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last part : Truly Madly Deeply

RM returned to the hospital and Armaan find pictures of Riddhima and Sid


It has been a week since Rahul and Muskaan had returned and they have got to know all the things happened after them and even Armaan and Riddhima's life somewhere they were shocked and somewhere they felt bad seeing their both friends in pain they didn't know who to blame but they couldn't be angry with Riddhima as they know now that Riddhima is trying to win Armaan back without saying sorry because she want to win his love by loving him not by sympathy, So everybody is supporting her except some people which came hard shock for Riddhima

Riddhima was in her room when at night she heard noise like talking and she got suspicious because who would be talking when she is alone because papa was at conferences and Mom and Nani at Lonavalla so she decided to check she put her robe on and slowly crept downstairs and stopped outside to listen she was a bit of surprised to hear Sid voice and that too at this time of the night but what she heard that stopped her heart beat in the middle of her throat
 "Sid you don't worry Son I will take care of Riddhima she will never leave you" said Dr Shashank
"But Papa she said that she doesn't want to live with me and now you know she even left the house with all her stuff" said Sid who was sitting on the couch
"don't worry maine Armaan ko kaha hai who tum logo ki madad kare so it impossible ki Riddhima tumse door chali yaee" said Dr Shashank
"matlab" asked Sid
"mera matlab hai ki Armaan tum donno ko kareeb lane ki koshish kare ga toh Riddhima ko lage ga ki Armaan khud chataha hai ki tum donno mill jayo so At the end Riddhima will come back to you" explained Shashank where Sid had the smirked
"oh" said Sid " par papa agar Riddhima ko kisi tarah pata chala ki Armaan aisa nahi karna chata hai toh" asked Sid clarify his question
"well toh tum kehna ki Abb tum doosro ki biwi ko churne lage kisi ka khushi bara sansaar dekha nahi jata hai  " said Shashank
"phir" asked Sid
"well Sidhanat tumhe nahi pata but Armaan is a man of principals he will never do thatbecause it is against his principal and if you told him that who apne app magar ho jaye ga " explained Shashank
"OK" said Sid "papa main chalta hoon kafi late ho gaya hai" said Sid hoping that Shashank would stop him
"arey yahi rook jayoo" said Shashank
"ji papa waise bhi kafi late hoo gaye ha" said Sid
Where Riddhima who felt like she would faint anytime quickly handled herself and went to her room and hid Armaan and her photos and made her room spotless so she will not get caught and Sid won't get hint of Armaan and won't tell him that what they discussed downstairs because it will only make things hard for her and Armaan
She went to her bed and dropped herself on it and washed was cold toward her Papa's reactions "I mean Sid is fine he can do these things but Papa how can he do these things to his own daughter " she thought with that thought she grabbed her phone and left a urgent message to someone and went to sleep
Whereas Sid wanted to come to Riddhima's room but Shashank decided it would be better to leave her for some time until he have to focus on Viva test of his so he slept in Guest room
At Sanjeevani
All friends (old gang) except Riddhima who was off to some important work she said she would join them soon were in locker room and interns were their too except Sid who was suspended yet
"Muskaan kya kar rahi " asked rahul
"dikhta nahi hai kaankhurajee teri pitaai kar rahi hoon" answered Muskaan
"please guys yeh tum loog kya kar rahe hoo" said niki having tired of Muskaan and Rahul running around and the interns were looking at them in shock that are they doctors "for real" but still they were enjoying that looking at the cat and rat game (sholly mouse but that doesn't rhyme you see)
"abbey yaar Rahoool chod na kyu tang kar raha hai Muskaan ko" said Armaan who was quite normal back to himself and that because old Riddhima who is fighting with him all day and night to get him back and she is successful
"arey yeh hoyi na baath hero nahi toh yeh mere nilak pati kisi kaam ka nahi hai"said Muskaan while standing next Armaan who was standing with the support of something
"Muskaan "yelled Rahul
"abbey baas bahot hoya shaanti" yelled Atul
"waise Anjali bhi hoti to kitna acha hota na" said Rahul purposely teasing Atul and where Atul was red due to the mention of Anjali and Muskaan cracked up in her typical style and interns were just looking at them like some big ajooba is happening
"Guys I will back" said Armaan saying that he left
"Basket" said all of them just Old gang looking at each other and interns were confused but the interns had to report their duties but they didn't wanted to but still left half-heartily
