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Part 11: Mere Paas raho

Riddhima was just standing out of the door and could not think what to do. Has she just really destroyed her life with her own hands? Has she trusted a person blindly, just to get used by him. Again, her life played with her, her destiny brought to a situation, where she can not look for a solution. She actually did not know what to think and what to do. She gripped the door for support. Just one word was running in her mind “Betrayal”.

Inside the room, Armaan was fuming in Anger. Finally the whole truth is out, finally Shashank knows who he is, finally he does not have to hide anymore. finally he can open up to Riddhima very soon. He knows he said, that he used Riddhima only for his own mission, and it was true, but just at the beginning. Not even he realised when this betrayal game led him to actually feel something for Riddhima, everything he has learned about riddhima till know, he knew that she has a very pure heart, and she is the only woman to be called as his. He has to tell Riddhima the truth and make everything clear between them. He has to tell Riddhima the whole truth and make her see the real face of Shashank Gupta.

A: itna shocked kyu ho rahe ho Mr. Gupta? Aapne mujhe pehchana nahi, let me tell hu, me aapki behen Ananya ka bara beta Armaan Mallik. Koi bell baji. Yaad aaya aapko Ananya koun thi. Aur kitni berehmi se aapne meri Maa ko mara aur phir mere Baba ko. Aur yeh sab kis liye, sirf is property ke liye? HA, dhyaan se dekhe MAMU JI, aaj yeh saari properties wapis mere pas aa gayi hai. Sab kuch ab mere Naam hai. Aapke overconfidence ne aaj aapse sab kuch cheen liya.
S: Me tujhe barbad kar dunga Armaan.
A: Barbad, relly, aapko lagta hai ke aap ab is situation me hai, ke aap mujhe dhamki de.
S: Riddhima ko jab tumhari haqeeqat me pata chale ga na, to wo tumhe khud chor degi. Tum jaise dhokebaz ke saath wo kabhi nahi rahegi, kabhi nahi…
A: BAS, bohot hua, bohot bol liye aap. Ab agar kuch bhi bola na, to yeh mat bhulna ke me kya kar sakta hu. Jab me aapki nazar ke samne, Riddhima ka istemal kar sakta hu, usko apne benefit ke liye use kar sakta hu, Aapke samne aake aapke ghar me reh sakta hu, to aap khud soocho ke me kya kar sakt hounga. Aur rahi baat Riddhima ki, wo ab biwi hai mere, bohot bholi hai bechari, Ha usne to ek baar bhi mujhepe shak nahi kiya, aur mere pyaar me itni pagal ho gayi, ke aake khud mujhse kaha ke “Armaan tum mujhse Shaadi karoge”. To Riddhima mujhe khak chodegi. Lekin,...

Armaan said all of that in anger, before he could tell anything else, he heard the door open and saw there Riddhima with red eyes and tears running out of here eyes. Armaan looked at her with shock. It was clear to him, that riddhima heard everything. every single word he had said. That definiately wasn’t the way he wanted to tell her. But before Armaan could say anything to her, she put her hand up in defence. She looked over at her uncle.

R: Phupa ji, kya aap hum dono ko kuch der ke liye akela chor sakte hai.
S: lekin Riddhima, tum nahi jaanti ke yeh koun hai aur yeh kya kar sakta.
A: mind your own business mr. Gupta, Riddhima meri biwi hai, aur agar wo mujhse akele me baat karna chahti hai, to aap ka koi haq nahi banta usko mana karne ka.

Shashank totally ignored Armaan, which made him boil in anger. Shashank went to riddhima and wiped her tears. He kissed her forehead.

S: beta, please. Tum isko nahi jaanti, yeh wo nahi hai, jo yeh pretend kar raha hai. yeh…
R: please phupa jee, sirf thori der ke liye. Mujhe ab sab kuch pata chal gaya hai.

Shashank was horrified. He thought that maybe Riddhima knew about his bad sins. The bad sins he had done. But riddhima was just looking at Armaan all the time, with hurt, anger, disappointment, mixed feelings. Shashank left from there closing the door behind. He knew that he had to do something, so the first thing which came to his mind was Rahul. If Shashank would tell Rahul, that Armaan Khan is non other than Armaan Mallik, and that he has used Riddhima for his own benefits, then for sure Rahul will kill Armaan. Maybe everything would be sorted out. With this intentions Shashank left to Rahul’s room.

Inside the room, Riddhima was just starring at Armaan. Armaan felt so much more worse and guilty seen her red puffy eyes. He wanted to take her in his arms and made her forget every single bad thing which has happened. He wanted to clear all the misunderstandings, he could see that there are a lot of questions, which were running in her head. He couldn’t point out, which was the most important one. So he just started to complain himself. But before he could say a lot, Riddima stopped him in the midway.

A: Riddhima,…
R: kyu armaan, sirf yeh batado ke tumne aisa kyu kiya.
A: Riddhima, me sab kuch bata sakta hu.
R: tum bhi Abhimanyu ki tarha nikle na armaan. Meri property ke liye tumne mujhse shaadi ki aur mere istemal kiya.

