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part 16 : Mere Paas Raho

Omkara looked over at Riddhima’s shocked face and looked back then at Armaan.

O: Hone wali Biwi? Yeh sab kaise hua?

All the time Riddhima didn’t say anything, she was just looking at Armaan, her eyes filled with tears. Even Armaan did not answer his question. He just went back to his room. Omkara moved to Riddhima and put his hand on her shoulder. She looked up to him and wipped her tears.

R: Aachi baat hai, Armaan ko bhi ab apni zindagi me aage barhna chahiye.

then she just left from there leaving Omkara alone in the hall. He thought about Gauri. Never has he ever felt like that. When she was in his arms he felt sudden electricity rush through his body. He just pushed those thoughts aside and went back to his room.

In the Hospital.

Gauri just entered the hospital, she was about to go to her father when her fathers nurse came to her and informed her about the payment. then will soon treat her father. Gauri thanked her and smiled. She moved to her fathers room and saw him sleeping. She did not want to disturb him so she just left from there and sat on the bench outside of the hospital. Not even she realised that it was already evening. She was so lost in her own thoughts.

G: Khuda ka shukar hai ke Armaan ne baba ke ilaj ke lye paise de diye. Me chah ke bhi unka ehsaan nahi utar sakti. Puri Zindagi me unki karzdar rahungi. Lekin me aise un se paise thori na le sakti hu. Mujhe unhe pay back karna hoga. Lekin kaise? Mere pas to kabhi itni paise nahi hoenge. To me unko kaise…
A: ek tareeka hai

Gauri looked up and saw Armaan standing there. with a box in his hands.

G: Armaan aap yaha?
A: tum mujhe payback karna chahti hona. I know something.
G: aap bataye mujhe kya karna hoga, me karne ko tayar hu.
A: sooch lo Gauri.
G: aap kahe to sahi.
A: tumhe mujhse shaadi karni hogi.

Gauri stood up from the bench and looked with big eyes at Armaan. Just for a mere second Omkara came to her mind, but she soon pushed him in the background of her mind. Anger was visible in her eyes.

G: aapka dimag kharab ho gaya hai kya. Mana ke aapne mere baba ki treatment ke liye paise diya, lekin uska matlab yeh nahi ke me aapse shaadi karne ke liye tayar ho jaungi.
A: Sit down Gauri.
G: aapko samajh bhi aa raha hai ke aap kya keh rahe ho. Me aapse shaadi nahi kar sakti. Me bikau nahi hu Mr. Armaan Mallik.
A: theek hai, to phir mene tumhare baba ke ilaj ke liye paise jo diye hai, wo me wapis le leta hu. Aur phir tumhare baba ke saath jo kuch bhi hoega, uski zimedar sirf tum hogi.

Tears fell out of Gauris eyes. She could not believe the man standing infront of her was the same one who helped her that morning. She put her hands together infornt of him.

G: aap aise kyu kar rahe ho? Please mere saath aisa mat kariye. Me aapse shaadi nahi kar sakti. Please aisa mat kariye. Me aapke aage haath jor ti hu. Please aisa mat kariye.
A: tumhare pas or koi choice nahi hai Gauri. tumhe mujhse shaadi karni hogi. Aur yeh lo.

he gave the box to her.

G: yeh kya hai?
A: is me dress hai. Aaj raat ko ek business party hai, me chahta hu ke tum yeh dress pehno. Me tumhe as apni mangetar introduce karunga.
G: please Armaan aisa mat karo.
A: bas Gauri, tumhe jitna kaha hai, tum utna hi karogi. Aur ha, jab tak humari shaadi nahi ho jaati, tum mere saath Omkara ke ghar me rahogi.
G: Nahi!
A: tum aisi situation me nahi ho, ke mujhe mana kar sako. Chalo ab
G: kaha?
A: Omkara ke ghar, tumhe tayar bhi hona hai aaj ki party ke liye.
G: armaan please mujhe force mat karo.
A: me NA nahi sun na chahta Gauri
G: Nafrat karti hu me tumse Armaan, bohot Nafrat
A: mujhe koi fark nahi parta.
G: armaan please

Armaan just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the car. All the while Gauri was crying. he actually felt sad for her. He hated himself right now. And that all because of Riddhima. When they finally reached the house, Armaan pushed Gauri in his room and ordered her to get ready. then he left from there and corssed Riddhimas room. he stopped as he heard voices form inside. He didn’t want to listen, but the curiousity took over and he put his ear on the door.

