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Part 14: Mere Paas raho

Riddhima couldn’t believe what just happened. Armaan kissed her, and above all, she enjoyed it. She did not regret their intimate moment. She even kissed him back. Why was he doing this. Why is he back to destroy her life. Why is her past in front of her when she was ready to forget it and take a new step in her life.

Riddhimas pov.
Tum aisa kyu kar rahe ho Armaan, tume yeh nahi karna chahiye. Me Omkara ko dhoka nahi de sakti. Me uske saath zyati nahi kar sakti. Omkara ek bohot aacha ladka hai. Mujhe Armaan ko aise... Yeh kya ho raha hai? Mujhe kuch bhi samajh nahi aa raha, jitna me Armaan se dur jana chahti hu, utna hi wo mere kareeb aata hai. Mujhe to laga tha ke in 6 Saalo me main usko bhul gayi hooungi, lekin nahi, jaise hi wo mere samne aaya, me sab kuch bhul gayi, sab kuch. Aisa jaise usne mujhe kabhi hurt kiiya hi na ho.

Riddhima was crying her heart out, and there Armaan was taking a cold shower. He did not want to persuade Riddhima, but he has made his mind, that he will make Riddhima his again, even if he has to talk with Omkara about it. He will surely understand it. He has to understand. Riddhima is his, only his, and no one can take her away from him. Riddhima sirf Armaan ki hai.

It was breakfast time and Riddhima finally came out of her room, she went to the kitchen only to see a try full of food. Her maid informed her that it is from Armaan, that he denied to eat. riddhima got really concernd and took the tray and moved to his room. Inside his room she put the tray on the table and was about to turn around when suddenly the washroom door openend and out came Armana with only a towel around his waist.

riddima was really shocked to see him like that. She looked at him from top to bottom. She bit her lips. He hasn’t changed a bit. Still so muscular and good looking. Armaan smirked seen her reaction.

A: satisfied?
R: huh…

riddhima came out of her daydream hearing his voice. She closed her eyes and turned around.

R: wo actually, tumne khana nahi khaya.
A: mujhe bhook nahi hai.
R: lekin aise bhuka rehne se tabyat kharab ho…

Riddhima couldn’t talk anymore, because she felt his presence behind her. her voice got stuck in her throat. She couldn’t breath anymore. Armaan put his hands on her belly and pulled her towards him. She collapsed with his chest and closed her eyes. Armaan inhaled her fragrance and closed his eyes too. He pulled her more closer to himself. He kissed her on her neck and she moaned his name.

R: Armaan…

Armaan turned her around and she looked at him dumbfounded. He licked his lips looking into her eyes. Armaan looked down at her lips and without taking a permission he kissed her. Out of instint she kissed him back. Their lips moved in sync. He grabbed her face and deepened the kiss. He run her hands through his hairs. This was so wrong, but why does it fell so right, riddhima thought.

He stopped kissing her lips and moved down her neck and she moaned.

R: Armaan please…

she closed her eyes feeling the pleasure. She hasn’t felt this in years. He was her one and only.
He bite her and her knees gave out. Armaan chuckled and hold her more tightly. He sucked hard on her neck. She arched her back feeling his manhood at her core. He rubbed himself against her and she moaned breathlessely. He slowly pulled back. he layed his head on her foreheand.

A: I love it…I love you
R: I cant, yeh bohot galat hai

But Armaan is Armaan, and he does not take a no for answer. He tilts her chin up and kissed her again. His lips were sooooo soft. She grabbed his hair and deepened the kiss. He grabbed her thigh and she rapped her legs around his waist. His hands went up her jeans and squeezed her butt. He moaned and he slided hi tongue in her mouth. She bit on his tongue and he groaned. He kissed her more possessively. He bit her lip and and pulled back looking at her eyes.

A: you are mine riddhima, just mine.

That just broke the spell, riddhima came out of his amrs and moved backwards.

R: no, no, no. yh mene kya kar diya. Omkara...
A: Riddhima

Armaan was confused with her behavior. he went forward but Riddhima stopped him with her hand. tears came out of her eyes and she run away from there.

Next day, Riddhima tired to avoid Armaan as much as possible. But as we all know Armaan, he did not let a single second pass by without teasing Riddhima or coming near her. riddhima was really pissed at him.

R: Stop it Armaan, kya chahte ho tum?
A: Tumhe

Riddhima looked at him with shocked eyes, how could he possibly talk so easily, as if never anything bad happened between them.

R: Tum hosh me to ho, yeh bakwas band karo.
A: me koi bakwas nahi kar raha Riddhima, tum sirf meri ho, aur me tumhe apna bana ke rahunga.
R: lekin ab me tumhari nahi ban na chahti, kyunke mujhe ab Omkara ke saath rehna hai.

Armaan got really pissed by her this sentence. He grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall next. He moved very close to her and Riddhima closed her eyes out of fear. Armaan saw the fear on her face and his grip loosened.

A: tumhe laga ke me tume…Me tumhe kabhi bhi physically hurt nahi kar sakta Riddhima, tum jaanti ho ke tum meri Zindagi ho, to phir kyu meri itna imtehaan le rahi ho.
R: me tumhari Zindagi nahi hu Armaan.
A: tum shuru se hi sirf meri thi Riddhima.
R: wo Riddhima, jo sirf tumhari thi, usko tumne khud apne jhoot se maar diya. Aaj tumhare samne koi aur Riddhima hai, Omkara ki Riddhima.