Armaan got angry by her comparison. He and Abhimanyu have nothing common. He would kill that bastard in an eyeblink. Armaan grabbed Riddhima by her shoulder and pulled her towards himself. So basically, their bodies were glued to eachother.

A: don’t you dare Riddhima, khabar dar agar tumne mujhe us Abhimanyu se compare kiya to. Usne tumhara istemal karna chaha.
R: usne to bas chaha na Armaan, tumne to mujhe istemal kiya hai.

By this sentence Armaan became silent and left Riddhima.

R: Tum sahi keh rahe ho Armaan, mujhe tumhe Abhimanyu ke saath compare nahi karna chahiye tha. kyunke tum us se bhi kahi zyada gaye guzre ho. At least mujhe uski identity to pata thi. Lekin tum. Are mujhe to yeh bhi nahi pata tha ke tum Armaan khan nahi balke Armaan Mallik ho. Jiske bhai ne mujhe marna chaha.
A: Nah riddhima, Atul tumhe marna nahi chahta tha, wo to bas ek plan, …
R: Plan, Wow Armaan, ek aur plan. Sab kuch to plan kiya hua hai tumne, to phir me is plan me kya role play kar rahi hu Armaan, mujhe yeh bhi bata do.
A: Riddhima, …
R: Nahi armaan batao na, me to wo bakri hu na, jiske zariye tumhe wo sab kuch mil gaya, jiski tumhe talash thi, Paisa, property, meri family ki barbadi. ab batao ke age mera kya role hai. Kya tumhe ek mistress chahiye tumhara bed warm rakhne ke liye.
R: Chillao mat Armaan, yehi to saach hai,
A: Don’t you dare Riddhima. Khabardar jo tumne apne aap ko ek mistress ke saath compare kiya. tum bohot pure ho.
R: bas karo Armaan, aur kitna jhoot bologe.
A: Riddhima, please mujhe ek baar sab kuch explain to karne do. please.
R: Ab explain karne ko reh hi kya gaya hai Armaan. Mujhe sab kuch saaf saaf dikh raha hai. tumhe pata hai, Abhimanyu ne mujhe bohot hurt kiya. bohot zyada. Lekin tumne to aaj mujhe jeete jee mar diya Armaan. Jo thori bohot Zindagi mujhme baki thi, wo sab cheen li Armaan. Kyu Armaan, ku karte ho mujhe itni nafrat, ke tumne mujhse mera sab kuch cheen liya. Meri izzat, meri selfrespect, mere sapne, meri mohabbat,…
A: Riddhima…please
R: nahi armaan tum sahi kehte ho, galti meri hi hai, me hu hi itni bewakoof, ke kisi ke bhi kehne me aa jaati hu. har kisi pe bharosa kar leti hu.

Riddhima fell down on her knees and cried bitterly. Armaan moved forward to her, to hug her, but she backed off. That of course hurt Armaan, but he kept quiet. riddhima looked up to his eyes with so much pain.

R: mene to tumse saachi mohabbat ki thi Armaan, aur tum yeh jaante the. Me tumhare liye sab ke khilaf chali gayi. Aur tumne mujhe hi dhoka de diya.
A: I am sorry Riddhima.
R: kyu kiya tumne Armaan. kyu diya mujhe itna bara dhoka. Kyu mujhse mera sab kuch cheen liya. Kyu armaan.
A: Riddhima mere reasons the.
R: to tum mujhe batate na wo reason. Ek bar mujhe is kabil to samajhte Armaan. tumne sab kuch khatam kar diya Armaan. Tum ek bar…

Riddhima couldn’t talk anymore. She just looked into his eyes with so much pain.

R: tumne aaj saach me mujhe jeete ji maar diya Armaan. tumhe tumhara badla bohot bohot mubarak ho.

with that Riddhima stood up and run out of the room. she couldn’t stand to be next to him anymore. She needed space. Armaan didn’t follow her. He knew that she need time to relax. once she has cried out, he will open up to her. He will tell her the whole truth. He will tell her, why this revenge was so important to him. He will tell her, that at first he used her, but sometime later, he actually fell in love with her. and he will me everything right. He will make sure, that she wont have to cry every again in her life.

Shashank told Rahul everything, and now Rahul was beyond angry. Muskaan tried to hold him back, but every she was angry. Rahul left from there and moved to the room were both Riddhima and Armaan were. Muskaan followed him. But before he could reach there, he saw riddhima running out. Crying. He saw her running to the front door.

Ra: riddhima, Riddhima…

HE called her, but seems like riddhima didn’t hear him. Muskaan followed riddhima and Rahul moved to the room. As soon as he stood in front of him, he saw Armaan on his knees, crying in pain.

Riddhima just wanted to get away. She wanted to leave everything behind her. she needed time. This heart pain is taking her life. she couldn’t breathe properly. She did not know where she was running, she was just running, she heard Rahuls call and the Muskaan, but she did not look back, she just wanted to get away. She run as fast as possible. she run and run. soon she couldn’t hear Muskaan anymore. She looked back and saw no one behind her. Out of now where suddenly a Car appeared infront of her. Before she could step aside the car hit her. Everything blacked out.