R: mujhe itna dar kyu ho raha hai. Yh to aachi baat hai na, agar Armaan move on karna chahta hai. To mujhe takleef kyu ho rahi hai. Mujhe to khush hona chahiye, ke wo bhi apni zindagi me aage barhna chahta hai. to phir yeh aansu kyu nahi ruk rahe? kyu mujhe bura lag raha hai? kyu mujhe ab bhi dard ho raha hai? Armaan mera nahi hai, nahi hai wo mera.

Armaan couldn’t listen more, he felt basically the pain which Riddhima is going through. But he has to be strong, if he wants Riddhima to confess her feelings infront of Omkara and accept him back in his life. He know he has done many wrong things in his life, but now he want to change everything. He want to make up for his mistakes. He wants to tell Riddhima the whole truth and make her his again. Even if he has to use Gauri for this. He wont marry Gauri, he is just using her to make Riddhima realise her feeling and confess. Even if Gauri had denied today, he would not have taken the money back form the treatment. He will apologize to Gauri later, and she will surely understand his situation.

Meanwhile Riddhima was in her room and thinking about Armaan and Gauri.

R: Armaan mera nahi hai, nahi hai wo mera. Jab usne faisla kar liya hai, ke wo us Gauri ke saath Shaadi karna chahta hai, to mujhe bhi Omkara ke saath aage barhna chahyie. Omakra ko mere jawab ka intezaar hai. Shayad Khuda ko hi mere aur Armaan ka saath manzoor nahi hai. Jaise hi Omkara wapis aayega, me usko apna jawab de dungi.

Party time

Riddima was searching for Omkara, and she saw him standing with his colleges. She went over to him and tapped her shoulder. Omakra turned around and looked at Riddhima. He smiled at her.

O: bohot khubsoorat lag arahi ho.

Riddhima blushed and looked down. Omkara smiled at her. Unknowing that Armaan was observing them. Gauri was standing next to Armaan, lost in her own thoughts.

R: Mujhe mera jawab mil gaya Omkara. Me...Me tumhe khona nahi chahti. Me tumahre saath aage barhna chahti hu. Armaan ne bhi faisla kar liya hai, ke wo Gauri ke saath aage barhna chahta hai.
O: Are you sure Riddhima.
R: tum mere dost ho Omkara, aur jitna tumne mujhe samjha hai mujhse support kiya hai, utna shayad hi kisi ne kiya hoga. Isliye HA, I am very sure.

Omkara smiled and hugged her infornt of everyone. Seeing this, armaans girp got tight on Gauris hand and she hissed in pain.

G: ahhh
A: sorry

Armaan left her hand, and Gauri observed him. This man is so bipolar in front of her. somethimes he is rude as hell and somethimes he even apologies.

Omkara was standing near the stairs with Riddhima in his arms. He looked in the round. Everyone was staring at them with awe.

O: Ladies and Gentelmen. Welcome. Yeh party ke two reasons hai. First, mene ek new deal sign ki hai. And second, the most important, me aap sab ko kisi se milwana chahta hu.

He looked over to Riddhima and smiled to her. She smiled back at him.

O: Yeh hai Riddhima, meri mangetar aur bohot jald se Riddhima se Riddhima Omkara Singh Oberoi ban jayegi. Meri Zindagi ban jayegi.

He again looked over to Riddhima and kissed her forehead. Everyone in the hall clapped for them, just one person was looking at them with hurt.

O: Aur ek aur announcement hai. Mera friend and soon to be businesspartner Armaan mallik, wo bhi shaadi kar raha hai. Wo rahe dono, Armaan aur uski mangetar Gauri. And the good news is, ke me chahta hu ke hum dono ki shaadi ek hi din ho. I hope Armaan you don’t mind.

