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It is early in the morning. All the dates of Armaan and Riddhima's engagement and wedding are fixed the day before. Therefore everyone is busy with the arrangements. There is only 3 days to go for the engagement. Anjali came to Gupta's house from their house (Atul's house). In order to help in the arrangements, she stays there. The house is very busy. There is a lot of work going on in the Gupta's house as the engagement will take place there. There were many close relatives of the Gupta's, who came to help in the wedding arrangements.

Riddhima gets ready and goes down. She wears a red sauce waala lal saree with a sleeveless blouse. She has a bindi on her face. She puts on the bangle and the payals given by Armaan. She has a little make up on her face. She has matching ear rings, watch and shoes. She was looking like a fairy.

Riddhima is searching for shashank as he told her that they will be going to shop some clothes and jewellery for her wedding.

Riddhima in search of Shashank, goes to the sitting hall and finds Armaan also along with Shashank.

She sees armaan and blushes slightly. Armaan's eyes keep looking at his beautiful wife to be and are not turning anywhere.

Shashank sees riddhima!!!

Shashank: aao riddhima beta. Baito na!!!

Riddhima: ji papa. (With a very low voice, smiling)

Shashank: Riddhima beta, shaadi ke lie shopping karna hai, aur mujhe aur mom ko yahan bohot saara responsibilities hai. Issilie maine armaan ko yahan bulaya. so that you bath can go and shop whatever you want. Is that ok riddhima beta?

Armaan gets excited to know that he is going out with Riddhima alone and that too with the permission of his sasurji.

Armaan: No problem papa. We will do all the necessary shopping for the shaadi. Please don't worry!! Mein sab kuch sambaal loonga. Riddhima, chalo !!! (in an overexcited tone)

Riddhima: Haan. Bye papa. (Smiling to herself thinking about armaan's outburst in happiness)

Shashank: Bye beta.


Armaan: Jaanu, aaj tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho.

Riddhima: Thanks. (slightly blushing)