Armaan let her go and looked into her eyes. He stepped backwards still looking into her eyes.

A: matlab ke is Riddhima ko meri koi fikar nahi hai
R: nahi hai
A: agar me jiyu ya maro, iss Riddhima ko koi fark nahi parta?
R: Nahi parta
A: dekhte hai ke kab tak fark nahi parta

Riddhima looked away from Armaan, before her eyes could betray her. Armaan grabbed a vase from the table and smashed it on the floor. He took a piece and squeezed it in his hand. Soon blood was rushing out of his hands.

A: koi fark nahi parta

Riddhima looked at him with shock. She was continuously looking at Armaan and then at his hand.

R: Armaan…
A: koi fark nahi parta…
R: Armaan please...
A: bolo Riddhima, koi fark nahi parta...

Tears were running out of Riddhimas eyes, she looked away and straightened her face. She look at Armaan with cold eyes.

R: nahi koi fark nahi parta, tumhari is bachkana harkato se mujhe koi fark nahi parta.

Armaan let the piece fall and moved away from Riddhima. He went to the kitchen and took a knife. Then he moved back to the place where Riddhima was standing. Riddhima was literally shocked seeing a knife in Armaans hands.

A: tumhe koi fark nahi parta na Riddhima.
R: Armaan please stop it.
A: kyu Riddhima, tumhe to koi fark nahi parta na…

Armaan grabbed the knife in his other hand, and soon blood started to come out from that hand too. That was it for Riddhima, she couldn’t handle anymore. She run over to him and tried to take the knife away from him.

R: Armaan chodo knife ko, give it to me.
A: nahi chodunga.
R: bacho ki tarha behave karna band karo
A: bacho ki tarha me nahi tum behave kar rahi ho Riddhima.
R: give it to me Armaan
A: nahi dunga

All the whiel tears were coming out from her eyes. She was still trying to get the knife from Armaan.

R: please Armaan.
A: tum meri ho Riddhima

Riddhima stopped in her place and looked at Armaan.

A: kaho ke tum meri ho, warna me yeh knife nahi chodunga.
R: Armaan please stop it.
A: kaho ke tum mujhse pyaar karti ho Riddhima.
R: nahi karti me tumse pyaar

Armaan grabbed the knife more tightly. and a pain shout escaped his mouth.

A: ahhh..
R: Armaan…
A: kaho riddhima, ke tum aaj bhi mujhe pyaar karti ho.
R: Armaan please…
A: say it Riddhima…

Riddhima again tried to get the knife out of his hands but Armaan was too strong for her. Riddhima felt like all her strength was taken away from her. She felt like she is on the edge of giving up.


Finally Armaan gave up the fight, a smile was plastered on his face

R: sun liya tumen jo sun na tha, ab to knife chor do, please

Armaan let go of the knife and Riddhima throw it far away. She took both his hands and looked at his wounds.

R: itna zyada khun nikal raha hai

Tears were coming out of her eyes, all the while Armaan was smiling at her in admiration. riddhima stood up and went to the bathroom, to get the first aid kit. She bandaged his wounds and was about to leave when armaan held her hands. riddhima didn’t looked up into his eyes. she was just looking at the floor.

A: thank you, mujhe bandage karne ke liye aur yeh sabit karne ke liye, ke Riddhima aaj bhi Armaan ki hai.
R: nahi Armaan, tum galat samajh rahe ho. Riddhima ab Armaan ki nahi hai.

Armaans grip on Riddhima tightened.

A: matlab.
R: yeh saach hai Armaan, kahi na kahi me aaj bhi tumse pyaar karti hu, aur shayad marte dum tak karti rahungi. Lekin Riddhima ab Omkara ki hai. Me ab sirf Omkara ki hu. Wohi ab mera sab kuch hai.

With that riddhima left from there leaving a sad Armaan behind. Riddhima went to her room and closed the door. she sat on her bed and let the tears free.

R: I am sorry Armaan, lekin tumne mujhe itna tor diya hai, ke ab me chah ke bhi tumhare pas nahi aa skati. Me Omkara ko dhoka nahi de sakti. Omkara tum please jaldi se wapis aa jao. Please, mujhse ab saha nahi jaa raha. Aisa lag raha hai, ke jaise mere dil pe koi knifes chala raha ho. Me aaj bhi Armaan ko dard me nahi dekh sakti. Me kya karu, mujeh koi to rasta dikaye ya Allah, koi to darwaza khole mere liye…

suddenly Riddhima heard Omkaras voice. She wipped her tears and heard again his voice.

O: riddhima, me wapis aa gaya

Riddhima looked up to the roof...

R: me samajh gayi aapka Ishara YaAllah. me samajh gayi

Riddhima wipped her tears and run out of her room. She run to the living room where Omkara was standing next to Armaan. riddhima ignored everything and just run to Omkara and hugged him very tight. She hugged him infront of Armaan.

O: Riddhima…
R: khuda ka shukar hai tum wapis aa gayi Omkara.

Even Omkara was shocked with riddhimas behaviour. She had never hugged him ever before. Omkara closed his eyes and hugged her back. He kissed her forehead and hugged her more tightly. there was a person in the room, who was hurt beyond limits. It was non other than Armaan.
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