Tuesday, 10 October 2017

PART 11 : Truly Madly Deeply

Morning at Gupta house only Riddhima was home as other were out of the town Dr Shashank still hasn't come back and Padma and nani was at lonawalla for the check up
Riddhima was sleeping when she felt the raise from the sun were disturbing her and she got up and looked around and saw Armaan's photo on her side table of the bed she remembered she took all the photos out from her closet yesterday before she went to sleep she picked up the photo and caress it with all the love

I am sorry Armaan she whispered i am sorry that i didn't trusted you or always blamed and also how could i believe at Siddharath when he was the reason of all that had happened in our life if he hadn't came after me then this would've not happened but how can i blame him Armaan when i chose to not trust you.....you know tum theek khete ho ki main Tumhari basket nahi rahi main tumhare apne Armaan ke  saath kaise yeh sab kar sakti thi i am sorry Armaan how could i she said while sobbing
But i promise Armaan i will make it up for all those bad deed i have done even if i have to do anything in order to prove my love for you until then i will not; let you forgive me easily i deserve to be punished said Riddhima while putting the photo away...she got up and went to the washroom and had shower she came out and opened the suitcase which revealed her old dresses she looked through the and take out the plain red dress which Armaan loves it
She wore it and left to the hospital as it was time for her to report
At the same time Nikita left home as she decided she will talk to Riddhima. She was at the basket ball court when she saw Riddhima come out from the auto she was left shocked to see her wearing old clothes and looked the same Riddhima which all of the friends loved as Riddhima was about to enter in the hospital she called out her name
Nikita – Ridddhiiimmaa
Riddhima turned and she saw Nikita standing in the basket ball she went toward her she knew nikita is angry with her as what has she been doing lately but she knew she will have to face her too
But here niki knew Riddhima decided to bring old Riddhima back so she knew she will not let old matters come in between them especially for sake of Armaan as she knew they both do love each other as the time had played a cruel game
Riddhima came and stood front of Niki
Niki was happy to see her back
Niki – welcome back Riddhima opps sorry Basket she said softly
Riddhima looked at her and she knew niki meant it from her heart a tear slipped from her eye to knowing that even after doing all the things her friends still loved her
Riddhima – raise her hand and slowly an a arm toward nikita while nikita just pulled her in hug
I am sorry "Riddhima whispered slowly in niki's ear
It ok" said niki while coming out of the hug
Riddhima nodded and looked at her
Riddhima – congratulations
Niki beamed
Riddhima (with emotion) kush hai
Niki nodded happily and pulled Riddhima again in her hug
Niki – main bhi abb tumhare liye khush hoon
Riddhima whipped her tears then niki's who was about to cry and Riddhima nodded in no and niki held her hand
Riddhhima – chale wwaise bhi mujhe Atul se maffi mangni hai
Niki knew all she has to do is support her and knew Riddhima will do the rest of it
While they both were walking toward the hospital
Niki – abb kya soocha hai
Riddhima – well i think i will do what basket should do
And they both know what does that mean
Niki nodded and they both left toward Atul's office
And here |Sid was trying hard to reach Shashank but is was out of reach now he knew he could only do something or convince Riddhima to come back to Sid
Sid cursed Armaan that it was all his fault why did he come back so he decide to review for the viva so that's is the only reason which will bring close to Riddhima he thought
Little did he knew now it was beyond to his reach
Armaan was getting ready as he remembered the yesterday's event he remembers Riddhima's eyes which showed the same emotion when they were together he was happy that he get to see his basket he didn't knew what happening so much he didn't felt pain after looking in her eyes yesterday but he knew he should not take things fast because he didn't forgot that she married so he just didn't wanted to cause any problem to her
 He felt happy he looked at the clock he was late dam gosh 5 mins late Dr Kirtti Armaan went horrified and ran to get his bike out of the garage and left
Here Riddhima and niki who was walking well they were laughing when they bumped into Dr Kirtti who had her jaw touching the ground from looking at Riddhima
Kirtti – whispered) Riddhima