He always liked to see his cute, sweet, little riddhi blush like this.
Armaan: Jaanti ho, aaj mein bohot khush hoon.
Riddhima: Kyun ?
Armaan: Kyunki sasur ji sent you with me for a date (Giving her a wink)
Riddhima: Armaan, papa ne shopping karne ke lie bheja aur date pe nahi.
Armaan: chodo basket. Aur ek baat batao, tumne aaj sauce waala lal saari kyun pehni ? Mere lie kya ?
Riddhima is blushing without giving a reply.
He slowly takes her hand into his and starts kissing it.
She starts blushing badly.
Armaan: Hm... I think it is for me only coz i love red colour na!!
Riddhima: Ek baat bataun. Maine tumhare bare mein sochkar ye saari pehen li. (blushing) I really don't know that you will be coming like this but just like that, i felt like wearing ur favourite (Still blushing)
Armaan is really happy as she spoke her heart for the first time.
Armaan: Thanks jaan. Jaanti ho, Jab bhi tum apne dil khol kar baat karti ho na, tab mujhe lagta hai ki "i am the luckiest person in the world". Mujhe bohot achcha lagta hai. I always like to share my heart with the person i love and i also want the same from you jaanu.
Riddhima: Jaanti hoon. Cause now your heart is with me!! (With a smile)
Armaan: I love you jaan!!! Acha sun, shopping karne ke baad, hum lunch pe chalenge. Theeke.
Riddhima(this time, she cannot say no cause she also wants to spend some time with him): Ok. Your wish.
Armaan soon stops the car infront of a designer store where the lehengas for the shaadi are sold.
He opens the door for her and she gets down. He puts his hand on her waist and she drops her arm in to his. They look like a couple who are made for each other. And both of them enter into the shop together.
They go and sit near a counter.
Armaan: Can you show me that please? (Pointing towards a dress)
The shopkeeper gets the dress out from the rack and shows it.
Armaan: Yeh dekho. It will be beautiful on you. Perfect for the engagement.
Armaan puts the palla on her head (just like the padma wedding near the tailor)
She keeps blushing. He keeps smiling at her.
Finally armaan selects five dresses.
For Engagement, Sangeet, Reception, Mehndi and Shaadi. Riddhima always loves his choice and she always feels that he knows perfectly about what looks good on her more than her.
They sit in the car and both of them head towards a jewellery shop.
Armaan buys some jewellery and then buys some more jewellery without her knowledge. They are now in the car.
Riddhima: i think we had finished our shopping.
Armaan: Haan. Ab to bus 11:30 hain. Ab hum kahin bahar chalenge aur uss ke baad lunch pe.
Riddhima: Lekin hum chalenge kaha ?
Armaan: Hmm... sweetheart it is a surprise and you have to wait dear!!!
Riddhima: Armaan, please batao na.
Armaan: Arrey jaan, intzaar to kar lo. We will be there within 5 minutes.
Riddhima gives him a baby look and armaan kisses her on her hair.
Armaan is holding her hand which is on the gear.
He stops the car in front of a big beautiful house which has garden on one side and a play area for kids on the other side.
Riddhima: Armaan, yeh kiska ghar hai. And why did we come here?
Armaan doesn't reply and opens the door for her. He holds her by her waist and kisses her forehead.
Armaan: chalo!!
He doesn't wait for riddhima's reply.
As soon as they reach the door, Riddhima finds a board on the door.
Riddhima: (with a surprised look) Armaan, yeh kya hai?
Armaan: yeh humara ghar hai. Hum shaadi ke baad iss ghar mein rahenge.
Riddhima: (with little water in her eyes) Armaan...
Armaan: Just don't say anything riddhima... we will be staying here. This is going to be our sweet home. Soon we will be having children.... We will be converting this home into a place where there is only love and happiness. Shall we go inside!!!
Riddhima: armaan, i really love you sooo much!!!! (Hugging him and gives a kiss on his cheek)
Riddhima: I love you too darling. (Kissing her on the forehead and then on her cheek)
Armaan opens the door of the house. The enterance way is covered with red and white rose petals. Armaan holds her by her waist and she rests her head on his chest and both of them enter the house in the same position. As they enter the house, just in front of the main door, there is a big photo of both of them (During dandia in Sapna's function)
Riddhima: Armaan, this house is really beautiful.
Armaan: U know, it took me one year to make this house perfect. When ever I get free, i will make this house done inch by inch and today it is a perfect house.
Riddhima: Lekin armaan.... you didn't tell me anything about this house..... Kyun?
Aur tumne inta takleef kyun li. Jis ghar mein tum abhi rehte ho wo to theek hai na humare lie....
