Saturday, 14 October 2017

Part 13: Mere Paas raho

Armaan just came out of the airport. And the view he saw in front of him, just destroyed everything in him. He saw non other than Riddhima, standing in the arms of Omkara Singh Oberoi. His lips on her forehead. And above all she was smiling. It felt like his heart was ripped into thousand pieces. It felt like his feets were rooted on the floor. He couldn’t looke away. Finally Omkara and Riddhima turned around and saw Armaan.

Riddhima felt like shocked beyond limits. She clutched Omkara for support. She couldn’t believe that Armaan was standing in front of her. The person she tried to forget. The person who had betrayed her. The person who had used her for his own revenge. The person who snatched everything away from her. Armaan was actually standing infront of her.

Omkara also saw Armaan. He noticed Riddhimas reaction and held her more tightly. He welcomed Armaan.

O: hello Armaan mallik. I am…
A: Omkara Singh Oberoi, kon nahi jaanta aapko.

Omkara smiled at him and looked towards riddhima. She was just looking on the floor.

O: Or yeh hai…
A: Riddhima…

Omkara looked at Armaan with confusion, how did he know her. He noticed the way Armaan was looking at Riddhima, but he choosed to ignore it.

O: Yes Riddhima, but soon Riddhima Omkara Singh Oberoi. Yes hai meri mangetar.
A: Congratulations.

Armaan looked at Riddhima with hurt in his eye. Riddhima wasn’t able to look up to him. Omkara kissed Riddhima again on her forehead. Armaan fisted his palm and tried to control his anger. Riddhiima looked towards Armaan, his eyes were bloodshot and anger was visible on his ways.

yeh gussa kyu kar raha hai, isko ab gussa hone ka koi haq nahi hai, Riddhima thought.

O: Lets go.

Omkara let Armaan to the car and they all settled in the car and moved towards their destination. Reaching home, Omkara showed Armaan his room, which was opposite of Riddhimas. Was it coincidence or just luck? Omkara then excused himself and left for Office. He had an emergency meeting, which he had to attend. Only Armaan and Riddhima were left alone in the room.

Armaan retired to his room and thought about Riddhima.

Armaans pov.
Finally tum mujhe mil gayi, lekin kabhi soocha nahi tha, ke tumse mulakat is tareeke se hoegi. Tum meri ho ke bhi meri nahi ho. Aur me tumhe kho ke bhi nahi bhul pa raha. Tum aur Omkara? Mene kabhi soocha bhi nahi tha. In 6 years me itna kuch ho gaya. Lekin phir bhi ek umeed thi, ke kabhi na kabhi to tum mujhe zaroor milogi, me sab kuch theek kar dunga. lekin ab, ab tum mili ho, tab bhi aisa lagta hai ke jaise koi rasta hi nahi raha. Aisa lagta hai ke jaise sab darwaze band ho rahe ho, ek ke bad ek darwaza band ho raha hai. Tum mere samne hob hi, lekin me phir bhi kuch nahi kar paa raha. ek ajeeb sa dard ho raha hai.

Its been almost a week, since Armaan was living with them. Armaan and Riddhima ignored eachother as much as possible. There was a thick tension between them. They both will only see eachother on the dining table. And above all, Omkara also noticed the tension between them. he thought, that maybe there was something going on between them, but he pushed the thoughts aside, as he completely trusted Riddhima, she would have told him everything. Omkara looked at Riddhima and then at Armaan. they were all dining. Omkara faked a cough to get their attention.

O: riddhima, mujhe ek week ke liye Melbourn jana hai, ek meeting ke liye. But don’t worry, I will be back soon. Tab tak, you have to take care of Armaan.

Hearing Armaans name, Riddhima looked up and saw Armaan looking at her. then she looked at Omkara.

R: NO…

Omkara looked at her with confusion.

O: No?
R: No, I mean, mera matlab tha, ke tum Armaan ko apne saath kyu nahi le jaate.
O: Riddhima...
R: Sorry, i know bad idea.
A: Koi baat nahi Miss Riddhima, agar aapko bura lag raha hai mera yah ape rehna, to me chala jaata hu.
R: NO…

Now Armaan looked at her with confusion.

