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part 1 : angel's touch

hello peolpe please dont kill me for this... these days in trying to write saton janam tre sang.. bt this thought keeps on coming in my head from past one month n finally thought to pen it down..

Ps - aayyuu thanks for the title.. u are always my savior wen it come to title of my works...


a car comes n stops on front of the house.. its a decent sized single storey house neither a big mansion nor a small one.. 3 bedroom with a living room dining and kitchen.

A man almost 26-27 yrs got down the the driver side and ran towards the passenger side to open the gate..
Man : araam se..
Lady in almost same age as the man got down holding his hand...
Lady : kya shishank ap bhi aise behave kr rahe ho jaise main bimar hn..
shishank : padma tum bahut bolti hoo.. it's time to take proper rest.. tum koi kam nahi krogi no stress n hospital se bhi chuti..
padma : sabhi instructions yahin khade khade doge lets go in...
shishank : sorry.. chalo..

Both moved inside holding hands..


A little boy almost 2 yrs was crying loudly.. and another couple same age as shishank n padma were trying to calm him down..

padma : are mera chotu sa armaan kyu ro raha hai...
Boy : *sob* teddy *sob* chahie *sob*..
shishank : ise abhi teddy pasand nahi aya.. billy maine tumhe jo factory btayi thi vahan dekha apne....aisa konsa spl teddy pasnd agya mere buddy ko..
2nd lady : pareshn krdia hai apke buddy ne toh 3 din se jis ke lie zid krra hai vo teddy market maim nahi milega.. itni shops ghumli iske lie hm sabne..
padma : kya mtlb..anaya??
billy : main btata hn..

** flashback**
In a toy factory..

Manager : ji sir kahiye..
Billy : dekhiye I need help ye mera beta hai pichle 3 din se kisi teddy ki zid kr raha hai.. n khana bhi dhang se nahi kha raha..
Manger : koi baat nahi sir main ise yahan se best teddy dikhata hn I'm sure kuch toh zarur pasnd ayega..

Manger to armaan : come beta.. main apko teddy dikhaunga.. ao mere sath...

Manger showed him various teddy of different sizes colour bt Armaan did not like even a single one...
45 mins passed still the boy didn't like any of the teddy in the factory..

Suddenly his face lit up...
Armaan : papa teddy...
Manager : konsa teddy beta hm abhi ladete hai btao..
Armaan ran towards a female worker of factory who was holding her new born baby in her arms..

Armaan : teddddyyy... teddy chahie.. dedooo...
N he started to take that little kid from his mother.. coz of the sudden distribance baby started to cry..

Lady (in a rude tone) : chod ise.. kiska bacha ye leke jao ise. Mere chote se bache ko rula dia..
Taking her kid she went from there..

Manager : I'm sorry sir ye teddy toh hm apke bete ko nahi deskte..

Now Billy was totally embarrassed he took Armaan home...

** end of flashback**

ani : ab ap hi btao kahan se lake de isko iska teddy..

padma went towards the boy picked him up n kept in her lap..

: apko teddy chahie..??
Armaan : still crying noded his head in +'ve..
padma : agar aise roge or sabko tang kroge toh main apko teddy nahi lake dungi..
Armaan : main good boy bnunga kisi ko tang nahi klunga mujhe teddy do na..
padma : abhi nahi..
Armaan : toh fir..??
padma : jb tum good boy bnke dikhaoge..
Armaan : main good boy hn.. plomise kisi ko tang ni klumga..!!!
padma : thoda wait krna pdega
Armaan : kitna..??
padma : tumhare next bday pr.. pr agar good boy bnoge Tb

Armaan ran towards the table where a glass of milk was kept.. he quickly drank that milk..
: ab main kisi ko tang nahi klumga.. or milk bhi piunga..
N started to jump...

anaya came towards padma : sach..??
padma nodded her head : ji..
Shishank : hm abhi hospital se hi aa rahe hai. ..
ani hugged padma : badhai ho..
Ani ran towards the kitchen n brought gur gave to everyone..
ani : badhai ho bhai sahab...lije muh metha kijie..
shishank : apko bhi bhabhi ji..
billy hugged shishank
Billy : badhai ho shishank..
Shishank : tumhe bhi..