Riddhima looked at Dr Kirtti she knew she was her sister more than mentor. And she knew lately she has not been respecting her
Niki – wrong Dr Kirtti
Kirtti and Riddhima looked at her questionably
She Smirked 
Niki – it is Basket ma'am
Dr Kirtti looked at Riddhima who looked shocked first but then as it sink into her she blushed and ran away from their and niki laughed and Dr Kirtti assumed looking at her but as she heard niki start talking
Niki – she has changed back into her real self
Kirtti – tum teekh keh rahi ho Nikita
Niki – i will make sure this time nothing goes wrong
Dr Kirtti was happy for Armaan and she knew this time it will be forever but suddenly her mind strike something
Kirtti – Dr Shashank
Niikki looked at Kirtti but then she smiled
Niki – don't worry ma'am ittna kuch  hone ke baad ab Riddhima hai na Dr Shashank ko samblane ke liye and this time mere hisab se woh unhe koi decision nahi lena degayi
Dr Kirtti – hmm ok duty time
They both left but Dr Kirtti decided to tell Riddhima about what Dr Shashank said about Armaan so it will help Riddhima to fight for her love and she knew how much Armaan and Riddhima had helped her so she decided to help them as much as she can but keep this out of reach from Dr Shashank she thought and sighed
As Riddhima ran from there.  She bumped into Atul who was shocked seeing her in Riddzzi Avatar
And his face was open and any fly would easily be able to slip in lolzz
Riddhima laughed silent at his condition and closed his mouth with her hand and he came back from trance and looked angry at her she gulped but was determine to make him forgive her
Riddhima – Atul apni Riddzi ko maff nahi karoge
Atul – tum hamari Riddzi nahi hoo
Riddhima – tum teekh keh rahe ho (she said sadly but smirked ) main toh ARMAAN KI BASKET HOON SAYING THAT SHE STARTED  to walk away when Atul pulled her back as this sank in his brain
Atul – kya , nahi matlan kab se i mean kya huya hai tumhe
Riddhima – kyu main gar wohi Riddhima hoon to tumhe pasand nahi ayyi
Atul – nahi saying that he pulled her into hug and criers
Riddhima comes out of the hug whipped his tears
Riddhima – rona toh mujhe chayiea
Atul – nahi chal abb lag ja gale
Riddhima – abhi toh lagi thin a aur main Anjali di nahi hoon kit um mujhe baar baar |gale lagoo
Saying that she turned around only to bumped in Armaan
Armaan who came running because he was late he bumped into Ridhima and he held her this time before she could hit the four and for Riddhima when she felt Armaan's presences she knew she was safe and she smiled and opened her eyes and was lost in his blue ocean  which showed worry and concern and looking at in her eyes she felt home and on the other hand Armaan made her stand because he felt change which completely showed Riddhima Shashank Gupta in his eyes his only and only basket he was shocked he didn't knew what was happening where Riddhima looked around and saw Atul giggling at them she felt embarrassed but she decided that it was time to be Riddhima
Riddhima – tumhe dekhai nahi deta
Armaan – huh
Armaan's trance broker
Riddhima – huh kya huh
Armaan kya  (almost screamed as he didn't understood that whether this is happening or it is just dream
Riddhima – chila kyu rahe ho mujhe teekh se sunayi deta hai
And hearing the compaction almost all the staff reached their even niki and Kirtti and they decided to let them fight for a little which was happening after 8 months
Armaan – maine kab chillaya
Riddhima – kya abbhi kya kar rahe the
Armaan  - main ( he didn't knew what to say) tunhe kyu batayoo
Riddhima – dekho Armaan
Armaan – nahi tum dekho
Riddhima – Armaan
Armaan – basket
Armaan felt peace saying that which showed in Riddhima eyes her eyes sparked with shine which showed Niki , Atul and Kirtti they felt happy that finally
Riddhima – Armaan
Armaan- basket
They kept on saying that and finally Kirtti stopped everything and all went to their duties ad before leaving Riddhima winked at Armaan who was baffled he didn't knew what was happening
Armaan muttered – yeh sab kyat ha Oh God what ..the..
He pinched himself that what  was happening and it hurt so that mean this all was true and he left to work he decided to figure it out later
And where Riddhima saw this and smiled – sorry tumhe tang kar rahi hoon na par tunhe sad Armaan se naughty Armaan banaye main yeh sab jaurui hai
And they all left to work
Where Interns were shocked that what was happening in this hospital
JP 0 aur bhayiea yeh Riddhima bhabhi ko kya huya hai
Naina – JP woh tumari Bhabhi nahi hai
Yuvi – kyu Sid ki wife hai
Voice  – thi 
They all looked at the voice and it was Aj = Atul yaar
 Ishu and Heaven

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