R: I mean, aap hamare mehmaan hai, aap aise nahi jaa sakte. I mean, …
O: Riddhima tum theek to ho?

Omkara grabbed her hand and squeezed it a little bit. to comfort her. riddhima looked at him, and saw concern in his eyes for her. She smiled and put her hand above his.

R: tum araam se apni meeting pe jao. Me yaha sab kuch dekh lungi. Armaan is more than welcomed here. Me was us waqt kuch aur sooch rahi thi.

Omkara smiled at her and kissed her forehead. Seeing this Armaan looked away. Unintentionally a tear escaped his eyes. He wiped it away, unaware of the fact, that Riddhima already saw it. They all continued their dinner and each one left to their room.

At night Armaan saw standing near the window and looking at the sky. so many things were running in his mind, but he couldn’t clear them. He was so stressed out. He wanted to make everything right again, but it felt like he wasn’t able to. Riddhima was so different in this last week. It did not feel like she was the same Riddhima he was in love with. This Riddhima is so cold and so far away from him. Has he really lost her? He was about to move away from the window when he suddenly saw two figures in the garden. It wasn’t hard to guess who it could be. It were obviously Riddhima and Omkara. Armaan saw them both sitting on the ground. They were talking to eachother. And then Ridhdima put her head on his shoulder. That was it for Armaan, he couldn’t see anymore. He went away from the window.

Next morning when he woke up, he knew that Omkara had already left. That means he was alone with riddhima. That was the time, he had to make her his again. He has to gain her trust back. He went down and searched for Riddhima. but he wasn’t able to find her. He asked the servant, only to get to know, that Riddhima had left to the office. and she will be back late at night.

Armaan was beyond furious. Riddhima was behaving like a child. It was hard for him to conrol his anger. The day went by Armaan planning how to bring Riddhima talk to him again. he tried to control his anger, he tried to forget her, he even tried to imagine her as Omkaras wife, but no, non of the above is going to happen, Because she is still Riddhima, his Riddhima. She is still Riddhima Armaan mallik.

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima in her room. He knew she will avoind him, that why she is coming this late in night. But now it is enough. Riddhima has to understand, that by running away, nothing can be solved. She does not know the whole truth. She didn’t know why he was so obsessed with revenge. She has to know the truth, then she can decide if she wants to live with him or not. No, no matter what is going to happen, she will be only his. Only his.

Armaan was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t saw riddhima entering her room. At first she didn’t noticed Armaan and closed the door. She even locked it, which made Armaan smirk. When Riddhima finally turned around, she saw Armaan sitting on her bed. To say that she was shocked would be an understatement.

R: Armaa!
A: kya hua Riddhima, mujhe dekh ke itna shock kyu hui? kya tum kisi or ko expect kar rahi thi? maybe Omkara ko?
R: Shut up Armaan, tum yaha pe kya kar rahe ho?
A: Tumse baat karni hai mujhe.
R: Baat hum subha bhi kar sakte hai na?
A: nope, mujhe abhi baat karni hai.

Armaan stood up from the bed and moved to riddhima. riddhima wasn’t able to move back or to do anything. it was like she was rooted on the place. Armaan moved forward and stood behind her. Riddhima inhaled his fragrance and closed her eyes. Her emotions were playing with her. She wasn’t able to concentrate. Armaan opened one by one her buttons of her coat and moved it down her arms. Soon the coat fell on the floor. Armaan put all her hairs on one side and touched her neck with his nose. Riddhima took a sharp breath and moaned his name.

R: Armaan.

That broke the spell and Riddhima opened her eyes in shock. She came out of his arms and moved to the window. Armaan got confused at first but then the anger took over him.

R: Tumhe yaha pe nahi hona chahiye tha. Me aur Omkara...

Armaan didnt let her complete the sentence and turned her around. he grabbed her arm and puched her behind to the wall. His grip was very tight on her and riddhima yelled in pain.