Whereas for Armaan he called
"hey kaise hoo beautiful" asked Armaan
"we need you here" said Armaan on the phone
"you know how???" Asked Armaan
"Riddhima left you message" "but why???" asked Armaan
"hmm yeah I will talk to you later eave me message what are planning" asked Armaan
"You are coming when "asked Armaan sounding excited
"sab hai even Rahul and Muskaan have joined sanjeevani just you are not here" said Armaan
"ok bye beautiful" said Armaan with that he hung up and decided to it time he talks to Riddhima
Armaan saw Riddhima in the fire escape sitting on the bench crying Armaan tip toed their and sat down she didn't noticed before but as soon as he sat down she turned her head to see and met his blue eyes with her own her red and teary eyes which made Armaan gasp
"tum ro kyu rahi hoo" asked Armaan and soon as Armaan whipped her tears from her cheek it broke all the barrier and Riddhima clung to him like fevicol and Armaan slowly took her in a hug and tried to calm her down he knew she was somebody's wife but his heart overruled as usual
"shhh" said Armaan patting on her back to make hr stop crying
"Bas Riddhima batoo ki kya baath hai" asked Armaan who was now having hard time controlling
Riddhima came out of the hug
"kyu chale gaye Armaan mujhe chod ke dekho kisi ne bhi mera khyall nahi rakha main bahot buri hoo gayi hoon na tumhare bina see I have turned a heartless person" said Riddhima
"nahi Riddhima " said Armaan but Riddhima interrupted him
"nahi muhje yeah sab acha nahi lagta main nahi chati thi ki main asi banoo ja phir mere saath yeh sab hoo" said Riddhima still crying
"kya hoya tha Riddhima " asked Armaan
"who jab main tumhe doondte hoye ous ghar main poonchi  toh us raat " Riddhima explained him all how Sid had taken her what she saved it her dignity  and not to forget that Pictures he got from the hotel and all and on top of that how he didn't really told her  that patients incident was his fault where he tried to put the blame on you and latest papa and him scheme behind my back  where Riddhima was again crying and for Armaan he was shocked he never thought that things could shape like this and that Sid and Dr Shashank can he do that "yes remember what he said to Dr Kirtti" he thought
"shhhh Riddhima abb main hoon na koi tumse kuch nahi kahe ga" said Armaan
"maine divorce paper per sign kar diya hai"said Riddhhima to Armaan "aur I hope ki tum mujhe yeh nahi kaho ge ki main divorce na loo" asked Riddhima
Where Armaan nodded his head and they sat in quite for sometime
"ok chalo abb canteen chale te hai" said Armaan breaking the silence and Riddhima nodded and with that they left to the canteen
All were in canteen sitting in the middle of the canteen as usual their regular table
Armaan and Riddhima joined them happily and where as gang was looking at them for explanation even Abhi is their now. "what!!!" asked Armaan looking at his friends staring at him
"What what nothing hai na Muskaan" asked Nikki
 Armaan rolled his eyes and Riddhima giggled
They all sat down and had lunch in peace and they left for their duties where Riddhima had talked to the lawyer and even though Armaan wanted to interrupted Riddhima glared at him and he closed his mouth and well suppressing evening in locker room all Gang found out all about and Muskaan was having problem controlling her tempered she just wanted to see that stupid Sid so bad. And as the time came near to go home Riddhima started crying
"oye phitte mooh abb tujhe kya huya hai"asked Muskaan to Riddhima who was sitting on the bench
"kya huya hai Riddzi" asked Atul
"mujhe '(sob) mujhe ghar nahi jana " said Riddhima in between her sob's
"well Actually you what maybe we should all spend sometime together how about we sat all in one place for some time "said Nikki excited
"waise I agree nikita" said Rahul
"hmm so where should we stay" asked Armaan who was also wanted to spend some time together and having hard time seeing Ridhima in tears
All were looking at Armaan they all knew he was the only one who has his own house in mumbai  and it was quite comfortable as they have been their together "did I even had to ask " said Armaan looking at them and rolling his eyes
"phir khamkha time waste kiya chalo" said Muskaan while other giggled
Where armaan got some text which made him happy but he didn't show it
Armaan's house same as they showed it in Show but all the picture were removed and you can see the picture have been removed
All entered the house and they all saw the nails were still their so they all avoided
"chalo main coffee banati hoon " said niki
"main bhi help karti hoon " said Riddhima and also left to kitchen where Muskaan looked at
