Thursday, 12 October 2017

Part 12 :Truly Madly Deeply

All looked at Atul as if he was gone mad
Yuvi ' kya matlab hai ki thi
Atul - simple kyuki yeh Riddhima shashank gupta hai urff Basket
Naina- Basket
Atul ' aur kya yeh wahi Riddhima hai jo hamari intership ke waqat hoya karti thi
Jp ' par mujhe kuch samaj nahi ayya ki app kya khena chate hai

Atul ' well i mean she is a free bird now
Yuvi ' how can she, she is not a free bird i will not let he  sid ki zindgai ka sawal hai
Naina ' aur Riddhima di ki zindagi ka sawal nahi hai
Yuvi ' mera matlab
Naina ' it would be better ki tuum apni zindagi par concentrate karo
Yuvi ' par sid
Atul ' look guys it is their life let them decided so back off yuvi
Well as everybody was decided it was their life so yuvi didn't had the chance or choice i should say rather to back off but as the were talking Armaan came in hustle and screamed for Atul
Armaan ' Champ
Atul and all Interns looked at him that what happened to him but Atul just giggled because he knew Armaan was restless and wanted to know what was happening
Armaan ' champ yeh kya ho rahamuhje koi nateya ga aur sabse phele pinch kar mujhe
Atul((was controlling his laugh)- acha kya ho raha hai Armaan (trying to look innocent
"Champ mera dimaag already ghooa hoya hao aur mujhe aur pareshaan math kar " said irritated Armaan which made Atul giggled more but interns were scared because they had never thought that Armaan could get angry i mean all they saw him sad or crying but lol they haven't seen nothing
That's it " said Armaan banging hard on the one of the locker due to the hard punch the photos of the mishap Sid has done to Riddhima in the hotel and those photos he had taken lol they came flying over his face and as they hit the floor everybody was shocked on finding them and Sid from whose locker they came out flying all his friend were shocked that he still had them and
Well Armaan was hell shocked he the earth had been spilt and you could see his eyes going red from anger as Atul looked at him he knew somebody was in hell troubled he didn't knew what to do he fumbled
"Kya karo isee kaise rookoo" he suddenly his mind clicked a idea  "pager huh page how could i forgot "his hand fumbled in his pocket of his lab coat
Niki " he sent her the message like
Niki ahh Armaan troubled no i mean angry i mean come to the locker room get Dr Kirtti too
He sent  the message 
Where as Niki was having a discussion with Dr Kirtti when her pager beeped when she looked at she knew something was not right she told Dr Kirtti to come with her they ran to the locker where they Armaan was scanning through the picture where niki didn't knew but Kirtti understood it and decided to tell Armaan al the truth but before she could go ahead they heard the loud shriek and they all turned their head toward that and some were confused and some were happily shocked because if u guessed it right it's timethe  gang gets back together
"Oye khote kya kar raha hai dimaag hai ki bhussa" yelled a girl who happened to be our Muskaan
"Muussskaaaaaaaan chilla kyu rahi hai" said a calm Rahul
Kyu tumhara kya jata hai " again yelled Muskaan
" wwell agar tum bhool rahi hoo to yeh ek hospital hai aur hospital main chilaana mana hai
Again said Rahul to make her understand and in their fight they reached the locker room where all were moving to ward the and suddenly Muskaan yelled
" Herooooooooooooooo" yelled Muskaan and ran toward the gang and hugged Armaan first and Armaan who is quick to notic that she was coming toward him hid the pictures in his back pocket
He hugged her back and before he could say anthing Rahul said
"Hello guys par Armaan tujhe kya huya hai what have you done to your self " said Rahul who was standing near the door and was kind of shocked looking at Armaan's face which has dark circles and has lost some wait
"Ha hero tune kya haal bana raha hai itna bura toh rahul ka nahi huya meri maar se " exclaimed Muskaan and laughed in her typical way and everybody joined in her and god how they missed her laugh
Mai bhi hoon "peeped in niki who thought to take their mind of Armaan
And Kirtti also who was standing near Muskaan said
Hello Muskaan kaise ho" asked Kirtti????
I am good said Muskaan and went closer to Kirtti an hugged her
"Guys tum log mmujhe bhool gaye main bhi yaha hoon kissi ko mmeri fikar nahi hai jab se Anjali gayi hai mujhese ko pyaar nahi karta"  Said Atul who was waiting that when they will see him and pouted
"Shut up Atul" exclaimed All except Interns who don't know anything and even Armaan who was happy to see them back but still somewhere he was sad that his basket wasn't their but this scene didn't went un-noticed by Rahul who confirmed his doubt that something was seriously not right
Well abb a group hug to banta hai "exclaimed Muskaan and they all hugged and niki pulled Kirtti too
And voice made them come out of the hug
"Mere bina " said our Riddhima / basket who heard from nurse that locker room main bahot shoor ho raha hai and she thought it might be something with being Armaan confuse but she got the big surprise waiting for that
And also something happened which didn't went unnoticed by Rahul that Armaan flinched hearing Riddhima's voice and he knew something again happened between them
And his trance brooked when he heard his wife yelling on top of her voice
"Ridddzzzii" yelled Muskaan and ran toward her to hug
"Kaise hai muski" asked Riddhima
Kaise la rahi hoon" aksed Muskaan back??
"Acchi " said Riddhima hinting about Rahul
"Waise is baar toh shaddi asli hai na" asked niki who was smiling
"Hai paaka hundred percent" said Muskaan while hugging rahul who was also gave a little smile as his mind was in serious thought
"Well chalo group hug bas anji ki kami hai " said Muskaan
Haan muski toh theek kehti hai : said Atul as he pouted
And All shaked their head and it was no use and all hugged in a group hug and Armaan and Riddhima's hand touched and as Armaan looked at his hand then at her she winked at him and he took his hand as it was burnt
And this was all noticed by rahul who thought to bring them closer and decided he needed to solve the mystery first

Love Heaven

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