R: Aahhh…

Armaan looked at her with concern. He loosened his grip but didn’t let her go.

R: yeh kya batamizi hai Armaan, chodo mujhe. How dare you.
A: How dare I? How dare you Riddhima. Tum Omkara ke saath kaise shaadi kar lete ho? yeh jaante hue bhi, ke tum meri biwi ho?
R: biwi nahi hu me tumhari!! Hum dono ka Rishta us hi din khatam ho gaya tha, jis din mujhe tumhari saachai pata chali thi. Jis din tumne mujhe dhoka diya tha.

Riddhima pushed him with all her strength. Armaan was so lost in her and he got really shocked with her strength. Riddhima got out of his hold. In the past 6 years she had tried to forget the pain, but it was still with her. The pain was still fresh. The betrayal was still fresh. How could she forget it, that the only person she had loved from the bottom of her heart, had betrayed her. Tears made their way out of her eyes. But before armaan can see them, she wiped them away.

R: Nafrat karti hu me tumse armaan, us din se, jis din tumne mujhse mera sab kuch cheen liya tha. I hate you Armaan. Tum meri zindagi me kyu aaye. Tumhe nahi aana chahiye tha, at least me apni family ke saath to thi. Mana ke me khush nahi thi, lekin zinda to thi, tumne to mujhe jeete jee mar diya armaan. Ek zinda lash bana diya tha mujhe. Omkara ne mujhe phirse mujhe jeena sikhaya hai, unse mujhe bataya ke muskurana kya hota hai, usne mujhe bataya ke khul ke hasna kya hota hai, usne mujhe bata hai ke khushiyo ka accept karna kya hota hai.

Armaan was fuming in anger, he couldn’t belive that Riddhima would talk about Omkara in that way.

A: tum kuch nahi jaanti Riddhima, tumhe saari saachai nahi pata.
R: aur na hi me kuch jaana chahti hu Armaan, tumse related mujhe kuch nahi jaana. Meri sab se badi saachai ab Omkara hai, mera hona wala husband. So please, meri Khushiya mujhse mat cheeno.
A: OH really, tumhara hone wala husband. Me hu tumhara husband, mere ilawa kisi ka haq nahi hai tumpe. Tum sirf meri ho riddhima, sirf meri!!

Before riddhima could finish, armaan grabbed her by her arm and pushed her again to the wall, this time claiming her lips. Riddhimas heart practically jumped into her throat. Butterflied erupted into her stomack. Armaans lips were punishing at first, but then they got gentle oh her and the sparks exploded.

Armaans lips on hers ignited feelings which she had tried to bury deep down in her hearts. But with his lips on hers, everything came back rushing with a high speed. tingles erupted all over her body and she wanted more. she grabbed his shird and pulled him closer, forgetting everything around her. Forgetting every single thought. forgetting everything and just remembereing him. Her Armaan. She needed him closer.

His lips moved in sync with hers, perfect but still in a aggressive rhythm. Riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck and he depend the kiss. Armaan left her lips, thinking that she must need air and moved to her neck. His lips felt wonderful on her neck. He bit and kissed, his hot breath caused goosebunps up and down her back. As much as she tried to forget Armaan before, that much more she wanted him now, all of him.

Armaan stopped and looked at her. her eyes closed. Feeling the loss of the contact of his lips riddhima opened her eyes and saw him looking into her eyes. ther was something different with his eyes. There was a heat in his eyes and a concerned look on hi face. With his fingers he put her hairs behind her ear.

A: tum sirf meri ho Riddhima. and that just proofed it. tumhe ab mera hone se koi nahi rok sakta. Riddhima sirf Armaan ki hai aur Armaan sirf Riddhima ka.

Armaan kissed her her forehead and left the room. Only he knew how much he had to control. He didn’t want to scare Riddhima or else he would have pushed her down on the bed and had his ways with her.

In the room, riddhima fell down on the floor and tears fell out of her eyes.



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