Monday, 2 October 2017

Part 13 B:(last part) :Ek Villain

Riddhima pushed him away and covered herself with the bedsheet. Armaan just slipped his shirt on and proceeded towards the tiny lounge area...where another person was present. He managed to take control of the situation by saying that he was about to step in the shower. The other person then left, after conveying that they would start shooting for their movie as from the next day. As soon as Riddhima heard the door to Armaan's suite shut, Riddhima emerged from the covers, her cheeks were tainted a deep red.

"You weaved a cover story in no time," she coyly whispered to Armaan who winked at her. She had already corrected her clothes and was searching for her shoes. Armaan went towards her and snaked his arm around her waist, making their bodies collide against each other. Riddhima let out a gasp, feeling beads of perspiration well up...she was still not over the intensity of the moment that transpired a few minutes ago. He linked his lips with hers, it was like an addiction, a harmless addiction. She kissed him back, savouring the taste of his lips...they soon became acquainted with the rhythm that was unknown to them. Riddhima slipped her hands around his neck while Armaan steadied her by gripping her waist.

Armaan moaned when Riddhima parted her lips from his. She remembered that she was not supposed to do this. She sighed as her face developed signs of guilt and her eyes became glassy. Armaan noted the transition in her facial expressions, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Her head was bowed down.
"It's alright, we'll talk about this tomorrow morning before the shoot," he said as he distanced himself from her, looking at the wall opposite him.
-          -     -  
"We'll take a break," Jai announced. The shooting crew dispersed. Riddhima slicked away to her changing room. She had been unable to deliver her shots. She had been preoccupied with whatever occurred the previous night. Her peace was interrupted when Armaan barged into the room,
"So...still undecided?" he gushed with frustration evident on his face. He was fed up, he admitted that maybe he had gone to his extremest means yesterday, but she had been sending him mixed signals and he was no psychologist to decipher the minds of people nor he wanted to indulge himself in a deep analysis in order to comprehend what Riddhima wanted.
She blinked. She had been anticipating such a reaction from Armaan, and luckily she had alreay prepared what she needed to say. She glided her fingers over his hands, and took his hand in hers. He waited for her, while alacrity filled his heart and his eyes widened as they were full of hope. She opened her mouth but it ended up in a voiceless gasp. She took another go, masking her genuine emotions and anxiety. Being an actor was indeed a benefit to her at that moment.
"I love you," Riddhima whispered as Armaan took her in a rib-crushing embrace. He was ecstatic ...the moment he had been awaiting had finally risen from his fantasies. A beep pierced the silence and Riddhima looked at her phone screen which displayed an incoming call, she swiped the icon to reject the call and threw the phone on the table.  She then hugged Armaan back and her smile changed into a blank expression.
-          -      -
Soon, the news that the two of them were dating could be heard resonating among the crew. However, Riddhima knew that the good news would not please a certain somebody...and she was right.

End of flashback.

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