You took all these pains because of me?
Armaan: (puts his hand on her lips): Kitna bolti ho tum.
He takes her to the sofa nearby. He sits on it and riddhima settles on his lap. She rests herself on him and holds him tightly by hugging him.
He also hugs her tightly so that no one could separate them.
Armaan: (Resting his chin on her shoulder) Riddhima, mein tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon.
Riddhima: Kaho na Armaan.
Armaan: Jaanti ho riddhima, shayad maine tumse yeh baat kabhi bhi nahi kaha. Jaanti ho, iss duniya mein agar mein kisi ko apna keh sakta hoon, wo sirf tum ho riddhima. Sirf tum ho. Jab bhi mein tumhari saath hoon, tab mujhe lagta hai ki iss duniya mein aur koi bhi nahi hai. Sirf mein aur tum. Tum mujhe wahi pyaar deti ho jo ek ma, ek biwi, ek behen, aur ek friend deti hai. Tum meri zindagi mein bohot special ho Riddhima. I feel very comfortable with you forgetting all the problems. I can share anything with you at any time. When ever I have a problem, the first thing that comes onto my mind is There is one person for me in this world!!! That is you riddhima !!! And remember one thing!!! No one can never take your place!! And i am
He now has tears in his eyes and his voice is weak. Riddhima also has little tears in her eyes. She slowly removes her head from his chest and looks into Armaan's eyes. He is now crying bitterly and tightly hugs her. She hugs him back.
Armaan: Riddhima, I can't live without you. You are my everything. Riddhima, mujhko waada karo ki tum mujhe kabhi chodke nahi jaaogi.
Riddhima: Mar jaongi lekin tumhare saath kabhi nahi chodungi.
Armaan: I love u Riddhima. U r my only family member in this world. U r my life, U r my everything Riddhima.
Riddhima: I love you too hone waala hubby (trying to make the moment a bit funny and trying to make armaan comfortable)
Armaan: Riddhima, jab bhi tum mujhe aise bulati ho na HUBBY, mujhe bohot achcha lagta hai. (Kissing her hands and forehead)
Riddhima: Ok then, after the marriage, i will call you like that only. Theeke.
Armaan: Cool.... Mch.. Still have to wait 3 weeks for the marriage ?
Riddhima: Hmm.. ofcourse we have to wait
They enjoy the moment like that for some time.
Both of them come out of the hug after a few minutes and armaan slowly removes a strand of hair falling on her face.
She slowly moves to his forehead and kisses it. He is very happy now at riddhima's reaction and kisses her forehead, slowly kisses her right cheek, then her neck. Now slowly moving towards her lips, he holds her chin and lifts her face. He slowly kisses her on her lips and she responds to him. They remain like that for a few minutes.
Riddhima, moves away after some time. She is now blushing very badly. Armaan is looking at her with all the love in the world. She was unable to blush further and hides her face in his chest by hugging him instantly.
He wraps his arms around her and kisses her on her hair. Both of them hug tightly. A promising hug which tells that they will never be away from each other.
Both of them are very happy at that moment.
Riddhima gets up after some time.
Riddhima: (Holding armaan's hand) Chalo. Let's see the house.
Armaan: Haan chalo... (With a very happy face and having a big smile)
They go to the dining hall, which is very beautiful with a six seater dining table. There were some beautiful pictures of armaan and riddhima together in a golden bordered frame. Some frames were empty.
Riddhima: Armaan, yahan ki photo's kaha hai.
Armaan (this time armaan was blushing)
Riddhima: Kya hua armaan? Why are you smiling?
Armaan: Haan !!! those frames are for our kid's photo's. (Having a smile on his face)
Riddhima: Hugging him. You are so sweet armaan. I love u choooo much.
Armaan: I love you too biwi.
Riddhima: Armaan ;)
Armaan: Hey!!! We are missing a very important place !!! Chalo!!! Lets go!!!
Riddhima: Lekin kaha?
Armaan: Come on sweetheart....
Riddhima: Armaan kya kar rahe ho... Chodo mujhe... Gir jaoongi...
He holds her in his arms and takes her into a room.
Armaan: To yeh hai shaadi ke baad humaara bed room.
Riddhima: (Blushing badly): ...... (Doesn't speak anything)
Armaan: How's it?
Riddhima: Oye Hubby, just like always ur choice is so sweet (with a wink)
Armaan(holding her by her waist): I know sweety :). Tum bhi bohot sweet ho na ;) Acha yeh dekho...
He opens a wardrobe. It is full of sarees, salwaar suits and night suits.
Riddhima: Armaan, yeh sab kya hai?
Armaan: Riddhima, yeh tumhare lie kapde hai. Yeh hai sarees. Jab bhi tum saari pehen ti ho na, ek pari jaise lagti ho. Tumhen shaadi ke baad mereli har weekend saari pehenna hoga. Theeke :)
Riddhima: Aap ka marzi.
Armaan: Aur yeh hai salwaar suits, kaam pe pehenne kelie aur yeh night suits.
