Sunday, 29 October 2017

part 12 : The Second

            "Armaan, I don't have time for this" Falak said as she looked for her cal three book.
            For the past two hours Armaan had been in Falak's room ramming on and on about his personal life with Ridhima. Falak was quite touched that Armaan cared so much to make his granted to fail marriage work that he was asking the worst person on earth for advice, but Falak really was running late for school and the last thing she need was Armaan sitting on her bed blabbing on and on about how he wanted to love Ridhima but didn't want to love her and on and on and on.
            "…I mean its not like I don't want to love Ridhima, but how would you feel if you loved some one and that person only loved you with half a heart" And on and on and on.

            "Armaan! Now is really not the time" Falak said as she ducked down under her bed to look for her book.
            "Yeah I get it, hard to forget your first love and all, but what about me, I'm the one married to her, do I never get the right to have my first love either, I mean yeah it's kind of rude to just force it on her but come on, you get me right? Of course you don't get me, you've never been married…" And on and on and on.
            Falak was really starting to get a head ace from Armaan talking "Listen Armaan, you just have to take the risk and love her with a full heart, in the end either you will get lucky and she will love you with a whole heart or you will get really unlucky and suffer the rest of your life by loving your wife and her not loving you back" Falak said as the turned and opened her bedroom drawers to try and find her book.
            "but is it worth the risk?" Armaan asked as he continued to just sit on her bed watching Falak move back and forward in her room.
            "Armaan, a girl can never resist a man in love with her, remember that, if you love Ridhima soon enough she will learn to love you too." Falak said as she finally found her book. She stuffed the book in her backpack and ran out the door without saying good bye to Armaan.
            It was a Friday and Armaan had decided to go to work late in order to talk to Falak, but now he was in no mood to go to work at all. Skipping one day of work wouldn't kill him. Maybe Falak was right, he was just going to have to take the risk and fall in love with Ridhima. In the end she was either going to fall in love with him back or he was just going to live like a heart broken man with a wife that just did not love him back.
            Armaan got up off of Falak's bed and out of her room and started moving towards his own room. He was thinking of taking a whole week off of work. He needed to spend more time with Ridhima. He would take her out on a holiday. He would show her that he loved her and just maybe that one week would bring them two closer to each other.
            He would have all his business calls and work forwarded to his cell phone and lap top. It would be perfect. He would get his work done and get a chance to have Ridhima know his feelings for her, all he had to do was find his own feelings for her.
            As Ridhima woke up in the morning she was surprised to see Armaan in the room. Maybe it  wasn't the morning Ridhima thought. She turned to look at the time it read eight A.M. it was indeed the morning, but Armaan was still at home. Why?
            "Good morning" She heard Armaan said to her. He was already dressed. She never understood why he always wore a suit and tie even in the house, but he always wore the dam suit and tie. It was quite the pleasant sight to wake up to.
            "Good morning" Ridhima said back a little warily. She looked around the room expecting something to jump out at her. Armaan being at home and not a work was just not real to her.
            "Well, go a get ready, we are going on vacation" When Armaan said this Ridhima just looked at him like he was an idiot or maybe more like he was crazy. She had to be dreaming. She and him and just had a fight last night, not a punching fight but a fight none the less.
            "Did I miss something?" Ridhima asked as she tried to remember if somewhere between last night and in the morning if something had happened between her and Armaan that he would out of nowhere ask her to go on vacation with him.
            "I'll explain on the plane, I already packed your things, just go and get ready, come on up, up, up" He said pulling Ridhima out of bed and pushing her towards the backroom.
            Being rich had its advantages and one of them was a private jet. They allowed a person to go anywhere at any time whenever they wanted. Ridhima sat beside Armaan on the plane as he chatted on his phone to finish up some last minute work before the plane took off.
            As soon as Armaan finished his talk on his phone the plane took off and Ridhima's questioning began. "Where are we going?" Ridhima asked as Armaan opened a file looking through it.
            "My island" Armaan said as he turned the page in the file. He looked like he was more concentrated on what was written in the file then the words coming out of Ridhima's mouth.
            "You're Island?" Ridhima asked confused.
            Armaan closed the file, put it aside and looked at Ridhima. "I own an island, I never get much time to go there, but I thought that you know it might give us a chance to get to know each other better, it will give me a bit of a vacation and maybe get a chance to get to better understand our feelings for each other" Every time Armaan spoke of anything such as 'feeling' it made Ridhima feel all weird.
            She had already told him that her feelings were as they were and not to change, but still he wanted to show her that feelings could change.
            "There's nothing for us to understand, there is nothing that will chance in my feelings for you…" Ridhima did not continue on her words as Armaan put his mouth on hers stealing away a lushes kiss from her mouth.
            The kiss was short, less than five seconds long, but it was sure enough breath taking. "You sure about that?" Armaan asked as he was now leaning in at her.
            Ridhima could not remember what they had been talking about. In five seconds of a short kiss he was able to have her lost completely. Armaan gave a dashing grin to her.
            "my sweet, sweet Ridhima,…" He took his thumb and rubbed it at her bottom lip. "…if I can get you to forget a whole conversation with just a five second long kiss, think how much I can get you to forget the past in a whole day of making love, or maybe a whole week"
            "I…you…"That was all that Ridhima was able to get out of her lips. He was so close to her. He was determined to have her fall completely and utterly in love with him.
            "Oh don't worry. I'll make sure you beg me to take you to bed before I lay a hand on you" He said as he got up off the seat bedside Ridhima and moved to the couch on the back of the plane.
            He picked up his file that he had been reading before and went back to his work. He was determined. He was going to take her to his island, where it would be just him and Ridhima. There was going to be no place to Ridhima to run. For a whole week Armaan was going to be determined to love Ridhima, like she would love him back. If she was going to give half a heart to him he would give have a heart. If she was going to leave him incomplete then he was going to do the same. Until she was willing to love him with everything inside her, then he would love her with everything inside him.


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