Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Part 12: Mere Paas raho

In Sydney
Riddhima was sitting in her room and getting ready for her engagement. She did not know if she was ready for this or not. Taj Dadaji wanted to make it as private as possible. He did not want the world to know anything about this. So Omkara and Riddhima agreed to this idea. Riddhima could never pay them off. They have helped her so much in the past 6 years. Now Riddhima is the secretary of Omkara and she handles the business with him. The Oberoi business was worldwide famous, and everyone wanted to get in contract with them.

Riddhima had not told them anything about Armaan, so they did not know that Riddhima was already married. But Riddhima did not accepted that marriage, because she was hardly married for one day, when the truth came out. She did not even share a bed with him. And after all what he has done, she would never accept him or get back to him. Never ever again. She was actually looking forward to a blissful life with Omkara. But before that, she has to tell Omkara the truth. She doesn’t want to start a new life based on a lie.

Riddhima was so sure, that she wanted to move on, that she totally neglected her heart pain. Her heart was literally bleeding, but she focused to ignore the feeling. She had already made up her mind, and nothing would change that. She was looking forward to a new future, a bright future. With not even Armaans shade in it. She was so lost in her thoughts, that she did not saw Omkara sneaking into her room and looking at her lovingly. Only his poet brought her out of her thoughts.

O: Dil ki hasrat zuban par aane lagi
Tumko dekha aur zindagi muskurane lagi
Yeh meri dosti ki intiha thi ya meri chahat
Ab har surat me surat teri nazar aane lagi

Riddhima looked up to him, and saw him smiling at her. He was totally lost in her. Riddhima looked down and stood up. she came face to face with him.

R: Omkara, tum yaha.

he didn’t say anything, he just moved forward to her, till he was standing just in front of her. He put her finger under her chin and made her look up into his eyes.

O: Tum bohot khubroorat lag rahi ho Riddhima. me to har pal us Khuda ka shukar Ada karta hu, ke usne mujhe tumse milwaya, tumher meri zindagi ka hissa banaya, tumhe meri dost banaya, aur ab meri mangetar, aur bohot jald meri biwi.

riddhima just smiled to him. Omkara moved forward and kissed her forehead. he was about to leave when Riddhima held his hand. Omkara looked at her confused.

R: Thank you Omkara. For everything.
O: Lekin Riddhima, …
R: Nahi, please mujhe bolne do, agar me aaj nahi boli, to phir shayad me kabhi nahi bol paungi.

Omkara signed her to move on.

R: Me chahti hu ke hum dono ka Rishta truth ke base pe shuru ho. Tum mujhe bohot aache lagte ho Omkara aur tum ek bohot aache ladke ho. Isliye tumhe meri sachai jaane ka haq hai.

Riddhima couldn’t face him, so she turned around and looked everywhere but to him. Omkara got curious and wanted to know, what riddhima was trying to say.

R: 6 saal pehle mene ek ladke se bohot Mohabbat ki. Aur me pagal thi, yeh sooch ke, ke wo bhi mujhse Mohabbat karta hoga. Aur out of instinct mene us se shaadi kar li. Ghar se bhag ke, sab se chup ke. Kisi ko bhi is shaadi ke bare me nahi pata. Lekin pata chala, ke usne sirf mera istemal kiya. Usne mujhe dhoka diya Omkara. Usne mujhse kabhi Mohabbat hi nahi ki. Usko sirf meri property se matlab tha. Mera pura name Riddhima Gupta hai. Aur usko sirf meri property chahyie thi, aur wo kisi badle ke liye aaya tha.

Riddhima couldn’t hold her tears back. When she turned around she saw Omkara looking at her with admiration. He was smiling at her.

