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LAST PART : The Painful Side Of Love

They all ran to the doctor who smiled at them and spoke "Luckily the bullet missed his heart. It had hit right above the heart area and so he survived. He is fine but he is unconscious but you can see him." The doctor left followed by Cam who had to fill all the formalities left with the doctor and Riddhima, Atul and Ben stepped inside to see Armaan.

Riddhima saw the pipes coming out of his wrists and her macho Armaan lying like a frail body on to the hospital bed. She kneeled down next to his bed and
Placed her hand on his forehead and then she just kept looking at him and then when she felt the tears stinging her eyes she quickly moved out of the OT crying.
Riddhima heard Atul say Armaan's name……….she peeped inside and ran to Armaan when she saw him opening his eyes. She quickly sat by his side with Atul on the other side and took his hand into hers. Armaan opened his eyes and saw Riddhima peering at him with an equally anxious Atul on the other side and some stranger standing behind Riddhima. He gave them all a short smile and spoke in a hoarse voice "Relax guys I am fine."
"Oh I knew you won't leave us that easily……..man you are such a pain." They all turned around and saw Cam standing there with an exasperated expression and then he continued "And that's exactly what I told the doc as well but no he continued to blabber about how we have to take care of that wound and your medicines and blah blah blah………and look at you just the same………..you are such an attention seeker. Did all this just to scare us." he said it in a mock serious tone and Armaan chuckled while Riddhima hit him on his chest angrily "Cam he is not well and this is no time to joke. You all leave the ward right now 'coz I have to talk to Armaan."
"Ya right talk or something else?" Cam spoke with mischief to which Armaan hi-fived him but then suddenly yelped in pain due to the pressure caused on to his injured hand and this enraged Riddhima who barked at all of them "That's it. Get out Cam right now and rest of you can come and meet him later." They all left the ward seeing Riddhima's angry expression.
Riddhima closed the door after them but she didn't turn around instead she just leaned on the door and Armaan knew that she was crying. He tried getting up but fell back on the bed and hearing the sound Riddhima quickly came to his side and shouted on him "What the hell are you up to? Haven't you given me enough pain?" Her voice cracked and she broke down with her head on Armaan's uninjured shoulder.
He spoke slowly "I didn't know that you'll be this upset to see me fine."
"Its not funny Armaan. I was worried sick. Armaan don't ever do this to me again or else I'll really die."
"Hey common don't say that and it wasn't my fault that I was shot. Look am fine so please please please give me a sexy smile." Armaan spoke in a cheesy way to which Riddhima replied in an equally naughty tone "Why just a smile I can give you a lot more then that." And with that she placed her lips on his and kissed him lightly and was about to move away when Armaan placed his hand behind her hair and pulled her to himself making the kiss more passionate erasing all the pain and anguish the last few moments had given them. When they broke the lip lock Armaan spoke "Now that you know I am helpless you are taking advantage of me?"
Riddhima smacked his other arm and spoke in an indignant voice "Fine no more kisses for you and now I am not even going to tell you that good news that I was about to share with you."
Armaan narrowed his eyes at her and spoke "Oh man you are pregnant…"
Riddhima looked at him in shock and then she rolled her eyes at him and then smacking her head she spoke "I just realized what a duffer I am stuck with. Anyways before you go around making any more of your stupid wild guesses I'll tell you what the news is." A disappointed but curious Armaan looked intently at Riddhima who began "Well we have collected all the evidences required to nail Vivek and very soon we'll have him behind bars imprisoned for life." Armaan wanted to jump in joy but he restrained himself fearing a fiery scolding from Riddhima. He simply beamed with joy and gave a side hug to Riddhima placing a kiss on her head. He asked her to tell him everything to which she happily narrated all the events but Armaan grew a little solemn at the mention of his father and how his brother had done it all for the sake of money. Before he could get anymore morose he saw Cam stepping inside the ward with a number of flowers and placing them in the vase he spoke "Riddhima must have told you everything about Vivek……." Armaan nodded his head and so he continued "So dude we have finally accomplished our mission and I know events took a nasty turn but still aren't you happy and also Vivek is under police custody and day after tomorrow we are going to have a court hearing regarding the case and then everything is going to be in our favour." Armaan smiled and spoke "I am happy Cam but its so surprising that somebody can go to this extent for the sake of money. I mean I would have never taken the money anyways but still isn't it weird that any sane man could do things like what he did to Riddhima and all the other crimes he committed. But I am glad that he is being punished for all his sins. Are you okay Atul?" He turned towards an unusually quiet Atul who gave him a smile "Don't worry Armaan. I am absolutely fine and I am as happy as you are."