Riddhima opened here eyes and saw herself in a room. she tried to remember how she came here. she remembered the conversation with armaan, the betrayal, the hurt the pain. Before she could hold back, the tears started to fall down. she hid her face in her hands and cried. because it hurt so much, and she couldn’t do anything to sooth the pain. Then she felt a hand on her head. she looked up and saw an old man standing in front of her. she looked at him with hope in her eyes.

M: tum theek ho bacha. mera name Tej hai. tum suddenly meri car ke samne aa gayi, aur mera driver time se break nahi kar paya. tum ro kyu rahi ho, kahi dard ho raha hai.
R: nahi uncle, I am sorry, me bilkul theek hu.
T: lekin tumhari Aankh to kuch aur hi bol rahi hai.
R: Aankho ka kya uncle, yeh to sab ko dhoka dene me mahir hai.
T: lagta hai ke bohot gehri chot hai.
R: kuch aisa hi samajh li jiye.
T: Tum apni family me se kisi ko call kar lo, wo pareshan ho rahe honge.

By the word family, just Armaans face came to her mind, which leads her to shed more tears. Tej noticed that. Riddhima looked up to him.

T: agar kisi ko soochne se hamari aankho se pani nikle, to behtar hota hai, ke hum uske bare me mat soocha kiye.
R: Mera koi nahi hai uncle. Muje ab chalna chahiye.

Riddhima got out oft he bed, as she reached the door Tej stopped her.

T: Apna name to batati jao.
R: Riddhima.
T: riddhima, bohot payara name hai. Pata nahi kyu, lekin aisa lagta hai ke jaise mere tumse koi purana rishta ho. Me tumhe akela nahi chor skata beta. Aur wo bhi is halat me.
R: koi baat nahi uncle. Jo kismet me likha hota hai, usko change thori na kar sakte hai.
T: Mujhe tumhari baato me aur tumhari Aankho me bohot dard dikhta hai Riddhima. Tum mujhe bilkul apne Dadaji jaisa samjho. Me actually apne grandchild, Omkara ke pas Sydney jaa raha hu. Wo waha pe akela hi hamara business sambhalta hai. To agar tum bura na mano, to tum bhi mere saath chalo.
R: me, nahi uncle, aap already meri itni help kar chuke hai, Me aur is se zyada aapse…
T: nahi beta, mene faisla kar diya hai, tum mere saath chal rahi ho. Aur tume dekhne se lagta hai ke tumhe bhi zaroorat hai ek change ki. Sirf kuch waqt ke liye mere saath chal lo, agar tumhe waha pe pasand nahi aaya, to me khud tumhe yaha pe wapis chor dunga. I promise.
R: Lekin uncle,
T: please beta.
R: uncle mere pas na to passport hai, aur na hi tickets, na paise, me kaise aa sakti hu. I am sorry.
T: tum uski fikar mat karo, hum humare privat plane se jayenge. Me Omkara ko inform kar dunga, ke wo ek guestroom saaf karwa le. Hamare saath ek mehmaan aane wali hai, umeed hai, ke wo zindagi bhar hamare saath rahe.

Riddhima looked up to him. she did not really get what he meant, and she also did not try to understand, because her heart was still paining from the betrayal Armaan gave her. Maybe leaving would be the only solution. maybe that will decrease her pain a little bit. Tej on the other hand saw the perfect girl for his grandchild omkara. Maybe this was a sign of God, that riddhima got hit by his car.

6 years Later

Armaan was sitting in his office and doing his work. He was knows as the devil himself. No one dared to come in front of him. With no one, i actually mean no one. Everyone was scared of him. After he lost Riddhima 6 years ago, his life became a disaster. He opened up shashanks truth to Rahul and Sid and Muskaan. Shashank was outraged as he realised that his own son, Sid, had called the police. Now Shashank is in Jail on a life sentence. Armaan tried everything to find riddhima, to clear everything up, but it seems like that she disappeared in thin air. No one was able to find her. He every hired world’s most famous detectives, but even they were unable to find her.

Atul and Megha came and started to life with Armaan in the Mallik mansion. Rahul and Muskaan also live there. They all were looking for riddhima, but no one dared to take her name in front of Armaan. Every single person feared Armaan. Except Rahul and Atul ofcoure. But even they kept quiet when it’s the topic of Riddhima. But no one was able to see the pain and regret behind all the anger.

Armaan took out Riddhimas picture out of his drawer. he looked closely at her.

A: please wapis aa jao Riddima, please apne Armaan ke pas wapis aa jao. Me tumhare bina kuch bhi nahi hu. Please wapis aa jao, me tumhe sab kuch bata dunga, me sab kuch theek kar dunga, tum ek bar wapis aa jao riddhima, apne Armaan ke pas wapis aa jao.

In the meantime in Sydney.

A very big mansion was decoreated, then afterall it was the engagement ceremony of the only heir of Oberoi Family. Today was the engagement of Omkara Sing Oberoi, with non other than Riddhima aka soon to be Riddhima Omkara singh Oberoi.


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