R: Tum muskura kyu rahi ho, tumhe to mujhpe gussa hona chahiye, ke mene tumse itna bada saach chupaya.
O: Me tum pe kaise gussa ho sakta hu Riddhima, I know tumne mujhse saach chupaya. Lekin tumne khud hi to mujhe abhi saara saach bataya. Aur me jaanta tha, ke tum koun ho, lekin yeh nahi janta tha ke tumhari Shaadi ho gayi thi.
R: Lekin me is shaadi ko nahi manti, kyunke jis din shaadi hui, us hi din, mujhe us insaan ki sachai pata chali, aur me waha se chali gayi. Me us shaadi ko nahi maanti. Me apni aane wali Zindagi tumhare saath guzarna chahti hu Omkara.
O: Kyu riddhima.
R: Kyunke tumne mera har waqt saath diya. kyunke tum me wo sab kuch hai, jo me apne husband me chahti hu.
O: Lekin tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti.

Riddhima looked up to him with shock. She didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say that its not true, but she couldn’t. Because she knew that she would be lying.

R: Meri Khuda se dua hai, ke mujhe bohot jald aapse pyaar ho jaye
O: Riddhima me nahi jaanta kea age kya hoga, aage zindagi me kya likha hai, kuch nahi pata, me bas chahta hu, ke hum dono ke beech kabhi koi jhoot na ho. Jitni bhi badi baat kyu na ho, hum dono ek dusre se share karenge. Aur yeh Shaadi, yeh engagement, koi bhi tumhe is sab ke liye forece nahi karega.
R: me karna chahti hu Omkara. Dadaji ke liye, tumhare liye aur sab se zyada important apne liye. I want to move one. I want to spend my life with you. I want to forget my past.
O: then nothing is holding us back.

then Omkara took her hand and moved with her downstairs. Where all the guests were waiting for them. Riddhima looked up to him and smiled. She made her decision to move on. But little did she know, that the life has its own plan. And the people have to live accourding its plan, not their own.

Armaan’s place
Armaan was sitting in his study and thinking about his life. How Riddhimas absence had changed him. If he wanted to live again, he needed her in his life. He needs Riddhima back. and he will get her, he does not know how, but he will get her, He fill find her. Everyone thinks that she is no more, Everone has given up the hope of her. Everyone thought that she is no move. Everone thought that she is dead, but Armaan did not belive them. He had a hope, that Riddima was very much alive. She is angry on him yes, but she is not dead. He just needed to get her back, to win her back, to win her love back. Armaan needs her to breath. She is his life, his everything. She is the reason why he is breathing.

He couldn’t believe that one girl could affect him in such a way, that he will forget to live without her. He did not know what Riddhima actually did, but she has captured his heart in such a short while, that even he did not noticed that.

Atul came into his office and saw Armaan lost in his thought. He actually felt sad for his brother. By taking revenge, he unintentionally lost his own heart. Atul relly wished, that Riddhima would come back and forgive Armaan. Everything Armaan did was for his family, for his dead mother and father, and Riddhima would for sure understand it.

Atul pushed those thoughts aside and focosed on the matter, for which he was here. A very important Business partner was getting married. And it is very important for Armaan to attend that wedding. it will help them a lot in their business. Armaan even got a special invitation to attend the wedding. Now just Atul has to convince Armaan.

At: Armaan bhai, aapko yaad hai um Oberoi company ke saath corporate karna chahte the. Bohot aacha moka mila hai. Oberoi business ka CEO or single owner shaadi kar raha hai. Usne apne saare business partners ko bulaya hai. Aur kyunke hum bhi unke saath work karna chahte hai, to aapko bhi invitation mila hai. Bhai you have to go.
Ar: Atul tu jaanta hai mujhe shaadi waadi nahi pasand. To phir kyu to mere pas aaya. Tu bhi to hamara business sambhalta hai, to tu hi chala jaa.
At: Bhai samjha karo na aap. Me agar jaa sakta, to me aapko kaise bolta. Hamari company ke CEO aap ho, so is lihaz se aapko hi jaana hoga.
Ar: lekin Atul
At: No bhai, please. Aap jaante ho, Oberoi ki support hamare liye kitni zyada important hai. Bas sirf one month ki baad hai. Actually aaj hi Omkara Singh Oberoi ki Engagement hai. Lekin kyunke Engagement privat hai, isliye aapko Shaadi pe invite kiya hai. you have to go and attend all the funtions brother.
Ar: Fine, kab jana hai.
At: great, two days me. Aur aap fikar mat kariye ga, me yaha pe sab kuch sambhal lunga.

