Monday, 30 October 2017


Armaan: Riddhima, I think that we can catch for afternoon show. Koi problem nahi hai na?

Riddhima: No problem.

Armaan: Yes sweety? (Kissing her on her cheek)
They both go to the PVR's and will buy two tickets for Rock On!!

Armaan : Riddhima!! Got the tickets. Let's go inside!!
They get inside. They will get the two seats in the corner.

Armaan makes Riddhima sit in the corner seat.

Armaan: Tum yahan baito. I will get some popcorn.

Riddhima: Ok!! Aur coke for me.

Armaan: Sure sweety!!

Armaan gets 1 popcorn and 1 large coke.

Armaan: So, here it is. (He hands the coke to Riddhima)

Riddhima: Armaan tumhara coke kaha hai?

Armaan: Wo maine hum dono ke lie ek hi coke laaya. Share karenge. (Resting his head on her shoulder)

Riddhima: Theeke. Ab movie dekho. It's already started.(smiling to herself) Tum kabhi nahi sudroge.

Armaan: Hmm...

Armaan is still resting his head on Riddhima's shoulders and catching one of her hands. They are sharing the coke and popcorn.

Riddhima is feeding pop corn to Armaan in between.

The movie is finished now. It is 4:30 in the evening.
Armaan and Riddhima go and sit in the car.

Armaan: Basket, ek baat bataun. Abhi 4:30 hai and i don't wanna leave u so fast. I will miss u sooo much.

Riddhima: Mujhe bhi nahi jaana hai. (Catching his arm and lying on the shoulder)

Armaan: Abhi tumhe tumhara ghar pe chod deta hoon. Aur sham ko hum dono dinner pe chalenge. Kaisa tha mera idea?

Riddhima: Cool!!

Armaan: Aur haan!! Yeh tumhara gift hai!!

Riddhima: Kya hai yeh?

Armaan: Nahi Nahi!! Abhi nahi!! In your house!!

He drops Riddhima home unwillingly.
Riddhima reaches her room. She gets a message from Armaan "I LOVE U"
She messages him back "I LOVE U TOO"
She smiles to herself and then opens the gift pack.
It is a beautiful white saree with light work on its borders. There were matching diamond earrings, diamond bangles and a thin diamond choker.
She smiles to herself and decides to wear it for the dinner.
It is 8:15 in the night. Riddhima wore the saree as well as the jewellery. She left her hair loose and was looking like a star in the sky.
She gets a message from Armaan
"Reached your home. Waiting for u"
Riddhima gets excited. She informs Anjali that she will be going along with Armaan for the dinner and she leaves.
Armaan was wearing a sort of formal dress and was looking very cute in it.

As Riddhima comes out, he could not move his eyes away from her.

Armaan: Thanks Riddhima.

Riddhima: Thanks kyun?

Armaan: Kyunki tumne aaj mere lie eh saree pehen li na issiliye.

Riddhima: I really liked this saree sooo much. Aur yeh jewellery bhi.

Armaan: Jaanta tha!! Mein apni jaan ko bohot achhi tarah se jaanta hoon!!

Riddhima: (slightly blushing)

Armaan opens the door for her. Riddhima sits in the car and they go the place (actually a small function hall)
No one was there except Armaan and Riddhima. Both of them get down of the car, and walk inside hand in hand.

Riddhima: Armaan, tumne kaha tha ki hum dinner par jaayenge lekin yeh to koi function hall hai.

Armaan: Intzaar karo meri jaan. Hum theek jagah par hai.

Riddhima smiles at him and holds him by his waist by resting her head on his shoulders. Armaan also holds her.

As they open the door, there was a two seater table with food already served on it. There were Champaign , cake and many other dishes on the table.

Riddhima: Wow Armaan!! Phir se surprise!!

Armaan: Hm... Aaj raat hum dinner yahan pe karenge.

As they reach near the table, Riddhima finds the cake in the autine shape. It was written "ARMAAN LOVES RIDDHIMA" on the cake.

Armaan: Riddhima, hum ek saath cake cut karenga. Theeke.

Riddhima: Hmmm....

Armaan and riddhima cut the cake together. They are lost in each other's eyes but riddhima comes out very soon. She takes a big piece of cake and puts it into armaan's mouth (It doesn't go completely into his mouth)
He doesn't eat it and keeps holding the cake like that only as if he is waiting for her to bite the other part of the cake. Riddhima understands the scene and starts blushing badly. (Imagine the scene during Valentine's Day in Keerthi's house)
She is still not giving her move. Armaan slowly moves near to her face. She slowly gives her bite of the cake. Their take her piece of cake and their lips touch.
She has a sence of shiver as she is close to armaan. He envelops her completely as if he is ensuring her security. Her face is on his chest. She kisses his chest where as he kisses her hair.
It was a very lovely moment.
They both hug tightly. The looks life as if it is a one person and not two persons hugging each other. (Just imagine ppl)
They come out of the hug after 5 minutes.

Armaan kisses her on her forehead and makes her to sit on the chair. He goes to the opposite chair and settles himself comfortably. They have their food. Armaan now gets up, goes near riddhima's chair, bends his knees.
Riddhima also gets up. He takes out a ring which has a circular diamond on it with a small "A" engraved in it.
She was surprised and accepts him. He puts the ring on to her finger and kisses her hand. He removes another diamond ring of same type on which it was engraved "R". He asks riddhima to give it for him. Riddhima puts the ring on to his finger. This moment is really emotional for both of them. Riddhima instantly hugs armaan tightly.
After some time Armaan comes out of the hug and starts looking at her.

Armaan: Riddhima, Dance?

Riddhima: Sure!!

She drops her hand into his. (There was a romantic music playing in the background). He puts his hand on the bare part of her waist and her hand is on his shoulder where as her other hand is catching his other hand.
(Imagine the slow dance in lonavela).
She slowly rests her face on his chest and her hands envelop his back. He also envelopes her in his arms.




(Riddhima was remembering one of their best days before their marriage).


Riddhima suddenly comes out of her dream due to the door bell of the hotel room.

Riddhima: Coming!!

Riddhima opens the door.

Room Service Person: Hello mam!! Good evening!! Here is the coffee you have ordered for.

Riddhima: Please place it here.

Room Service Person: Have a good day mam!!

The room service person leaves.

It is 6:30 in the evening. Armaan and Riddhima have just landed in Australia for their honeymoon. It is now one day after their marriage.

Armaan is in his shower.

Riddhima: Armaan....

Armaan: ............. (No responce)

Riddhima: Armaan !!!

Armaan: Haan jaan!! Kya hua ???

Riddhima: Ur coffee is here!!

Armaan: Aa raha hoon!!!

Riddhima sits on the sofa beside and starts reading a magazine waiting for Armaan to come. Armaan comes out of the bathroom and riddhima doesn't notice this. He is wearing his shorts with wet hair and is without his shirt. He observes riddhima who is engrossed in reading the magazine. He slowly comes to the back of her and hugs her tightly from the back.

Riddhima: Aaaaah............ aahhhhhhhhh.......

Riddhima starts shouting due to fear. He closes her mouth !!!

PRECAP: Lots of Armaan and Riddhima ROMANTIC moments :)

Pradeepthi & Dipika :)

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