her in surprise.
"yeh main kya sun rahi hoon" asked Padma
"kya padma" asked Shashank back.
 And Padma described everything from Armaan coming back to helping Riddhima AND Sid back together now they are divorced and how Shashank was helping Sid and they both were shocked to know what Shashank has done to their daughter and now Anjali was moving away from them. She couldn't believe her husband and how her house was broken into pieces while she was gone away for some time.
"Maine aapse kaha that ki leave riddhima  alone she can decided for herself now, but nahi aapne ne humhe hamare bacho se door kar diya Anjali bhi ja rahi hai" said Padma crying.
Shashank was shocked at walked into his room in anger .He will never forgive Dr Malik.
Meanwhile Padma and nani decided to visit them and also decided that they will not stop them from leaving as they can't live in peace here.
 Alll the frinds waited and finally decided to call them out and Muskaan went to get them and said they are coming and after sometime the door bell rang...
"ma ...nani" said Riddhima while running to them
"meri bachi" said Nani while hugging Riddhima.
Padma too hugged her back and looked at Armaan and asked him to come to her. Armaan walked up to her and took blessing friom nani and padma ma...while both were happy to see him back and blessed him back..."khush raho" said nani


Muskaan shrieked and ran toward Riddhima and held her and
"ring" said Muskaan hugging Riddhima
"kya/what/where" asked their all friend while Riddhima blushed and Armaan smiled.
"abbhi we decided to get married" said Armaan looking at padma ma.
And she smiled at both of them and blessed them and asked Armaan to let her know as they won't be missing their daughter's marriage. And they left.
While Armaan held Riddhima's hand and pulled her in embrace and all the gang smiled and hugged them. All stood together and strong forever.



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