Then Atul left from there, and Armaan got lost again in his thoughts. He was a living body with no soul,without Riddhima. Everything felt so numb. He wish he could have stopped her and explained everything to her. He wished he could turn the time back. He wanted her, he needed her. he want his Riddhima back.

A: Please Riddhima….

A tear escaped his eyes.

Meanwhile in Sydney
Tej was so happy, that finally his grandson Omkara was ready to tie the knots. He always thought that Riddhima was a very nice and sweet girl. He just loved her as his own. They both looked so perfect together.

T: Om, me tujhe bata du, ab yeh Riddhima officially mere bahu ban gayi hai, khabardar agar tune isko zara sa bhi tang kiya to.
O: Dadaji aap to aise keh rahe ho, ke jaise me koi shaitani bacha hu. You know na that I am a sweet angel.
T: ha, ha sab kuch pata hai mujhe.

They all were so happy, but little did they know, that the past was coming with a high speed to confront them. Little did they know, that a strom was standing just outside of their house, and was ready to enter any second.

Not even once did Riddhima thought about Armaan. She was very happy that Omkara has accepted her. That Omkara was ready to accept her with her past. He every promised her, to get her divorced with her last Husband, if it is necceccary. She considered herself lucky, that she has found someone like Omkara. Everything was going perfect, she just hoped, that nothing will snatch away her happiness.

Later in the night, when Riddhima was in her room, Omkara came in and hugged her from behind. Soon riddhima leand back and closed her eyes to relax. Omkara kissed her cheek and riddhima smiled.

O: me tumhara past change to nahi kar sakte riddhima, lekin I Promise to solve everything. I promise ke me tumhari Aankho me kabhi aansu nahi aane dunga. I promise ke me tumhe hamesha bohot pyaar karunga. I promise ke me tumhe duniya ki saari khushiya dunga. I promise ke me…

Befor Omkara could say anything more, riddhima turned around and put her finger on his lips. She shook her head in a no sign.

R: Mujhe tumse koi promise nahi chahiye. Mujhe bas tumhara saath chahiye. Me tumhe bohot pasand karti hu. Lekin shayad pyaar nahi karti. Isliye nahi ke me ab bhi uske liye kuch mehsoos karti hu. Balke is liye kyunke mere dil me ab koi feelings baki hi nahi hai. Isliye kyunke mere dil ab bhi bohot pain karta hai, jab bhi me pyaar ke bare me soochti hu. Mujhe bas tumhara saath aur tumhara waqt chahiye Omkara.
O: Mera sab kuch tumhara hai riddhima.

They both smiled at eachother and hugged each other. After sometime Omkara came out of the hug and looked at Riddhima.

O: Riddhima I need a favour. Please mana mat karna.
R: Jo tum kaho Omkara.
O: Actually, mera ek business partner aa raha hai, espeially hamari shaadi ko attend karne. Mene hi bulaya tha. Kyunke me sooch raha hu ke me shayad uske saath apna business combine kar lu. So I have to keep him unter this roof. Me chahta hu ke tum mere saath chalo uske recive karne.
R: Me? Are you sure Omkara. Agar me usko pasand aa gayi, ya phir worse, Agar wo mujhe pasand aa gaya to? hahahahah.
O: hahahah don’t worry, agar wo tumhe pasand bhi aa gaya na, tab bhi me tumhare haath pair bandh ke tumhse shaadi karunga. Shaadi to me tumse hi karunga, miss Riddhima Gupta.
R: I am all yours Mr. Omkara singh Oberoi.

2 days later
Riddhima was standing with Omkara outside the airport, waiting for their guest. she was nervous since the last 2 days but she did not know why. She just felt a uneasiness. Omkara noticed her uneasiness and put his hand on her waist and pulled her towards himself and kissed her forehead. Just in that moment the door opened, and a person came out, which riddhima had never ecpected in her life. Neither did the person expected to see the scene in front of his eyes. That picture was burned now in his mind.


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