"main bhi jatti hoon " said Muskaan and she left too
"abb yeh teeno kitchen main kyu chali gayi" asked Abhi who was busy moving table so they can all sit on the carpet now all boys went to freshen up and all were in  comfortable clothes which were all Armaan's and Niki came with tray of cup's coffee and Riddhima with some snacks and Muskaan with garbage bag
"oye yeh garbage bag kyu le ayi" asked Rahul
"tuhe iss maine phenk ne ke liye" answered Muskaan
"now don't start again" said Abhi who was making niki sit on his lap where Muskaan also sat near Rahul and ridhima was forced to sit between Atul and Armaan here all were in circle now
"so anything new" said Rahul
"kuch nahi bas acha lag raha hai apno ke beech bas di ki hi kami hai"said Riddhima while all felt because all had been separated now they had each other and all were satisfied
"hmmm sahi kha Riddhima tune" said Muskaan leaning on to Rahul slowly all slept in same position but got in laying where Armaan and Riddhima were only one awake
"Armaan" Riddhima whispered in his ear
"hmm"" Armaan said looking lost in her eyes
"mujhe tumse baat karni hai" said Riddhima getting up and held Armaan's arm and they both went to the terrace
"hmm" nodded Armaan standing near the stairs
"mujhe bas yeh poochna tha ki abb iitna kuch hone ke baad bhi tumhare darwaje khole hai mere liye" asked Riddhima hopping the positive response which armaan saw in her pleading eyes
"hamesha" as soon it escaped Armaan's mouth Riddhima flung herself on Armaan and Armaan held her tight in his arms to never let go
It has been while since they were in each other's arm
"I am sorry ki maine tumhe itna hurt kiya I didn't knew what came over me " said Riddhima tried to explain it to Armaan who put his finger on her lips to make her stop
"please Riddhima main pichli baato ko jaad nahi karna chata I know it hurted me the way you reacted but now the things are turning out to be fine so I guess it would be better not to waste anytime I know there are so many thing you have to ask for forgiveness but I will forgive you all of them on our wedding "said Armaan cheekily
"Armaan" Riddhima blushed "but I have to handle some matter before that" said Riddhima
"aur phir humhe fir se sasur ji ko manana hai"said Armaan looking at her face which were glowing due to the moon
"nahi" said Riddhima firmly "kyu" Said shocked Armaan" phele bhi" Said Armaan which was  interepted
"phele mujhe papa ke manjoori hone se farak padta tha but abb nahi i don't care  what he thinks but not now and we will not discussed on it and tumhe meri kasam agar tumne ase kuch karne ka bi soocha to" said Ridhima
Where Armaan did saw the reason but still he was not OK  still with her decision also shocked to see her recated this way  but was helpless in front of her
"hmm" nodded a unconvinced Armaan
And Riddhima kissed his cheek and ran away from their and Armaan smiled  "last these day he was convinced that it was good for them to be together so it wouldn't effect three life and also gang has convinced him that they wanted to see them together , so Armaan agreed leaving Sid to his fate
In early morning all were sleeping where Armaan had gone to receive someone at the airport which he has been come to from message yesterday
Armaan was Anjali coming out of the airport
He hugged her
"kaise ho " said Anjali
"good as always" answered Armaan
"so" asked Anjali sitting on the passenger seat
"fine" Armaan told her all the things even Shashank and also the conversation between Shashank and Sid and Shashank and Dr kirtti
"disgusting" said Anjali because she came to know from the message which was sent by Riddhima a week before
"sab kaha hai"asked Anjali
"mere Ghar" answered Armaan and they talked all the recent happening even the confession which made Anjali happy
Where all was were awake in the living room and all were looking for Armaan
"yaar yeh hame ghar chod kaha chala gaya" said irritated Muskaan
"haan" ' humped Riddhima all were looking at her and when she saw all were looking at her she blushed
"oohhh kya baat hai Riddhima" teased Abhi
"meri behen ko tang karana band karo" said a voice from the door which made all of the looked in the door which left them shocked when they saw Anjali standing with Armaan
"di/ Anji/Anjali" everybody called out and ran toward her where Riddhima who was running toward her was pushed by Atul who came running toward Anjali and Riddhima who was about to fell down was saved by Armaan who caught her in time but both of them fell down where Riddhima was on top of Armaan and Atul who knocked Anjali down was also fell down
"oye teri ki" said Muskaan looking at Anjali and Atul were looking at each other and Riddhima and Armaan were lost
and Muskaan niki giggled looking all four of them lost
