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PART 10 : Truly Madly Deeply

Nikki and Abhi's entry in sanjeevani and Armaan cries his heart put and Sid is afraid that truth might come out and Riddhima can't wait when she sees Armaan's Plan fail. And Armaan getting little better


All were heading to the conference room and Atul enter and Nikki entered and As Armaan was about to enter but he crashed into: Riddhima who was coming from other side and as Armaan was about to hold her from falling but before Armaan could do that Nikki who had witnessed the scene pulled
Armaan toward her and took him in the conference room and Riddhima who thought Armaan was going to save her she was shocked when she fell on her bum on the floor hard and she fumed As Armaan didn't even looked back but she didn't knew that it was Nikki who weren't telling him near her as she didn't even saw her yet and Sid was standing near where Riddhima had fallen but he was way to nervous to know what is happening around him and when Riddhima saw him not looking at her and just random ally looking around she was angry on who didn't knew whether she was angry on herself or Sid or Armaan. She got up and made her way toward the conference and she sat down quietly
And Dr Kirtti came and sat on the head chair
Dr Kirtti – Doctors
All sat quietly and Riddhima saw Nikki and Abhi sitting there too she was shocked and surprised and happy too but Dr Kirtti interpreted
 Dr Kirtti – Doctors we are here today to discuss something important which could affect the reputation of sanjeevani which I will never tolerate and as now i am in charged because Dr Shashank has to leave for the urgent surgery
All looked at her including interns and doctors except Armaan who was busying in thoughts that what had Dr Shashank was saying about him
Dr Kirtti – Patient ki report aa gayi hai
Dr Kirtti – but isse phele ki main app sab ko is ke bare main batoo main puri baath doobara suna chatty hoon woh patient kis ke charge main tha
Dr Armaan – dr Kirtti main patient ka incharge tha but i had to go to the surgery so i made Dr Sidharath In charged
Dr Kirtti – jab Dr Sid ko charged diya tha to kya patient stable tha Dr Armaan
Armaan - yes Dr Kirtti
Dr Kirtti – Dr Sid kya Dr Armaan sahi keh rahe hai
Riddhima and all the staff looked at Sid but Armaan didn't he didn't wanted to see in anybody's eye because some eyes held the hatred in them which he couldn't bear to look in them and Sid didn't wanted to lie because he knew Sister stella had seen him all the time
Sid – yes Dr Kirtti
And first Riddhima was shocked but then she thought that Armaan might give some tablets to the patient but as she thought about that her heart the was terrified...
nahi Riddhima tum to janti ho na ki Armaan aisa nahi kar sakta she thought now she was stuck she didn't knew what to believe and she thought to just listen
Dr Kirtti – Reports ke mutab uss raat patients ki jo tabiat kharab hoyi woh unhe galat injection dene se hoyi and Now tell me Dr Modi kya app ne Injection diya tha ki nahi kyuki Sister stella ne kaha hai appne kahi aur dekh rahe the aur unhe injection laga di ...aur isse phele ki woh app ko hoosh main lati patient has started to get seizer's
Now Siddharth looked at everybody and he knew he could not lie in front of sister Stella as she knew everything so he just nodded
All were shocked but the most shocked person was Riddhima
to sid iss ke bare main janta tha ..par phir usne mujhese kuch kaha kyu nahi par issliye nahi kaha hoga lyuki as usuall maine phele hi conclusion nikal di ..aur Maine Armaan par itna bada illzam laga diya thought Riddhima
Riddhima looked at Armaan who was also looking at her she saw hurt in his eyes and Armaan first saw shocked then disgusted and then as she looked into his eyes he saw hurt , PLEADING HER EYES BUT ARMAAN GAVE HER ASSURING NOD AND LOOKED other way as he couldn't see the tears in her eyes and as Riddhima felt him assuring her she felt guilty ...and looked down as she couldn't looked in anybody's eyes.
Dr Kirtti – patient stable issleyi koi criminal investigation nahi hogi but Dr modi appne bohat badi galti ki hai but as the patient is safe and also Dr Armaan had personally requested me not to take this action further to the board members but still u will have to give the Viva test before you can resume any duties and until you can't give the test you are suspended All were shocked first because Armaan had requested and saved him from getting rusticated and second because Sid knew all along so why did he tried to tell all that he didn't that means he lied and Riddhima was thinking that it was Siddharth who was playing games with patients and with her life too which also included Armaan's life she was so shocked from today's event she got up and start walking out of the conference room like zombie and Armaan was about to get up but his both hands were held but Nikkki and Atul
Armaan glared at them but they didn;t let go of him all present their saw the this exchange and Armaan sat down and Dr Kirtti pat on his back before going out of the room
Dr Kirtti – I am proud of you
Nikki and Abhi got up and went to Sid
Abhi – this is disgusting
Atul – arey yaar yeh meri anjali ki line hai
Armaan and Nikki giggled while Abhi looked at them and smiled and Sid left as he knew his bro will not leave him and he went to the locker room where Riddhima was fuming in anger and as Sid enter Riddhima slapped him hard on his face
Riddhima – WE ARE OVER
Saying that she left and Sid was shocked and in anger he left home.
and here back in sanjeevani all senior doctor were sitting in the cafe and Armaan was in thought because he saw his basket today after knowing the truth he knew he caught the glimpse of her and he knew that as Riddhima looked at Sid he knew that she will leave him but his mind thought they are married but his heart was screaming that once his basket will return that she will never be able to stay with Sid.
But as he was lost himself one person was looking at him close enough to know what he was thinking and also saw the shocked looked on Ridhima's face and all her emotion how she was ashamed when she looked in Armaan's eye ..hmmm toh finally things are getting better so it was Sid's affluence on Riddhima which made her change that much and she thought he was the only person she could rely on but she didn't knew he would break her heart maybe we will get to see the Riddhima Shashank Gupta tomorrow whom we all loved
Atul –( breaking everybody's thoughts ) so waise yeh heena kaha hai
Armaan – woh Dr Shan...I mean Dr Gupta ke saath gayi hai
Atul – oh ok
Nikki – so whats the plan
Abhi – Dinner at our place (he said while holding Nikki close to him)
Nikki blushed and Atul and Armaan looked at each other and smiled
Nikki – humhe janna hai
Abhi got up and they both left
And Atul also left as his pager beeped
And Armaan was lost in thinking he knew he had to talk to her he knew how much ever far apart they were but their heart is too close to each other and he knew she needed him how much ever she was rude to me i still have to talk to her...but i think today she had enough
And Riddhima went home she just lay wake in her was the same room where Armaan would always come from the window she knew she had broken the wall she, made from these day. she hated Armaan for bring Sid close to him...doesn't it hurt him when he tried to tell him that Riddhima wanted to stay with Sid and that Sid he was lair all along and i should have know what kind of character he had when he showed those pictures in the hospital.....she knew tomorrow she is going to be Armaan's basket even he they are far but she will live with all the memories they had it was enough for her to survive yes and she slept as her eyes were closing from all the crying...and she didn't knew when she slept

Love heaven

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