Omkara smiled and looked at Armaan. Armaan just smiled back. Gauri looked with shock at him.

G: Armaan yeh sab kya hai.
A: Shhhh.

Everyone in the room clapped for them too. Everyone exepct Riddhima, who looked everywhere that to him. Omkara moved to Armaan.

O: I hope tumhe pura nahi laga. lekin mene sooch jab ek shaadi ho hi rahi hai, to kyu na tum bhi shaadi kar lo. Tum apni family ko bulwa lo, mere paas me hi ek Penthouse hai, wo sab waha pe rehlenge.
A: hmmm sure.
O: Armaan mene suna hai tum bohot aacha sing karte ho, to kyu na is Khushi me koi song hi suna do. Please mana mat karna.

Armaan nod and left from there. There was a piano in the corner. He sat there. he felt like his life is getting out of control. He looked over at Riddhima, who looked at the floor. he remembered her words from earlier. then he started to play.

(guyzzz listen to this song, I am totally in love with this right now, and I think it suits very well here. Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Me – Sad; from Dhadkan)

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein,
Rehte ho, tum rehte ho

Armaan looked over at Riddhima, and she looked up shocked. Omkara put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer to himself. She smiled at him.

A. haan. a.
O. ho. ho.
Ae. he. hm. mm.

Gauri was able to feel the pain in his voice, she wondered what had hurted him that much.

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho
Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

Omkara took Riddhima by hand and moved to the dance floor with her and started dancing. Soon many other couples joined them.

Meri inn saanson se, kehte ho. kehte ho
Baahon mein, aa jaao, sapno mein kho jaao

Armaan was lost in his own thoughts. He looked at them dancing. Riddhima could see the pain in his eyes.

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

Armaan stood up and went to Gauri. she looked at him and saw his sad face. She knew that something was wrong.

Der na kar, duniya se na darr
Sun le duaa o bekhabar

Armaan turned around and looked for Riddhima. He pleaded her with his eyes.

Der na kar, duniya se na darr
Sun le duaa o bekhabar

He put his hands on the table and closed his eyes. it was like the pain was eating him alive.

Rooth na mujhse jaan-e-jigar
Kat-ta nahi tere bin ye safar

A tear escaped his eyes and he soon wiped it away. he thought about the six years he spend without Riddhima. Not realising that Gauri witnessed that.

Nazre dhoonde tujhko, aa mill jaa tu mujhko
Baahon mein, aa jaao, sapno mein kho jaao

He turned around and searched for Riddhima. His eyes begged her to come back. To forgive him. To hear him.

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

He took Gauri and moved with her to the dancefloor. Aftersometime they exchanged partners. Riddhima was now with Armaan, Gauri with Omkara. Armaan held her very tight in his grip. Riddhima could read the pain and even she felt his pain. Even her eyes were teary.

R: Armaan please, don’t…

Kuch na kaho, chup hi raho
Dekho dhadkan kehti hai

Armaan took her hand and put it on his chest.

Kuch na kaho, ab chup hi raho
Dekho toh dhadkan kehti hai

He put his hand above hers and closed his eyes.

Laut aya hai meet mera,
Aankhiyon se nadiyaan behti hai

Tears came out of his eyes, but he wasn’t alone, even she shed tears.

Kaise gujre ye din,
Poocho na tere bin

the thought about the time he spend without her. He bend his head in a bow.

Baahon mein, aa jaao, sapno mein kho jaao

riddhima wiped her tears and came out of his grip. She shook her head in no.
R: I am sorry Armaan, I am sorry.

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

Armaan saw her leaving and moving to Omkara. Both Omkara and Gauri were observing them. Riddhima went to hims and stand next to him. and Gauri came back to Armaan.

Everyone clapped in the room. But Armaan felt so hurt that he just left form there. He left, and Gauri followed him.
here is the next part. Really hope that you enjoy it. Keep reading and commenting. And i just wanted to inform you, that only 4 parts are left :D hehehe so keep guessing what could happen next :D
with loads of lovee #Amna

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