** time passed n Parma's due date was coming near n also armaan's bday.. he was were excited as he will be getting best gift his teddy...

During Parma's pregnancy phase armaan was on full time duty as instructed by his parents n shishank he fed her with his hands healthy food gave medicine when ever she refused to take them on her on... armaan used to stay beside her the entire day n left her side at nite to sleep.

Armaan' bday eve
10 pm at nite padma felt pain n was rushed to hospital with shishank n billy.. anaya stayed home with armaan..

Exactly at 12:05 am she gave birth to a baby girl..

Next morning.
Armaan woke up n directly went to padma's room to check whether she has taken her morning medicine.. finding the room empty he ran towards his mother..
Ani : are wah aj mera baby itni jldi uthgya.. happy birthday..
N kissed his cheek
Armaan : muma aunty buddy or papa kahan hai..??
Ani : hospital gye hai tumhare lie teddy lene..
Araam : sachii..??
Ani : yes beta..
Armaan : mujhe bhi jna hai : hoshpitall..
Ani : pehle tayar ho jao breakfast krlo fir..
Armaan : nahi abhi..
Ani : tum good boy ho na..??
Armaam noded : ok...


Padma's ward

billy : lao ise mujhe do or tum jake fresh ho jao.. ani nasta kele ati hi hogi..

shishank just nodded n gave his little princess to billy...

A little later anaya entered with armaan
ani : billy sab thil hai na.. abhi bhai sahab ko bahar dekha pde pareshan lg rahe the.
Bily : dekho na ani bachi raat bhar nahi tiki.. bar bar nind se jag rahi thi or roye jara thi.. na dhang se dudh pi rahi thi.. abhi kuch der pehle soyi..
Ani : doc ne kya kaha...
Billy : child specialist abhi thodi der main ane wale honge.. vo check krenge...

Armaan : papa mujhe dikhao na teddy..
Ani : abhi nahi beta.. pehle doc uncle dekhnge fir...

Baby woke up again n started to cry.. which woke up tired padma...
Billy n anaya were trying to calm the baby bt all tgier effort went in vain..
Padma : ani mujhe do main dekhti hn.
Anaya handed over little baby to padma.. padma was trying to feed baby with with spoon

Armaan was silient spectator of the entire happening went towards padma's bed n stood on the chair kept near it.. armaan moved towards padma n held baby's hand. baby suddenly stoped strugling in her mother's lap.

ani : are ise kya hua abhi toh itna roo rahi ekdm se chup hogyi..
billy bhabhi ji ab jra ise feed krke dekheye..
n to everyone's surprise liottle baby had her milk..

padma : armaan ke ate hi kaise shant hogyi or dudh bhi pi lia
ani : thik vaise hi jaise tum kha leti thi armaan ke hathon...

a little later doctor came n gave a green signal to baby...

a month latter little baby girl was named Ridhima.


little background

shishank urf Dr shishank Gupta and Billy urf Dr balwinder malik were childhood friends. both thier father were farmers in a small village. they did not had any interest in farming n wanted to become doctors. both were the school toppers they studdied day n night n cracked the scolarship exam in a medical collage. their parents were against this n wanted their kids to help them in farming. one night both ran from their houses taking a few cloths their books n little money they had in their piggy bank attented collgae during day did a part time job in eveing and studied at night. two yes laer their fathers accepted their study with a condition that if they did not become successful doctor they will have to return to their land. shishank and billy happily agreed and passed with flying colours. both got a job in a hospital the city. their they met padma and anaya n fell in love. an year later both couples got married on the same day. four of them decided to stay in a same rented two bedroom house to save money for the medical clinic which was a dream for shishank and billy.

in two years their hard work paid off n they started a small medical clinic "G&M clinic" it was a multipurpse clinic. Padma is a Gynocologist, Shishank Heart Speacilast, Billy neurosurgeon and anaya was joints and bones specialist. and they also moved out of the rented house to their own.

an year latter anaya gave brth to little armaan who became everyone's fav in the house. shishank and decided to wait for an yr or two as still their financial condition was nt that stabled n wanted to give time to anaya and billy to enjoy their parenthood without stressing much about the clinic.


hope u guys enjoyed reading do give ur views...


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