Riddhima: Tumne mereli itna socha armaan?
Armaan: Hmm... Cause i don't want you to feel uncomfortable in this house after the marriage. All your luggage has to come here and i don't want you to do all the work of arranging your things. Aur haan... Something else is waiting for you.
He opens another cupboard. There are matching jewellery for all the dresses and sarees.
Riddhima: Armaan, tumne yeh sab.... lekin kab...
Armaan: just shut up.... just see....
He opens another cupboard. There are all the cosmetics which she requires.
Armaan: Kaisa laga? Sab kuch theek hai na? (With anxiety)
Riddhima: Armaan you are such a sweet person. I am really lucky to have you in my life.
Armaan: I am the luckiest to have u in my life jaanu. (Kissing her on her forehead)
Armaan: Come on, I will show you something else.
Riddhima: What!!! Ek aur surprise!!! (in a very excited tone).
Armaan: Hmm....
Armaan takes her to a room. The door of the room is decorated with cartoon characters and the edges of the door with teddy bear pictures like a border for it.
Riddhima: Armaan, ab yeh kya hai?
Armaan: This is the room for our child. He opens the door.
There is a cot for a small baby, which has the facility of rocking like a swing also. There is a pram on one side and the whole room is filled with all kinds of toys. One corner of the room was filled up with teddy bears and stuffed toys.
Riddhima: Armaan.... I just don't have any words.
Armaan: Come on riddhima. Tumhe kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai.
Riddhima: Acha..... where is the kitchen... we havn't seen it till now.
Armaan: One second..... you are not going to cook after our marriage.... we will employ a cook and she will do all the work. Occasionally you make aloo parantha's for me.
Riddhima: Armaan.... no cook... understand. Mein saara cooking karoongi. If you don't like my decision, then marry someone else?
Armaan: Theek.. hai (thinking). Lekin itni jaldi koi ladki nahi mielgi. Pehle ek ladki ko select karna hai, aur....
Riddhima: (Cuts in between): Shut up armaan. Badmash!!
Riddhima turns her face. Armaan slowly holds her from backside.
Armaan: Sorry jaanu (nuzzling her shoulder and kissing it) U know that i love you. Mein bus mazaak kar raha tha. Tum hospital se aane ke baad thak ho jaaogi. Please ab mera baat maan lo. I don't want to trouble you sweetheart. (still kissing her shoulder)
Riddhima: Armaan. Trying to flat me!! Very bad. Mujhe iss ghar mein koi cook nahi chahiye. Ok!!!
They argue for a minute and finally
Armaan: Ok ok... U win.... Fine...
Riddhima: Hugging him. I love you my sheru....
Armaan: I love u too basket.
They go to the kitchen and riddhima says that they are going to have their lunch there itself and she is going to prepare the food.
Armaan agrees to her and is really happy to eat the food made by her.
She starts searching for the ingredients while armaan is sitting on the plank beside the stove looking at her with loads of love in his eyes.
She finds all the ingredients and starts cooking.
Armaan: Can I help u?
Riddhima: No armaan. I will cook alone. Please!!!
Armaan is still looking at her cooking.
Armaan gets down of the plank and holds her on the waist from back.
Riddhima: Armaan, please chodo na. Please....
Armaan doesn't care about her words, moves her hair to a side and starts kissing her on her neck and then her shoulders.
Armaan: Please, I will help you.
Riddhima(lost somewhere) :Haan armaan!!!
Armaan starts helping her. At first she doesn't allow his but finally she agrees.
Actually, armaan doesn't help her much as she doesn't give him all the work.
Finally, they finish their cooking.
Riddhima asks him to sit near the table and he does as she says.
He sits on the table while she gets all the dishes.
She fills his plate with all his favourite dishes and he asks her to feed him.
She feeds him as if she is feeding her son and he feeds her too with lots of love. Both of them enjoy the moment to the fullest. They are really happy now.
They finish their food and go to the balcony where there is a swing. The atmosphere there is very pleasant. They go to the swing and she sits on armaan's lap (just like the scene on the sofa)
Armaan: Hey riddhima, why don't we go to a movie? (Caressing her hair)
Riddhima: Which movie?
Armaan: Hmmm.... Rock on!!
Riddhima: Yes!! I also want to watch that movie. Let's go. Good idea!!!


Armaan and Riddhima go to the movie. After the movie, they will go on a romantic dinner and spend some time together.
They go on a romantic dinner :)
More Armaan and Riddhima moments coming up.

Pradeepthi and Dipika :D

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