"lelo abb bas sab kuch theek hi rakhna babaji " prayed Muskaan
"teekh hi rakhe ge" said rahul in her ear which made her shiver and Nikki smacked Rahul
"baad main phele in chaaro ko" said Niki pointed toward down where all four were lost I each other's eyes
"Ahem ahem" said Abhi trying to break the spell but no use
"AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAA" yelled Muskaan which made all four to came back to reality
Armaan made Riddhima stand up and Anjali and Atul got up too and Atul hugged her where Anjali looked at all of them in helpless
"bas karo Atul nahi toh anjali laal ho jaye gi''.. gusse se" said Rahul and Atul who left her quickly and ran toward rahul who took no time running away to save his butt
Where all girls hugged her first and then boys
"Gosh finally the gang is back together" whistled Rahul who was on top of the shelf in the kitchen and which Atul couldn't reach it and all of them laughed looking at the scene
"rahul kutte sale tujhe zinda nahi chodo ga" said Atul
"dekh Muskaan apne app ko  vidva hone se bachna hai hai toh keh is rahul ke bache ko ki neeche aa jaye " said Atul to Muskaan
"Kya kha tu muhe vidva bane ga aur bache Atul ki ulaad main tujhe is lyke rehne hi nahi doogi" said Muskaan to Atul almost attacking him if only Anjali hadn't held
"Muskaan kya kar rahi hai kyu bechare Atul ko maar rahi hai " said Anjali still holding on to her
"ohhhh loo ji abb Atul ke liye bhi koi seefarish karne laga hai" teased Nikki
All of them were having blast and they all decided to leave for sanjeevani
And Armaan gave them clothes and some had their clothes in his house from before all got ready where Riddhima had put the divorce paper in file it was same paper which they have signed before and now Riddhima had called the lawyer to the hospital all she needed to do was hand the paper in
"Riddhima main ek baar fir keh raha hoon maybe you should talk to Sid first" said Armaan and Riddhima raised her hand for him to stop while all looked at them they have came to know all were happy
"chale" said Nikkki who was sitting on the sofa
"I guess" said Atul who was still looking at Armaan and Riddhima
"ok" said Armaan now all made their way to the hospital and as Armaan and Abhi parked their car they saw the lawyer standing who Riddhima had called and Riddhima hoped out of the car and handed the file to the lawyer who said not to worry he will handle everything
And then all made their way to the nurse station where Kirtti was happy to see Anjali when she looked at them all she actually felt tears escaping from her eyes
"sorry" said kirtti and she hugged all of them
"shubhanker sunege toh uhne acha lage ga" said kirtti
All smiled and left to their duties and the interns had also met Anjali Naina was happy
Whereas Shashank was pissed seeing Anjali and when he approached her she just cut him saying maybe he should adopted Sid if he loved him more than his daughter's
"Anjali bte yeh tum kya keh rah ho" asked angry and confused Shashank
Anjali said "she had returned home on the same day and heard him talking to Sid at night so she didn't knew that my own father could step so low" she left
And Riddhima also didn't talked to him
And Shashank blamed Armaan for all that and however gang made sure that Armaan would never be alone with Dr Shashank
And Sid didn't knew what was happening as his test date was tomorrow he didn't know what had happened so far he was just waiting for his test and then he would make Riddhima come to the terms that he was her husband which he didn't knew that the court has registered their divorce paper on the next day of submission and let Riddhima free
And all were happy and all were decided to transfer to panchgani
As for it has been three days since the divorced has passed all still all were staying at Armaan's house
Armaan knocked at Dr Kirtti's office
Armaan entered
"Actually ma'am I had informed you before about moving so I came to talk to you about that all of us want to transfer from here"  said Armaan
"all of us all eight" asked Kirtti
"yes ma'am Abhi ko toh transefer karne ki jarroot nahi hai bas us seven" said Armaan
"Ok came to pick them tomorrow" said Kirtti
"ok ma'am " said Armaan and left
 And they all went home happily and decided to pack and where Sid had recieved the divorce conformation letter from the court he was shocked he couldn't belive his eyes he was so pissed that he went to Riddhima's house and as he entered no one was home and when he went to her room it was empty and he called naina asked about Riddhima she just hung up didnt answer but from yuvi he got that she was staying with Armaan just only that fact he didn't knew that all were staying their he got the adress from the nurse stella who was on night duty and he left to to Armaan's house