All of them smiled and chatted for a long time and then they left allowing Armaan to rest but Riddhima refused to leave and she stayed back with Armaan.
2 days later
"Finally everything is over. Vivek is going to repent all his sins in that prison and once this sentence is over I'll make sure that he is sent back there for something else so that he can't cause anymore trouble." Cam told everyone.
They were all in the hospital narrating the whole court hearing to Armaan who was delighted that finally the monster was punished.
Riddhima's face was glowing with happiness.
Armaan cleared his throat to get everyone's attention and then he spoke "I am getting discharged after 10 days and then we all are leaving for India where I and Riddhima are going to get married." Armaan looked at Riddhima and saw her blush for the second time.
"Oooooooooooo……I see so that is why you two have been glowing today." Cam spoke and then they all laughed together.
But they stopped when they saw an old lady entering the ward. Riddhima quickly stood up and went to that lady's side and helped her to the seat next to Armaan.
Armaan was surprised to see Mrs.Luther there but then he smiled when he understood that Riddhima must have brought her here as he had told Riddhima a lot of times that he wanted to meet her and tell her who he was. He heard her say "Armaan now I know why I felt a connection with you when I had seen you that day……….I can't believe I am seeing you and you are actually here in front of me……..I had lost all hope of seeing you. I am so happy and you certainly are a handsome fellow……….I am proud of you son and this girl is a fine choice you have made for a life partner." She placed Riddhima's hand into Armaan's hand and blessed them. Armaan introduced her to everyone else present there and the old lady was overwhelmed when Armaan told her "Aunty I am really grateful to you for everything you did for mom, dad and then me. You are the only link to mom and dad for me. I can't explain what finding you and being with you means to me. I once again feel so close to my mom. Thanks you so much." Mrs.Luther's eyes got moist and she placed a wet kiss on Armaan's forehead and blessed him. They all talked for a long time and Mrs.Luther told Armaan and Atul a lot about Anamika and Vijay who were delighted to have the old lady now in their life.
"Good morning jaan." Armaan hugged Riddhima from behind who was watching Anamika play in the garden of their house.
"Armaan can you believe it that our daughter is going to turn 5 tomorrow and that we have been married for 6 long years." Armaan kissed Riddhima's neck and spoke "I know we have been married for 6 years and I still can't get enough of you." Riddhima giggled and then they heard their daughter shout "Daddy watch me…….I am going on the slide now." Armaan and Riddhima watched their daughter run towards the big slide and then they turned towards a frantic Mrs.Luther "Watch it missy that slide is mighty high and I don't want you injuring yourself and then again missing out on school and crying the whole night."
Riddhima sighed and placed her head on Armaan's shoulder and spoke in a content voice "I had never thought that I'll ever be happy again and look……… here I am with the sweetest daughter in the world and you as my husband. What more do I want?"
"Maybe you don't but I do. I want a boy now." He picked Riddhima in his arms and took her to the bedroom while she hit his chest and spoke "Armaaaannnnnn. Anamika might come looking for us"
"No she won't because its time for her arts class and Atul is going to take her there."
He placed Riddhima on their bed and was about to kiss her when the phone rang. Cursing whoever the caller is he picked up the cell
"Dude you won't believe what I am going to tell you." Cam spoke excitedly into the phone and then heard Armaan ask him "What is it Cam?"
"I am going on a date with Scarlett Johnson."
Armaan sat up immediately and spoke into the receiver " Damn you man she is a killer. She is smoking hot……….you lucky b******. Owww. Riddhimaaaaaa that hurts."
Cam chuckled "Dude I am going to leave you alone now. Have fun." Armaan cursed Cam for spoiling everything and himself going off on a date with the sexy actress. He turned around to an angry Riddhima still pulling his ear.
"So she is smoking hot huh and a killer? I'll show you what a killer is." She started hitting Armaan on his chest who was jumping around trying to save himself from his wild wife. He spoke in between "Riddhima no matter how sexy she is not even close to you sweetheart and I have eyes only for you." Riddhima stopped and pouted her lips at him and Armaan grabbed the chance and pulled Riddhima down on the bed next to himself. He looked deep into her eyes and spoke "Riddhima no matter how beautiful and sexy the women is she can never be any comparison to you and you are the only one I want or ever will. You have got everything I needed and I love you more then life itself." Armaan joined his lips to Riddhima's lips and kissed her passionately explaining her what she means to him……….and soon they were lost in a passionate frenzy forgetting the world.
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