All were packing but they were intrepted as the bell rang nobody was willing to open the door but Riddhima went to open the door just when he saw Riddhima

As soon as the door opened Sid held Riddhima and jerked her toward him which made her wince in pain

"kya kar rahe ho" asked Riddhima in angry voice and loud which made all the friends aware as they were in Armaan's room busy packing some were fooling around but all ran toward the door as they heard Riddhima yelled

"Riddhima" said riddhima held aggressive in Sid's arm

"Siddhant chodo usse" said Armaan walkinbg toward Riddhima and Sid

But Muskaan just ran toward them and slapped Sid across his face so hard which made him leave Riddhima in jerk but luckily Armaan caught her in his arms before she hit the floor

"kamine, khota kahi kha, bandar, jaanwar, jangli, gadha, harmi" yelled Muskaan in one go but before she can hit him again Rahul caught her in his arms

"Mukaan control" said Rahul

"Rahul ke bache tune dekha nahi ki kaise is ne Riddhima ko pakda tha" yeelled Muskaan fumming with anger
but Rahul controled her where Riddhima who was crying

Armaan picked her in his arms and made her sit o the couch as he made her stop crying
But hee SAid was shocked to see so many of them but seeing Abhi and nikki and AJ

"bhai" said Sid still looking shocked

"well sorry did i forgo to tell you that Armaan is my one of the friends" said Abhi mocking at Sid

"but he and ...Riddhima ...wife " Said Sid

"i am sorry Sid but Riddhima only belong to Armaan" said Atul coming in the line where Abhi was standing
and Niki and anji joined him

"and one more thing please don't go on planing on people who to bring them down plan on how tobring yourself up rather than using people" said Anjali in disgusted

"and please don't be shocked we heard you talking to Dr Shashank on the other night when you stayed their" sai niki in anger

Sid was so shocked he felt the earth would blow him away

"aur please we have some inportant things to do so please leave us" said rahul

and with that Muskaan close the door on his face

And armaan was gently rubbing her wrist where the sid had held hard which left the bruise but Riddhima was so lost in him that she raised her other hand and carse his cheek and Armaan who was busy crusing Sid for hurting her looked at her in the eyes and got lost Where all were looking at them in awe
"awww sooo cute" said Nikki loudly interping them

Armaan and Riddhima jumped apart and both were embaressed but seeing the gang smiling Armaan hugged blushing Riddhima "sharm karo aise kya ankhe phaad ke kya dekh rahe ho bilkul panda types lag rahe ho" said Armaan

"Shut up Armaan / oye khote muooh band rakh/ Armaaaan" came respond from them and Armaan and Riddhima giggles and Armaan hugged her hard and Riddhima too wraped her arms around himand all smiled seeing them together


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